The Holy Innocents Martyrs – Feast -12/28

Day Twenty-four

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

A Cruel Tyrant. Little King Jesus is brought by His Mama and by Saint Joseph into a foreign Land, where They go as Poor Exiled Ones. Return to Nazareth.

The soul to her Queen, overwhelmed by Sorrow:
My sovereign Mama, your little child feels the need to come to your maternal knees to keep You a little company. I see  your face veiled with sadness, and a few fleeting tears flowing from your eyes. The sweet little Baby is shivering, and sobbing, He cries. Holy Mama, I unite my pains to yours, to comfort You and to calm the crying of the Celestial Baby. But, O please, my Mama, do not refuse to reveal to me your secret. What is it that is so gloomy for my dear Little Baby?

Lesson of the Mother Queen:
My dearest child, today the Heart of your Mama is swollen with love and with sorrow, so much so, that I cannot refrain from crying. You know of the coming of the Magi Kings, who caused rumor in Jerusalem, asking about the new King. And cruel Herod, for fear of being removed from his throne, has already given the mandate to kill my sweet Jesus, my dear life, together with all the other children.
My child, what pain! The One who has come to give life to all, and to bring into the world the new era of peace, of happiness, of grace…they want to kill Him! What ingratitude! What perfidy! Ah, my child, to what extent the blindness of the human will reaches! To the extent of becoming ferocious, of tying the hands of the Creator Himself, and of making itself the owner of the One who created it. Give Me your compassion, my child, and try to calm the crying of the sweet Baby. He cries because of human ingratitude, because, only a newborn, they want Him dead; and in order to save Him, we are forced to flee. Dear Saint Joseph has already been advised by the Angel to leave for a foreign land. Accompany us, dear child; do not leave us alone, and I will continue to give you my lessons on the great evils of the human will. Now, you must know that as man withdrew from the Divine Will, he broke off with his Creator. Everything on earth had been made by God for him – everything was his; but man, by not wanting to do the Divine Will, lost all rights, and one could say that he did not know where to place his foot. So He became a poor exiled one, a pilgrim who could not have a permanent residence; and this, not only for the soul, but also for the body. All things became mutable for poor man; and if he did possess any fleeting thing, it was by virtue of the foreseen merits of this Celestial Baby. This, because the whole magnificence of Creation was destined by God for all those who would do His Will and live in Its Kingdom. All others, if they manage to take anything, are the true petty thieves of their Creator; and with reason: they do not want to do the Divine Will, but they want the goods which belong to It?
Now, dear child, listen to how much this dear Baby and I love you: at the first dawn of His life, He goes into exile, and into a foreign land, in order to free you from the exile in which your human will placed you; to call you to live, not in a foreign land, but in your fatherland – the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat – which was given to you when you were created. Child of my Heart, have pity on the tears of your Mother, and on the tears of this sweet dear Baby – crying, We ask you never to do your will. But We beg you, We implore you: come back into the bosom of the Divine Will, which so much longs for you! Now, dear child, in the midst of the sorrow for human ingratitude, and in the midst of the immense joys and happinesses that the Divine Fiat gave us and the feast that all Creation made for the sweet Baby, the earth became green and flowery again under our steps, to give homage to its Creator. The sun fixed on Him, and praising Him with its light, it felt honored to give Him its light and heat. The wind caressed Him; the birds, almost like clouds, alighted around us, and with their trills and songs, made the most beautiful lullabies for the dear Baby, to calm His crying and favor His sleep. My child, since the Divine Will was in us, we had power over everything.
So we arrived in Egypt, and after a long period of time, the Angel of the Lord told Saint Joseph that we should return to the house of Nazareth, because the cruel tyrant had died. So we repatriated to our homeland. Now, Egypt symbolizes the human will – a land full of idols; and wherever Baby Jesus passed, He would knock down these idols and cast them into hell. How many idols does the human will possess! Idols of vainglory, of self-esteem and of passion, which tyrannize the poor creature! Therefore, be attentive; listen to your Mama. I would make any sacrifice never to let you do your will; and I would also lay down my life, to give you the great good of living always in the bosom of the Divine Will.

