Reflections On Luisa Crushing the Head of Satan

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Of The Divine Will”


Letters of Luisa #59

Do not listen to the enemy, who would want to snatch the gift from the hands of Jesus; do not pay attention to doubts or anything which is not peace.  These are things of the enemy, rags of hell, not of Jesus.  His things are peace; the rags of Heaven are certainties.  Therefore, as a mother who loves her daughter, I beg you to no longer let these infernal rags enter your heart; and if the enemy torments you, determined, say to him:  “These are things that don’t belong to me.  I don’t want to steal from anyone, not even from hell.”   And then, I repeat to you my usual refrain:  unshakable firmness in good.  Interest yourself in nothing but Jesus and what pertains to your office; in this way you will shut the door to the enemy and he won’t find the way to agitate you.  So, I repeat:  peace, peace, my daughter.  And you will certainly find peace if you look at the Divine Will in everything.  It is the peacemaker of souls, and the bearer of peace and sanctity, even down here.  Therefore, forget about everything, and remember only that Volition which, more than a tender and compassionate Mother, wants to make her daughter holy and beautiful.


VOL. – 8 March 25, 1908

Temptations can be conquered easily. Where there is passion, the devil has more strength.
Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little and told me: “Daughter, temptations can be conquered easily, because the devil is the most cowardly creature that can exist, and a contrary act, a contempt, a prayer, are enough to make him flee. In fact, these acts render him even more cowardly than he is, and in order not to bear that confusion, as soon as he sees the soul resolute in not wanting to pay attention to his cowardice, he flees terrified.

Now, if the soul cannot easily free herself, it means that it is not only a temptation, but a passion rooted within the soul, which tyrannizes her together with the temptation. Therefore, she is unable to free herself; and where there is passion, the devil has more strength to make fun of the soul.”


VOL. 14 – March 10, 1922

And I: ‘My Love, I am known by no one. And He: “How is it – you are known by no one?! All angels and saints know you – one by one – and they anxiously await your operating in my Will, like a divine note, and the most harmonious one, which flows over everything they have done in life, to give them greater splendor and contentment. All purging souls know you, as they feel over themselves the continuous refreshment that the working in my Will brings. The demons know you from the power of my Will which they feel in you. And if the earth does not know you for now, it will know you later on.

It happens to one who does my Will, and I act with her, just as I did with my Celestial Mama: I constituted Her Queen of all, and I commanded all to recognize Her and honor Her as their Queen; and I commanded Her to crush with Her foot the head of the infernal dragon. So I do with those who live in my Will: everything is under their dominion, and there is no good which does not come from them.”


VOL. 15 – April 28, 1923

Now, while He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn outside of myself, and I found an ugly monster under my feet, which was biting itself out of rage.  And Jesus, being near me, added:  “Just as my Virgin Mother crushed the head of the infernal serpent, so do I want another virgin, which must be the first possessor of the Supreme Will, to press again that infernal head so as to crush it and debilitate it, in such a way as to confine it into hell, that she may have full dominion over it, and it may not dare to approach those who must live in my Will.  Therefore, place your foot on its head, and crush it.”  Made brave, I did it, and it would bite itself more, and so as not to feel my touch, it shut itself up in the darkest abysses.  Then Jesus resumed His speaking:  “My daughter, do you think that the living in my Will is nothing?  No, no – on the contrary, it is the all, it is the fulfillment of all sanctities, it is the absolute dominion of oneself, of one’s passions, and of one’s capital enemies; it is the complete triumph of the Creator over the creature.


VOL. 19 – August 14, 1926

My daughter, the Kingdom of my Will is unshakeable, and in these knowledges about It I have placed so much light, grace and attraction as to render It victorious, in such a way that, as they become known, they will wage a sweet battle against the human will, and creatures will be conquered.  These knowledges will be an immensely high and strong wall, more than the terrestrial Eden, which will prevent the enemy from entering in order to molest those who, conquered by It, will pass to live in the Kingdom of my Will.  Therefore, do not become disturbed and let Me do – and I will dispose everything so that the Supreme Fiat may be known.”


VOL. 26 – May 9, 1929

How it was necessary that Jesus centralize in Luisa the human sanctity in order to consummate it and give rise to the Sanctity of living in the Divine Will.  How voluntary suffering is something great before God.

I had read in the first volume of my writings how Our Lord had told me that He wanted me to accept going into battle against the infernal enemy, in the hard trials to which I submitted myself.  So I was thinking to myself:  ‘It seems to me that there is contradiction, because Jesus has told me many times that one who lives in His Divine Will is not subject to either temptations or disturbances; nor does the enemy have the power to enter into the Divine Fiat, because It would burn him more than the very fire of hell, and in order not to be burned more, he runs away from the soul who lives in It.’

Now, while I was thinking about this and many other things, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, you are wrong, nor are there contradictions.  You must know that, since I was to call you in a way all special to live in my Divine Will, to make It known to you and, through you, make known to others the Sanctity of living in It, so that It might reign on earth, it was necessary that I centralize in you the whole of the human sanctity, in order to consummate it in you and to give rise to the true Sanctity of the living in my Divine Volition.  Sanctity in the human order was to be the footstool, the throne, of the Sanctity in the order of my Divine Will.  And this is why, from the very beginning, when I called you to the state of victim and to all that you suffered during that time, first I would tell you, to ask you whether you would accept, and after you had accepted, then I would put you in that state of pain.  From you I wanted voluntary suffering, not forced, because it was your will that I wanted to make die and, over your will, almost like a little flame that is extinguished, ignite the great fire of the Sun of my Fiat.

