3/25 You can start The Novena of Holy Christmas (optional 9 Month Scheduled)

Feast of the Annunciation

Book of Heaven Volume 1

Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

“With a Novena of Holy Christmas, at the age of about seventeen, I prepared myself for the Feast of Holy Christmas, by practicing various acts of virtue and mortification; and, especially, by honoring the nine months which Jesus spent in the maternal womb with nine hours of meditation each day, always concerning the mystery of the Incarnation.”

Meditation Theme Day
I. Excess of Love Trinitarian Love March 25 to April 24
II. Excess of Love Constrained Love April 25 to May 24
III. Excess of Love Devouring Love May 25 to June 24
IV. Excess of Love Operative Love June 25 to July 24
V. Excess of Love Lonely Love July 25 to August 24
VI. Excess of Love Imprisoned Love August 25 to September 24
VII. Excess of Love Unrequited Love September 25 to October 24
VIII. Excess of Love Supplicating Love October 25 to November 24
IX. Excess of Love Agonizing Love November 25 to December 24

Holy Christmas

The Birth of Jesus

December 25


A Retreat for Lent on the Hours of the Passion – March 14 -16

Retreat for March 14th

Retreat for March 15th The Retreat Starts after Mass at minutes 49:59

Retreat for March 15th The Retreat Starts after Mass at minutes 50:39

Happiness in the Divine Will – Luisa’s Letters

  1. To Sister M. Longina

J.M.J. – Fiat!!!

Oh, how the Divine Will wants you a saint!  But It wants you to call It continuously, in order to make the day of peace arise in your soul, and make all the miseries which prevent true sanctity, magically disappear from your heart.  The Divine Fiat awaits you, to say to you:  “Give me life in your acts and I will make you a saint.  And everything will turn into happiness.”

  1. To Mother Cecilia


Fiat! – In Voluntate Dei!

My good and dear Mother in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for your wishes, I return them to you from the heart.  But the most beautiful wish I can send you is that your will may rise again in the Divine Will, so that you may take your place of honor in the whole order of Creation, where God wants us to be.

My Mother, if we are not in the Divine Will, we are without a place, without a home, without means to live and to become saints.  If Jesus does not find His Will in us, He does not find the adaptable material to make us saints, nor can He make of us His faithful copy.  Therefore, my wish is that our will may rise again in His; in this way, you will give work to Jesus.  Oh, how happy He will be, and you too will feel His peace, confidence, love, and full abandonment in His arms.  You will feel safe, like a baby in the arms of her mama.  How happy will you be, and how happy will be dear Jesus!

My Mother, I cannot continue further.  I am really sick and almost unable to write; forgive me.  Return my wishes to Sister Remigia for me.  For now, I cannot answer her; but I recommend that she not think of herself, because the thought of ourselves removes the thought of God from us and takes away sanctity, making us grow sickly in good.

My sister kisses your hand and returns your wishes.  I leave you in the Divine Volition, and kissing your right hand, I say,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, March 28, 1940

  1. To Federico Abresch

In Voluntate Dei

Most esteemed son in the Divine Volition,

Here I am for you, to tell you to always hide in the Divine Fiat:  we will be safe in It; all evils will flee from us; we will secure sanctity.  In each one of our acts, even natural – because our nature was given to us by God – we will be invested with new beauty, with new love, with new divine strength.  If we live in the Divine Volition, even our breath, our steps, our motion, run within the breathing, in the steps and in the motion of all, to give back to God love for each breath, prayer for each step, glory for every motion.  The Divine Will is everywhere and we, by living in It, find ourselves in Heaven and on earth to love Him with all, in all, and in every place.

The Saints, the Queen of Heaven and God Himself anxiously await the “I love You” of one who lives in His Will, because it is a new gain that they make.  The “I love You” of the earth resounds in Heaven, in each Blessed, in the seas of the Celestial Mama, and says to all:  “I love You, I love You…” One can say that Heaven and earth exchange the kiss of love and celebrate together.  Therefore, may we take to heart living always in the Divine Will; in It we will form seas of love, seas of adoration, seas of glory, to give to our Creator…

I leave you in the Divine Volition, together with little Piuccio and Amelia.  Make yourselves saints, but saints of Divine Will.  It will carry you in Its womb; It will hold you tightly to Its breast; It will feed you with Its breath; It will make you feel Its Life palpitating in you… How happy you will be!

