Importance of Repeating Continuously

”I am the Nothing Jesus – you are the All; Help Me Luisa, I Am Your Baby”

 From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”

In the below passage from Volume 1 Jesus says that He wants us to perform continuous acts of humility.


VOL. 1

And it happened in this way: every morning, after Communion, He would tell me what I was supposed to do during the day. I will say everything briefly, because after so much time it is impossible to say everything. I don’t remember for sure, but it seems to me that He told me that the first thing which was necessary in order to purify the interior of my heart, was the annihilation of myself – that is, humility. And He continued: “See, so that I may pour my graces in your heart, I really want you to understand that you can do nothing by yourself. I am very much wary of those souls who attribute what they do to themselves, wanting to make of my graces as many thefts. On the other hand, with those who know themselves, I am generous in pouring my graces in torrents. Knowing very well that they can attribute nothing to themselves, they are grateful to Me; they hold it in that esteem which befits it, and they live with the continuous fear that, if they do not correspond to Me, I may take away from them that which I gave, knowing that it does not belong to them. It is all the opposite in the hearts which reek of pride. I cannot even enter into their hearts because they are so swollen with themselves that there is no space in which to put Myself. These miserable ones take my graces into no account, and they go from fall to fall, up to their ruin. Therefore, on this day I want you to make continuous acts of humility; I want you to be like a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, who can move neither a foot to take a step, nor a hand to work, but expects everything from his mother. In the same way, you will stay close to Me like a baby, always praying Me to assist you, to help you; always confessing your nothingness – in sum, expecting everything from Me.”

The best way to perform continuous acts of humility is to repeat continuously: “I am the nothing Jesus, you are the All -Help me Luisa, I am your baby”


Also Jesus states in the below passage from Volume 2 that the only thing we should be concerned about is if we are invested with humility. In other words the only thing we should be concerned about is if we are repeating continuously: ”I am the nothing Jesus, You are the All – Help me Luisa, I am your baby” and we should not worry about anything else. If we do this Jesus will give us all kinds of celestial favors.


VOL. 2 – May 19, 1899
Humility is the safeguard of the celestial favors.

This morning I felt a fear within me that it might not be Jesus, but the devil, who wanted to deceive me. Jesus came, and seeing me with this fear, He said to me: “Humility is the safeguard of the celestial favors. Humility clothes the soul with such safety that the tricks of the devil cannot penetrate into her. Humility places all celestial graces in safety, so much so, that when I see humility, I let flow, abundantly, all kinds of celestial favors. Therefore, do not want to disturb yourself for this, but rather, with a simple eye, look always into your interior, to see whether you are invested with beautiful humility, and do not worry about all the rest.”

If we repeat continuously ”I am the nothing Jesus you are the All – Help me Luisa, I am your baby”,

We will no longer say to our self “ I am something” which means evil will no longer enter our soul and we will no longer sin or give life to our human will as Jesus states below in volume 4.


VOL. 4 – July 16, 1901

The beginning of evil in man. Distance between the love of Jesus and the human love. In order to enter into Heaven, the soul must be completely transformed in Jesus.

After various days of privation, this morning He deigned to come, transporting me outside of myself. Now, as I was before blessed Jesus, I could see many people, and the evil of the present generation. My adorable Jesus looked at them with compassion, and turning to me, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know where the evil of man began? The beginning of it is that as soon as he knows himself – that is, as soon as he begins to acquire reason – man says to himself: ‘I am something.’ And believing themselves to be something, they move away from Me, they do not trust Me, who am the All, and they draw all their confidence and strength from themselves. From this it happens that they even lose every good beginning, and by losing the good beginning, what will the end be? Imagine, yourself, my daughter. Moreover, by moving away from Me, who contain every good, what good can man hope for, since he is a sea of evil? Without Me everything is corruption, misery, and without a shadow of true good. This is the present society.”


Also we will no longer be orphans and Luisa will come immediately to guide us and instruct us as our Lady states below in Her 31st lesson:


The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will: Day 31

Blessed child, how content I am! I could not decide to narrate to you my departure for Heaven if my child would not remain safe on earth, endowed with Divine Will. But know that from Heaven I will not leave you – I will not leave you orphan; I will guide you in everything, and from your tiniest need, up to the greatest – call Me, and immediately I will come to you to act as your Mama.

Also if you pray Luisa’s below prayer to destroy the sin of pride, it will help you perform continuous acts of humility by repeating continuously “I am the nothing Jesus- You are the All-  Help me Luisa, I am your baby.”

VOL. 4 – September 9, 1901

Effectiveness of the intentions.

This morning my adorable Jesus was not coming. Then, while my mind was occupied with considering the mystery of the crowning of thorns, I remembered that, other times, as I was occupied with this mystery, the Lord had pleased to remove the crown of thorns from His head and to drive it onto mine. So I said in my interior: ‘Ah, Lord, I am no longer worthy of suffering your thorns.’ And all of a sudden He came, for just a little, and told me: “My daughter, when you suffer my own thorns, You relieve Me, and in suffering them yourself, I feel completely free of those pains. When you humble yourself and believe yourself unworthy of suffering them, you repair for the sins of pride which are committed in the world.” And I added: ‘Ah, Lord, for as many drops as You shed, for as many thorns as You suffered, for as many wounds, so much glory do I intend to give You for as much glory as all creatures should give You if the sin of pride did not exist; and so many graces do I intend to ask of You for all creatures, so that this sin be destroyed.’

While saying this, I saw that Jesus contained the whole world within Himself, like a machine containing objects in itself. All creatures moved within Him, and Jesus moved toward them, and it seemed that Jesus would receive the glory of my intention and that creatures had returned to Him in order to receive the good impetrated by me for them. I remained stupefied, and He, seeing my stupefaction, said: “All this seems surprising, doesn’t it? What you have done seems a trivial thing, yet, it is not so. How much good could be done by repeating this intention, but is not?” Having said this, He disappeared.