Contemplating the Mystery of Luisa Piccarreta

the Little Daughter of the Divine Will

A Novena

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Day 1: True little nun of my Heart

Day 2: Daughter of the Church

Day 3: Victim – ‘Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’

Day 4: Spouse

Day 5: Second mother

Day 6: The little one –’The little Daughter of the Divine Will’

Day 7: Of common stock

Day 8: The Firstborn

Day 9: The Woman – Scenes from Eden


Father Bernardino Bucci, in the preface of a document entitled ‘Personal Reflections on the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta Volume 2’, says this about how to enter the writings of Luisa Piccarreta:

…”Some prerequisites are required in order to enter into the writing of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta: profound Eucharistic formation, devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, total submission to priestly authority; all her writings must be read and meditated upon in the light of Sacred Scripture and the infallible magisterium of the Church.

Only in this way are her writings understandable and of highest formative Christian value. Otherwise, they can create inept fanaticism that clearly contradicts the Christian-Catholic thought and mentality of Piccarreta…”

Furthermore, in relation to Luisa and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the writings, Fr. Bucci states in the same document:

“…However, it must remain always very clear in reading those diaries which diffusely speak of MARY and of Luisa, in their respective roles, that comparisons cannot be made between the two women figures; clear in the writings is the unrepeatable and unique role of the Most Holy Virgin, who enters in full title into the mystery of GOD and is part of Sacred Scripture, that is, of the public revelations of God as they are indicated to us in the New Testament, especially in the four Gospels’ and to non Catholic is it licit, if one wishes to remain such, to negate the collaboration that this splendid Creature had in the salvific operating plan of Christ Her Son, true God and true man, for whom she is Mother of GOD…”

In addition, our Lord tells us how we are to comprehend Luisa and the writings:

 June 11, 1899 Vol. 4

The light in order to comprehend Luisa.

My sweet Jesus continues to make Himself seen only very few times, and almost always in silence.  I felt my mind all confused and full of fear that I might lose my sole and only good, and about many other things, which it is not necessary to say here.  Oh, God, what pain!  While I was in this state, He made Himself seen for just a little; He seemed to carry a light, and from that light many other little globes of light were coming out.  Jesus told me:  “Remove every fear from your heart.  See, I have brought you this globe of light to place it between you and Me, and among those who approach you.  For those who approach you with an upright heart and to do good to you, these little globes of light that come out, will penetrate into their minds, will descend into their hearts, will fill them with joy and with celestial graces, and they will comprehend with clarity that which I operate in you.  Those, then, who will come with other intentions, will experience the opposite, and will be dazzled and confused by these little globes of light.”  So I remained more tranquil.  May everything be for the glory of God.

The following selections from the Book of Heaven, the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, are just a few readings where we can begin to get a glimpse of the mystery of this ‘little’ soul that God chose as an instrument to carry out His Divine designs. The reflections have been broken down into nine days so that one may use them as a novena.

Lord, we ask you to give us the upright heart to have the light in order to understand this beautiful daughter of the Church, Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will and that the prayer of the ‘Our Father’ – ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’ will be fulfilled.

 Day 1: True little nun of my Heart

…But I always prayed Jesus to let me become a nun, and I often asked Him when I felt Him in my interior, whether my religious vocation was going to be fulfilled. And Jesus assured me, telling me: “Yes, I will make you content; you will see that you will be a nun.” I remained all content in being assured by Jesus, and I tried to dispose my family in order to obtain their consent; but they were opposed, especially my mother. She even cried, and said to me that she would have made me content if I wanted to become a cloistered nun; but to be an active nun, she would have never let me win.

However, to tell the truth, I wanted to become an active nun, because those I knew had been my teachers; but my long illness occurred, and put an end to my vocation. Many times I lamented with Jesus and said to Him: ‘Yet, You told me a lie – You made fun of me, promising that I was going to become a nun.’ And many times Jesus assured me that He was telling the truth, saying to me: “I can neither deceive nor make fun. The call which I made upon you was more special: who, in becoming a nun, even in the most strict religious lives, cannot walk, cannot take air, cannot enjoy anything? And how many times in religious orders do they let the little world in, and amuse themselves magnificently? And I remain as if aside… Ah, my daughter, when I call to a state, I know how to fulfill the call. The place is indifferent to Me; the religious habit tells Me nothing, when in substance the soul is what she should be if she had entered religious life. Therefore I tell you that you are and will be the true little nun of my Heart…” (From Luisa’s ‘Notebook of Childhood Memories’).

 Day 2: Daughter of the Church

 December 4, 1902 Volume 4

Jesus manifests the reasons of His operating.

I was thinking in my mind about this obedience, saying:  ‘They are right in commanding me this way; besides, it is not such a great thing that the Lord would allow me to obey in the way wanted by them.  So they say:  either He should let you obey, or He should tell the reason why He wants the confessor to come to make you come round from that state.’  While I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter, I wanted them to find the reason of my operating by themselves, because in my life, from the moment I was born up to my death, everything can be found, since the life of the whole Church is enclosed in it.  When compared to some step that can be conformed to my life, the most difficult matters are solved, the most tangled situations are unraveled, and in the most obscure and abstruse ones, such that the human mind almost becomes lost in that obscurity, one finds the clearest and brightest light.  This means that they do not have my life as the rule of their operating, otherwise they would have found the reason.  But since they have not found the reason themselves, it is necessary that I speak and manifest it.”

After this, He stood up and with empire – but so much that I became fearful – He said:  “What is the meaning of that ‘ostende te sacerdoti’ [‘show yourself to the priest’]?”  Then, becoming sweeter, He added:  “My power extended everywhere, and from any place I was I could operate the most sensational miracles; yet, in almost all my miracles I wanted to be personally present.  As for example, when I resurrected Lazarus, I went there, I had them remove the sepulchral stone, then I had him released, and then, with the empire of my voice I called him back to life.  In resurrecting the young girl, I took her by the hand with my right hand, and I called her back to life; and in many other things which are recorded in the Gospel, and which are known to all, I wanted to be there with my presence.  This teaches the way in which the priest must behave in his operating, since the future life of the Church was enclosed in mine.  And these are things that pertain to you, though in general; but your specific circumstance they will find on Calvary.  I, priest and victim, lifted up on the wood of the cross, wanted a priest to be present, to assist Me in that state of victim – and he was Saint John, who represented the nascent Church.  In him I saw everyone – Popes, bishops, priests and all the faithful together; and while assisting Me, He offered Me as victim for the glory of the Father and for the good outgrowth of the nascent Church.  The fact that a priests assisted Me in that state of victim did not happen by chance, but everything was a profound mystery predisposed ab æterno [from eternity] in the divine mind, intending that when I choose a soul as victim for the grave needs present in the Church, a priest must offer her to Me, assist her for Me, help her and encourage her to suffer.  If these things are understood – fine, they themselves will receive the fruit of the work they offer; just like Saint John:  how many goods did he not receive for having assisted Me on Mount Calvary?  If then they are not understood, they do nothing but put my work amid continuous contrasts, diverting my most beautiful designs.

In addition to this, my Wisdom is infinite, and when It sends some cross to a soul for her sanctification, It does not take that soul alone, but five, ten… as many as I please, so that not one alone, but all others together may be sanctified.  In fact, on Calvary I was not alone; in addition to having a priest, I had a Mother, I had friends and also enemies, and on seeing the prodigy of my patience, many of them believed in Me as the God I was, and were converted.  Had I been alone, would they have received these great goods?  Certainly not.”
But who can say everything He told me, or explain the most minute meanings?  I said this the best I could – the way I was able to say it in my roughness.  I hope that the Lord will do the rest, by illuminating them so that they may comprehend what I have not been able to manifest well.

