If The Divine Fiat Is Not Always Operating In You

The Human Will Takes Over And Brings Darkness Into Your Soul

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


The Virgin Mary In The Kingdom Of The Divine Will: Day 12

Now, child of my Heart, you must know that as my life down here began, the Divine Will extended Its Kingdom in all of my acts. My prayers, my words, my steps, the food and the sleep I took, the little services with which I helped my mother, were animated by the Divine Will. And since I have always carried you in my Heart, I called you as my child in all of my acts. I called your acts to be together with mine, so that in your acts too, even indifferent ones, the Kingdom of the Divine Will might extend. Listen to how much I have loved you: if I prayed, I called your prayer into mine, so that both yours and mine might receive the same value and power – the value and the power of a Divine Will. If I spoke, I called your word; if I walked, I called your steps; and if I did the little human actions, indispensable to human nature – such as taking water, sweeping, helping my mother by handing the wood to her in order to start the fire, and many other similar things – I called these same acts of yours, that they might receive the value of a Divine Will, and so that, in both mine and yours, Its Kingdom might extend. And while calling you in each of my acts, I called the Divine Word to descend upon earth.

Oh, how much I have loved you, my child! I wanted your acts within mine to make you happy and to let you reign together with Me. Oh, how many times I called you and your acts, but, to my greatest sorrow, mine remained isolated, and I saw yours as though lost within your human will, forming – horrible to say it – the kingdom, not divine, but human: the kingdom of passions and the kingdom of sin, of unhappinesses and of misfortunes. Your Mama cried over your misfortune; and still now, for each act of human will that you do, as I know the unhappy kingdom to which they lead you, my tears are pouring, to make you comprehend the great evil that you do.

Therefore, listen to your Mama: if you do the Divine Will, joys and happiness will be given to you by right; everything will be in common with your Creator; weaknesses and miseries will be banished from you. And then, you will be the dearest of my children; I will keep you in my own Kingdom, to make you live always of Divine Will.


VOL. 26 – August 12, 1929
Magnificence of the Creation.  The black speck of the human will.

I was doing my round in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus, drawing me outside of myself, made me see the whole Creation in the act of coming out of His creative hands.  Each thing carried the mark of the creative hand of its Maker, therefore everything was perfect, of an enchanting beauty.  Each created thing was animated by vivid light, either as property of nature given to it by God, or indirectly, communicated by one who possessed it.  Everything was light and beauty.  But amid so much light and enchantment of beauty, one could see a black speck, which appeared so ugly, especially being in the midst of so many works, so beautiful, majestic and refulgent.  This black speck aroused terror and compassion, because it seemed that, in its own nature, God had not created it black, but beautiful; even more, it once was a work of the most beautiful created by the Supreme Being.

But while I was seeing this, my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, everything that was done by Us in Creation remains always in the act of being done, as if We were continuously in the act of doing It.  This is Our creative Strength, that when It does a work, It never withdraws – It remains inside of it as perennial act of life; It forms in it Its continuous heartbeat and Its uninterrupted breath; therefore, while it was done once, It remains within it in act of doing it always.  This is almost symbolized by the human nature which, while it was formed once, beginning its life with the heartbeat and the breathing, by necessity of living it must breathe and palpitate continuously, otherwise the life ceases.  We are inseparable from Our works, and We like them so much that We delight in doing them continuously, and this is why they maintain themselves majestic, beautiful, fresh, as if, there and then, they were receiving the beginning of their life.  Look at them – how beautiful they are; they are the narrators of Our Divine Being and Our perennial glory.  But amid so much glory of Ours, look – there is the black speck of the human will.  Loving man with greater love, We endowed him with a free will, but, abusing, he wanted to breathe and palpitate in his human will, not with Ours, and therefore it changes continuously to the extent of blackening, losing its beauty and freshness, and it reaches the point of losing the Divine Life in its human nature.

So, who will put to flight the thick darkening of the human will?  Who will give back to it the freshness, the beauty of its creation?  The acts done in Our Divine Will.  They will be light which will dispel the darkness, and heat which, molding it with its heat, will destroy in it all the bad humors that have rendered it ugly.  The acts done in my Will will be the rebound to all the human acts done with the human will.  This rebound will restore the freshness, the beauty, the order, as the human will was created.  Therefore, many acts are needed, done by the creature in Our Divine Volition, in order to prepare the counterpoison, the beauty, the freshness, the act opposite to everything evil that the human will has done.  Then will Our works in Creation appear all beautiful; the black speck will disappear, and it will convert into a point, the most luminous one, in the midst of the magnificence of Our created works; and Our Divine Will will take the dominion of all, and will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.  Therefore, be attentive to operate in my Divine Will, because for each human act, the divine act is needed which, with empire, knocks down, purifies and embellishes the evil done by the human will.”


VOL. 28 – December 21, 1930

My flight in the Divine Volition continues; it seems to me that I call It, because life would be

missing in me without It.  The life of good, the life of love, the life of the light, the life of peace, would be missing in me; and my human will, seeing itself alone, would assault me and would give life to my passions in me.  This is why I fear so much that even for just one instant it may remain without the Fiat operating in me, because, It being present, my will remains crouched down and does not dare to move before a Will so holy and so powerful.  Therefore I call It, and It gives me Its hand to take me into Its acts, that I may follow It and keep It company.  And since It created everything for love of creatures, when It feels her close and identified, It takes such delight, that It feels as though repaid for the many things It issued from Its creative hands.


VOL. 31 – January 6, 1933

And Jesus added:  “Blessed daughter, when the soul gives herself to the Mercy of My Will, It has the virtue of making the life of evil vanish.  There is no sin or passions that does not feel itself given death, more than by a deadly sword.  On the contrary, they die by themselves; as My Will reigns in the soul, so they feel themselves lose life.  For evil it is like frost to the plants, it parches them, withers them, and makes them die.  It is like light to darkness, that, as the light appears, the darkness disappears and dies, rather, one does not even know where it has gone.  My Will is like heat to cold, the cold dies under the virtue of the heat.

“If the frost, light, and heat, have the virtue of making plants, darkness, and cold die, even more My Divine Will has the Virtue of making evils die completely.  What’s more, if the soul does not let herself be always dominated by My Will, then because It does not always reign, It can not communicate all the Goods, nor convert the whole ensemble of the creature, into Divine Life.  And where the Divine Life is lacking, evil arises, and it can happen as to the plants when the strength of the frost withdraws.  The plants, although with difficulty, begin to become green again.  If the light withdraws, the darkness arises again.  If the heat withdraws, the cold acquires its life again.  Here is the reason for the great necessity of doing My Will always, always, and of living in It, if you want to banish all evils and uproot even the roots of passions.