Prodigies of the Divine Will in the Blessed Virgin Mary – Part II


Volume 15 – March 23, 1923
The sorrows of the Queen Mama.  How the Divine FIAT acted in Her sorrows.

I was thinking of the sorrows of my Celestial Mama, and my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, I was the first King of sorrows, and being Man and God, I had to centralize everything in Myself in order to have primacy over all, even over sorrows.  Those of my Mama were nothing other than the reflections of Mine, which, being reflected in Her, made Her share in all my sorrows, and piercing Her, filled her with such bitterness and pain that She felt She was dying at every reflection of my sorrows.  But Love sustained Her and gave Her life again.  Therefore, not only for honor, but also by right of justice, was She the first Queen of the immense sea of her sorrows.”

And while He was saying this, I seemed to see my Mama in front of Jesus, and all that Jesus contained, the sorrows and the piercings of that Most Holy Heart, were reflected in the Heart of the Sorrowful Queen; and at those reflections, many swords formed in the Heart of the pierced Mama.  These swords were sealed with a FIAT of most bright light, which gave Her so much glory that there are no words to tell it.  Then, Jesus continued to speak, saying:  “It was not the sorrows which constituted my Mama as Queen and made Her shine with so much glory, but my Omnipotent FIAT, which braided her every act and sorrow, and became life of each one of her sorrows.  Therefore, my FIAT was the first act that formed the sword, giving her the intensity of pain It wanted.  My FIAT could place all the sorrows It wanted in that pierced Heart, adding wounds upon wounds, pains after pains, without any shadow of resistance; even more, It felt honored to become life, even of each one of Her heartbeats.  And my FIAT gave Her complete glory and constituted Her true and legitimate Queen.

Now, which will be the souls in whom I can reflect the reverberations of my sorrows and of my own Life?  Those who will have my FIAT as Life will absorb my reflections in them, and I will abound in sharing with them all that my Will operated in Me.  Therefore, in my Will do I await souls, in order to give them true dominion and the complete glory of every act and pain they may suffer.  Outside of my Will I do not recognize works and sufferings; I could say:  ‘I have nothing to give you.  What was the will that animated you in doing and suffering this?  Then get your reward from that one…’  Many times – if my Will is not in there – doing good or suffering can be miserable slaveries which degenerate into passions, while it is my Will alone that gives true dominion, true virtues, true glory, such as to transform what is human into divine.”

Volume 15April 14, 1923
God centralized all possible imaginable goods in Mary Most Holy, so that She might conceive a Man-God.

I was thinking about all that my always lovable Jesus keeps manifesting to me about His Most Holy Will, and many doubts and difficulties arouse within my mind, which I do not believe it is necessary to say here.  Then, moving in my interior and clasping me tightly to His Heart, He told me:  “Beloved daughter of my Will, you must know that when I want to do great works – works in which the whole human family must take part, if it only wanted to – my usual way is to centralize in one single creature all the goods and all the graces which this work contains, so that all the others may draw those goods as though from a fount, as much as they want.  When I do individual works, I give limited things, but when I do works which must serve the universal good, I give things without limit.

I did this in the work of Redemption:  in order to be able to elevate a creature to conceiving a Man and God, I had to centralize all possible imaginable goods in Her.  I had to elevate Her so high as to place in Her the seed of the very Paternal fecundity.  So, just as my Celestial Father, virgin, generated Me within His womb with the virginal seed of His eternal fecundity, without the work of a woman, and from the same seed the Holy Spirit proceeded – in the same way, with this eternal seed, wholly virginal, of the Paternal fecundity, my Celestial Mama conceived Me in Her virginal womb, without the work of a man.

The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its own to this Divine Virgin so that She might conceive Me, the Son of God.  My Holy Mama could never have conceived Me without having a seed.  Now, since She belonged to the human race, this seed of eternal fecundity gave Her the virtue of conceiving Me as Man; and because the seed was divine, at the same time She conceived Me as God.  And just as the Holy Spirit proceeded at the same time as the Father generated Me, in the same way, as I was generated in the womb of my Mama, the generation of souls proceeded at the same time.  Therefore, everything that ab æterno [from eternity] occurred to the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven, was repeated in the womb of my dear Mama.  The work was immense and incalculable to created mind… I had to centralize all goods, and even Myself, so that all might find what they wanted.  This is why, since the work of Redemption was to be so great as to overwhelm all generations, I wanted for many centuries the prayers, the sighs, the tears, the penances of so many patriarchs and prophets, and of the whole people of the Old Testament.  And I did this in order to dispose them to receive a good so great, and to move Me to centralize in this celestial creature all the goods of which everyone was to make use.  Now, what moved this people to pray, to sigh…?  The promise of the future Messiah.  This promise was like the seed of so many supplications and tears; had there not been this promise, no one would have given it a thought, no one would have hoped for salvation.