 Day 3: Victim – ‘Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’

January 27, 1909 Volume 8

‘Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’.

Continuing in my usual state, I said to myself:  ‘What a useless life mine is – what good do I do?  Everything is over; there is no more sharing in thorns, crosses, nails – it seems that everything is exhausted.  I do feel suffering, to the point that I cannot move – it is a general rheumatism of pain; but it is something all natural.  I am only left with the continuous thought of the Passion, and the union of my will with that of Jesus, offering what He suffered and all of myself as He wants, for whomever He wants; but apart from this, there is nothing but squalid misery.  So, what is the purpose of my life?’

While I was thinking of this, blessed Jesus came, just a flash, and told me:  “My daughter, do you know who you are?  ‘Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’.  When I share my pains with you, you are still ‘of Calvary’; when I don’t, you are ‘of the Tabernacle’.  See how true this is:  in the Tabernacle, I show nothing on the outside – neither crosses, nor thorns; yet, my immolation is the same as on Calvary, the prayers are the same, the offering of my life still continues, my Will has not changed in anything, I burn with thirst for the salvation of souls… I can say that the things of my sacramental life, united with those of my mortal life, are always at one point – they have decreased in nothing; however, everything is interior.  So, if your will is the same as when I used to share my pains with you, if your offerings are similar, if your interior is united with Me, with my Will – am I not right in saying that that you are Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle?  With this difference alone:  that when I share my pains with you, you take part in my mortal life, and I spare the world the gravest scourges; when I do not share them with you, I scourge the world, and you take part in my sacramental life – but the life is always one.”

 Day 4: Spouse

January 24, 1923 Volume 15

How it had been reserved that the doors of the Divine Will  would be opened to Luisa.  The Divine Will, acting alone in Three distinct Persons in Heaven, wants to act alone in three distinct persons on earth.

I spent all these days in a sea of bitterness, because blessed Jesus very often deprives me of His lovable presence; and if He makes Himself seen, I see Him in my interior, immersed in a sea whose waves rise above Him in the act of submerging Him.  And in order not to be submerged and suffocated, Jesus moves His arm, rejecting the wave, and looks at me with pitiful eyes, asking for my help, and saying to me:  “My daughter, see how sins are so many that they want to submerge Me!  Don’t you see the waves that they send Me, such that, if I did not motion my arm, I would be drowned?  What sad times, which will bring sad consequences.”  And while He is saying this, He hides more within my interior.  What pain, to see Jesus in this state – these are pains which torture the soul and tear it to shreds.  Oh! how one would suffer any martyrdom in order to relieve sweet Jesus.

Then, this morning it seemed to me that my lovable Jesus could not take any more, and making use of His power, He came out from within that sea full of all those weapons, capable of wounding and even of killing, which struck terror to the mere sight.  And leaning His head upon my breast, all afflicted and pale, but beautiful, and of enrapturing beauty, He told me:  “My beloved daughter, I could take no more.  If justice wants its course, my love too wants to pour itself out and follow its way.  This is why I have come out of that horrible sea which the sins of creatures form around Me, in order to give field to my love, to come and pour Myself out with the little daughter of my Will.  You too could not take any more; in that horrible sea I heard the rattle of your agony because of my privation, and as though putting everyone aside, I have run to you to pour Myself out and to let you pour yourself out in love with Me, so as to give you life again.”  And while saying this, He squeezed me tightly to Himself, kissed me, and placed His hand at my throat, almost to relieve me from the pain that He Himself had given me a few days ago when, as He strongly pulled my nerves at the place of my heart, which correspond to my throat, I remained as though choked.  My Jesus was all love, and wanted me to return to Him the kisses, the caresses, the squeezes that He gave me.

After this, I understood that He wanted me to enter into the immense sea of His Will, to be cheered from the sea of the sins of creatures; and I, clinging to Him more tightly, told Him:  ‘My beloved Good, together with you I want to follow all the acts which your Humanity did in the Divine Will.  Wherever You reached, I too want to reach, so that in all of your acts you may find mine as well.  So, just as your intelligence, in the Supreme Will, went through all the intelligences of creatures in order to give the Celestial Father glory, honor and reparation for each thought of creature in a divine manner, and seal each one of their thoughts with the light and the grace of your Will, I too want to go through each thought, from the first to the last which will have life in human minds, to repeat what was done by You.  Even more, I want to unite myself with the acts of our Celestial Mama, who never remained behind, but always ran together with You, and with those which your Saints have done.’

At this last word, Jesus looked at me and, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, in my Eternal Will you will find all my acts, as well as those of my Mama, which enveloped all the acts of creatures, from the first to the last which will exist, as though within a mantle.  This mantle is as though made as two, and one of them rose up to Heaven, in order to give to my Father, with a Divine Will, all that creatures owed Him – love, glory, reparation and satisfaction; while the other remained as defense and help of creatures.  No one else has entered into my Divine Will to do all that my Humanity did.  My Saints have done my Will, but have not entered into It, to do all that my Will does, taking all acts, as though in a twinkling of an eye, from the first to the last man, and becoming actors, spectators and divinizers.  By doing my Will one does not arrive at doing all that my Eternal Volition contains; rather, It descends into the creature as limited, as much as the creature can contain of It.  Only one who enters into It expands and diffuses himself like solar light in the eternal flights of my Volition, and finding my acts and those of my Mama, he places his own.  Look inside my Will:  are there perhaps other acts of creature multiplied within mine, reaching up to the last act which is to be performed on this earth?  Look well – you will find none.  This means that no one has entered.  It had been reserved that the doors of my Eternal Volition would only be opened to my little daughter, so as to unify her acts with mine and with those of my Mama, and render all our acts triple, before the Supreme Majesty and for the good of creatures.  Now, since I have opened the doors, others may enter, provided that they dispose themselves for such a great good.”

Then I continued to go around in His Will together with Jesus, to do what was done by Him.  Then we looked at the earth together:  how many horrible things could be seen, and how the preparations for the war continued, such as to be horrifying.  All trembling, I found myself inside myself.  Then, after a little while, He came back and continued to speak about His Most Holy Will, saying to me:  “My daughter, my Will in Heaven contained the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  One was the Will of the Three Divine Persons; even though They were distinct among Themselves, Their Will was one, and being the only Will acting within Us, It formed all Our happiness, and Our equality in love, in power, in beauty, etc.  But if instead of one Will there were three Wills, We could not be happy, and even less could We make others happy.  We would have been unequal in power, in wisdom, in sanctity, etc.  So, Our one Will, acting within Us, is all Our good, from which so many seas of happiness are released, that no one can penetrate down to the bottom.  Now, in seeing the great good of acting alone in Three distinct Persons, Our Will wants to act alone in three distinct persons on earth; and these are:  the Mother, the Son, the Spouse.  Through them It wants to release more seas of happiness which will bring immense goods to all the pilgrim souls.”

All amazed, I said:  ‘My Love, who will be this fortunate Mother, this Son and this Spouse, which will conceal the Trinity on earth, and in whom your Will will be one?’  And Jesus:  “What! Have you not understood?  Two of them are already at their place of honor:  my Divine Mama and I, the Eternal Word, Son of the Celestial Father, and Son of the Celestial Mother since, by incarnating Myself in Her womb, I became Her own Son.  The Spouse is the little daughter of my Will.  I am in the middle, my Mama is at my right, and the Spouse at my left.  As my Will acts in Me, It echoes to the right and to the left, and forms one single Will.  This is why I have poured so many graces in you, I opened the doors of my Will, I revealed to you the secrets, the prodigies which my Will contains:  to open many ways, so that you might be reached by the echo of my Will, and, losing your own, you might live with my Will alone.  Aren’t you happy?”

