Prodigies of the Divine Will in the Blessed Virgin Mary  –  Part 1

From the Writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta


August 15, 1899  Volume 2
The Virgin Mary assumed into Heaven.  The ‘Hail Mary’ together with Jesus.

…After this, I felt I was going out of myself into the vault of the heavens, together with my loving Jesus.  It seemed that everything was in feast – Heaven, earth and Purgatory.  All were inundated with a new joy and jubilation.  Many souls were going out of Purgatory and, like bolts of lightning, reached Heaven in order to be present at the feast of our Queen Mama.  I too pushed myself through that immense crowd of people – Angels, Saints and souls from Purgatory which already occupied that new Heaven.  It was so immense, that the heavens that we see, compared to that one, seemed a little hole to me; more so, since I had the obedience of the Confessor.  But as I went about looking, I could see nothing but a most refulgent Sun spreading Its rays, which penetrated through me, in such a way as to make me become like a crystal; so much so, that my little spots appeared very clearly, as well as the infinite distance that passes between Creator and creature.  More so, since each one of those rays had its imprint:  some delineated the sanctity of God, some the purity, some the power, some the wisdom, and all the other virtues and attributes of God.  So, in seeing her nothingness, her miseries and her poverty, the soul would feel annihilated, and instead of looking, she would fall down, her face to the ground, before that Eternal Sun which no one can face.

But what was more was that in order to see the feast of our Queen Mama, one had to look from within that Sun, so much did the Most Holy Virgin appear to be immersed in God; in fact, in looking from other points, one could see nothing.  Now, while I was in this state of annihilation before that Divine Sun, Baby Jesus, being held in the arms of the Queen Mama, told me:  “Our Mama is in Heaven; to you I give the office of acting as my mama on earth.  And since my life is continuously subject to scorns, to poverty, to pains, to the abandonment of men, and my Mama, while being on earth, was my faithful company in all of these pains; not only this, but She tried to relieve Me in everything, as much as Her strengths were capable of – you too, acting as my mother, will keep Me faithful company in all of my pains, suffering in my place as much as you can; and where you cannot reach, you will try to give Me at least a refreshment.  Know, however, that I want you all intent on Me.  I will be jealous even of your breath, if you do not do it for Me; and when I see that you are not all intent on contenting Me, I will give you no peace and no rest.”

After this, I began to act as his mama, but – oh, how much attention was needed to make Him content!  To see Him content, one could not even take a glance at any place else.  Now He wanted to sleep, now He wanted to drink, now He wanted to be cheered with caresses; and I had to be ready for anything He wanted.  Now he would say:  ‘My Mama, my head is hurting – o please, relieve Me!’; and immediately I would check His head and, finding some thorns, I would remove them, and placing my arms beneath His head I would make Him rest.  While I would make Him, all of a sudden He would get up and say:  “I feel a weight and a suffering at my Heart, to the point that I feel I am dying.  Take a look at what is in there.”  And observing the interior of His Heart, I found all the instruments of the Passion; I removed them one by one, and I placed them in my Heart.  Then, seeing Him relieved, I began to caress Him and kiss Him, and I said to Him:  ‘My sole and only treasure, You didn’t even let me watch the feast of our Queen Mama, or listen to the first canticles that the Angels and the Saints sang as She entered Paradise.’

And Jesus:  “The first canticle that they sang to my Mama was the ‘Hail Mary’, because in the ‘Hail Mary’ there are the most beautiful praises, the greatest honors; and the joy which She felt in being made Mother of God is renewed.  Therefore, let us recite it together to honor Her, and when you come to Paradise I will let you find it as if you had recited it together with the Angels and the Saints for the first time in Heaven.”

So, we recited the first part of the ‘Hail Mary’ together.  Oh, how tender and moving it was to hail our Most Holy Mama together with Her beloved Son!  Each word He said carried an immense light, through which one could comprehend many things about the Most Holy Virgin.  But who can say them all – especially because of my inability?  Therefore I let them pass in silence.

September 26, 1899  Volume 2
The Most Holy Virgin, portent of grace.

…Then, I looked at His most beautiful Face, and in my interior I felt an indescribable contentment; and turning to Him I said:  ‘My most sweet Love, if I take so much delight in contemplating You, what must have been for our Queen Mama when You enclosed Yourself in Her most pure womb?  What contentments, how many joys did You not give Her?”

And He:  “My daughter, the delights and the graces I poured into Her were such and so many, that it is enough to tell you that what I am by nature, our Mama became by grace; more so, since She had no sin, and therefore my grace could lord freely within Her.  There is nothing of my Being which I did not give to Her.”

At that instant, I seemed to see our Queen Mama as if She were another God, with this difference alone:  that in God it is His own nature, while in Most Holy Mary it is an acquired grace.  Who can say how stupefied I remained – how my mind wandered at the sight of a portent of grace, so prodigious?

 November 21, 1899  Volume 3
Jesus delights in Luisa, who is helped by the Most Holy Virgin.

This morning, as soon as He came, my most beloved Jesus told me:  “My daughter, all your pleasure must be in reflecting yourself in Me.  If you do this always, you will portray all of my qualities, my physiognomy and my very features within you; and I, in return, will find all my taste and highest contentment in delighting in you by reflecting Myself in you.”

After this He disappeared, and I was meditating in my mind on the words He had just told Me.  All of a sudden He came back, placing His holy hand on my head; and turning my face toward Him, He added:  “Today I want to delight a little bit by reflecting Myself in you.”

A shiver ran through my whole back – such a fright as to feel I was dying, because I saw that He was staring at me, wanting to delight in my thoughts, gazes, words, and in all the rest, by reflecting Himself in me.  I kept repeating in my interior:  ‘Oh! God, am I an object fit for letting You take delight, or for embittering You?’  In the meantime, our dear Queen Mama came to my help, carrying a pure white garment in Her hands, and all loving, She told me:  “Daughter, do not fear; I Myself want to make up for you by clothing you with my innocence, so that, in reflecting Himself in you, my Son may find the greatest delight that can be found in a human creature.”

So She clothed me with that garment and She offered me to my dear Good, Jesus, telling Him:  “Accept her out of regard for me, O dear Son, and delight in her.”  So every fear went away from me, and Jesus delighted in me, and I in Him.

December 25, 1900  Volume 4

The birth of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, I felt I was outside of myself; after wandering around, I found myself inside a cave, and I saw the Queen Mama in the act of giving birth to Little Baby Jesus.  What a wonderful prodigy!  It seemed that both Mother and Son were transformed into most pure light.  But in that light one could see very clearly the human nature of Jesus containing the Divinity within Itself, and serving as a veil to cover the Divinity; in such a way that, in tearing the veil of human nature, He was God, while covered by that veil, He was Man.  Here is the prodigy of prodigies:  God and Man, Man and God!  Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit – because true love never separates – He comes to live in our midst, taking on human flesh.  Now, it seemed to me that Mother and Son, in that most happy instant, remained as though spiritualized, and without the slightest difficulty Jesus came out of the Maternal womb, while both of them overflowed with excess of Love.  In other words:  those Most Pure bodies were transformed into Light, and without the slightest impediment, Light-Jesus came out of the Light of the Mother, while both One and the Other remained whole and intact, returning, then, to their natural state.