The soul:
Most sweet Mama, how much I thank You for making me understand the great evil of the human will. And so, for the sake of the sorrow You suffered in the exile of Egypt, I ask You to free my soul from the exile of my will, and to let me repatriate to the dear fatherland of the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:
Today, to honor Me, you will offer your actions united with mine, in act of gratitude to the Holy Baby, praying Him to enter into the Egypt of your heart to change it completely into Will of God.

Ejaculatory Prayer:
My Mama, enclose little Jesus in my heart, that He may reorder it all in the Divine Will.

Feast of the Holy Family 12/27

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Twenty-three

The First Hour of Sorrow Sounds. A Star, with mute Voice, calls the Magi to adore Jesus. A Prophet makes himself the Revealer of the Sorrows of the Sovereign Queen.

The soul to her Queen Mama:

My Most Sweet Mama, here I am again at Your knees; this daughter of Yours can no longer be without You, my Mama. The Sweet Enchantment of the Celestial Baby, whom You now clasp in Your arms, and now kneeling Adore and Love in the manger, enraptures me, thinking that Your Happy Destiny and the same Little King Jesus are nothing other than the Fruits and the Sweet and Precious Pledges of that Fiat which extended Its Kingdom in You. O please! O Mama, give me Your Word that You will make use of Your Power to form in me the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

 Lesson of my Celestial Mama:

My dearest daughter, how Happy I am to have you close to Me, to be able to teach you how the Kingdom of the Divine Will can extend in all things. All crosses, sorrows, humiliations, invested by the Life of the Divine Fiat, are like raw materials in Its Hands, in order to Nourish Its Kingdom and to Extend It more and more.

Therefore, pay attention to Me, and listen to your Mama. I continued My stay in the grotto of Bethlehem with Jesus and dear Saint Joseph. How Happy we were. Because of the Divine Infant and of the Divine Will Operating in us, that little grotto had changed into Paradise. It is true that pains and tears were not lacking, but compared to the Immense Seas of Joy, of Happiness, of Light, which the Divine Fiat made arise in each of our acts, they were just little drops plunged into these Seas. And then, the Sweet and Lovable Presence of My Dear Son was one of My Greatest Happinesses.

Now, dear daughter, you must know that the eighth day arrived after the Celestial Baby had been Born to the light of the day, and the Divine Fiat sounded the hour of sorrow, commanding us to circumcise the charming Little Baby. It was a most painful cut which Little Jesus was to undergo. It was the law of those times that all the firstborn had to undergo this painful cut. It can be called the law of sin, but My Son was Innocent and His Law was the Law of Love; but in spite of this, because He came to find, not the man-king, but the man degraded, in order to make Himself his brother and to elevate him, He wanted to lower Himself, and He submitted Himself to the law.

My daughter, Saint Joseph and I felt a shiver of pain, but intrepid and without hesitating, we called the minister and we had Him circumcised with a most painful cut. At the bitter pain, Baby Jesus cried and flung Himself into My arms, asking for My Help. Saint Joseph and I mixed our tears with His; we gathered the First Blood shed by Jesus for Love of creatures, and we gave Him the Name of Jesus—Powerful Name, which was to make Heaven and earth tremble, and even hell; a Name which was to be Balm, Defense, Help for every heart.

Now, My daughter, this cut was the image of the cruel cut that man had done to his soul by doing his own will; and My Dear Son allowed Himself to be given this cut in order to heal the harsh cut of the human wills, and, with His Blood, to Heal the wounds of the many sins which the poison of the human will has produced in the creatures. So, each act of human will is a cut that is given, and a wound that opens; and the Celestial Baby, with His Painful Cut, prepared the Remedy for all the human wounds.

Now, My daughter, another Surprise: a new star shines under the vault of the heavens, and with its light, it goes in search of adorers, to lead them to recognize and adore Baby Jesus. Three individuals, each distant from the other, are struck by it, and invested by Supreme Light, they follow the star, which leads them to the grotto of Bethlehem, to the feet of Baby Jesus. What was not the astonishment of these Magi Kings, in recognizing in that Divine Infant the King of Heaven and earth—He who had come to Love and Save all? In fact, in the act in which the Magi were adoring Him, enraptured by that Celestial Beauty, the Newborn Baby made His Divinity Shine forth from His Little Humanity, and the grotto changed into Paradise; so much so, that they were no longer able to detach themselves from the feet of the Divine Infant—not until He again withdrew the Light of the Divinity within His Humanity. And I, exercising the Office of Mother, spoke at length of the Descent of the Word, and fortified them in Faith, Hope and Charity, symbolized by their gifts offered to Jesus; and, full of Joy, they withdrew into their regions, to be the first propagators.