Voluntary suffering is something great before Our Supreme Majesty, and therefore, over the death of your will, drowned with pains, Our Will could have dominion and could dispose you to receive the greater good of Its knowledges.  Was it not my suffering, all voluntary – no one could impose himself on Me – that formed the great good of Redemption?  So, everything you suffered at that time was nothing other than the completion of the order of sanctity in the human way; and this is why I told you almost nothing about the Sanctity of living in my Divine Will – I wanted to complete one in order to start the other.  And when I saw that you denied Me nothing of what I wanted, even at the cost of your life, and as you would deny Me nothing, your will would lose the way and would find itself in the continuous act of dying, my Will made Its way and reacquired Its Life in you; and as It kept reacquiring Its Life, so It kept revealing Itself, telling you Its long story, Its sorrow, and how It yearns to come to reign in the midst of creatures.  My word is life, and as I kept speaking to you about my Fiat, more than tender father, so I kept forming Its Life in you.  In fact, you could never have understood what regarded my Will, had you not had Its Life in you, because it is what forms one’s life that one has true interest in comprehending and defending; what does not form one’s life enters into the secondary order, not the primary, and one does not feel the true love which one can have for one’s own life.  So, to the very Life of my Fiat, formed in you, I could entrust all of Its knowledges, to be able to form as many other Lives of It in the creatures.  And besides, I was to do with you what I did with Myself:  when I came upon earth, I observed all laws, I submitted Myself to all sacrifices of the ancient law in a perfect way, as no one else had observed up to that time; and after I completed everything within Me, consummating in my Humanity all the laws and sanctities of the ancient world, I abolished them and gave rise to the new law of grace and to the new sanctity which I brought upon earth.  So I have done with you:  I centralized in you the pains, the sacrifices, the battles of the present sanctity in order to complete it and therefore be able to start again the new Sanctity of living in my Will – that is, the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

Now, where are the contradictions you are saying?  When the soul enters into my Will to live perennial life in It, the enemy cannot get close, his sight is dazzled by the Light of my Fiat, nor is he able to see what the happy creature does in this Divine Light.  Light shields itself from everything, it dominates all, it is intangible, it does not let itself be offended, nor does it offend; and if anyone wants to touch it or clasp it in his hands, with enchanting rapidity it escapes, and, almost playfully, it sprays him with light.  It touches everything, it embraces all, to do good to all, but does not let itself be touched by anyone.  Such is my Divine Will.  It encloses the soul within Its Light, and with Its empire It eclipses all evils; and as the soul lives of light, everything converts into light, into sanctity and perennial peace.  So, evils get lost and lose their way; disturbances, temptations, passions, sin, remain all with their legs broken and can no longer walk.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your living in my Fiat be continuous.”


VOL. 26 – May 25, 1929

Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Fiat, I found myself outside of myself, and to my surprise I found the infernal enemy near me, as if he wanted to jump over me.  I felt such strength within me as to put myself over him; and as I was putting myself over, he was all shattered and smashed to pieces.  I felt concerned, and I thought to myself:  ‘It is a long time since I had seen the enemy; even more, if he would see me, he would run away from me.  And now, what does he want with his drawing near me?’  And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the soul who possesses my Divine Fiat has such power as to shatter the diabolical power to pieces; and I allowed you to touch with your own hand how, by just placing yourself over him, he was crushed, so that you may not fear him, and he might feel the power of one who possesses my Will, which scatters the diabolical strength like dust in the wind.  Therefore, do not be concerned about him, and continue your life in my Fiat.  Indeed, you must know that each prayer, each act and motion of one who lives in It, encloses within itself an infinite and indelible strength and weight; and the infinite extends everywhere, it contains the virtue-producer of all goods, it embraces eternity, it encloses God Himself.  Therefore, an act done in my Will is an act that never ends, and has such power as to enclose Heaven and earth.  And Our Fiat, with Its infinite power, encloses Our Divinity in the act of the creature, forming with Its veils of light the most beautiful and delightful Royal Palace for Our Divine Being.”  Jesus disappeared, and I felt sunken in the abyss of light of the Supreme Fiat.


VOL. 26 – June 4, 1929

It can be said that wherever my Divine Will is present there extends the act of the creature done in my Will.  Even in hell they feel the power of a creature operating in my Divine Fiat, because just as all of Heaven feels the new happiness, the glory and the new love of the act of the creature done in my Volition, so does hell feel the new torment of that Divine Will which they rejected, and which, while It is present with them with justice, is there to torment them, and every time the creature operates in It, they feel the weight of justice more heavily upon them, and they feel themselves burning more.  Just as nothing escapes my Divine Fiat, so does nothing escape one who operates in It; and as many times as she repeats her acts, so many times does she make the roll-call, to be sure that no one is missing in her act, to give the new glory, adoration and love to that God, trice holy, and to that Divine Will which, with so much love, makes room for her to let her live within Itself, and allows her to extend within Its endlessness.”