Who can tell of the beauty of the Little Baby who, in the moment of His birth, transfused, also externally, the rays of the Divinity?  Who can tell of the beauty of the Mother, who remained all absorbed in those Divine rays?  And Saint Joseph?  It seemed to me that he was not present at the act of the birth, but remained in another corner of the cave, all engrossed in that profound Mystery.  And if he did not see with the eyes of the body, he saw very clearly with the eyes of the soul, because he remained enraptured in sublime ecstasy.

Now, as the Little Baby came to light, I would have wanted to fly and take Him in my arms, but the Angels prevented me, saying that the honor of holding Him first belonged to the Mother.  The Most Holy Virgin, as though shaken, returned into Herself and from the hands of an Angel received the Son into Her arms.  In Her ardor of love, She held Him so tightly that it seemed that She wanted to draw Him into Her womb once again.  Then, wanting to let Her ardent love pour out, She let Him suckle from Her breast.  In the meantime, I remained completely annihilated, waiting to be called, so as not to be scolded again by the Angels.  Then the Queen said to me:  “Come, come and take your Beloved, and you too enjoy Him – pour out your love with Him.”  As She was saying this, I drew near Mama, and She gave Him to me – into my arms.  Who can tell of my contentment, my kisses, my squeezes, and tendernesses?…

August 21, 1901  Volume 4
The Celestial Mama teaches the secret of true happiness. 

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself.  After going round and round in search of Jesus, I found the Queen Mama instead, and oppressed and tired as I was, I said to Her:  ‘My most sweet Mama, I lost the way to find Jesus; I don’t know where else to go nor what to do in order to find Him again.’

While saying this, I was crying; and She said to me:  “My daughter, follow Me and you will find the way, and Jesus.  Even more, I want to teach you the secret of how you can always be with Jesus, and live always content and happy – also on this earth:  fix in your interior that there is only Jesus and you in the world, and no one else; and that Him alone you must please, delight and love, and from Him alone you must expect to be loved in return and contented in everything.  If you are in this way with Jesus, you will no longer be affected, whether you are surrounded by scorns or praises, by relatives or strangers, by friends or enemies.  Jesus alone will be all your contentment, and Jesus alone will be enough for you in the place of all.  My daughter, until everything that exists down here disappears completely in the soul, one cannot find true and perpetual contentment.”

Now, while She was saying this, Jesus came into our midst as though from within a lightning.  I took Him and brought Him with me, and I found myself inside myself.

January 26, 1902  Volume 4
The Most Holy Trinity and the Queen Mama.

This morning, while being in my usual state, I saw an interminable light before me, and I comprehended that in that light dwelled the Most Holy Trinity.  I also saw the Queen Mama in front of that light; She was all absorbed in the Most Holy Trinity, and She absorbed all of the Three Divine Persons within Herself, in such a way as to be enriched with the three prerogatives of the Sacrosanct Trinity:  Power, Wisdom, Charity.  And just as God loves mankind as part of Himself, and as a particle that came out of Him, and ardently desires that this part of Himself return into Himself, so the Queen Mama, participating in this, loves mankind with passionate love…

February 24, 1902  Volume 4
The Queen Mama:  Star of Light.

As I was in my usual state, the Queen Mother came and told me:  “My daughter, my sorrows, as the prophets say, were a sea of sorrows, and in Heaven they have turned into a sea of glory, and each of my sorrows has borne the fruit of as many treasures of graces.  And just as on earth they call Me ‘Star of the Sea’, because I guide them to the port with certainty, in Heaven they call Me ‘Star of Light’ for all the Blessed, because they are delighted by this light that my sorrows produced.”…

January 10, 1903  Volume 4
The most pleasing words for the sweet Mama.

This morning, after much hardship, the Queen Mother came with the Baby in Her arms, and gave Him to me, telling me to keep Him courted with continuous acts of love.  I did that as much as I could, and while I was doing it, Jesus told me:  “My beloved, the most pleasing and consoling words for my Mother are ‘Dominus Tecum’ [‘The Lord is with Thee’].  In fact, as soon as they were pronounced by the Archangel, She felt the whole of the Divine Being being communicated to Her, and therefore She felt invested with divine Power, in such a way that, in the face of the divine Power, Her own power dissolved; and so my Mother remained with the divine Power in Her hands.”

June 30, 1903  Volume 5
The Most Holy Virgin teaches the soul how to keep her interior gaze fixed on Jesus. 

As I was outside of myself, I saw the Queen Mother, and prostrating myself at Her feet I said to Her:  ‘My most sweet Mother, in what terrible constraints I find myself – deprived of my only good and of my very life.  I feel I am touching the extreme.’

While saying this, I was crying, and the Most Holy Virgin, opening Herself at the place of Her Heart, as if She were opening a tabernacle, took the Baby from within it and gave Him to me, telling me:  “My daughter, do not cry – here is your good, your life, your all.  Take Him and keep Him always with you; and as you keep Him with you, keep your interior gaze fixed on Him.  Do not be embarrassed if He does not tell you anything, or if you are not able to say anything.  Just look at Him in your interior, and by looking at Him you will comprehend everything, you will do everything, and you will satisfy for all.  This is the beauty of the interior soul:  without voice, without education, since there is no external thing that attracts her or upsets her, but all of her attraction, all of her goods are enclosed in her interior, by simply looking at Jesus, she easily comprehends everything and does everything.  In this way, you will walk up to the top of Calvary; and once we reach it, you will no longer see Him as a Baby, but Crucified, and you will remain crucified together with Him.”

So, it seemed that, with the Baby in my arms and together with the Most Holy Virgin, we walked the way of Calvary.  While walking, at times I would find someone who wanted to take Jesus away from me, and I would call the Queen Mother to my help, saying to Her:  ‘My Mama, help me, for they want to snatch Jesus from me.’  And She would answer me:  “Do not fear, your care must be in keeping your interior gaze fixed on Him.  This has so much power, that all other powers, human and diabolical, remain debilitated and defeated.”

December 17, 1903  Volume 6
The adoration that the Most Holy Virgin did when She encountered Jesus carrying the Cross.

Continuing in my usual state, for a few instants a saw blessed Jesus with the Cross on His shoulders, in the act of encountering His Most Holy Mother; and I said to Him:  ‘Lord, what did your Mother do in this most sorrowful encounter?’