My dear daughter, do not move from My side; follow Me everywhere. Forty days from the Birth of Little King Jesus are about to sound when the Divine Fiat calls us to the Temple in order to fulfill the law of the Presentation of My Son. So we went to the Temple. It was the first time that we went out together with My Sweet Baby. A vein of Sorrow opened in My Heart: I was going to offer Him as Victim for the Salvation of all. We entered the Temple, and first we Adored the Divine Majesty; then we called the priest, and having placed Him in his arms, I made the Offering of the Celestial Baby to the Eternal Father—Offering Him in Sacrifice for the Salvation of all. The priest was Simeon, and as I placed Him in his arms, he recognized that He was the Divine Word and exulted with immense joy; and after the offering, assuming the attitude of prophet, he prophesied all My Sorrows. O! How the Supreme Fiat sounded over My Maternal Heart—thoroughly, with vibrating sound, the Mournful Tragedy of all the Pains of My Baby Son. But what pierced Me the most were the words that the holy prophet spoke to Me: “This Dear Baby will be the Salvation and the ruin of many, and will be the Target of contradictions.”

If the Divine Will had not sustained Me, I would have died instantly of pure Pain. But It gave Me Life, and used it to form in Me the Kingdom of Sorrows, within the Kingdom of Its very Will. So, in addition to the Right of Mother that I had over all, I acquired the Right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows. Ah! Yes, with My Sorrows I acquired the Little Coin to pay the debts of My children, and also of the ungrateful children.

Now, My daughter, you must know that in the Light of the Divine Will I already knew all the Sorrows I was to suffer—and even more than that which the holy prophet told Me. But in that Act, so Solemn, of Offering My Son, in hearing it being repeated to Me, I felt so pierced that My Heart bled, and deep gashes opened in My Soul.

Now, listen to your Mama: in your pains, in the sorrowful encounters which are not lacking for you, never lose heart; but with Heroic Love let the Divine Will take Its Royal Place in your pains, that It may convert them for you into Little Coins of Infinite Value, with which you will be able to pay the debts of your brothers, to ransom them from the slavery of the human will, so as to make them enter again, as free children, into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.

 The soul:

Holy Mama, in Your Pierced Heart do I place all my pains; and You know how they pierce my heart. O please! Be my Mama, and pour into my heart the Balm of Your Sorrows, that I may share in Your same Destiny of using my pains as little coins in order to conquer the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come into My arms, that I may pour in you the First Blood that the Celestial Baby shed in order to heal the wounds that your human will did to you; and you will recite three acts of love in order to mitigate the Spasm of the Wound of Baby Jesus.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, pour Your Sorrow into my soul, and convert all my pains into Will of God.

When Jesus speaks of His truths He unleashes light.

December 24, 1929
When Jesus speaks of His truths He unleashes light.  The truths, read and reread, are like wrought iron.

I was thinking about all that my sweet Jesus, with so much goodness, deigns to tell to my poor soul, and which, as I reread them in the circumstances, sparkle with light.  And my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, when I speak I unleash light of truth, and I want that it be accepted and caressed by the soul.  If this light is accepted and put in a place of honor in her interior, it calls for another light; so, one calls for another.  Otherwise, it goes back to its source.  And when the soul returns to read them, if they are written, and to ponder them, my truths are like wrought iron – as the iron is beaten, it becomes red-hot and gives out sparkles of light; while, if is not beaten, the iron is hard, black, and an ice-cold metal.  So it is with my truths; if the soul reads them over and over again in order to suck the substance that is inside my truths that have been communicated to her soul – which is symbolized by the iron, its blackness and coldness – she remains red-hot; and by pondering them, she strikes blows over herself, who has received the good of hearing my truth, which, feeling honored, sparkles with light of more truths.  But if my manifested truths are put into oblivion, nor are they put in a place of honor, they remain as though buried.  But the living are not buried; in fact, they are light which possesses and brings life; therefore, since they are not subject to dying, the time will come in which others will treasure them, and will condemn those who have kept them in oblivion and as though buried.  If you knew how much light there is in everything I have manifested to you on my Divine Will, and how much more light would sparkle if they were read and reread, you yourself would remain eclipsed and amazed at the great good they would do.