And I:  ‘Thank You, O Jesus!  And, I pray You, let it be so that I follow your Will.’

 Day 5: Second mother

November 24, 1923 Volume 16

The story of the Divine Will.  How the Most Holy Virgin, for the work of Redemption, made all the acts of the Divine Will Her own, and prepared the food for Her children; this is why She is ‘Mother and Queen of the Divine Will’. Luisa must do the same for the work of the Fiat Voluntas Tua.

I was doing the Hour of the Passion in which my sorrowful Mama received Her Son, dead, into Her arms, and placed Him in the sepulcher; and in my interior I was saying:  ‘My Mama, together with Jesus I place all souls into your arms, that You may recognize them all as your children, inscribe them one by one into your Heart, and place them inside the wounds of Jesus.  They are the children of your immense sorrow, and this is enough for You to recognize them and love them.  And I want to place all generations in the Supreme Will, so that no one may be missing, and in the name of all I give You comforts, compassions and divine reliefs.’  Now, while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter, if you knew with what food my sorrowful Mama nourished all these children….”  And I:  ‘What was it, O my Jesus?’  And He, again:  “Since you are my little one, chosen by Me for the mission of my Will, and you live in that Fiat in which you were created, I want to make known to you the story of my Eternal Will, Its joys and Its sorrows, Its effects, Its immense value, what It did, what It received, and the one who took to heart Its defense.  The little ones are more attentive in listening to Me, because their minds are not filled with other things.  They are as though empty of everything, and if one wants to give them a different food, they feel disgusted because, being little, they are used to taking only the milk of my Will which, more than loving mother, keeps them attached to Its divine breast to nourish them abundantly.  And they remain with their little mouths opened, waiting for the milk of my teachings, and I amuse Myself very much.  Oh! how beautiful it is to see them, now smiling, now rejoicing, now crying, in hearing Me narrate the story of my Will.

Well then, the origin of my Will is eternal.  Never did sorrow enter into It; among the Divine Persons this Will was in highest concord – even more, It was one.  In each act It emitted, both ‘ad intra’ and ‘ad extra’, It gave Us infinite joys, new contentments, immense happiness.  And when We wanted to issue the machine of Creation – how much glory, how many harmonies and honor did It not give to Us?  As soon as the Fiat was released, this Fiat diffused Our beauty, Our light, Our power, order, harmony, love, sanctity – everything; and We remained glorified by Our own virtues, in seeing, by means of Our Fiat, the flowering of Our Divinity veiled in the whole universe.  Our Will did not stop; swollen with love as It was, It wanted to create man; and you know his story, therefore I move forward.  Ah! it was he who caused the first sorrow to my Will.  He tried to embitter the One who loved him so much, and who had made him happy.  My Will wept more than a tender mother who weeps over her son, who is crippled and blind only because he withdrew from the Will of his mother.  My Will wanted to be the first actor in man, for nothing else but to give him new surprises of love, of joys, of happiness, of light, of riches.  It wanted to always give – this is why It wanted to act.  But man wanted to do his will and broke it from the Divine.  If only he had never done that…!  My Will withdrew, and he fell into the abyss of all evils.  Now, in order to re-join these two wills, One was needed who would contain a Divine Will within Himself.  Therefore, since I, Eternal Word, loved this man with an eternal love, We, the Divine Persons, decreed together that I was to take on human flesh in order to come and save him, and to re-join the two broken wills.  But where to descend?  Who would be the One who would lend Her flesh to Her Creator?

This is why We chose one creature, and by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, She was exempted from original sin.  Her will and Ours were one.  It was this Celestial Creature that understood the story of Our Will; We narrated everything to Her, as to a little one:  the sorrow of Our Will, and how, by breaking his will from Ours, ungrateful man had constrained Our Will within the divine circle, almost hampering It in Its designs, preventing It from communicating to him Its goods and the purpose for which he had been created.  For Us, to give is to make Ourselves happy as well as the one who receives from Us; it is to enrich without being impoverished; it is to give what We are by nature, forming it in the creature by grace; it is to go out of Ourselves to give what We possess.  By giving, Our love pours itself out, and Our Will makes feast.  If We were not to give, why would We form the Creation?  So, the mere being unable to give to Our children, to Our dear images, was like a mourning for Our Supreme Will.  Just in seeing man operate, speak, walk, without the connection of Our Will, because it had been broken by him, and that currents of graces, of light, of sanctity, of science, etc. would run to him, had he been with Us, but could not – Our Will took the attitude of sorrow.  In each act of creature there was a sorrow for Us, because We saw that act empty of divine value, without beauty and sanctity – completely dissimilar from Our acts.  Oh! how the Celestial Little One understood this highest sorrow of Ours, and the great evil of man in withdrawing from Our Will.  Oh! how many times She cried hot tears because of Our sorrow, and because of the great misfortune of man.  Therefore, fearing, She did not want to concede even one act of life to Her own will; this is why She remained little:  because Her will had no life in Her – how could She become grown up?  But that which She did not do, Our Will did:  It raised Her all beautiful, holy, divine; It enriched Her so much as to make of Her the greatest of all.  She was a prodigy of Our Will – a prodigy of grace, of beauty, of sanctity.  But She remained always little, so much so, that She would never descend from Our arms; and taking to heart Our defense, She repaid all the sorrowful acts of the Supreme Will.  And not only was She completely in order with Our Will, but She made all the acts of creatures Her own; absorbing into Herself all Our Will rejected by them, She repaired It, She loved It; and keeping It as though deposited within Her virginal Heart, She prepared the food of Our Will for all creatures.
Do you see, then, with what food this most loving Mother nourishes Her children?  It cost Her all Her life, unheard-of pains, the very Life of Her Son, to form within Herself the abundant deposit of this food of my Will, and to keep It ready to nourish all Her children as tender and loving Mother.  She could not love Her children more; by giving them this food, Her love had reached the ultimate degree.  Therefore, among the many titles that She has, the most beautiful title that could be given to Her is that of ‘Mother and Queen of the Divine Will’.

Now, my daughter, if my Mama did this for the work of Redemption, so must you for the work of the Fiat Voluntas Tua.  Your will must have no life in you; and making all the acts of my Will for each creature your own, you will deposit them within yourself; and while repaying my Will in the name of all, you will form within yourself all the necessary food to nourish all generations with the food of my Will.  Each saying, each effect, each additional knowledge about It, will be one more taste which that they will find in this food, in such a way that they will eat it with avidity.  Everything I tell you about my Volition will serve to whet their appetite and so that they may take no other food, at the cost of any sacrifice.  If a food were said to be good, to restore one’s strengths, to heal the sick, to contain all tastes; and even more, to give life, to embellish and make one happy – who would not make any sacrifice in order to take this food?  So it will be for my Will.  In order to make It loved and desired, knowledge is necessary.  Therefore, be attentive – receive within yourself this deposit of my Will, so that, as a second Mother, you may prepare the food for our children.  In doing so, you will imitate my Mama.  It will cost you much as well, but in the face of my Will any sacrifice will seem nothing to you.  Do it as a little one, never descend from my arms, and I will continue to narrate to you the story of my Will.”

 February 21, 1926 Volume 18

Each manifestation on the Divine Will is a birth from It.  Each act done in It is water which is formed in order to expand the sea of the Eternal Will around the soul.