And He:  “My daughter, She did nothing but a most profound and simple act of adoration.  And since the simpler the act, the more easily it unites with God, Most Simple Spirit, in this act She infused Herself in Me and continued what I Myself was doing in my interior.  This was immensely pleasing to Me, more than if She had done any other greater thing.  In fact, the true spirit of adoration consists of this:  the creature dissolves herself and finds herself in the divine sphere; she adores all that God does, and she unites with Him.  Do you think that when the mouth adores but the mind is somewhere else, it is true adoration?  That is, the mind adores but the will is far away from Me?  Or, one power adores Me, and the others are all disordered?  No, I want everything for Me, and everything I have given her, in Me.  This is the greatest act of cult, of adoration, that the creature can do for Me.”

December 21, 1903  Volume 6
Effects of the sorrows of the Celestial Mama.

This morning I found myself outside of myself, and looking into the vault of the heavens I saw seven most refulgent suns – but their shape was different from the sun which we see.  It started with the shape of a cross and it ended with a point, and this point was placed inside a heart.  At the beginning it could not be seen clearly, because the light of these suns was so great as to not allow one to see who was inside of them, but the nearer I drew, the more clearly it appeared that the Queen Mama was within them.  In my interior I kept saying:  ‘How I would like to ask Her whether She wants me try to go out of this state without waiting for the priest.’  In the meantime, I found myself near Her and I told Her; and She answered a curt “No”.  I was left mortified by this answer, and the Most Holy Virgin turned to a multitude of people who surrounded Her, and said:  “Listen to what she wants to do…”  And everyone said:  “No, no, she cannot…”

Then, drawing near me, all goodness, She told me:  “My daughter, courage along the way of sorrow.  See, these seven suns which come out from within my Heart are my seven sorrows which produced much glory and splendor for Me.  These suns, the fruits of my sorrows, dart continuously through the throne of the Most Holy Trinity which, feeling wounded, sends Me seven channels of grace continuously, making Me the owner; and I dispense them for the glory of all Heaven, for the relief of purging souls, and for the benefit of pilgrim souls.”  While saying this, She disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

September 17, 1905  Volume 6
How one can participate in the sorrows of the Queen Mama.

Having been in great suffering because of the privation of my most sweet Jesus, this morning, the day of the Sorrows of Mary Most Holy, after I struggled in some way, He came and told me:  “My daughter, what do you want that you so much yearn for Me?”

And I:  ‘Lord, I yearn to have for myself that which You have for Yourself.’  And He:  “My daughter, for Myself I have thorns, nails and cross.”  And I:  ‘Well then, that is what I want for myself.’  So He gave me His crown of thorns and let me share in the pains of the cross.

Then He added:  “Everyone can share in the merits and in the goods produced by the sorrows of my Mother.  One who, in advance, places herself in the hands of Providence, offering herself to suffer any kind of pains, miseries, illnesses, calumnies, and everything which the Lord will dispose upon her, comes to share in the first sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon.  One who actually finds herself in a state of suffering, and is resigned, clings more tightly to Me, and does not offend Me, it is as if she were saving Me from the hands of Herod, and she keeps Me, safe and sound, within the Egypt of her heart.  So she participates in the second sorrow.  One who feels gloomy, dry, and deprived of my presence, and remains yet firm and faithful to her usual practices; even more, she takes the opportunity to love Me and to search for Me more, without tiring – comes to share in the merits and goods which my Mother acquired when I was lost.  One who, in any circumstance, feels sorry in seeing Me gravely offended, despised, trampled upon, and tries to repair Me, to compassionate Me, and to pray for the very ones who offend Me – it is as if I encountered in that soul my own Mother, who would have freed Me from my enemies, had She been able to do so.  So she shares in the fourth sorrow.  One who crucifies her senses for love of my Crucifixion, and tries to copy the virtues of my Crucifixion within herself, participates in the fifth one.  One who is in a continuous attitude of adoring, of kissing my wounds, of repairing, of thanking etc., in the name of all mankind, it is as if she were holding Me in her arms, just as my Mother held Me when I was deposed from the Cross – and she shares in Her sixth sorrow.  One who remains in my grace and corresponds to it, giving a place to no one else but Me within her heart, it is as if she buried Me in the center of her heart – and she shares in the seventh one.”

April 5, 1908  Volume 8
All that the Queen Mama contains has its origin in the Fiat.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, within a garden, in which I could see the Queen Mama placed on very high throne.  I yearned to go up there to kiss Her hand, and as I tried to go, She came to meet me, giving me a smacking kiss on my face.  In looking at Her, I saw as though a globe of light in Her interior, and within that light there was the word ‘Fiat’.  From that word descended many different unending seas of virtues, graces, greatness, glory, joys, beauties, and everything that our Queen Mama contains as a whole.  Everything was rooted in that Fiat, and all of Her goods took their origin from the Fiat.  Oh, omnipotent, fecund, holy Fiat!  Who can comprehend you?  I feel mute… It is so great that I can say nothing; therefore I stop here.

So I looked at Her with amazement, and She said to me:  “My daughter, all of my Sanctity came out from within the word ‘Fiat’.  I did not move even for one breath, one step, one action, or anything at all, if not within the Will of God.  My life, my food, my all, was the Will of God; and this produced such sanctity, riches, glories, honors for Me… not human, but Divine.  So, the more the soul is united, identified with the Will of God, the more she can be called holy, and she is loved more by God.  And the more she is loved, the more she is favored, because her life is nothing but the product of the Will of God.  How can He not love her if she is His own thing?  Therefore, one must not look at how much or how little he does, but rather, at whether it is wanted by God.  In fact, the Lord looks more at something little, if it is according to His Will, than at something great, without It.”

December 27, 1908  Volume 8
What passed between the Baby and the sweet Mama when She fed Him from Her breast.

I was meditating on when the Queen Mama gave Her milk to Baby Jesus.  I was saying to myself:  ‘What must have passed between the Most Holy Mama and little Jesus in that act?’  At that moment, I felt Him move in my interior, and I heard Him say to me:  “My daughter, when I suckled milk from the breast of my most sweet Mother, together with the milk I suckled the love of Her Heart – and it was more love than milk that I suckled.  While suckling, I would hear Her say to Me:  ‘I love You, I love You, O Son’; and I would repeat to Her:  ‘I love You, I love You, O Mama.’  And I was not alone in this; at my ‘I love You’, the Father, the Holy Spirit and the whole of Creation – the Angels, the Saints, the stars, the Sun, the drops of water, the plants, the flowers, the grains of sand, all of the elements, would run after my ‘I love You’, and repeat:  ‘We love You, we love You, O Mother of our God, in the love of our Creator.’

My Mother could see all this, and would remained inundated.  She could find not even a tiny space in which She would not hear Me say that I loved Her.  Her love would remain behind and almost alone, and She would repeat:  ‘I love You, I love You…’  But She could never match Me, because the love of a creature has its limits, its time, while my love is uncreated, unending, eternal.  The same happens to any soul when she say to me, ‘I love You’; I too repeat to her, ‘I love you’, and with Me is the whole Creation, loving her in my love.  Oh, if creatures comprehended what good and honor they procure themselves even by just saying to Me:  ‘I love You’!  This alone would be enough – a God beside them who, honoring them, replies:  ‘I love you too.”