Our best wishes for a Holy Christmas

+Christmas 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Holy Christmas in the light of the Divine Will of the Child Jesus!

                We would like to thank so many of you who sent us their greetings and their testimony in this time of trial and suffering. Our families, our children, our work, our formative activities, our projects, everything we live every day has been impacted and often transformed by the global health crisis. Isolation, illness, work difficulties, like a veil before the sun, have often covered the inner light that dwells in the depths of our hearts: a flame that allows us to see and that warms us!

               We are heartened to know that in her long life Luisa also experienced moments similar to ours. In her writings she told us how she faced them. That flame, or as Luisa liked to call it, “the spark”, is precisely the Divine Will that dwells in us. Nothing can ever extinguish it, nothing can obscure it because it is divine. In the birth of Jesus we contemplate precisely this “prodigy of prodigies, God and man, man and God! Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit, He comes to dwell in our midst, taking on human flesh, because true love never separates”. (Diary, Volume IV, December 25, 1900).

               All our strength lies in the hope that God and man are no longer separable.  Not only does God live in us but also – and this is decisive – we live in God, we live of God. This life that is both human and divine within us is the gift, the inheritance or, as Luisa called it, the Christmas gift. It is only missing – but many do not know it yet – that we decide to live this life, doing all our acts in the Divine Will of Jesus, even those acts that belong to this time of pandemic trial.

               We like to unite our wishes for you to those that Luisa made to St. Annibale Maria Di Francia: “With all my heart I wish you holiness in the Supreme Fiat, that holiness willed by our Creator, that is, not holiness in our will, but in His Will. May the divine Infant come into your heart and bring to you the eternal Sun of His Will, which, placing itself as its center in your soul, may direct your whole being towards this Will” (Letter of December 19, 1926).


Vincenza Arbore, president of the Association

Don Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant

The last seven days of Christmas contain the seven “O Antiphons.”

The “O’s” of Advent are the great gems of liturgical song which are sung each evening at the “Magnificat” at Vespers, from December 17 to December 23.Addressing Christ with seven magnificent titles, they beg Him to come to save His people.

Each O antiphon addresses Christ using a Messianic title drawn from the prophecies of the Old Testament. Read backwards, the initials of each title in Latin form the words Cras ero or “Tomorrow I shall be (with you)”.

Sapientia (Wisdom)
Adonai (Holy Lord)
Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse)
Clavis David (Key of David)
Oriens (Dayspring or Morning Star)
Rex Gentium (King of the Nations)

Emmanuel (God-with-us)

Dec. 17–O WISDOM, who came from the mouth of the Most High, reaching from end to end and ordering all things mightily and sweetly– COME! and teach us the way of prudence.

Dec. 18–O HOLY LORD of the House of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the flame of the burning bush, and gave him the law on Sinai– COME! and redeem us with outstretched arm.

Dec. 19–O ROOT OF JESSE, who stands for an ensign of the people, before whom kings shall keep silence, and unto whom the Gentiles shall make supplication– COME! to deliver us, and tarry not.

Dec. 20–O KEY OF DAVID, and Sceptre of the House of Israel, who opens and no man shuts, who shuts, and no man opens– COME! and bring forth the captive from his prison, he who sits in darkness and in the shadow of death.

Dec. 21–O DAYSPRING, brightness of the light eternal, and Sun of Justice- COME! and enlighten them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.

Dec. 22–O KING OF THE NATIONS and their desired One, the Cornerstone that makes both one– COME! and deliver man, whom You formed out of the dust of the earth.

Dec. 23–O EMMANUEL, our King and Lawgiver, the expected of the nations and their Savior– COME! to save us, O Lord our God.

Christmas Novena – Nine Excesses of Love – Starts Dec 16

Christmas Novena – Nine Excesses of Love

Praying for all this Christmas time, in the Name of Jesus, under the Mantle of Mary and through the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

The Christmas Novena written by Luisa, which begins December 16th.

