March 3, 1928

How all things start from one point.  Sublimeness of the state of ADAM.  Why Our Lord has not manifested his Happy State until now.  How one (Luisa) who Possesses the Unity Possesses the Source of Good.


So I (Luisa) continued my Round in the Divine Will, and as I arrived at Eden, to Unite myself to the state of ADAM before sinning, when he Possessed the Unity with his Creator, in order to Start Again my Acts together with him, and to make up for him (Adam) and continue that Unity when he lost it by falling into sin, I (Luisa) thought to myself:  ‘Why has blessed Jesus not manifested to anyone the Sublime State, the Wonders that passed between ADAM Innocent and his Creator, the Sea of the Happinesses, of the Beauties he Possessed?  Everything was Centralized in him (Adam), everything started from him.  Oh! if the state of ADAM, his Great Prerogatives, were Known, maybe all would yearn to return to his origin, from which man (Adam) came.’


But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and, All Goodness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Paternal Goodness only Manifests a Good when it must bring some Utility to creatures.  If I (God) do not see this, why Manifest It?  The history of man (Adam) Innocent is too tender for Me; in merely remembering it, My Love Rises, Overflows and Forms its Huge Waves to then Pour itself as it used to Pour itself upon ADAM Innocent; and finding no one upon whom to pour – because it does not find another ADAM who would Receive It, Capable of Giving Me his Outpourings of Love in Return, since My Divine Fiat, whole within him (Adam), maintained the Reciprocal Life of correspondence between the Infinite and the finite – My Love suffers, and returning My  Own Waves of Love into Me, because it finds no one upon whom to Pour It, It remains suffocated by My Love itself.  This is why I (Jesus) have not Manifested the State of ADAM Innocent until now, nor did he (Adam) Manifest almost anything of his Happy State– because in merely Remembering It, he (Adam) felt himself dying with sorrow, and I (Jesus) felt Myself being suffocated by My Love.

Now, My daughter (Luisa), wanting to Restore the Kingdom of My Divine Will, I (Jesus) see the Utility of Manifesting the State of ADAM Innocent, and this is the reason why I (Jesus) often speak to you (Luisa) about his (Adam’s) Sublime State – because I (God) want to Repeat what I (God) did with him (Adam), and by Virtue of My Volition, I (God) want to Elevate you (Luisa) to the Original State of the creation of man (Adam).  What can the creature (Luisa) who Possesses My Fiat, the Unity of It, not give Me?  She (Luisa) can give Me (God) anything, and I (God) can give everything (to Luisa).  So, being able to Give what I (Jesus) Manifest, My Love does not suffocate My Waves; on the contrary, it puts them out, and seeing them Reproduced in the creature (Luisa), It Enjoys, and I (Jesus) feel drawn to Manifest that which is not Known, for their Utility and Good.  If you (Luisa) Knew how much I (God) Enjoy in Giving, how My Love Celebrates when I (God) see the creature (Luisa) disposed, Wanting to Receive My Goods, you (Luisa) would be more attentive to let Me Pour out My contained Love.”