The Powerful Prayer of Jesus at His Scourging
Volume 17: July 1, 1924

“My Father, I offer You this Blood of Mine.  O please! let It cover all the intelligences of creatures, rendering all their evil thoughts vain, dampening the fire of their passions, and making holy intelligences rise again.  May this Blood cover their eyes and be a veil to their sight, so that the taste for evil pleasures may not enter into them, and they may not dirty themselves with the mud of the earth.  May this Blood of Mine cover and fill their mouths, and render their lips dead to blasphemies, to imprecations, to all of their bad words.  My Father, may this Blood of Mine cover their hands, and strike in them terror for so many wicked actions.  May this Blood circulate in Our Eternal Will to cover all, to defend and be a defending weapon for creatures before the rights of Our Justice.”