V25 – 12.16.28– I was doing my meditation, and since today it was the beginning of the Novena of Baby Jesus, I was thinking about the nine excesses of His Incarnation, which Jesus had narrated to me with so much tenderness, and which are written in the first volume…“why do you want to oppose the reading of the nine excesses? Ah! You do not know how much Life, how much Love and Grace they contain. You Must Know that My Word is Creation, and in narrating to you the Nine Excesses of My Love in the Incarnation, I not only Renewed My Love which I had in Incarnating Myself, but I Created New Love in order to invest the creatures and conquer them to give themselves to Me. These Nine Excesses of My Love, Manifested with So Much Love of Tenderness and Simplicity, Formed the Prelude of the many Lessons I was to give you about My Divine Fiat, in order to form Its Kingdom…”

St. Annibale said of this Novena:

“…I also tell you that in reading the nine Exercises of Christmas, of which we have already prepared the proofs, one remains astounded at the immense Love and the immense suffering of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ for love of us, and for the salvation of souls.  I have never read in any other book on this topic a Revelation so touching and penetrating!”
St. Annibale Maria Di Francia Feb. 14, 1927

May we all come to know and love Our Lord, Our Lady and all our brothers more and more, and prepare well for the coming of Jesus Who yearns to Reign in our hearts!

Fiat Voluntas Tua!

Christmas Novena – Nine Excesses of Love

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‘We are not alone’: A 2020 recap by Archbishop Viganò’

A Meditation in expectation of the birth of the Most Holy Redeemer

Sleep, O Celestial Child:
The nations do not know
Who has been born;
But the day will come
When they shall be
Your noble heritage;
You who sleep so humbly,
You who are hidden in dust:

They will know You as King.

Manzoni, Il Natale

In less than two weeks, by the grace of God, this year of Our Lord 2020, which has been marked by terrible events and great social upheavals, will draw to a close. Allow me to formulate a brief reflection with which to turn a supernatural gaze both towards the recent past as well as the immediate future.

The months that we leave behind represent one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity: for the first time ever, since the birth of the Savior, the Holy Keys have been used to close churches and restrict the celebration of the Mass and the Sacraments, almost in anticipation of the abolition of the daily Sacrifice prophesied by Daniel, which will take place during the reign of the Antichrist. For the first time ever, at the Easter celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection, many of us were forced to assist at Mass and Holy Week services through the internet, depriving us of Holy Communion. For the first time, we became aware, with pain and dismay, of being deserted by our bishops and parish priests, who were barricaded in their palaces and rectories out of fear of a seasonal flu that claimed about the same number of victims as in other years.

We have seen – so to speak – the generals and officers abandon their army, and in some cases they even joined the enemy ranks, imposing on the Church an unconditional surrender to the absurd reasons for the pseudo-pandemic. Never, down all the centuries, has so much faint-heartedness, so much cowardice, so much desire to pander to our persecutors found such fertile ground in those who ought to be our guides and leaders. And what most scandalized many of us was the realization that this betrayal involved the highest levels of the Hierarchy of the Church much more than the priests and the simple faithful. Precisely from the highest Throne, from which we should have expected a firm and authoritative intervention in defense of the rights of God, of the freedom of the Church and the salvation of souls, we have received instead invitations to obey unjust laws, illegitimate norms, and irrational orders. And in the words that the media promptly spread from Santa Marta, we recognized many, too many, nods to the insider language of the globalist élite – fraternity, universal income, new world order, build back better, great reset, nothing will be ever be the same again, resilience – all words of the new language, which testify to the idem sentire of those who speak them and those who listen to them.

It was a true act of intimidation, a thinly-veiled threat, with which our Pastors ratified the pandemic alarm, sowed terror among the simple, and abandoned the dying and the needy. In the height of a cynical legalism, it even reached the point of prohibiting priests from hearing Confessions and administering the Last Sacraments to those were abandoned in intensive care, depriving our beloved dead of religious burial, and denying the Blessed Sacrament to many souls.

