Volume 26 – June 4, 1929

As the soul (Luisa) keeps doing the Divine Will, so does It (The Divine Will) expand in the soul (Luisa), and the Divine Life grows within her (Luisa); and the soul Grows within the Womb of her Celestial Father.  How (Luisa) the One who Lives in It makes the Roll Call of all Creation.  How, if one goes out of the Divine Will, he goes out while his Acts remain.


My abandonment in the Fiat continues. I (Luisa) feel within me such a need to Live in It (The Divine Will), that It has become more Necessary to me than my own nature. Even more, I (Luisa) feel my Nature changed into Divine Will of God; I (Luisa) feel it dissolved within It, and in all things, instead of finding myself, I (Luisa) find that Fiat that says to me: “I AM your Life; run—run always within Me (Triune God), in the Sea of My Light, to Live of My acts, of My Sanctity, of My Happiness and of all the Goods I (Triune God) Possess.”


But while I was crossing the Sea of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), as the soul (Luisa) keeps Operating in My Divine Volition, so does It expand more within the creature (Luisa), in such a way that for each additional Act done in It (The Divine Will), as much more Growth does It form within her (Luisa); and so, the Divine Life can be seen Growing in the creature (Luisa) in an Admirable Way.


“But this is not all; as the Divine Life grows in the creature (Luisa), the more Acts she (Luisa) does in My Divine Fiat, the more the creature Grows within the Womb of her Celestial Father. The Supreme Being opens His Womb and Encloses in it this Happy creature (Luisa), to raise her (Luisa) in a Divine Manner, to Clothe her with Royal Garments (the one’s Adam lost), to feed her (Luisa) the Food (That you do not Know) with Their (The Triune God’s) own Hands, to Embellish her (Luisa) with Rare Beauty. All of Heaven remains Amazed, Enraptured, in seeing that their Creator raises a creature (Luisa) within His Womb; and they say among themselves: ‘He (God)must be doing something Great with her (Luisa), for He (God) Loves her (Luisa) so much, and keeps her (Luisa) in such Great Custody as to Raise her (Luisa) within His Paternal Womb.’ And all Await the Full Growth of this creature (Luisa), to see what will become of her (Luisa).


“Therefore, the Prodigy of Living of My Divine Will is Unique; It Communicates such Power to the One (Luisa) who Lives in It (The Divine Will), that she (Luisa) enters everywhere, and God Himself Loves and Wants to Raise her (Luisa) within His Divine Womb. Furthermore, the Potential and the Diffusion of the Act done in My Divine Will is such and so Great, that she (Luisa) diffuses everywhere: she (Luisa) extends in the Heavens, and it is as if she (Luisa) made the Roll-Call of the stars; she (Luisa) extends in the sun, and she (Luisa) Roll-Calls the Light; she (Luisa) invests the air, the wind, the sea, and she (Luisa) Roll-Calls the birds, the power of the wind, the waters and the fish; and placing them all in Order, she (Luisa) says to all with her act: ‘Bow down, and let us Adore, with Double Homage, our Creator. That Fiat that created us is in my (Luisa’s) Act, and with It I (Luisa) want to Create New Love, New Adoration and Glory for our Creator.’And she (Luisa) extends not only in all created things, but she (Luisa) extends within the Acts of the Virgin Mary, in all the Acts that I (Jesus) did upon earth, in the Acts of her Creator (God), in those of all the Saints; and from the first to the last, she (Luisa) calls the Roll for all of them, and she (Luisa) makes the New Life of Love, of Adoration, of Glory for He (God) who created her (Luisa), flow within them.


“It can be said that wherever My Divine Will is present there extends the Act of the creature (Luisa) done in My Divine Will. Even in hell they feel the Power of a creature (Luisa) Operating in My Divine Fiat, because just as all of Heaven feels the New Happiness, the Glory and the New Love of the Act of the creature (Luisa) done in My Volition, so does hell feel the New Torment of that Divine Will that they rejected, and that, while It is present with them with Justice, is there to Torment them, and every time the creature (Luisa) Operates in It (The Divine Will), they feel the Weight of Justice more Heavily upon them, and they feel themselves Burning more. Just as nothing escapes My Divine Fiat, so does nothing escape the one (Luisa) who Operates in It; and as many times as she (Luisa) repeats her Acts, so many times does she (Luisa)make the Roll-Call, to be sure that no one is missing in her Act, to Give the New Glory, Adoration and Love to that God, Trice Holy, and to that Divine Will that, with so much Love, makes room for her (Luisa) to let her (Luisa) Live within Itself, and allows her (Luisa) to Extend within Its Endlessness.”