May 9, 1913  Volume 11
Jesus and His Mama are inseparable.  How She carried out Her office of Mother. 

While praying, I was thinking about that moment in which Jesus took leave of His Most Holy Mother to go and suffer His Passion.  I said to myself:  ‘How is it possible that Jesus could separate Himself from His dear Mama, and She from Jesus?’  And blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter, surely there could not be separation between Me and my sweet Mama.  The separation was only apparent.  She and I were fused together, and the fusion was such and so great that I remained with Her, while She came with Me.  One can say that there was a sort of bilocation.  This happens also to the souls when they are truly united with Me.  If, while praying, they let prayer enter into their souls as life, a sort of fusion and bilocation occurs:  I bring them with Me, wherever I am, and I remain with them.

My daughter, you cannot comprehend well what my beloved Mama was for Me.  Coming upon earth, I could not be without Heaven, so my Heaven was my Mama.  Electricity would flow between Me and Her, such that not a thought escaped Her, which She would not draw from my mind.  This drawing from Me of word, will, desire, action, step – in sum, of everything – formed the Sun, the stars, the moon in this Heaven, together with all the possible delights that a creature can give Me, and that she herself can enjoy.  Oh, how I delighted in this Heaven!  Oh, how I felt relieved and repaid for everything!  Even the kisses that my Mama gave Me enclosed the kiss of all humanity, returning to Me the kiss of all creatures.

I felt my sweet Mama everywhere.  I felt Her in my breath; and if it was labored, She would relieve it.  I felt Her in my Heart; and if It was embittered, She would sweeten It.  I felt Her in my step; and if it was tired, She would give Me strength and rest…  Then, who can tell you how I felt Her in my Passion?  I felt Her at each lash, at each thorn, at each wound, at each drop of my Blood – everywhere, carrying out Her office of my true Mother.  Ah, if souls reciprocated Me, if they drew everything from Me – how many Heavens and how many Mothers would I have on earth!”

November 28, 1920  Volume 12
Universal blessing which Jesus gave to His Mama before the Passion. 

I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus, in order to begin His sorrowful Passion, wanted to go to His Mama and ask for her blessing.  And blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter, how many things does this mystery reveal.  I wanted to go to my dear Mama and ask for her blessing, in order to give her the opportunity to ask for my blessing Herself.  The pains which she was to bear were too many, and it was just that my blessing would strengthen her.  It is my usual way to ask, whenever I want to give, and my Mama understood Me immediately; so much so, that she did not bless Me before asking for my blessing, and only after I blessed her, did she blessed Me.

But this is not all.  In order to create the Universe, I pronounced one “FIAT”, and by that one “FIAT” I reordered and embellished heaven and earth.  In creating man, my omnipotent Breath infused life in him.  Upon beginning my Passion, I wanted to bless my Mama with my omnipotent and creative Word.  But I did not bless her only; in my Mama I saw all creatures.  She was the one who had primacy over all, and in Her I blessed all, and each one.  Even more, I blessed each thought, word, act, etc.; I blessed each thing which had to serve the creature.  Just as the Sun, created by my omnipotent “FIAT”, is still following its course for all, and for each mortal, without ever decreasing in light or heat; in the same way, in blessing, my creative Word remained in the act of blessing continuously, without ever ceasing to bless – just as the Sun will never cease to give its light to all creatures.

Yet, this is not all.  With my blessing I wanted to renew the qualities of Creation.  I wanted to call my Celestial Father to bless, in order to communicate Power to the creature; I wanted to bless her in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit in order to communicate to her Wisdom and Love, and therefore renew the memory, the intellect and the will of the creature, restoring her as sovereign of all.

However, know that, in giving, I want.  My dear Mama understood, and she immediately blessed Me, not only for Herself but in the name of all.  Oh! if all could see this blessing of Mine; they would feel it in the water they drink, in the fire that warms them, in the food they take, in the sorrow that afflicts them, in the moans of their prayer, in the remorses of guilt, in the abandonment of creatures.  In everything they would hear my creative word saying to them – but, alas, it is not heard:  ‘I bless you in the name of the Father, of Myself, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  I bless you to help you, I bless you to defend you, to forgive you, to console you – I bless you to make you a saint.”  And the creature would echo my blessings, by blessing Me too, in everything.  These are the effects of my blessing; and my Church, instructed by Me, echoes Me, and in almost all circumstances – the administration of the Sacraments and others – She gives Her blessing.”

December 18, 1920  Volume 12
Return of love and thanksgiving for all that God operated in the Celestial Mama.

I was all afflicted without my Jesus when, as I was praying, I felt Him near me, saying:  “Ah, my daughter, things are getting worse.  It will come like whirlwind, to shake everything; it will reign as long as a whirlwind does, and it will end just as a whirlwind ends.  The Italian government lacks the ground under its feet, and it does not know what to aim at.  Justice of God!”

After this, I felt I was outside of myself, and I found myself together with my sweet Jesus, but clinging so tightly to Him, and He to me, that I almost could not see His Divine Person.  I don’t know how, I said:  ‘My Jesus, while I am clinging to You, I want to prove to You my love, my gratitude, and everything which the creature has the duty to do, because You have created our Immaculate Queen Mama – the most beautiful one, the holiest, a portent of Grace, enriching Her with all gifts, and making Her also our Mother.  And I do this in the name of creatures, past, present and future; I want to seize each act of creature – each word, thought, heartbeat and step – and tell You, in each one of them, that I love You, I thank You, I bless You, I adore You, for all that You have done in your Celestial Mama and mine.”  Jesus enjoyed my act – but so much that He said to me:  ‘My daughter, I was anxiously awaiting this act of yours in the name of all generations.  My Justice and my Love felt the need of this return, because great are the graces which descend upon all, for having enriched my Mama so much.  Yet, they never have a word, a ‘thank You’ to say to Me.”…

January 10, 1921  Volume 12
The “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will, and the “FIAT” of Luisa.

I was concerned about what is written above, and I said to myself:  ‘I don’t know what Jesus wants from me; yet, He knows how bad I am, and how good at nothing.’  And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, remember that years ago I asked you if you wanted to live in my Will; and since I wanted you in my Will, I wanted you to pronounce your ‘yes’ in my own Volition.  This ‘yes’ was bound to an eternal point, and to a Will which will never end.  This ‘yes’ is in the center of my Volition, surrounded by infinite immensity; and if it tries to go out, it almost cannot find the way.  Therefore, at your little oppositions, at some discontent of yours, I laugh and I amuse Myself, because I see you like those people who are bound, by their own will, in the depth of the sea, and wanting to go out, they find nothing but water.  And since they are bound in the depth of the sea, they feel the bother of wanting to get out, and in order to remain tranquil and happy, they plunge themselves even more into the depth of the sea.  In the same way, in seeing you perplexed, as though wanting to go out, and in seeing that, unable to do it, being bound by your own ‘yes’, you plunge yourself even more into the depths of my Will – I laugh, and I amuse Myself.  And then, do you think it is something trivial and easy to move from within my Will?  You would move an eternal point; and if you knew what it means to move an eternal point, you would tremble with fright.”