And if on the religious side of things we saw ourselves treated as outsiders and barred access to our churches like the Saracens of old – even as the implacable invasion of illegal immigrants continued to replenish the coffers of the self-styled humanitarian associations – on the civil and political side we discovered that our rulers had a vocation to tyranny: using a rhetoric now disproven by reality, they wanted to make us think of them as representatives of the sovereign people. By heads of state and prime ministers, by regional governors and local mayors, the fullest rigors of the law were imposed on us as if we were rebellious subjects, suspects to be placed under surveillance even in the privacy of our own homes, criminals to be chased even in the solitude of the woods or along the seashore. We have seen people forcibly dragged by soldiers in anti-riot gear, elderly people fined while they were going to the pharmacy, shopkeepers forced to close their doors, and restaurants that first took costly measures in an effort to comply with the government’s demands only to then to be ordered to be closed.

With bewilderment, we have heard scores of self-styled experts – most of whom are lacking any scientific authority whatsoever and largely in grave conflict of interest due to their ties to pharmaceutical companies and supra-national organizations – pontificating on television programs and on the pages of newspapers about infections, vaccines, immunity, positive tests, the obligation to wear masks, the risks for the elderly, the contagiousness of the asymptomatic, and the danger of seeing one’s family. They have thundered at us, using arcane words like “social distancing” and “gatherings,” in an endless series of grotesque contradictions, absurd alarms, apocalyptic threats, social precepts and health ceremonies that have replaced religious rites. And as they have terrorized the population – all while being paid lavishly for their pronouncements made at every hour of the day – our rulers and politicians have flaunted their masks in front of all the television cameras, only to then take them off as soon as possible.

Forced to disguise ourselves as anonymous people without a face, they have imposed a muzzle on us that is absolutely useless for avoiding contagion and actually harmful to our health, but indispensable for their purposes of making us feel subjugated and forced to conform. They have prevented us from being cured with existing and effective treatments, promoting instead a vaccine that they now want to make obligatory even before knowing if it is effective, after only incomplete testing. And in order not to jeopardize the enormous profits of the pharmaceutical companies, they have granted immunity for the damage that their vaccines may cause to the population. The vaccine is free, they tell us, but it will actually be paid for with taxpayers’ money, even if its producers do not guarantee that it will protect from contagion.

In this scenario that is similar to the disastrous effects of a war, the economy of our countries lies prostrate, while online commerce companies, home delivery companies, and pornography producers are booming. The local shops close but the large shopping centers and supermarkets remain open: monuments to the consumerism in which everyone, even those with Covid, continue to fill their carts with foreign products, German cheeses, Moroccan oranges, Canadian flour, and cell phones and televisions made in China.

“The world is preparing for the Great Reset,” they tell us obsessively. “Nothing will ever be the same again.” We will have to get used to “living with the virus,” subjected to a perpetual pandemic that feeds the pharmaceutical Moloch and legitimizes ever more hateful limitations of our fundamental liberties. Those who since childhood have catechized us to worship freedom, democracy, and popular sovereignty today govern us by depriving us of freedom in the name of health, imposing dictatorship, arrogating to themselves a power that no one has ever conferred on them, neither from above nor from below. And the temporal power that Freemasonry and the Liberals ferociously opposed in the Roman Pontiffs is today claimed by them in reverse, in an attempt to submit the Church of Christ to the power of the State with the approval and collaboration of the highest levels of the Hierarchy.

Out of this whole humanly discouraging scenario, an unavoidable fact emerges: there is a chasm between those who hold authority and those who are subjected to it, between rulers and citizens, between the Hierarchy and the faithful. It is an institutional monstrum in which both civil and religious power are almost entirely in the hands of unscrupulous people who have been appointed because of their absolute ineptitude and great vulnerability to blackmail. Their role is not to administer the institution but to demolish it, not to respect its laws but to violate them, not to protect its members but to disperse and distance them. In short, we find ourselves facing the perversion of authority, not due to chance or inexperience but pursued with determination and following a pre-established plan: a single script under a single direction.

We thus have rulers who persecute their citizens and treat them as enemies, while welcoming and financing the invasion of criminals and illegal immigrants; law enforcement officers and judges who arrest and fine those who violate social-distancing rules, even as they ostentatiously ignore criminals, rapists, assassins and treacherous politicians; teachers who do not transmit culture or the love of knowledge but instead indoctrinate students into gender and globalist ideology; doctors who refuse to treat the sick but impose a genetically-modified vaccine whose efficacy and potential side-effects are unknown; bishops and priests who deny the faithful the Sacraments but who never miss an occasion for propagandizing their own unconditional adherence to the globalist agenda in the name of Masonic Brotherhood.

