Volume 20; November 27, 1926

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), in order to be daughter of My Divine Will, you have been Generated in It; in It you have been Formed, and, in Forming you, the light, the Love of My Divine Will, more than blood, has grafted in you Its Ways, Its Attitude, Its Operating, making you (Luisa) embrace everyone and everything.  This is so True that, you (Luisa) being a Birth from It (Divine Will), It (Divine Will) calls you (Luisa) now ‘newborn of My Divine Will,’ now Its “little daughter.’  Now, only the one (Luisa) who has been Generated by It (the Divine Will) can Generate the children of My Divine Will; therefore, you (Luisa) will be the mother of the Generation of Its children.”

Volume 20; December 8, 1926

“My daughter, you (Luisa) are Our Echo.  As you enter into Our Divine Will in order to Love, to Praise, to ask for the coming of Our Kingdom, We (Triune God) hear in you (Luisa) the Echo of Our Love, the Echo of Our Glory, the Echo of Our Fiat that wants to come upon earth in order to Reign, that wants to be Prayed, and Prayed again, and Pressed to come to Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

Volume 20; December 22, 1926

And so, when you (Luisa) occupy yourself with My Divine Fiat, if you speak, if you go around in It, you put Us (Triune God) in Feast, because We feel that it is one (Luisa) who belongs to Us—We feel that it is Our daughter (Luisa) that speaks, that goes around, that works in the field of Our Divine Will.  And for one’s own children, doors are left open—no apartment is closed for them, because what belongs to the Father belongs to the children, and in the children is placed the hope of the long generation of the Father.  In the same way, in you (Luisa) I (Jesus) have placed the Hope of the long generation of the children of My Eternal Fiat.”

   “Now, who will be able to resist the Light of My Eternal Fiat?  All of Its Knowledges will be more than Rays of Light of My Volition, that will beat down on the surface of the earth, and penetrating into the hearts, will bring the Good that the Light of My Divine Will contains and can do.  However, these Rays must have their sphere from which to start; they must be centered in one single point, from which to arise in order to form the dawn, the day, the afternoon and the sunset within hearts, to then rise again.

The sphere, the single point, is you (Luisa); the rays centered in it are My Knowledges that will give fecundity to the generation of the children of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  This is why I always repeat to you, ‘Be attentive’—so that not one of My Knowledges may be lost.  You would cause a Ray to be lost from within your sphere, and you cannot even comprehend all the Good it contains, because each Ray contains its own Specialty of Good, that it must do to the children of My Divine Will.  And you would deprive Me of the Glory of that Good for My children, and would deprive yourself also of the Glory of spreading one more Ray of Light from your sphere.”