VOLUME 27 – October 7, 1929
How the Divine Fiat is inseparable from Its Works.  The terrible moment of the fall of ADAM.


…Now, My daughter (Luisa), your Living in My Divine Fiat began with Our asking for your human will, which you (Luisa) most willingly gave Me; and when I (Jesus) saw you (Luisa) give Me your human will, I (Jesus) felt Victorious, and Breathing into you (Luisa), I (Jesus) wanted to Pronounce My Omnipotent Fiat in the depth of your soul, to Renew the Act of Creation.  This Fiat I (Jesus) repeat Always, in order to Give you (Luisa) continuous Life from It; and as It is Repeated, It Preserves you (Luisa) and Maintains Its Life in you (Luisa).  This is why you (Luisa) often feel Me Breathe into you (Luisa), Renewing your soul; and the Inseparability I feel is My Divine Will that makes Me Love, with Perennial Love, what We (Triune God) have Deposited in you (Luisa).  Every time My Fiat is Repeated, each of Its Truths that It Manifests to you (Luisa), each of Its Knowledges or Words that It Speaks to you (Luisa), is a Love that Arises in Us (Triune God), to Love you (Luisa) More and to Make itself Loved.  It is Our Creating and Preserving Fiat that, Loving Its Life and what It has Done in you (Luisa), keeps Pronouncing Itself in order to Preserve Its Life and the Beauty of Its Work.  Therefore, be Attentive to Receive Continuously the Word of My Fiat, for It is Bearer of Creation, of Life and of Preservation.”


December 25, 1929

How the birth of Jesus was the Rebirth of the Divine Will in His Humanity, and everything He did were Rebirths of It, formed in Him in order to make It be Reborn in creatures.  Jesus was the True Sacrificed One of His Divine Will.


“My daughter (Luisa), My birth in time was the Rebirth of My Divine Will in My Humanity; and as It was reborn in Me, It brought the good news of Its rebirth in the human generations.  My Fiat is eternal, but it can be said that It was as though born in ADAM in order to form the long generation of the Rebirth in the creature.  But since ADAM rejected this Divine Will, by rejecting It, he prevented the many Rebirths It was to have in each creature; and with Constant and Invincible Love It waited for My Humanity in order to be Born Again in the midst of the human family.  Therefore, everything I (Jesus) did in the whole course of My Holy Life – the baby tears, My moans and wailings – were nothing other than Rebirths of My Divine Will that were Formed in Me so as to make It be Reborn in creatures.  In fact, It being Reborn in Me, and Possessing It as My own, I (Jesus) had the Right and the Power to Give It and Make It be Reborn in the creature.  So, everything that My Holy Humanity would do – steps, works, words, pains, and even My Breath, and My very death – formed as many Rebirths of My Divine Will for as many creatures as would have the Good of the Rebirth of My Divine Fiat.  Since I AM the Head of the human family, and it, My Members, as the Head I (Jesus) called with My Acts – I (Jesus) called the many Rebirths of My Divine Volition within Me, to let them pass to be Reborn in My Members, the creatures.


Therefore, there was not one Act I (Jesus) did – even My very Sacramental Life, each Consecrated Host, are Continuous Rebirths of My Supreme Volition, which It Prepares for the creature.  So, I AM the True Sacrificed One of a Cause so Holy – that My Divine Will may Reign.  I Myself am the One who Formed Its Kingdom within Me; and making It be Reborn in Me as many times for as many creatures as It would be Reborn in, I Formed Its Most Holy Empire and Its Reigning in the Midst of My Members.


Now, My daughter (Luisa), after I (Jesus) placed the Kingdom of My Divine Will in safety within My Holy Humanity, I (Jesus) had to Manifest It in order to Make It Known.  Therefore I (Jesus) came to you (Luisa) and I (Jesus) began to Narrate to you (Luisa) the long story of My Divine Fiat.  Now, you must know that I (Jesus) have made and I (Jesus) make so many Manifestations, I (Jesus) have spoken so many Truths, so many Words, for as many Rebirths as My Divine Will did in My Holy Humanity.  Its Rebirths in Me and Its Knowledges that I (Jesus) Manifest to you (Luisa) will be in Perfect Balance; each Rebirth of My Divine Volition done in Me and in each Consecrated Host will find a Manifestation and a Truth of Its own that Confirms It, and will Give It Rebirth in the creature (Luisa).  In fact, in God the Word Forms the Life of the Good He wants to Form in the creature (Luisa); Our Word is Bearer of Life.  Was is not Our Word ‘Fiat’ that, Pronouncing Itself, Created the heavens, the sun and everything that can be seen in the entire universe, and even the very Life of man (Adam) himself?  Until We (Triune God) Pronounced ‘Fiat’, everything was in Us; as It was Pronounced, It Populated heavens and earth with so many Works, Beautiful and Worthy of Us, and It Gave the Start to the long generation of so many human lives.  See, then, how everything I tell you (Luisa) on My Divine Will will bring, with the power of My creative word, Its many rebirths done in Me into the midst of the human family.  Here is the Great Reason for a Story so long and a Speaking of Mine so Continuous.  It will be in Balance with everything that was Done by Us (Triune God) in Creation, and with everything I (Jesus) did in Redemption.  And if it seems that sometimes I (Jesus) remain silent, it is not because I have ceased My Speaking, but because I take Rest.  In fact, it is My usual way to Rest in My very Word and Works that come out of Me.  Just as I did in Creation – It was not Pronounced always; I would say ‘Fiat’ and I would Pause, and then I would Pronounce It again – so I (Jesus) do in you (Luisa):  I Speak, I (Jesus) Give you (Luisa) My Lesson and I take Rest; first, to Enjoy in you (Luisa) the Effects of My Words; and to Dispose you (Luisa) to Receive the New Life of My Lesson.  Therefore, be Attentive, and let your Flight in My Divine Will be Continuous.”


May 22, 1927

I was thinking to myself, asking:  ‘What is this Divine Will?’  And Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), Divine Will means Giving God to God, Divine Outpouring and Transformation of the human nature into Divine, Communication of Creative Virtue, Embracing the Infinite, Rising into Eternity and Taking Eternity as though in one’s Power, to be able to say to God:  ‘I (Luisa) have Loved You from Eternity.  Your Divine Will has no beginning – It is Eternal like You (God); and in It (The Divine Will) I (Luisa) have Loved You with a Love with no beginning and no end’.  What is My Most Holy Divine Will? It is Everything!