Those who oppose this overturning of every principle of civil life find themselves abandoned, alone, and without a leader who would unite them. Loneliness, in fact, allows our common enemies – as they have amply demonstrated themselves to be – to instill fear, despair, and the feeling of not being able to stand together to resist the assaults to which we have been subjected. Citizens are alone in the face of the abuse of civil power, the faithful are alone in the face of the arrogance of heretical Prelates given over to vice, and those who wish to dissent, raise their voice, or protest within institutions are likewise alone.

Loneliness and fear increase when we give them ground to stand on, but they vanish if we think of how each one of us merited that the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity became incarnate in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary: qui propter nos homines et propter nostram salutem descendit de coelis. And here we come to the Mysteries which we are preparing to contemplate in these coming days: the Immaculate Conception and the Lord’s Holy Nativity. From these mysteries, dear friends, we can draw renewed hope with which to face the events that await us.

Above all, we must remember that none of us is ever truly alone: we have the Lord at our side. He always wants our good, and so he never fails to send us His help and His grace, if only we ask for it with faith. We have the Most Blessed Virgin at our side, our loving Mother and our secure refuge. We have near us the hosts of Angels and the multitude of Saints who from the glory of Heaven intercede for us before the Throne of the Divine Majesty.

The contemplation of this sublime community that is the Holy Church, the mystical Jerusalem that we are citizens of and living members, should persuade us that the last thing we ought to fear is being alone, and that there is no reason to be afraid, even if the devil rages to make us believe that there is. True loneliness is in Hell, where the damned souls do not have any hope: that is the loneliness we should truly fear, and before it we must beg for the grace of final perseverance, that is, to be able to merit the grace of a holy death from the Mercy of God. A death for which we ought to always be prepared by keeping ourselves in a state of grace, in friendship with the Lord.

Of course, the trials that we are facing in this moment are tremendous, because they give us the feeling that evil is triumphing, that each of us is abandoned to ourselves, that the wicked have managed to get the better of the pusillus grex [little flock] and of all humanity. But was not our Lord perhaps alone in Gethsemane, alone on the wood of the Cross, alone in the Tomb? And returning to the mystery of Christmas that is now fast approaching: were not the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph perhaps alone when they found themselves forced to take refuge in a stable because non erat locus illis in diversorio [there was no room for them in the inn]? Imagine how the putative father of Jesus must have felt seeing his Most Holy Spouse ready to give birth in the cold of the night of Palestine; think of their worries during the Flight into Egypt, knowing that King Herod had unleashed his soldiers to kill the Infant Jesus. Even in these terrible situations, the solitude of the Holy Family was only apparent, while God arranged everything according to His plans. He sent an Angel to announce the birth of the Savior to the shepherds.

He moved no less than a Star to call the Magi from the Orient to adore the Messiah. He sent choirs of His Angels to sing over the cave of Bethlehem. He warned Saint Joseph to flee in order to escape the massacre of Herod.

Also to us, in the solitude of the lockdown which many of us are forced to endure, in the abandonment of the hospital, in the silence of the deserted streets and the churches closed to worship, the Lord comes to bring his company. Also to us He sends His Angel to inspire us with holy purposes, his Most Holy Mother to console us, the Paraclete to give us comfort, dulcis hospes animae.

We are not alone: we are never alone. And it is this, in the end, that the authors of the Great Reset fear most: that we become aware of this supernatural – but no less true  – reality that makes the house of cards of their infernal deceptions collapse.

If we think of how we have at our side She who crushes the head of the Serpent, or the Archangel who has drawn his sword to drive Lucifer into the abyss; if we recall that our Guardian Angel, our Patron Saint, and our dear ones in Heaven and Purgatory are with us: what can we ever be afraid of? Do we want to believe that the God of armies drawn up for battle has any hesitation about defeating any servant of the eternally defeated one?

