Prayer to our Sorrowful Mother

My Sorrowful Mama

Enclose the thoughts of Jesus in my mind so that
no other thought may enter into me.
Enclose the eyes of Jesus within mine that He may never escape from my gaze and His hearing in mine, that I may always listen to Him and do His Most Holy Will in everything.

Place His Face within mine so that, by looking at Him so disfigured for love of me I may love Him, compassionate Him, and repair.

His tongue in mine that I may speak, pray and teach with the tongue of Jesus His hands in mine, so that each movement I make and each work I perform may have life from
the works and actions of Jesus.

Place His feet in mine, so that each one of my steps may be a life of salvation, of strength and of zeal for other creatures…

I pray You to enclose me in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus And You, my sorrowful Mama, be my sentry so that Jesus may not put me out of It and I, even if I wanted, may not be able to leave.
So I kiss your maternal hand And You, bless me.

(from ‘The 24 Hours of the Passion’ – 24th Hour