Now, my daughter, let’s come to my Will.  Do you think it is a Sanctity like the other sanctities?  A good, a grace, almost like the others which I have given for many centuries to the other saints and to the whole Church?  No, no!  This is about a new era, a good which must serve all generations; but it is necessary that I first centralize all this good in one creature alone, just as I did in Redemption, by centralizing everything in my Mama.  Take a look at how things proceed in a parallel way:  in order to make Redemption come and to dispose souls for It, I made the promise of the future Messiah, so that, by hoping for Him to come, they would not only dispose themselves, but find, they too, their own salvation in the future Redeemer.  Now, in order to dispose souls to live in my Will, to let them partake in the goods It contains, and to make man return to the path of his origin, as he was created by Me, I Myself wanted to pray as the first, making my voice resound from one end of the earth to another, and even up high in Heaven, saying:  ‘Our Father, who art in Heaven’.  I did not say ‘My Father’, but I called Him Father of the whole human family, so as to commit Him in that which I was going to add:  ‘May all sanctify your Name, so that your Kingdom may come, and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’.  This was the purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be fulfilled.

As I prayed, the Father surrendered to my supplications, and I formed the seed of a good so great.  And so that this seed might be known, I taught my prayer to the Apostles, and they transmitted it to the whole Church, so that, just as the people of the future Redeemer found salvation in Him and disposed itself to receive the promised Messiah, in the same way, with this seed formed by Me, the Church, in praying and repeating my very prayer many times, might dispose Herself to receive the good of recognizing and loving my Celestial Father as their Father, in such a way as to deserve to be loved as children and receive the great good that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

The very Saints have formed their sanctity, and the martyrs have shed their blood, in this seed and in this hope that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  There is no good which does not derive from this seed.  So, the whole Church prays; and just as the tears, the penances, the prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that excelling Virgin whom We were to dispose in order to centralize such a great good in Her, so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know whom She would be – in the same way, now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may centralize in you all the good that my Will contains, the ‘way’, the ‘how’, the Divine Will may have life on earth as It does in Heaven.  And even though you are not known, by echoing my prayer, ‘Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’, the Church prays Me, presses Me to centralize all this good in a second Virgin, so that, like a second savior, she may save unsafe humanity; and making use of my inseparable love and mercy, I may answer my own prayer united to that of the whole Church, making man come back to his origin, to the purpose for which I created him – that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  This is precisely the living in my Will; and everything I keep manifesting to you pushes you to this, confirms you in this.  This is the great foundation I keep forming in your soul; and in order to do this, I keep centralizing in you all the graces, past, present and future, which I have given to all generations.  Even more, I redouble them, I multiply them, because since my Will is the greatest, the holiest, the noblest thing, which has no beginning and no end, in order to place It in one creature, it is right and decorous that I centralize all possible goods, innumerable graces, divine purity and nobility in her, so that my Will may have in her the same cortege It has in Heaven.  This Will of Mine is the same Will that operated in Redemption, and wanted to make use of a Virgin.  What portents and prodigies of graces did It not work in Her?  My Will is great, It contains all goods, and in operating, It acts with magnanimity; and if it is about doing works and doing good for the whole humanity, then It puts all of Its goods at stake.

Now It wants to make use of another virgin, to centralize Its Will in her, and to begin to make known that Its Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  And if in Redemption It wanted to come to save lost man, to satisfy for his sins, which man had no power to do, and to give him refuge and many other goods which Redemption contains, now, wanting to show love even more than in Redemption Itself by making my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, my Will comes to give man his state of origin, his nobility, the purpose for which he was created.  It comes to open the current between Itself and the human will, in such a way that, absorbed and dominated by this Divine Will, the human will will give It life within itself, and my Will will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

Volume 15 – July 11, 1923 

When the Lord wants to do great Works, He chooses unique and singular souls for the decorum of His Works.

I was praying and abandoning all of myself in the arms of my most sweet Jesus, when a thought in my mind said to me:  ‘Only for you this martyrdom of having to bother others, and be a burden to Your Ministers, unable to do without letting them meddle in my things, things which pass between me and Jesus.  The others are free; they enter a state of suffering, and can free themselves by themselves… Yet, how many times I begged Him to free me, but in vain.’