I was feeling all immersed in the Holy Divine Volition.  A celestial and divine air surrounded me, and an inaccessible light made present to me, as though in act, all the acts of the Supreme Will, which, finding the same Will in me, gave me their kiss and their love, and I gave them my kiss in return, and I impressed my ‘I love You’ in each act of the Eternal Volition.  It seemed to me that all of them wanted to be recognized by me, in order to have my requital, perfect accord and mutual possession.  Now, while I was in this state, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and with His divine hands He bound me within that light, in such a way that I could see nothing else but Jesus, His Will and everything that It was doing.  How happy I felt – how many inexpressible joys I experienced.  Jesus Himself was all in feast, and felt such contentment in seeing me all for His Will and in His Will, that it seemed He would forget about everything, to occupy Himself only with His Will, so that It might be complete in me, and, triumphing in everything, It might obtain the purpose for which all things were created.

Then, afterwards, He said to me:  “My daughter, little newborn of my Will, you must know that one who is born in my Will can also be a mother, by giving birth to many children for my Supreme Volition.  In order to be mother, it is necessary to have sufficient matter in one’s own interior, so as to be able to form, with one’s own blood, with one’s own flesh and with continuous nourishment, the birth which one wants to give to the light.  If there is no seed and not enough matter, it is useless to hope to become a mother.  Now, since you have been born in my Will, in you there is the seed of fecundity, and there is also the fully sufficient matter of all the manifestations I have made to you on my Will.  It can be said that each knowledge I have given you can give birth to a child for my Will.  Your continuous acts in my Will are abundant nourishment in order to first form these children of Heaven within yourself, and then deliver them as triumph, honor, glory and crown of my Will, and as perennial joy of the mother who delivered them.  See, then, what each additional manifestation means – it is one more birth that my Will delivers, it is a Divine Life that goes out for the good of creatures, it is to debilitate the strengths of the human will in order to establish in it the fortress of the Divine Will.  How attentive, then, you must be not to disperse anything, even from the smallest manifestations I make to you, because you would deprive Me of the honor of having one more child, which can narrate to all one more good about my Will in order to give it to creatures, that they might love It more and let themselves be subdued by the power of my Supreme Volition.”

 Day 6: The little one –’The little Daughter of the Divine Will’

March 23, 1921 Volume 12

The Divine Will renders the soul little.  Luisa is the littlest of all.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself together with Jesus, and I said to Him:  “My Love, I want You to hear what I do to enter your Volition, to see whether you like it or not.’  So I said what I usually say when I enter His Will – which I don’t think it is necessary to repeat here, since I have said it somewhere else.  And Jesus gave me a kiss, approving, with His kiss, of what I was saying to Him.  Then He said to me:  “My daughter, my Will has the special virtue of rendering souls little, making them become so little as to feel the extreme need for my Will to administer life to them.  Their littleness is such that they are unable to make one act or take one step if my Will does not administer that act or that step to them.  So they live completely at the expense of my Will, because their littleness carries no baggage, either of things from their own, or of love of self; rather, they take everything from my Will – and not to keep it for themselves, but to give it to Me.  And since they need everything, they live dissolved in my Will.

Listen, I went round the earth over and over again; I looked at all creatures, one by one, in order to find the littlest of all.  Among many I found you – the littlest of all.  I liked your littleness and I chose you.  I entrusted you to my Angels, so that they might keep you, not to make you grow, but to preserve your littleness.  And now I want to begin the great work of the fulfillment of my Will; nor will you feel greater because of this; on the contrary, my Will will make you even smaller, and you will continue to be the little daughter of your Jesus – the Little Daughter of my Will.”

 November 10, 1923 Volume 16

The beauty of littleness.  God performs the greatest works in the little ones:  for Redemption He used the littleness of the Most Holy Virgin; for the Fiat Voluntas Tua, the littleness of Luisa.

I was abandoning all of myself in the arms of my sweet Jesus, and while I was praying, I saw my soul as so very little, but of extreme littleness; and I thought to myself:  ‘How little I am.  Jesus was right in telling me that I was the littlest of all.  I would really like to know whether I am the littlest among all.’  Now, while I was thinking this, my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, showed me how He took this little one in His arms, and squeezed her tightly to His Heart, and she would let Jesus do whatever He wanted with her.  And He told me:  “My dear little one, I have chosen you little, because the little ones let one do with them whatever he wants.  They do not walk by themselves, but let themselves be guided; even more, they are afraid to place one foot on their own.  If they receive gifts, feeling incapable of keeping them, they place them on the lap of their mama.  The little ones are stripped of everything, nor do they care about whether they are rich or poor; they are concerned with nothing.  Oh! how beautiful the tender age is – full of grace, of beauty and of freshness.  Therefore, the greater is the work I want to do in a soul, the littler I choose her.  I like childlike freshness and beauty very much; I like it so much that I preserve these souls in the littleness of the nothingness from which they came.  I let nothing of their own enter into them, so as not to let them lose their littleness, and therefore preserve the divine freshness and beauty from which they came.”

On hearing this, I said:  ‘Jesus, my Love, it seems to me that I am so very bad, and this is why I am so little; and You are saying that You love me very much because I am little?  How can this be?’  And Jesus, again:  “My little one, badness cannot enter the true little ones.  Do you know when evil, when growth begins to enter?  When one’s own will begins to enter.  As it enters, the creature begins to fill herself and to live of herself; the All goes out of the littleness of the creature, and it seems to her that her littleness becomes greater – but, greatness to be cried over.  Since God does not live completely in her, she moves away from her beginning, dishonors her origin, loses the light, the beauty, the sanctity, the freshness of her Creator.  She seems to grow before herself and maybe before men; but before Me – oh, how she decreases!  She may even become great, but she will never be my beloved little one – one whom, taken by love for her, I fill with Myself, that she may remain as I created her, and I make of her the greatest, whom no one will be able to equal.

I did so with my Celestial Mama.  Among all generations, She is the littlest, because Her will never entered into Her as acting, but always my Eternal Will; and this not only kept Her little, beautiful, fresh, as She had come out of Us, but made Her the greatest of all.  Oh! how beautiful She was, little in Herself, but great and superior to all by virtue of Ourselves.  And only because of Her littleness was She lifted up to the height of Mother of the One who formed Her.  So, as you see, all the good of man is in doing my Will; all the evil is in doing his own.  Therefore, in order to come to redeem man, I chose my Mother because She was little, and I used Her as channel in order to let all the goods and fruits of Redemption descend upon mankind.
Now, so that my Will might be known, and Heaven might be opened to let my Will descend upon earth and reign on it as It does in Heaven, I had to choose another little one among all generations.  Since this is the greatest work I want to do – to restore man in his origin, from which he came, to open to him that Divine Will which he rejected, to open my arms to him to receive him once again into the womb of my Will – my infinite wisdom calls the littlest one out of nothing.  It was just that she be little:  if I placed a little one at the head of Redemption, I had to place another little one at the head of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.  Between two little ones I was to enclose the purpose of the creation of man – I was to realize my designs upon him:  through one, I was to redeem him, wash him of his ugliness with my Blood, and give him forgiveness; through the other one, I was to make him return to his beginning, to his origin, to the lost nobility, to the bonds of my Will broken by him, admitting him once again to the smile of my Eternal Will, kissing each other and live one within the other.  This alone was the purpose of the creation of man, and what I have established no one will be able to oppose.  Centuries upon centuries will go by – just as in Redemption, so also in this; but man will return into my arms as he was created by Me.  But in order to do this, first I have to choose the one who must be the first to live life in my Eternal Will, bind in her all the relations of Creation, and live with her with no split of wills; rather, with her will and Ours as one.  From here the necessity that she be the littlest which We issue in Creation – so that, in seeing herself as so little, she may shun her will; even more, she may bind it so tightly to Ours as to never do her will; and though little, she may live together with Us, from the blowing of that breath with which We created man.  Our Will preserves her fresh and beautiful; she forms Our smile, Our amusement, and We do with her whatever We want.  Oh! how happy she is; and enjoying her littleness and her happy destiny, she will cry for her brothers and will occupy herself with nothing else but compensating Us, for all and for each one, of all the wrongs they do to Us by withdrawing from Our Will.  The tears of one who lives in Our Will will be powerful; more so, since she wants nothing but what We Ourselves want; and after the first channel of Redemption, through her We will open the second one of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.”