Then He added:  “I asked the first ‘yes’ in my FIAT, of my dear Mama, and – oh, the power of Her FIAT in my Will!  As soon as the Divine FIAT met with the FIAT of my Mama, the two became one.  My FIAT raised Her, divinized Her, overshadowed Her, and with no human intervention, conceived Me, the Son of God.  Only in my FIAT could She conceive Me.  My FIAT communicated to Her immensity, infinity, fecundity, in a Divine manner, and therefore the Immense Eternal Infinite One could be conceived in Her.  As soon as She said,  ‘FIAT MIHI’, not only did She take possession of Me, but She overshadowed all creatures and all created things.  She felt within Herself the life of all creatures, and from that moment She began to act as the Mother and Queen of all.  How many portents does this ‘yes’ of my Mama not contain – if I wanted to tell them all, you would never stop listening.”

Now, I asked a second ‘yes’ in my Will, of you; and you, though trembling, pronounced it.  This ‘yes’ in my Volition will accomplish its portents – it will have its divine fulfillment.  You – follow Me, plunge yourself more deeply into the immense sea of my Will, and I will take care of everything.  My Mama did not think about how I would manage to incarnate Myself in Her; She just said,  ‘FIAT MIHI’, and I took care of how to be incarnated.  So you will do.”

January 17, 1921  Volume 12
Creative power of the “FIAT” in Creation, of the “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin in Redemption, and fulfillment of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in Terra”.

I felt my poor mind immersed in the immense sea of the Divine Volition.  I could see the mark of the FIAT everywhere.  I saw it in the Sun, and it seemed to me that the echo of the FIAT in the Sun brought me Divine Love, which darted through me, wounded me and flashed through me.  And I, on the wings of the FIAT of the Sun, went up to the Eternal One bringing, in the name of the whole human family, the Love which darted, wounded, and flashed through the Supreme Majesty.  And I said:  ‘In Your FIAT You gave me all this Love, and only in the FIAT can I return it to You.’

I looked at the stars and I could see the FIAT in them; and in their sweet and meek glittering, this FIAT brought me pacific Love, sweet Love, hidden Love, compassionate Love in the very night of sin.  And I, in the FIAT of the stars, in the name of all, brought to the Throne of the Eternal One pacific Love in order to put peace between Heaven and earth, the sweet Love of the loving souls, the hidden Love of many others, the Love of the creatures when, after sin, they come back to God.  But who can say all that I understood and did in the many FIATs which were scattered over all Creation?  I would be too long; so I stop here.

Then, my sweet Jesus took my hands in His own, and squeezing them tightly, told me:  “My daughter, the FIAT is all full of Life – even more, It is Life Itself, and this is why all lives and all things come from within the FIAT.  Creation came out from my ‘FIAT’; therefore in each created thing one can see the mark of the FIAT.  Redemption came out from the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my dear Mama, pronounced in my Volition and carrying the same Power of my Creative ‘FIAT.’  Therefore, there is nothing in Redemption which does not contain the mark of the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama.  Even my very Humanity, my steps, words and works were marked by Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’  My pains, my wounds, my thorns, my Cross, my Blood, had the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI’, because things carry the mark of the origin from which they come.  My origin in time was the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of the Immaculate Mama; therefore all of my works carry the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’  So, Her ‘FIAT MIHI’ is in each Sacramental Host; if man rises again from sin, if the newborn is baptized, if Heaven opens to receive souls, it is the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama that marks everything, follows everything, and from It everything proceeds.  Oh, power of the FIAT!  It rises every instant; It multiplies, and It becomes life of all goods.

Now I want to tell you why I asked for your ‘FIAT’ – your ‘yes’ in my Volition.  I want the prayer which I taught – the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra’ – this prayer of so many centuries, of so many generations – to have its fulfillment and completion.  This is why I wanted another ‘yes’ in my Volition – another ‘FIAT’ containing the Creative Power.  I want the ‘FIAT’ that rises every instant, and multiplies in everyone.  I want, in one soul, my own ‘FIAT’ which ascends to my Throne and, by its Creative Power, brings upon earth the life of the ‘FIAT on earth as It is in Heaven’.”

Surprised and annihilated in hearing this, I said:  ‘Jesus, what are You saying?  Yet, You know how bad and incapable of anything I am.’  And He:  “My daughter, it is my usual way to choose the most abject, unable, poor souls for my greatest works.  Even my Mama had nothing extraordinary in her exterior life; no miracles – not a sign that would distinguish Her from other women.  Her only distinction was perfect virtue, to which almost no one paid attention.  And if to other Saints I gave the distinction of miracles, and I adorned others with my wounds, to my Mama, nothing – nothing.  Yet, She was the portent of portents, the miracle of miracles, the true and perfect crucified – no one else like Her.

I usually act like a master who has two servants.  One of them seems a herculean giant, good at everything; the other one is short, unable, and seems to be good at nothing – not an important service.  If the master keeps him, it is more for charity, and also for fun.  Now, having to send a million – a billion, to another town, what does he do?  He calls the little and incapable one, and entrusts the great sum to him, saying to himself:  ‘If I give it to the giant, all will fix their attention on him; thieves may attack him and rob him; and if he tries to defend himself with his herculean strength, he may be wounded.  I know that he is capable, but I want to spare him; I do not want to expose him to the obvious danger.  On the other hand, no one will pay attention to this little one, knowing him to be incapable; no one would think that I would entrust such an important sum to him; and so he will come back safe and sound.’  The poor incapable one is surprised that the master would trust him, when he could have used the giant, and all trembling and humble, he goes to deposit the great sum, with no one deigning to give him even a glance.  So, he returns safe and sound to his master, more trembling and humble than before.

So I do:  the greater the work I want to do, the more I choose abject, poor, ignorant souls, with no outward appearance which may expose them.  The abject state of the soul will serve as safe custody for my work.  The thieves of self-esteem and love of self will not pay attention to her, knowing her inability.  And she, humble and trembling, will carry out the office entrusted by Me, knowing that she has done nothing by herself, but that I did everything in her.”

January 24, 1921  Volume 12
The third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth.