Now, while I was thinking of these and other things, blessed Jesus came, all goodness and love, and placing Himself close to me, told me:  “My daughter, the greater the work I want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular.  The Work of Redemption was the greatest, and I chose only one creature, providing her with all the gifts, never conceded to anyone, so that this creature might contain so much Grace as to be able to become my Mother, and so that I might place in Her all the goods of Redemption.  And so that She might keep all my gifts, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the Light of the Most Holy Trinity, Who was Her custodian and had the office of directing Her in everything.  Then, when I was conceived in her virginal womb, being the true Leader and the first of all Priests, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing her in everything, even in the motion of her heartbeat.  And when I died, I entrusted her to another Priest – Saint John.  A Soul so privileged, containing all graces, unique in the Divine Mind, unique in history – I did not want to leave Her without the assistance of my representative, up to her last breath.  Have I perhaps done this with other souls?  No, because they did not contain so much of good, gifts and graces, and therefore that much custody and assistance was not necessary.

Now, my daughter, you too are unique in my Mind, and will also be unique in history.  There will not be, either before or after you, another creature for whom I will dispose, as though forced by necessity, the assistance of my Ministers.  Having chosen you in order to place in you the Sanctity, the goods, the effects and the Act of my Supreme Will, it was convenient, just and decorous for the very Sanctity that my Will contains, that one of my Ministers assist you, and be the first depository of the goods contained in my Will, so as to let them pass from his lap into the whole body of the Church.  What great attention is required of you, and of them!:  of you, in receiving from Me, like a second Mother, the great gift of my Will, and in knowing all Its qualities; of them, in receiving them from you, so that the ‘FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA’ on earth as It is in Heaven may be fulfilled in my Church!  Ah, you do not know how much I had to give you, to dispose your capacity to be able to place my Will in you.  I removed all seeds of corruption from you; I purified your soul, your very nature, so that you would neither feel anything for them, nor they for you; because, since the seed is missing, it is as if fire were missing to firewood.  And even though I did not exempt you from original sin, as I did with my dear Mama, by removing from you the seed of corruption, I made another prodigy of Grace, never conceded to anyone else, because it was decorous for my Will, three times Holy, to descend into a soul and take possession of her, without her being shaded, even the slightest, by the slightest corrupted breath.  My Will would not have adapted Itself to take possession of you and communicate Its Act to you, had It noticed a single seed of corruption; just as I, Word of the Father, would not have adapted Myself to be conceived in the womb of the Celestial Mama, had I not exempted Her from original sin.  Moreover, how many graces did I not give you?  You think it’s nothing and therefore you give it no thought; and instead of thanking Me, you occupy yourself in thinking about what I have disposed for you, and about those I have placed around you – while I want that you follow only my Will.

You must know that this fulfillment of my Will is so great that It numbers among the greatest Works the Divinity has ever operated.  And I want It to be known, so that in knowing Its greatness and the immense goods It contains, souls may esteem It and desire It.

Three times did the Divinity decide to operate “ad extra”.  The first was in Creation, and it was without intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come to daylight.  The second was in Redemption, and with it intervened a Woman, the holiest, the most beautiful – my Celestial Mama.  She was the channel and the instrument I used in order to fulfill the Work of Redemption.  The third is the fulfillment of my Will, that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven – that the creature may live and operate with the Sanctity and the Power of Our own Will; a Work inseparable from Creation and Redemption – just as the Most Holy Trinity is inseparable.  Nor can We say that the Work of Creation is completed, if Our Will, as We decreed, does not act in the creature and live with the freedom, sanctity and power with which It acts and lives in Us.  Even more – this is the most beautiful point, the most radiant and high, and the seal of the fulfillment of the Work of Creation and of Redemption.

These are divine decrees, and they must have full completion.  To fulfill this decree We want to use another woman – and that is you.  The woman was the incitement, the cause for which man fell into his misfortunes, and We want to use the woman to put things in order, release man from his misfortunes and restore his decorum, honor, and true likeness to Us – just as he was created by Us.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not take things lightly.  This is not about any other thing – it is about divine decrees, and about giving Us field in order to let Us accomplish the Work of Creation and Redemption.  Therefore, We entrusted my Mama to St. John, so that She might place in him, and through him in the Church, the treasures, the graces and all of my teachings which I had placed in her during the course of my Life – as She had been entrusted to Me, I being her Priest – as well as all the laws, the precepts and the doctrines that the Church had to possess.  And She, faithful as She was and jealous of even one word of Mine, placed them in my faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost.  Therefore my Mama has primacy over the whole Church.  So I did with you:  since the “FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA” has to serve the whole Church, I entrusted you to one of my Ministers, so that you might place in him everything I manifest to you about my Will – the goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness wants to begin another Era of Grace – sharing with the creature all the goods He possesses in Heaven, and restoring her lost happiness.