On hearing this, I said:  ‘My Love and my All, tell me, who will this fortunate little one be?  Oh! how I would like to know her.’  And He, immediately:  “What? Have you not understood who she is?  It is you, my little one.  I have told you many times that you are the little one, and this is why I love you.”  But as He was saying this, I felt as though I was being transported outside of myself, into a most pure light, in which one could see all generations, as though divided into two wings – one on the right and the other on the left of the throne of God.  At the head of one wing there was the August Queen Mama, from whom descended all the goods of Redemption.  Oh, how beautiful was Her littleness!  Marvelous, prodigious littleness:  little and powerful, little and great, little and Queen; little, with everyone hanging upon Her littleness, while She disposes of everything, rules over all, and only because She is little, She enfolds the Word within Her littleness, making Him descend from Heaven to earth, to let Him die for love of men.  At the head of the other wing one could see another little one, and – I say it trembling and to obey – she was the one whom Jesus had called His little daughter of the Divine Will.  And my sweet Jesus, placing Himself in the middle of these two wings, between the two little ones who were at the head of them, with one hand took mine, and with the other that of the Queen Mama, and He joined them together, saying:  “My little daughters, hold each other’s hand before Our Throne, and embrace the Eternal Divine Majesty in your little arms.  To you alone, because you are little, is it given to embrace the Eternal One, the Infinite One, and to enter into Him.  And if the first little one snatched Redemption from the Love of the Eternal One, so may the second, her hand held by the first, be helped by Her to snatch from the Eternal Love the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it in Heaven.”

Now, who can say what happened?  I have no words to be able to express myself.  I can only say that I remained more humiliated and confused, and almost like a fussy little girl, I wanted my Jesus in order to tell Him of my fears, of my doubts.  And I prayed that He would cast all these things away from me, as I feared that the mere thought of them was a subtle pride, and that He would give me the grace to really love Him and to do His Most Holy Will in everything.  Then, my always lovable Jesus, coming back again, made Himself seen inside of me, and my person served as though to cover Him inside of me.  And without letting me speak, He told me:  “My poor little one, what do you fear?  Courage, I am the One who will do everything in my little daughter; you will do nothing but follow me faithfully, won’t you?  You are right that you are too little and can do nothing, but I will do everything in you.  Don’t you see how I am within you, and you are nothing but the shadow that covers Me?  I am the One who will cross within you the eternal and unending boundaries of my Will; I, the One who will embrace all generations in order to bring them, together with your shadow, to the feet of the Eternal One, so that the two wills, the human and the Divine, may kiss each other, may smile at each other, and may no longer look at each other like strangers, being separated, scowling at each other, but one may be fused within the other, forming one single Will.  It is the power of your Jesus that must do this; you must do nothing but adhere.  I know, I know that you are nothing and can do nothing, and this is why you afflict yourself; but it is the strength of my arm that wants and can operate, and I like to operate great things in the littlest ones.  And besides, the life of my Will has already been on earth; it is not completely new, although it was as though in passing.  It existed in my inseparable and dear Mama.  If the life of my Will had not been in Her, I, Eternal Word, could not have descended from Heaven; I would have lacked the way through which to descend, the room into which to enter, the humanity with which to cover my Divinity, the food to nourish Myself.  I would have lacked everything, because all other things are not suitable for Me.  But by finding my Will in my beloved Mama, I found my very own Heaven, my joys, my contentments.  At most, I exchanged my dwelling – from Heaven to earth – but as for the rest, I changed nothing:  that which I had in Heaven I found on earth by virtue of my Will possessed by Her, and therefore, with all love, I descended into Her to take on human flesh.

Then, my Will had Its Life on earth in my Humanity, by virtue of which I formed the Redemption.  Not only this, but by virtue of my Will, I laid Myself over all the works of the human generations, sealing them with my divine acts, and I beseeched my Father not only to redeem man, but that, at the appropriate time, man might win the favor of Our Will, as when he was created, so as to live according to the purpose wanted by Us:  that the Will of Heaven and that of the earth be one.  Therefore, everything was done by Me:  the plane of Redemption and that of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.  It would not have been a work worthy of Me had I not rehabilitated man in everything, as he was created.  It would be a work half-done, not whole, and your Jesus does not know how to do incomplete works; at the most, I wait centuries to give the complete good prepared by Me.  Therefore, don’t you want to be with Me in giving man the work which I completed with my coming upon earth?  So, be attentive and faithful; do not fear, I will always keep you little so as to be able to complete more my designs upon you.”

 Day 7: Of common stock

June 6, 1926 Volume 19

Jesus wants our link with everything He has done.  Just as God established the epoch and the time of Redemption, so it is for the Kingdom of His Will.  The Redemption is means to help man, the Divine Will is origin and end of man.

I was doing my acts in the Supreme Will according to my usual way, and I tried to trace everything that my Jesus, my Celestial Mama, the Creation and all creatures did.  Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus helped me by making present to me all of His acts which I omitted to trace, not having the capacity to do it.  And Jesus, all goodness, would make his act present to me, telling me:  “My daughter, in my Will all of my acts are all present, as though lined up together.  Look – here are all the acts of my childhood; there are all my tears, my wailings; there is also when, as a little child, I picked flowers while walking through the fields.  Come to place your ‘I love You’ on the flowers I pick, and on my hands that stretch out to pick them.  It was you that I looked at in those flowers; it was you that I picked, as tiny little flower of my Will.  Don’t you want, then, to keep Me company with your love in all my acts as a child, amusing yourself with Me in these innocent acts?  Keep looking:  there is when, a little child, tired from crying for souls, I would have some very short sleep; but before closing my eyes I wanted you, so that you might favor my sleep.  First I wanted to see you kiss my tears by impressing your ‘I love You’ in each tear, and to have Me close my eyes to sleep with the lullaby of your ‘I love You’.  But, do not leave Me alone while I sleep – wait until I wake up, so that, just as you closed my sleep, you may open my vigil in your ‘I love you’.

My daughter, one for whom it was established that she would live in my Will was inseparable from Me, and even though at that time you were not there, my Will made you present and gave Me your company, your acts, your ‘I love You’.  And do you know what an ‘I love You’ in my Will means?  That ‘I love You’ encloses an eternal happiness, a divine love, and for my tender age that was enough to make Me happy and to form a sea of joy around Me – enough to make Me put aside all the bitternesses that the other creatures gave Me.  If you do not follow Me in all my acts, there will be a void of your acts in my Will, and I will remain isolated, without your company.  But I want your link with everything I have done, because, since one is the Will that unites us, as a consequence, one must be the act.  But, keep following Me – look at Me here, when at my tender age of two or three years I would withdraw from my Mama and, kneeling, with my little arms stretched in the shape of the cross, I prayed to my Celestial Father that He would have pity on mankind, and in my open little arms I embraced all generations.  My position was excruciating – so little, on my knees with my arms stretched out, crying, praying…. My Mama could not have endured seeing Me; Her maternal love that loved Me so much would have made Her succumb.  Therefore, come, you who do not have the love of my Mama – come to sustain my little arms, to dry my tears; place an ‘I love You’ of your own upon that ground against which my little knees were leaning, so that it may not be so hard for me.  And then, throw yourself into my little arms, that I may offer you to my Celestial Father as daughter of my Will.  Even from that time I called you, and when I saw Myself alone, abandoned by all, I would say to Myself:  ‘If everyone leaves Me, the newborn of my Will will never leave Me alone.’  Isolation is too hard for Me, therefore my acts await yours and your company.”