With all my heart I send you my regards together with the Fiat,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, November 4, 1941

Letters from Luisa Piccarreta – I recommend to you “The Hours of the Passion”

  1. To Mrs. Antonietta Savorani, widow from Faenza.


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for interesting yourself in promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven and that of the Passion:  this is nothing less than calling back the Celestial Mama and the King of Sorrows into the midst of creatures, so that we may learn to live more from Heaven than from the earth.  This would be the greatest fortune for us, so as to be able to live from the Divine Will.  So it seems that Jesus and His Mama never stop repeating,  “Thank you, thank you, my daughter!  As a reward, We will form our Heaven in your soul; We will be always with you; your life and Ours will become one.”  Therefore, what I recommend to you is to correspond to such a great good.  Be attentive to listening to sweet Jesus, Who speaks in your heart.  He wants to make of you a saint, but wants your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy of sanctity.

Three things I recommend to you:  firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust.  Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need.  They will tell you with facts:  “Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers.”  Aren’t you happy?

You ask me whether your friends can write me.  My daughter, it is hard for me to answer; it is better if they pay attention in reading the book of the Blessed Mother.  Oh, how many things will the great Lady tell them of what they would like to hear from me!  And then, there is the book of the Passion in which Jesus speaks heart to heart.  In this fifth edition which I am sending you, you will find new things, and, doubled, the “Treaty on the Divine Will.”  Read it, and you will be able to tell me the great good it does to you.

I recommend that all of you pray to the Lord that all may recognize such a great good; and the face of the earth will be changed.  On my part, I would like to give my life so that all may know the Divine Will.  I commend myself to your prayers and to those of your good friends; and leaving you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, sending you Its kiss of Light and Love, I say,

The little daughter of the Divine Will

  1. To Mrs. Copparo La Scola from Termini Imerese, Palermo.

In Voluntate Dei!

Most esteemed and blessed daughter in the Divine Volition,

Here I am to make you content.  I believe that the Queen of Heaven and the great King of sorrows will reward you for your great goodness and charity, and will be generous to you with celestial favors, as you interest yourself so much in promoting His Passion and that which regards His Divine Will.  Greater love cannot be given to the Lord.

Now let’s come to us.  You say you have many crosses.  Good sign, my daughter.  Crosses are divine jealousies and little coins that our Lord gives us.  His jealousy is the great love He has in making of us saints; He takes everyone away from us and He Himself, God, Maker and Martyr, with little crosses and with His own hands, works our souls and makes of them His images.  What love for us, as we can say, through little and large crosses,  “I am similar to my dear Jesus”!

But do you want to know why you feel the weight of your miseries?  Because many times you do not try to be together with Jesus and to convince yourself that He is already with you, and you do not unite the pains of Jesus with yours.  Before the pains of Jesus, yours lose hardness, empty themselves of their weight, become small, and almost smile, because they love to adorn our souls with the same ornaments as those with which we see Jesus being adorned.  What pleasure, what joy, to be able to say:  “You have suffered for me, and I for You”!  Together with Jesus, pains change their look, miseries disappear; and from pains, miseries and weaknesses the most beautiful conquests, celestial riches and the strength of God arise, and the very Angels and Saints envy our lot.

Therefore, my daughter, here is the secret to becoming a saint:  be together with Jesus, never deny Him anything, and in everything you do, even in necessary things of life – in the pains you suffer, in the prayers you say, in the work, in the food, in the sleep, say to Him from the heart:  “Jesus, I want to do always your Will.”  In this way, you will always keep the Fiat on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart.

If you do this, you will form the joy of the Heart of Jesus, and He will not be able to deny you anything, not even the sanctity of your children… It seems that you are very much concerned for them.  Do not fear; place them in the hands of Jesus and on the lap of the Celestial Mama.  Advise them to read often the book of the Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and you will see the great things the Lord will do with them.

I finish by recommending that you never lose peace… Be careful not ever to be disturbed, not even for your miseries, and not even for the illness of your husband.  Let us adore the judgments of God, just and holy, Who disposes everything for our good and to make us holy.

I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart I will do it for you and for all those who buy the book, so that all may become saints.  I leave you in the sea of the Divine Volition, and with a thousand regards, I say,

most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, November 25, 1934

  1. To Mrs. Concettina Camoniero, from S. Giovanni a Teduccio, Napoli


May the Holy Will of God bind us so much as to put every worry to flight.

Good daughter,

With blessed Jesus, It takes trust and love; the braver we are, the more He loves us.  Your fear of receiving Communion comes from the enemy; he would be pleased if we formed more firewood for hell, otherwise he would not have told you this, or caused so many fears within you.  On the contrary, I tell you that when you abstain because of fear, you form firewood for Purgatory, and the Communions you do not receive on earth, you will receive with fire in Purgatory, because Jesus burns with love in the Most Holy Sacrament and wants to come into our hearts in order to pour out His flames; while if we abstain, He burns more, becoming fidgety and delirious, and with Justice He will make us burn more in Purgatory.  Therefore, think only of loving Jesus, of how to make Him happier, and love will destroy all the wood and, as celestial dew, will cover you and purify you of everything.  Fears, doubts, agitation, are laces which bind us to ourselves, and take the freshness of love away from us; even more, they make it wither and snatch us from the arms of Jesus.