She who in the year 630 saved Constantinople from siege, terrorizing the Avars and Persians by appearing tremendous in the heavens; who in 1091 at Scicli in Sicily was invoked as Our Lady of the Militia and appeared on a shining cloud chasing away the Saracens; who in 1571 at Lepanto and again in 1683 at Vienna was invoked as Queen of Victories and granted victory to the Christian army against the Turks; who during the anti-Catholic persecution of Mexico protected the Cristeros and repelled the army of the Mason Elias Calles – She will not deny us Her holy assistance; She will not leave us alone in the battle; She will not abandon those who have recourse to Her with trusting prayer in the moment in which the conflict is decisive and the confrontation is nearing an end.

We have had the grace to understand what this world can become if we deny the Lordship of God and replace it with the tyranny of Satan. This is the world that is rebellious against Christ the King and Mary the Queen, in which each day thousands of innocent lives in the wombs of their mothers are sacrificed to Satan; this is the world in which vice and sin want to cancel every trace of good and virtue, every memory of the Christian religion, every law and vestige of our civilization, every trace of the order that the Creator has given to nature. A world in which churches burn, Crosses are knocked down, statues of the Virgin are decapitated: this hatred, this Satanic fury against Christ and the Mother of God is the mark of the Evil One and his servants. In the face of this total Revolution, this accursed New World Order that would prepare the way for the kingdom of the Antichrist, we cannot still believe that any brotherhood is possible if not under the Law of God, nor that it is possible to construct peace if not under the mantle of the Queen of Peace. Pax Christi in regno Christi.

The Lord will give us the victory only when we bow down to Him as our King. And if we cannot yet proclaim Him as King of our Nations because of the impiety of those who govern us, we can nevertheless consecrate ourselves, our families, and our communities to Him. And to those who dare to challenge Heaven in the name of “Nothing will be the same again,” we respond by invoking God with renewed fervor: “As it was in beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.”

Let us pray to the Immaculate Virgin, Tabernacle of the Most High, asking that in our meditation on the Holy Nativity of Her Divine Son which now draws near, She may dispel our fear and solitude, gathering us together in adoration around the manger. In the poverty of the crib, in the silence of the cave of Bethlehem, the song of the Angels resounds; the one true Light of the world shines forth, adored by the shepherds and the Magi, and Creation itself bows down, adorning the vault of heaven with a shining Star. Veni, Emmanuel: captivum solve Israël. Come, O Emmanuel, free your imprisoned people.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

13 December 2020
Dominica Gaudete, III Adventus

May the Divine Will give you the peace so desired by Jesus

A Letter From Luisa Piccarreta

10. To Sister Remigia, her niece.

In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

May the Divine Will give you the peace so desired by Jesus and also by me.  Your letter says clearly that you do not enjoy peace.  My daughter, what are you doing?  Peace makes us see things as they are before God, and not as creatures see them.  And since peace gives us divine sight, in circumstances, in humiliations – we see what God sees.  We remain with a peace that no one can take away from us – the only treasure we can possess on this earth of exile; and it is the bearer of the Divine Will as life within us.

Therefore, my daughter, never be disturbed; these are storms that go by.  Creatures who today call us saints, tomorrow will call us wicked – devils.  Both things must not affect us, because God alone knows what we are.  Rather, try to be really good, to do nothing without being subordinate to Mother Superior, to trust nobody, and in speaking, never to say anything which does not regard sanctity and the Divine Will.  May nobody’s name ever arise on your lips.  Think that Jesus continually says to you:  “My daughter, forget about everything, and remember only that your Jesus wants love in order to give you love.  If you love Me, you will form chains of love, and binding Me with them, you will hold Me tightly in your arms, and I will be your defense, your help, your company, your life.”  So, make Jesus content, and do not lose simplicity; do not lose time.  Each thought of yourself is a gap of love that you form; you deny Jesus an act of love, and keep Jesus sighing for your little love.  Think about it, and be attentive.

Now, my daughter, my sorrow for you ended since the time Mother P. came and assured me that the doctor had said that there was no need for surgery.  My concern was the concern of a mother who wanted to know about the health conditions of her daughter.  But now everything is ended.  Try to be always tranquil; thank the Lord for you don’t suffer much.  I hope that you will get even better, and will be able to do your office better, being attentive in making each of the girls a tabernacle in which each one will keep her Jesus, and in teaching them how to make Him grow and be happy.

And leaving you in the Divine Volition as though in a safe place, so that you may cross Its sea with courage and peace, I say,

The little daughter of the Divine Will