But who can say all that my sweet Jesus made present to me of all the acts of His life?  If I wanted to tell them all I would be too long – I should fill entire volumes, therefore I stop here.

Then, after this, I was saying to my lovable Jesus:  ‘My Love, if You so much love that your Most Holy Will be known and reign with Its full dominion in the midst of creatures, why did You not form, together with Redemption, the fulfillment of your Most Holy Will when You came upon earth, united with your Celestial Mama who, just as She obtained the longed for Redeemer, could also obtain the longed for Fiat?  Your visible presence would have helped and facilitated the Kingdom of the Supreme Will upon earth in an admirable way.  But, doing it through this poor, wretched and incapable creature… it seems to me as if it would not have all the glory and the total triumph.’  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, everything was established – the epoch and the time, both that of Redemption and that for making my Will known upon earth, so that It might reign.  It was established that my Redemption was to serve as means of help; Redemption had not been the origin of man, but It arose as means, after man moved away from his origin.  On the other hand, my Will was the origin of man and the end in which he must enclose himself.  All things have their origin from my Will and everything must return into It; and if not everyone will do it in time, no one will be able to escape It in eternity.  Therefore, also for this reason, the primacy is always of my Will.

Now, in order to form Redemption I needed a Virgin Mother, conceived without the shadow of original sin, because, having to take on human flesh, it was decorous for Me, Eternal Word, not to take an infected blood to form my Most Holy Humanity.  Now, in order to make my Will known, so that It might reign, I do not need to have a second mother according to the natural order, but rather, I need a second mother according to the order of grace.  In fact, in order for my Will to reign, I have no need of another Humanity, but to give such knowledge of It that, drawn by Its prodigies, by Its beauty and sanctity, and by the immense good that comes to them, creatures may submit with all love to Its dominion.  Therefore, in choosing you for the mission of my Will, I took you from the common stock according to the natural order, but for the decorum of my Will I had to raise you so high according to the order of grace, that not one infected shadow might remain in your soul, because of which my Will might feel reluctant to reign in you.  Just as the pure blood of the Immaculate Virgin was needed to form my Humanity, to be able to redeem man, so was the purity, the candidness, the sanctity, the beauty of your soul needed to form in you the Life of my Will.  And just as by forming my Humanity in the womb of my Mama, this Humanity gave Itself to all – it is understood, to those who want It – as means of salvation, of light, of sanctity; in the same way, this Life of my Will which has been formed in you, will give Itself to all, to make Itself known and to acquire Its dominion.

Had I wanted to free you of original sin as I did with my Celestial Mama, so that my Will might take life in you, no one would have given a thought to letting my Will reign within himself.  They would have said:  ‘One needs to be a second Mother of Jesus and to have Her privileges so that the Life of the Supreme Will might reign in us.’  On the other hand, by knowing that you are from their stock, conceived just like them, if they want it, helped by their own good will they too will be able to know the Supreme Will – what they must do to let It reign within them, the good that comes to them, the terrestrial and celestial happiness prepared in a distinct way for those who will let my Will reign.  My Redemption was to serve to plant the tree of my Will which, watered with my Blood, cultivated and hoed with my sweats and unheard-of pains, fertilized with the Sacraments, first would make the tree develop, then would make the flowers bloom, and finally would make the celestial fruits of my Will mature.  And in order to make these precious fruits mature, the course of my thirty-three years was not enough, nor were the creatures prepared and disposed to receive a food so delicate, all of Heaven, which I was giving. Therefore I contented Myself with planting the tree, leaving all possible means to make it grow, beautiful and gigantic; and at the appropriate time, as the fruits are about to mature and so that they may be picked, I chose you in a way all special, to make known to you the good it contains, and how I want to raise the creature back to her origin.  Banishing her will, the cause for which she descended from her happy state, she will eat of these precious fruits, which will give her such taste as to remove from her all the infection of passions and of her own will, and give back the dominion to my Will.  Embracing everything as though in one single embrace, my Will will unite everything together:  Creation, Redemption, and the fulfillment of the purpose for which all things were created – that is, that my Will be known, loved and done on earth as It is in Heaven.”

And I:  ‘Jesus, my Love, the more You tell me, the more I feel the weight of my littleness, and I fear that I might be an obstacle to the Kingdom of your Will on earth.  Oh! if You and my Mama had done this directly while being on earth, your Will would have had Its full effect.’  And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, added:  “My daughter, Our task was perfectly accomplished – now you be attentive on accomplishing your own.  This is your task; more so, since the Sovereign Queen and I are untouchable by pains, We are in the state of impassivity and of complete glory, and therefore pains can no longer have anything to do with Us.  You, on the contrary, have the pains as help to impetrate the Supreme Fiat, new knowledges, new graces; and even though I am in Heaven, I will be hidden in you to form the Kingdom for my Will.  My power is always the same; while being in Heaven I can do what I would have done while being visible on earth.  When I want it, and the creature lends herself, giving all of herself prey to my Will, I invest her and make her do what I Myself should do.  Therefore be attentive, and mind your own task.”

Day 8: The Firstborn

October 12, 1926 Volume 20

What it means to be firstborn daughter of the Divine Will.  How Jesus feels drawn by His Will to visit the soul, disposing her to be with Him.

I felt immersed in the sea of pain of the privation of my Highest Good, Jesus, and as much as I asked for Him, going around Heaven and earth, it was not given to me to find the One whom I so much longed for.  So, the waters of pain, swelling more and more, drowned me with sorrows and with pain – but that pain which only Jesus can give, and knows how to give, to a poor and little heart that loves.  And because it is little, it cannot sustain all the immensity of the bitter waters of the pain of His privation, therefore it remains drowned and oppressed, waiting for the One whom I so much yearn and long for.

Then, while I was all oppressed, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, in the midst of a cloud of light, and told me:  “Firstborn daughter of my Will, why are you so oppressed?  If you think of your great fortune, your oppression will depart from you.  Do you know what firstborn daughter of my Will means?  It means first daughter in the love of our Celestial Father, and first among all to be loved.  It means first daughter of grace, of light, first daughter of glory, first daughter possessor of the riches of her Divine Father, first daughter of Creation.  As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she contains all the bonds, all the relations, all the rights which befit a firstborn daughter – bonds of daughtership, relations of communication to all the dispositions of her Celestial Father, rights of possession of all His goods.

But all this is not all.  Do you know what first daughter delivered by my Will means?  It means not only to be first in the love and in all the things of her Creator, but to enclose within herself all the love and all the goods of the other children.  So, if the others will possess each one his own part, she, as the firstborn, will possess, all together, the goods of the others.  And this, by right and with justice, because, as firstborn, to her did my Will entrust everything – gave everything, therefore in her is the origin of all things, the cause for which Creation was created, the purpose for which the divine action and love entered the field.  She who was to be the firstborn daughter of Our Will was the primary cause of all the works of a God; therefore, as a consequence, from her derive all goods – from her do they come, to her do they return.  See, then, how fortunate you are; you cannot fully comprehend what it means to have primacy in love and in all the things of your Creator.”