I was feeling annihilated in thinking about this blessed FIAT, but my lovable Jesus wanted to increase my confusion.  It seems that He wants to make fun of me, proposing to me astonishing and almost incredible things, taking pleasure in seeing me confused and more annihilated.  And what is worse, is that I am forced by obedience to write them, to my greater torment.  So, while I was praying, my sweet Jesus leaned His head against Mine, sustaining His forehead with His hand; and a light coming from His forehead told me:  “My daughter, the first FIAT was pronounced in Creation with no intervention of creature.  The second FIAT was pronounced in Redemption; I wanted the intervention of the creature, and I chose my Mama for the completion of the second FIAT.  Now, for the fulfillment of both, I want to pronounce the third FIAT, and I want to pronounce It through you; I have chosen you for the fulfillment of the third FIAT.  This third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.  These three FIATs will be inseparable – each one will be life of the other.  They will be one and triune, but distinct among themselves.  My Love wants it, my Glory demands it:  having unleashed the first two FIATs from the womb of my Creative Power, It wants to unleash the third FIAT, because my Love can no longer contain It – and this, in order to complete the work which came from Me; otherwise, the works of Creation and of Redemption would be incomplete.”

On hearing this, I was not only confused, but stunned, and I said to myself:  ‘Is all this possible?  There are so many.  And if it is true that He has chosen me, it seems to me that this is one of the usual follies of Jesus.  And then, what could I do or say from within a bed, half crippled and inept as I am?  Could I ever face the multiplicity and infinity of the FIAT of Creation and of Redemption?  Since my FIAT is similar to the other two FIATs, I must run together with them, multiply myself with them, do the good which they do, braid myself with them… Jesus, think of what You are doing!  I am not for this much.’  But who can tell all the nonsense that I was saying?

Now, my sweet Jesus came back and told me:  “My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please.  However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread.  In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation?  Adam, and then Eve.  It surely wasn’t a multitude of people.  Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It.  In the second FIAT my Mama was the only spectator; not even Saint Joseph knew anything, and my Mama found herself more than in your condition:  the greatness of the Creative Power of my work which She felt within Herself was such that, confused, She did not feel the strength to mention it to anyone.  And if, then, Saint Joseph knew it, it was because I manifested it to him.  So, this FIAT germinated like a seed within Her virginal womb; the ear of grain was formed in order to multiply It, and then It came to the light of day.  But who were the spectators?  Very few.  In the room of Nazareth my dear Mama and Saint Joseph were the only spectators.  Then, when my Most Holy Humanity grew up, I went out and I made Myself known – but not to all.  Afterwards, It spread more, and It will still spread.

So will the third FIAT be.  It will germinate within you; the ear of grain will be formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It.  Then, a few souls – and then, It will spread.  It will spread, and will follow the same path as Creation and Redemption.  The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the third FIAT grows and is fecundated in you.  Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

March 8, 1921  Volume 12
With Her love, the Virgin called the Word to incarnate Himself in Her womb.  With her love, and by fusing herself in the Divine Will, Luisa calls the Divine Will to have life on earth within her.

While praying, I was fusing all of myself in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and throwing His arm around my neck, told me:  “My daughter, with Her love, with Her prayers, with Her annihilation, my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth, to incarnate Myself in Her womb.  You, with your love, and with your continuous dissolving of yourself in my Volition, will call my Will to have life on earth within you; and then you will give Me life in other creatures.

However, know that as my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth inside Her womb, since the act She did was a unique act, which will never be repeated again, I enriched Her with all graces.  I endowed Her with so much love as to make Her surpass the love of all creatures united together.  I gave Her primacy in the privileges, in the glory – in everything.  I could say that the whole of the Eternal One reduced Himself to one single point, and poured Himself upon Her in torrents, in immense seas; so much so, that all remain below Her.

As you call my Will into yourself, this too is a unique act, therefore, for the decorum of my Will which must dwell in you, I must pour in you so much grace, so much love, as to make you surpass all other creatures.  And since my Will has supremacy over all, and is eternal, immense, infinite, I must communicate this to the one in whom the Life of my Will must have Its beginning and completion, endowing and enriching her with the same qualities of my Will, giving her supremacy over all.  My Eternal Volition will take the past, the present and the future; It will reduce them to one single point, and will pour them into you.  My Will is eternal, and wants to have life there where It finds eternity; It is immense, and wants life in the immensity; It is infinite, and wants to find infinity.  How can I find all this, if I do not pour it in you before?”

On hearing this, I was frightened and terrified – if I wrote this, it is because obedience imposed itself – and I said:  ‘Jesus, what are You saying?  You really want to confuse me and humiliate me to the dust.  I feel that I cannot even tolerate what You are saying – I feel a terror that frightens all of me.’  And He added:  “What I say to you will serve to Myself; it is necessary for the Sanctity and dignity of my Will.  I do not lower Myself to reside where I do not find the things that belong to Me.  You will be nothing other than the depository of such a great good, which you must keep jealously.  Therefore, pluck up courage, and do not fear.”

November 19, 1921  Volume 13
The two supports of Jesus during His agony:  His inseparable Mama, and Luisa together with all the other children of His Will.   

I was keeping company with my Jesus who was agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemani, and as much as I could, I compassionated Him, I pressed Him tightly to my heart, trying to wipe His mortal sweats.  And my sorrowful Jesus, with faint and expiring voice, told me:  “My daughter, my agony in the garden was hard and painful, maybe more painful than that of the Cross.  In fact, if that was the fulfillment and the triumph over all, here in the garden it was the beginning, and sufferings are felt more at the beginning than when they are ended.  But in this agony the most harrowing pain was when all sins came before Me, one by one.  My Humanity comprehended all their enormity, and each crime carried the mark,  ‘Death to a God’, armed with sword to kill Me!  Before the Divinity, sin appeared to Me as so very horrifying and more horrible than death itself.  Just in comprehending what sin means, I felt I was dying – and I did really die.  I cried out to the Father, but He was inexorable.  Not even one was there to help Me, so as not to let Me die.  I cried out to all creatures to have pity on Me – but in vain.  So, my Humanity languished, and I was about to receive the last blow of death.

But do you know who prevented the execution and sustained my Humanity from dying?  The first was my inseparable Mama.  In hearing Me ask for help, She flew to my side and sustained Me; and I leaned my right arm on Her. Almost dying, I looked at Her, and I found in Her the immensity of my Will intact, without ever a break between my Will and hers.  My Will is Life, and since the Will of the Father was immovable and death was coming to Me from creatures, another Creature, who enclosed the Life of my Will, gave Me Life.  And here is my Mama who, in the portent of my Will, conceived Me and gave Me birth in time, now giving Me Life for the second time to let Me accomplish the work of Redemption.

Then I looked to my left, and I found the Little Daughter of my Will.  I found you as the first, followed by the other daughters of my Will.  Since I wanted my Mama with Me as the first link of Mercy, through which we were to open the doors to all creatures, I wanted to lean my right arm on Her.  And I wanted you as the first link of Justice, to prevent It from unloading Itself upon all creatures as they deserve; therefore I wanted to lean my left arm on you, so that you might sustain It together with Me.