After this, I (Luisa) was doing my Round in the Divine Fiat, and I (Luisa) was gathering all created things, all the acts of creatures, to Form One Single Act in the Unity of It (The Divine Will). And my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), only My Divine Will Possesses the One Single Act, and in Its Unity It Embraces everything, It Does everything, It Gives Life to everything. But while It does One Act Alone, this Act Possesses the Fount of all Acts together, such that, while they are the Effects of the Single Act, they Spread in the whole Creation and Descend for the Good of creatures as Real Acts, while in the Unity of the Single Act of the Divine Fiat, it is Always One Act Alone; so much so, that it never detaches a single Effect from itself, nor can it Detach it, because all the Effects form the Unity of its One Single Act.


“It happens as to the sun: one is the light, one is the act of light that it continuously sends to the earth; but as this one light touches the earth, the effects are innumerable and real. And this is so true, that as the light touches the earth, one sees the effects changed into acts, in such a way that one can see the variety of colors for the flowers, the diversity of sweetnesses for the fruits, and many other things. Has the sun perhaps lost even just one of the many effects that, as real acts, it has communicated to the earth? Ah! no. Jealous, it preserves them within its single act of light; more so, since the strength, the fullness and its one single act of light are formed of all the effects that it possesses. So, the sun, symbol of My Divine Will, possesses innumerable effects; it gives them to the earth as real acts, without losing even one of them, and it does always one single act. If the sun, created by Us, does this, much more so does My Divine Will.


“Now, My daughter (Luisa), by doing his (Adam’s) human will, man (Adam) went out of the Unity of Mine, and all his (Adam’s) acts lost that strength of the Unity and remained scattered, some in one point, some in another, and divided among themselves. These human acts, not having Unity, have no Founts of Effects, nor Fullness of Light, and therefore they are symbolized by those plants and flowers that grow without sun; and because they are scattered and divided among themselves, they do not have a lasting strength, and they grow as meager and faded. So, by doing his (Adam’s ) human will, man (Adam) loses the Unity with Mine, he (Adam) loses the Fount of Life, he (Adam) loses the Fullness of Light. Now, the One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Volition keeps Gathering all the Goods scattered by creatures, and Forms One Single Act; and these Acts become the Right of the One (Luisa) who Does and Lives in My Divine Fiat. There is no good that the One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will cannot take. With the Bilocating Power of It (The Divine Will), she (Luisa) calls, gathers and unites All Acts together; and Ordering them all in My Fiat, she (Luisa)gives Me (God) everything, and I (God) give her (Luisa) everything.”


After this, I (Luisa) was continuing my Acts in the Supreme Volition, and a thousand thoughts crowded in my mind about Its many Wonders; but in order not to make it too long on paper, I will only say what Jesus told me. “My daughter (Luisa), what is Done in My Divine Will Remains Dissolved in It, and just as light and heat are inseparable, and if the light is extinguished, the heat also is extinguished, and if the light is given life, by its own nature, the light makes the life of the heat arise together with it; in the same way, the Acts of the creature (Luisa) Done in It (The Divine Will) are Inseparable from My Volition. More so, since It (The Act) is not subject to becoming extinguished, because It (The Act Done in the Divine Will) is Eternal and Immense Light.


“This is why, though Adam went out of My Divine Will when he (Adam) sinned, his Acts remained in It. He (Adam) was able to detach himself from his own Acts, but his Acts Done in My Divine Will could neither go out nor Detach themselves, because they had already Formed their Life of Light and of Heat within It (The Divine Will). What Enters into My Divine Will loses its own life in It (The Divine Will), it Forms One Same Life with It (The Divine Will), it loses the rights to go out; and My Divine Will says: ‘These Acts have been done in My House, within My Light; the Rights are Mine, and there is no Power, either human or Divine, that can make an Act Done by the creature (Adam before the fall) in My Divine Will to go out of It and separate from It.’ This is why the Acts of Adam Done in It before he sinned are there Present as Prime Act on which Depend the Creation and the Acts of the human generations.

“Now, suppose that you (Luisa) went out from within My Divine Will: you go out and remain outside, but your Acts do not go out—they neither have the Right to go out, nor can they do it; and as long as you (Luisa) remain in My Divine Will, your Acts (Luisa) are Mine (God’s) and yours (Luisa), but if you go out, you lose the Rights. And because they were done in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and not in the human will, they Remain as My (God’s) Rights, even though they appear and are Known as having been done by you (Luisa). Now, you must knowthat everything that you (Luisa) do in My Fiat will Serve as Prime Act for the other creatures (linked to you Luisa)in order to Live in the Kingdom of It (The Divine Will); as Order, Regime and Life of those (linked to you Luisa) who will Live in the Kingdom of My Fiat. This is why I(Jesus) exhort you so much in your doing your Round in It, I (Jesus) watch over you (Luisa), I (Jesus) accompany you (Luisa), and many times I (Jesus) do it together with you (Luisa)—because not only do they serve you (Luisa), but they Must Serve as Prime Acts and as Models for those (linked to you Luisa) who Must Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.”