On hearing this, I said to Him:  ‘My Love, what are You saying?  And besides, what good comes to me from such great fortune You are talking about, when You deprive me of Yourself?  All goods convert for me into bitternesses without You.  And then, I have told You many times that You alone do I want, because You are enough for me in everything; and if I had everything, without You, everything changes for me into martyrdom and indescribable pain.  Love, grace, light, the whole Creation, speak to me about You – they make me know Who You are, and, not finding You, I become delirious, I go into mortal agonies.  Therefore, the primacy, the rights of firstborn – give them to whomever you want; I don’t care about them.  If you want to make me happy, remain with me, You alone – this is enough for me.’

And Jesus added:  “My daughter, I alone must not be enough for you, nor do I want you to say that you do not care about everything else.  No, no, if it is not enough for Me to give you Myself alone without giving you all of my things, if I care that you have the primacy and be the firstborn daughter, you too must care about it.  Don’t you know that my frequent coming is bound to your being my firstborn daughter?  Don’t you know that, as long as Adam remained the firstborn son of my Will, having therefore primacy over everything, I visited him often?  My Will reigning in him administered to him all the manners necessary in order to be with Me, as the son who forms the consolation of his Father.  So, I spoke to him as to a son, and he to Me as to his Father.  As he withdrew from my Will, he lost his primacy, the rights of firstborn, and along with them he lost all of my goods; and he no longer felt the strength to sustain my presence, nor did I feel drawn by a Divine force and Will to go to him.  So, all his bonds with Me were broken; nothing was due to him by right any more, nor did he see Me unveiled any longer, but amidst lightnings and eclipsed within my light – that light of my Will which he had rejected. Now, don’t you know that the primacy which Adam lost as firstborn son of my Will has passed on to you, and that in you I must enclose all the goods which I was to enclose in him, had he not withdrawn from my Will?  Therefore, I look at you as the first creature come out of Our hands, because one who lives in my Will is always the first before her Creator; and even if she is born later in time, this says nothing:  in Our Will, one who has never gone out of It is always first.  See, then – you must care about everything; my coming itself is the irresistible force of my Will which draws you to Me and disposes you.  Therefore, I want highest gratitude at your fortune of being the firstborn daughter of my Will.”

I did not know what to answer.  I remained confused, and in my inmost soul, I said: ‘Fiat, Fiat’.

 October 26, 1926 Volume 20

How in all the acts that Jesus did, His purpose was the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  Adam feels the honor he had lost being returned to him.

As I continued to unite myself with the acts that Jesus did in Redemption, my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, see how all the acts I did in redeeming man, and even the miracles I performed during my public life, had no other purpose but to call back the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures; and in the act of doing them, I asked my Celestial Father to make It known and to restore It in the midst of the human generations.  If I gave sight to the blind, my first act was to put to flight the darkness of the human will – the primary cause of the blindness of the soul and of the body, so that the light of my Will might illuminate the souls of many blind, and they might obtain the sight to look at my Will in order to love It, and their bodies also might be exempt from losing the sight.  If I gave hearing to the deaf, first I asked my Father that they might acquire the hearing to hear the voices, the knowledges, the prodigies of my Divine Will, so that It might enter into their hearts as the way in order to dominate them, and there might be no more deaf in the world – either in the soul or in the body.  Also in the dead I resurrected, I asked that souls might rise again in my Eternal Will – even those which were putrefied, and made more than cadavers by the human will.  And when I took the ropes to drive the profaners out of the temple, it was the human will that I was driving out, so that Mine might enter, reigning and dominating, and they might be truly rich in their souls and no longer subject to natural poverty.  And even when, triumphant, I entered into Jerusalem, in the midst of the triumph of the crowds, surrounded with honor and glory, it was the triumph of my Will that I established in the midst of the peoples.

There was no act I did while being on earth in which I did not place my Will as prime act to be established once again in the midst of creatures, because that was the thing I most cared for.  If it were not so, or if I did not do so – if in everything I worked and suffered I did not have the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat as prime act to be restored in the midst of creatures – my coming upon earth would have brought a half good to the generations – not a complete one, and the glory of my Celestial Father would not have been completely reintegrated by Me.  In fact, since my Will is the origin of every good and the only purpose of Creation and Redemption, It is therefore the ultimate fulfillment of all Our works.  Without It, Our most beautiful works remain within a frame and without completion, because It alone is the crown of Our works and the seal that Our work is complete.  Therefore, for the honor and glory of the very work of Redemption, It was to have, as prime act, the purpose of the Kingdom of my Will.”

After this, I was beginning my round in the Divine Will, and going into the terrestrial Eden, in which Adam had done the first act of withdrawal of his will from the Divine, I said to my sweet Jesus:  ‘My Love, I want to annihilate my will in Yours, that it may never have life, so that your Will may have life in everything and forever, in order to repair for the first act which Adam did, and return to your Supreme Volition all the glory as if Adam had never withdrawn from It.  Oh! how I wish to give back to him the honor he lost because he did his own will and rejected Yours.  And I intend to do this act for as many times as creatures have done their own will – the cause of all evils, and have rejected Yours – the origin and fount of all goods.  Therefore I pray You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon, so that everyone, from Adam up to all the creatures who have done their own will, may receive the honor and the glory which they lost, and your Will may receive triumph, glory and Its fulfillment.’

Now, while I was saying this, my highest Good, Jesus, was moved and touched, and making my first father Adam present to me, let him himself tell me, with emphasis of love, all special:  “Blessed daughter, finally my Lord God, after so many centuries, has delivered to the light of the day the one who was to think about giving me back the honor and the glory which I lost, alas, by doing my will.  How I feel my happiness redoubled.  Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back that honor which I lost.  Therefore I thank God profoundly for having delivered you to the light, and I thank you, the daughter dearest to me, for taking on the commitment of giving back to God the glory as if His Will had never been offended by me, and to me the great honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat be established once again in the midst of the human generations.  It is right that I give you the place which had been destined to me, as the first creature that came out of the hands of our Creator.”

After this, my lovable Jesus, clasping me to Himself, told me:  “My daughter, not only Adam, but the whole of Heaven awaits your acts in my Will, in order to receive the honor which their human will has taken away from them.  You must know that I have placed more grace in you than I placed in Adam, so that my Will might possess you and dominate you with triumph, and yours might feel honored never to have life, and to give the place to my Will.  In him I did not place my Humanity as his help and strength, and as cortege of my Will, because I did not have It then.  But I have placed It in you, to provide you with all the necessary helps so that your will might remain at its place, and Mine might reign and, together with you, might follow your rounds in my eternal Volition in order to establish Its Kingdom.”

On hearing this, surprised, I said:  ‘My Jesus, what are You saying?  It seems to me that You want to tempt me and make fun of me.  How is it possible that You have placed more grace in me than in Adam?’  And Jesus:  “Certainly, certainly, my daughter.  I had to make it so that your will might be sustained by another Divine Humanity, so that it would not stagger, but remain firm in my Will.  Therefore, I am not making fun of you, but I am telling you this, so that you correspond to Me and be attentive.”

Day 9: The Woman – Scenes from Eden

May 19, 1931 Volume 29

Scenes from Eden. Fall of man. The Queen of Heaven crushing the head of the infernal serpent. How the words of Jesus have the communicative virtue. How He speaks of the doubts and difficulties.