With these two supports I felt life come back to Me, and as if I had not suffered anything, with firm step, I went to meet my enemies.  In all the pains that I suffered during my Passion, many of which were capable of giving Me death, these two supports never left Me.  And when they saw Me nearly dying, with my own Will which they contained, they sustained Me, as though giving Me many sips of life.  Oh, prodigies of my Will!  Who can ever count them and calculate their value?  This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will:  I recognize my portrait in her, my noble features; I feel my own breath, my voice; and if I did not love her I would defraud Myself.  I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and without the crown of his children.  And if I did not have the offspring, the court and the crown, how could I call Myself a King?  My Kingdom is formed by those who live in my Will, and from this Kingdom, I choose the Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people.  I am everything for them, and they are all for Me.”…

March 16, 1922  Volume 14
To live in the Divine Will has nothing extraordinary on the outside; everything passes between the soul and God, as in the Most Holy Virgin.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking to myself:  ‘I feel I am the most bad one of all; yet, my sweet Jesus tells me that His designs upon me are great; that the work which He is doing in me is so important that He does not want to entrust it even to the Angels, but He Himself wants to be the Custodian, the Actor and the Spectator.  Yet, what great things do I do?  Nothing.  My exterior life is so ordinary that I do things below others.’

But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, cutting off my thought, told me:  “My daughter, it shows how without your Jesus you can think and say nothing but nonsense.  My dear Mama also did nothing extraordinary in Her exterior life; even more, apparently She did less than others.  She lowered Herself to the most ordinary actions of life:  She used to spin, sew, sweep, light the fire… Who would ever have thought that She was the Mother of a God?  Her external actions indicated nothing of this.  And when She carried Me in Her womb, containing the Eternal Word within Herself, every motion of Hers, every human actions, won the adoration of the whole of Creation.  From Her came the life and the preservation of all creatures:  the Sun hung upon Her, expecting the preservation of its light and heat; the earth, the development of the life of the plants…  Everything hovered round Her – Heaven and earth hung upon Her every motion.  Yet, who saw anything?  No one.  All Her greatness, power and sanctity, and the immense seas of goods which came out of Her, were in Her interior.  Each one of Her heartbeats, breaths, thoughts, words, were an outpouring into Her Creator; there were continuous currents between Her and God, which She would receive and give.  Nothing would come out which would not wound Her Creator, and by which She would not be wounded.  These currents expanded Her, raised Her, and made Her surpass everything – but no one saw anything.  I alone, Her God and Son, was aware of everything.  Such current ran between Me and my Mama, that Her heartbeat would run within Mine, and Mine within Hers.  So, She lived from my eternal heartbeat, and I from Her maternal heartbeat; therefore our lives were blended together.  And this was exactly what, in my eyes, distinguished Her as my Mama.  External actions do not satisfy Me, nor do they please Me, if they do not start from an interior whose life is formed by Me.

Now, what is your wonder if your external life is completely ordinary?  I am used to covering my greatest works with the most ordinary things, so that no one may point to them, and I may be more free to operate.  And when I have completed everything, I make surprises and I manifest them to everyone, making all remain astounded.  And it is certain that the work I am doing in you is great.  Do you think it is trivial that I make all your acts run in the current of my Will, and that the current of my Will runs in your acts?  And that, as these currents run, they form one single act with all the acts of creatures, making a Divine Volition flow over all of them, becoming the actor of the act of each one, substituting for all with a divine act, a divine and eternal love, reparation and glory?  And that the current of a human will is in continuous relations with a Divine Will; and that one pours into the other?  My daughter, what I recommend to you is that you be attentive and that you follow Me faithfully.”…

August 15, 1922  Volume 14
The acts of Jesus and those of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was abandoning myself in the arms of the Most Holy Will of God, and my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, in my Will you will find not only all of the acts that my Humanity did, in which I intertwined all creatures together, but you will also find all the acts that my dear Mama did which, weaving with Mine, formed one single act.

As soon as I was conceived in Her womb, She began the weaving with my acts; and since my Humanity had no other Life, no other food, and no other purpose but the Will of my Father alone which, flowing everywhere, made Me act of each creature so as to give to the Father the rights as Creator on the part of creatures, and to give Myself as Life to all creatures, in the same way, as She began Her intertwining with Me, She too gave back to the Father His rights as Creator in the name of all, and gave Herself to all creatures.  Therefore, all creatures received, together with my acts, the acts of my Mama as Life.

Now, in Heaven, She embraces all the glory of each creature; my Will gives Her such glory on the part of each creature that there is no glory which She does not contain, and no glory which does not descend from Her.  And since She wove Her works, Her love, Her pains, etc. with Me, now in Heaven She is circumfused with as much glory as were the weavings She did in my Will:  this is why She surpasses everything, embraces everything and flows in everything.  This is what it means to live in my Will.  My beloved Mama could have never received so much glory, if all of her acts had not flown in my Will; acts which constitute Her Queen and crown of all.

Now I want you in my Will, so that the weaving may not be between two, but among three; my Will wants to expand in order to find all creatures together in one creature.  Do you see the great good that will come to you; how much glory you will give Me, and how much good you will do to all?”

October 3, 1922  Volume 14
Necessity that the Virgin be aware of the interior pains of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt oppressed because blessed Jesus often allows that I suffer while the Confessor is here present; and I lamented to Him, telling Him:  ‘My Love, I beg You, I implore You, do not allow again that I suffer in the presence of anyone.  Let everything pass between me and You, and that You alone be aware of my pains.  O please! make me content, give Me your word that You will not do it any more.  Even more, make me suffer twice as much; I am happy, as long as everything is hidden between me and You.’

And Jesus, interrupting me, told me:  “My daughter, do not lose heart; when my Will wants it, you too must surrender.  Besides, this is nothing other than a step of my Life.  My very hidden Life, my interior pains and everything I did, always had at least one or two spectators; and this, with reason, out of necessity, and in order to obtain the purpose of my pains themselves.  The first spectator was my Celestial Father, from Whom nothing could escape; since He Himself was the One Who inflicted those pains upon Me, He was Actor and Spectator.  If my Father had seen and known nothing, how could I satisfy Him, give Him Glory, and bend Him to Mercy for mankind at the sight of my pains?  Their purpose would have failed.

Secondly, my Mama was spectator of all my pains of my hidden Life, and this was necessary.  Having come from Heaven to earth to suffer, not for Myself, but for the good of others, I had to have at least one creature in whom I was to place that good which my pains contained, and therefore move my dear Mama to thank Me, to praise Me, to love Me and to bless Me, letting Her admire the excess of my Goodness; so much so that, captured, enraptured and moved at the sight of my pains, She prayed Me that in the face of the great good which my pains brought to Her, I would not exempt Her from being identified with my own pains in order to suffer them, to repay Me, and to be my perfect imitator.  If my Mama had seen nothing, I would not have had my first imitator – not a ‘thank you’, no praise.  My pains and the good they contained would have remained without effect because, since no one would have known them, I could not have made the first prop, and the purpose of the great good which the creature was to receive would have been lost.  See how necessary it was that at least one creature be aware of my pains?