I recommend to you “The Hours of the Passion”.  Form continuous chains of reparation around Jesus; unite all your actions to them, so that this sweet chain of reparation may never be broken.  These times require it; if we don’t want to be spectators of worse evils, promote it as much as you can.  Commending myself to your prayers, I pray to Jesus that He may bless you and give you peace.

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Feast of the Chair of St. Peter 2-22

The Chair of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome

The “cathedra” (chair) is the throne established where the bishop resides, hence the name cathedral, given to the church where his seat is placed. Metaphorically, it represent the episcopal authority itself.  “The Chair of St. Peter” means, therefore, a memory of St. Peter’s episcopate, and his primacy as head of the Church.

To honor the dignity of the “Prince” to whom Jesus committed the power of the keys, the Church instated the Feast of the “Chair of St. Peter”, which is found in the Roman calendar at this date since the year 336.  


Book of Heaven
Volume 2 – May 2, 1899
How all Heaven is veiled in the Church.

… He (Jesus) made me (Luisa) see the Church, telling me these exact words: “All Heaven is veiled in my Church. Just as in Heaven one is the head, which is God, and many are the saints, of different conditions, orders and merits, so in my Church, in which all Heaven is veiled, one is the head, which is the Pope, and the Sacrosanct Trinity is veiled even in the triple tiara that covers his head; and many are the members that depend on this head – that is, different dignities, various orders, superior and inferior, from the littlest to the greatest, they all serve to embellish my Church. Each one, according to its degree, has the office entrusted to it, and by the exact fulfillment of the virtues it comes to give from itself a splendor so very fragrant to my Church, that the earth and Heaven are perfumed and illuminated, and the people are so drawn by this light and by this fragrance, that it is almost impossible for them not to surrender to the truth. I leave it to you, then, to consider those infected members which, instead of shedding light, cast darkness. How much torment they cause in my Church.” …


Excerpt from the Third Appeal
by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will

… Therefore, I appeal to all; and I make this appeal together with Jesus, with His own tears, with His ardent sighs, with His Heart that burns, that wants to give Its “FIAT.”..From within the “FIAT”  we have come forth; It has given us life.  It is just, it is our obligation and duty to return into It, into our dear and interminable heritage.

And in the first place, I appeal to the Highest Hierarch, to the Roman Pontiff, to His Holiness, to the representative of the Holy Church, and therefore the representative of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.   At his holy feet, this little, tiny child places this Kingdom, so that he dominate It and make It known, and with his paternal and authoritative voice, call his sons to live in this Kingdom so holy.

May the Sun of the Supreme “FIAT”  invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Volition in Its Representative on earth; and forming Its (Divine Will’s) primary Life in him (the Pope) who is the Head of all, It will spread Its interminable rays in all the world; and eclipsing all with Its Light, It will form one flock and one Shepherd.

First Sunday of Lent

Volume 9 – March 23, 1910
Living in the Divine Will is greater than Communion Itself.
As I was in my usual state, and lamenting because of His privations, He came just in passing and told me: “My daughter, I Recommend that you not get out of My Will, because My Will contains such power as to be a new Baptism for the soul – and even more than Baptism itself. In fact, while in the Sacraments there is part of my Grace, in My Will there is the whole fullness of It. In the Baptism, the stain of original sin is removed, but passions and weaknesses remain. In My Will, since the soul destroys her own volition, she also destroys passions, weaknesses and all that is human; and she lives of the virtues, of the fortitude and of all the Divine qualities.”
On hearing this, I said to myself: ‘In a little while He is going to say that His Will is greater than Communion Itself.’ And He added: “Of course, of course, because the Sacramental Communion lasts a few minutes, while My Will is perennial communion; even more, eternal – entering eternity in Heaven. The Sacramental Communion is subject to some obstacles, either because of illness, or necessity, or because of those who have to administer It; while the Communion of My Will is not subject to any hindrance. If the soul only wants it, all is done. No one can prevent her from having such a great good which forms the happiness of the earth and of Heaven – neither demons, nor creatures, and not even my Omnipotence Itself. The soul is free; no one has any right over her at this point of My Will. This is why I push It, and I want so much that creatures take It: It is the most important thing for Me; the thing which I cherish the most. All other things do not interest Me as much, not even the holiest ones. And when I obtain that the soul live in My Will, I feel triumphant – because this is the greatest good which can exist in Heaven and on earth.”