I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and uniting myself to the acts which It did in Creation, in order to give It the homage, the love, the adoration for each thing created for love of creatures.  My poor mind brought itself into Eden, in the act of the fall of man, as the infernal serpent, with his cunning and lie, induced Eve to withdraw from the Will of her Creator; and Eve, with her enticing manners, induced Adam to fall into the same sin.  Now, while I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus told me:  “My daughter, my Love was not extinguished because of the fall of man, but became more ignited; and even though my Justice justly punished him and condemned him, my Love, kissing my Justice, without delay promised the future Redeemer, and said to the deceitful serpent, with the empire of my Power:  ‘You have made use of a woman to snatch man from my Divine Will, and I, by means of another woman, who will have in Her power the Power of my Fiat, will knock down your pride, and with Her immaculate foot, She will crush your head.’  These words burned the infernal serpent more than hell itself, and he stored so much rage in his heart, that he could no longer stay still – he would do nothing but go round and round the earth, to discover She who was to crush his head – not in order to let it be crushed, but so as to be able, with his infernal arts, with his diabolical tricks, to make fall She who was to defeat him, debilitate him and bind him in the dark abysses.  So, for four thousand years he kept always wandering; and when he would see women who were more virtuous and good, he would arm his battle, he would tempt them in every way, and only then would he leave them, when he would be assured, by means of some weakness or defects, that they were not the One through whom he was to be defeated.  And he would continue his wandering.

Then came, indeed, the Celestial Creature who crushed his head, and the enemy felt such power in Her, that it knocked him down, and he did not have the strength to go near Her.  This consumed him with rage, and he employed all his infernal weapons to fight Her.  But – no!  He would try to go near Her, he would feel himself being worn down, his legs being broken, and would be forced to draw back; and from afar he would spy on Her admirable virtues, Her power and sanctity.  And I, in order to confound him and make him doubtful, would let him see the Celestial Sovereign, Her human things, like taking food, crying, sleeping and other things; and he would persuade himself that it was not She, because, being so powerful and holy, She was not to be subject to the natural needs of life.  But then he would go back to doubts, and wanted to return to assault – but in vain.  My Will is power that debilitates all evils and all the infernal powers; It is light that makes Itself known by all, and wherever It reigns, It makes Its power felt, which not even the very demons can get themselves to deny.  Therefore, the Queen of Heaven was, and is, the terror of all hell.

Now the infernal serpent feels over his head my immediate word spoken to him in Eden – my irrevocable condemnation that a woman would crush his head.  Therefore he knows that, by his head being crushed, his kingdom on earth will be overturned, he will lose his prestige, and all the evil he did in Eden by means of a woman will be made up for by another woman.  And even though the Queen of Heaven debilitated him, crushed his head, and I Myself bound him to the cross, therefore he is no longer free to do what he wants, however, those who by disgrace draw near him, he slaughters.  More so, since he sees that the human will is not subdued by the Divine, and Its Kingdom is not formed yet; he fears that another woman might get to finish burning his temples, so that the divine condemnation, over his head, crushed by the foot of the Immaculate Queen, may have its fulfillment.  In fact, he knows that, when I speak, my word has the communicative virtue to other creatures.  Therefore, as he was assured that She whom he feared was the Most Holy Virgin, and being unable to fight Her any more, he resumed his round.  He is all eye and as though on the lookout to see whether another woman might have the task from God to make the Divine Will known in order to make It reign; and having seen you write so much about my Fiat, at the mere doubt that this might be it, he roused the whole of hell against you.  This is the cause of everything you have suffered, as he made use of wicked men, having them make up calumnies and things that do not exist.  Then, in seeing you cry so much, they were persuaded that you are not one who can cause them the ruin which they so much fear for their diabolical kingdom.

This is what regards the Queen of Heaven, on the part of the infernal serpent; now I want to tell you what regards the part of creatures toward Her.

My daughter, the Celestial Creature was poor, Her natural qualities were apparently common, nothing extraordinary appeared on the outside.  She takes a poor artisan as Her spouse, who earns his daily bread with his humble work.  Suppose that it had become known before, to the great ones of the world, to the doctors and the priests, that She was the Mother of the Word – that She was the One who was the Mother of the future Messiah; they would have waged a fierce war against Her – no one would have believed Her.  They would have said:  ‘Is it possible that there have not been, and that there aren’t women in Israel, such that this poor one was to be the Mother of the Eternal Word?  There has been a Judith, an Esther, and many others.’  So, no one would have believed Her, and they would have put countless doubts and difficulties.  If they put doubts on my Divine Person, not believing that I was the longed-for Messiah; and many reach the point of still not believing that I descended upon earth, in spite of the fact that I made many miracles, such as to induce the most incredulous to believe Me – ah! when hardness, obstinacy, enter into the hearts, they render themselves incapable of receiving any good; the truths, the very miracles, are for them as though dead and without life – well then, much more so for the Celestial Mama, as nothing miraculous appeared in Her exterior.

Now, my daughter, listen to me; the most serious doubts, the gravest difficulties that they found in your writings are precisely these:  that I told you that I was calling you to live in the Kingdom of my Divine Will, giving you the special and unique mission to make It known, so that, as I Myself said in the ‘Our Father’, and the Holy Church says still now, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ – that is, your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  It does not say in the ‘Our Father’ that this Kingdom is on earth, but it says:  ‘Come’; and I would not have composed a prayer if I were not to obtain its effects.  Therefore, in order to reach this, was I not to elect another woman, whom the infernal serpent so much fears; and as he, by means of the first woman, ruined the human kind to Me, I, to confound him, make use of another woman to make up for the ruin he caused, and make the good which he tried to destroy, arise for all?

Here, then, the necessity of the preparations, of the graces, of my visits and communications.  This sounded bad to those who have read; therefore doubts and difficulties – that it cannot be possible that among so many other great Saints, no one has lived in the Kingdom of my Will.  So, it is She alone that is preferred to all; and when they have read that I was placing you near the Sovereign Queen, so that, She having lived in the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, you might imitate Her, wanting to make of you a copy that resembles Her; and I placed you in Her hands, that She might guide you, assist you, protect you, so that you might imitate Her in everything – this seemed so absurd to them; and sinisterly misinterpreting the sense, they spoke as if I had told you that you were as though another Queen.  How much nonsense – I did not say that you are like the Celestial Queen, but that I want you similar to Her, just as I have said to many other souls dear to Me that I wanted them similar to Me; but with this they would not become God like Me.  And then, since the Celestial Lady is the true Queen of the Kingdom of my Will, it is Her task to help and teach the fortunate creatures who want to enter, to live in It.  By this, they show as if I did not have the power to elect whom I want, and when I want.  But, after all, time will say everything, and just as they cannot deny that the Virgin of Nazareth is my Mama, so will they not be able to deny that I have elected you for the sole purpose of making my Will known, and that, through you, I will obtain that the ‘Thy Kingdom come’ may have Its fulfillment.  It is certain that creatures are an instrument in my hands, and I do not look at who that be, but I look at whether my Divine Will has decided to operate by means of this instrument.  And this is enough for Me to fulfill my highest designs; and of the doubts and difficulties of creatures I make use, in due time, to confound them and humiliate them.  But I do not stop, and I move forward in the work that I want to do by means of the creature.  Therefore, you too – follow Me and do not draw back.  Besides, it shows from their way of thinking that they have calculated only your person, but have not calculated what my Divine Will can do, and what It knows how to do, and when It decides to operate in one creature in order to fulfill Its greatest designs in the midst of the human generations, It lets no one dictate to It the law – neither who it must be, nor the time, nor the way, nor the place – but It acts in an absolute way.  Nor does it pay heed to certain short minds, which are unable to elevate themselves in the divine and supernatural order, or to bow their forehead to the incomprehensible works of their Creator; and while they want to reason with their own human reason, they lose the divine reason, and remain confounded and incredulous.’

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