If for Me it was so, I want it to be so also for you.  Even more, I tell you that I want the Confessor acting together with Me, as spectator and depository of the pains I make you suffer, so that he too may share in their good; and having him with Me, I may excite him more in the faith and infuse in him light and love, to make him comprehend the truths I keep manifesting to you.”…

December 8, 1922  Volume 15
The Immaculate Conception. 

I write to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His own obedience in order to obtain grace and strength to do it as He wants.  And now, oh! my Jesus, give me your holy hand and the light of your Intelligence, and write together with me.

I was thinking of the great portent of the Immaculate Conception of my Queen and Celestial Mama, and in my interior I heard Him say:  “My daughter, the Immaculate Conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and fully marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were astonished, and made feast.  All of the Three Divine Persons competed with each other:  the Father made an immense sea of Power pour out of Himself; I, the Son, an infinite sea of Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal Love, which, merging into one, formed one single sea.  And in the middle of this sea the conception of this Virgin was formed, chosen among the chosen.  So, the Divinity administered the substance of this conception, and not only was this sea the center of Life of this admirable and unique creature, but it was around Her, not only to defend Her from anything which might shadow Her, but to give Her in every instant new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges, and so on.  Therefore, her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves; so much so, that the Divinity did not want to wait as It usually does with other creatures:  as soon as this noble and unique creature was formed, It wanted Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles.  Therefore, as soon as Her Conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I provided Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation.  And even from her maternal womb, She came into Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses.  Throwing Herself into Our arms, She smiled at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles.  Oh, how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all of the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear; because only sin is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear.  So She came into Our midst as Queen, Who, with her love, given by Us, drew Us to her volition, enraptured Us, put Us in feast, and captured yet more love.  And We let Her do – enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth exulted and made feast together with Us, in having their Queen after so many centuries… The sun smiled in its light, and considered itself fortunate in having to serve its Queen by giving Her light.  The heavens, the stars, and the whole universe smiled with joy and made feast, because they were to delight their Queen, showing Her the harmony of the spheres and of their beauty.  The plants smiled, which were to nourish their Queen; and the earth too, smiled and felt ennobled in having to provide the residence for its Empress and to be trodden by Her steps.  Only hell cried and felt itself to be losing strength by the dominion of this Sovereign Lady.

But do you know what was the first act of this Celestial Creature when She found Herself before Our Throne for the first time?  She recognized that all of the evil for man had been the split between his will and That of his Creator, and She trembled; without a moment’s hesitation She bound her will to the foot of my Throne, without ever wanting to know it; and my Will bound Itself to Her and became the center of Her Life, to the extent that all of the currents, all of the relations, all of the communications were opened between Us and Her, and there was not one secret which We did not entrust to Her.  This was precisely the most beautiful, the greatest, the most heroic act She did – to place her will at Our feet – an act which made Us, enraptured, constitute Her Queen of all.  Do you see then, what it means to bind oneself to my Will and to not know one’s own?

The second act was to offer Herself for any sacrifice, for love of Us.  The third, to render Us the honor, the glory of the whole Creation, which man had taken away from Us by doing his own will.  Even from her maternal womb She cried for love of Us, in seeing Us offended, and cried with sorrow over guilty man… Oh, how these innocent tears moved Us, and hastened Redemption, so longed for!  This Queen dominated Us, bound Us, and extracted infinite graces from Us.  She made Us bend toward mankind; so much so, that We could not resist, nor did We know how to resist Her repeated petitions.  But where did so much power come from, and so much influence over the Divinity Itself?  Ah, you have understood:  it was the power of Our Will acting in Her, which, while dominating Her, rendered Her dominator of God Himself.  Moreover, how could We resist so innocent a Creature, possessed by the Power and Sanctity of Our Will?  It would be as though resisting Ourselves.  We could see our divine qualities in Her; like waves did the reflections of Our Sanctity flow over Her – reflections of divine manners, of Our Love, of Our Power, and so forth; and Our Will, Which was their center, attracted all the reflections of Our divine qualities, and made Itself crown and defense of the Divinity dwelling within Her.  If this Immaculate Virgin had not had the Divine Will as center of Life, all the other qualities and privileges with which We so enriched Her would have been, comparatively, an absolute nothing.  This is what confirmed and preserved Her many privileges; even more, in every instant It multiplied new ones.

Here, then, is the reason for which We constituted Her Queen of all, because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice:  She never gave life to her human will, but our Will was always intact in Her.  How could We say to another creature,  ‘You are Queen of Heaven, of the sun, of the stars, and so on’, if instead of having our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her own human will?  All of the elements, Heaven, sun and earth, would have withdrawn from the rule and dominion of this creature.  All would have cried out in their mute language:  ‘We do not want her!  We are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition; as You created us, so we are’; so would the Sun have cried out with Its light, the stars with their flickering, the sea with its waves, and so on with all the rest.  Instead, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin, who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know her own will but only That of God, not only did they make feast, but felt honored to have their Queen, and thronged around Her to court Her and pay tribute to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at her feet, the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, men as though in waiting… Everyone, everyone honored Her and paid to Her their obsequies.  There is no honor and glory that cannot be given to our Will – whether It is acting in Us, Its own residence, or dwelling in the creature.

But do you know the first act of this noble Queen when, coming out of the maternal womb, She opened her eyes to the light of this low world?  As She was born, the Angels sang ditties to the Little Celestial Baby, and She remained enraptured; her beautiful soul left her little body, accompanied by throngs of angels, and went around Heaven and earth, gathering all the Love that God had spread through the whole of Creation, and penetrating into Heaven, She came to the foot of our Throne and offered Us the return of the love for all Creation, and pronounced her first ‘Thank You’ in the name of all.  Oh, how happy We felt in hearing the ‘Thank You’ of this Little Baby Queen; so We confirmed in Her all the graces, all the gifts, such as to make Her surpass all other creatures together.  Then, throwing Herself into our arms, She delighted with Us, swimming in the sea of all contentments, being embellished with new beauty, new light and new love.  She pleaded once again for mankind, with tears praying Us to let the Eternal Word descend in order to save Her brothers; but as She was doing this, our Will let Her know that She had to descend to the earth, and soon She left Our contentments and Our joys, and departed, in order to do… what?  Our Will.  Powerful magnet Our Will was, residing on earth in this newborn Queen!  No longer did the earth appear alien to Us; We no longer felt like striking it, making use of our Justice.  We had the Power of Our Will, which, in this innocent Baby, held back our arms, smiled at Us from the earth, and turned Justice into graces and sweet smile; to the extent that, unable to resist this sweet enchantment, the Eternal Word accelerated His course.  Oh, prodigy of my Divine Will, to You everything is due, through You everything is accomplished, and there is no greater prodigy than my Will dwelling in the creature!”.