Therefore, be attentive, and faithful to Me.”

Volume 16 – August 20, 1923 
The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will has nothing extraordinary on the outside, as it was for the Most Holy Virgin.

I was thinking to myself:  ‘My good Jesus says many marvelous things about His Will, and how there is no greater, higher or holier thing than the soul whom He calls to live in His Will.  If it were so, who knows how many marvelous things I should be doing, how many amazing things, also externally…  On the contrary, there is nothing charming or striking; rather, I feel the most abject and insignificant of all, who does nothing good, while the Saints – how much good did they not do?  Amazing things, miracles… Yet, He says that the living in His Will leaves all Saints behind.’

Now, while these and other thoughts were passing through my mind, my Jesus moved in my interior, and with His usual Light told me:  “My daughter, when a Sanctity is individual, in time and space, it has more external prodigies in order to attract those individuals, places and times, to receive the grace and the good which that sanctity contains.  On the other hand, the Sanctity of living in my Will is not an individual sanctity, assigned to do good to certain places, to certain people and to certain times; rather, it is a Sanctity which has to do good to all, in all times and in all places.  It is a Sanctity which remains eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of my Will, which, invading all, is Light without speech, fire without wood, without clamor, without smoke; but in spite of this, it does not cease to be the most majestic, the most beautiful, the most fecund.  Its Light is more pure, Its heat more intense, and the true image of it is the Sun which illuminates our horizon – it illuminates all, but without clamor.  It is Light, but has no speech; it says nothing to anyone – the good it does, the seeds it fecundates, the life it gives to all plants, and how it purifies the polluted air with its heat, and destroys all that can be noxious to all humanity.  It is so silent that, even though they have it with them, they pay no attention to it.  But in spite of this, it does not cease to be majestic and beautiful, and to continue the good it does for all.  And if the sun were missing, everyone would cry over it, since the greatest miracle of fecundity and preservation of all nature would be missing.

The Sanctity of living in my Will is more than Sun.  A soul who is upright and fully ordered in my Will is more than an army in battle.  Her intelligence is ordered and bound to the Eternal Intelligence; her heartbeats, affections, desires, are ordered with eternal bonds.  Therefore, her thoughts, her Will and all her interior, are armies of messengers which come from her and which fill Heaven and earth; they are speaking voices; they are weapons which defend all, and first of all, their God.  They bring good to all; they are the true Celestial and Divine militia which the Supreme Majesty keeps all ordered within Itself, always ready at all Its commands.

And then, there is the example of my Mama, true Sanctity of living in my Will, with her interior all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition.  Having to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods, she remained as though hidden in all, bringing good without making herself recognized.  More than a silent Sun, she brought Light without speech, Fire without clamor, Good without exposing herself.  There was no good which did not come from Her; there was no miracle which was not unleashed from Her.  By living in my Will, she lived hidden within all, and she was and is the origin of the goods of all.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition.  She was aware of all the interior of all creatures, and she placed her own in order to reorder them before God.  It was exactly the interior of man, more than the outside, to be in greater need of being re-done and reordered; and so, having to do the major part, it seemed that she did the minor, while she was the origin of both external and interior good.  Yet, apparently it seemed that she did not do great or amazing works.  More than Sun, She went unobserved and hidden in the cloud of Light of the Divine Will, so much so, that the very Saints gave of themselves, doing apparently more amazing things that my own Mama did.  Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mama?  They are just little stars compared to the great Sun; and if they are illuminated, it is because of the Sun.

But even though she did not do amazing things, she did not cease to be, also visibly, majestic and beautiful, just barely flying over the earth, all intent on that Eternal Will which she charmed and enraptured with great love and violence, in order to transport It from Heaven to earth, and which the human family had so brutally exiled up on High.  And with all her interior ordered in the Divine Will, She gave no time to time; whether She thought, palpitated, breathed, and everything else She did – these were all charming bonds in order to draw the Eternal Word upon earth.  And in fact She won, and She performed the greatest miracle, which no one else can do.

This is your task, my daughter:  to charm Me, to bind Me so much with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Volition, as to transport It from Heaven to earth, that It may be known and have life on earth as it does in Heaven.  Of all the rest you should not worry about.  One who has to do the major part, has no need to do the minor; on the contrary, the field is given to others so that they may do the minor part, in order to give work to all.  I know what is needed – time, place and people – and when I have to make known my greatest works, also with external prodigies.  You, continue always your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth, charming Me so much as to make Me unable to resist performing the greatest miracle – that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”

Volume 16 – November 15, 1923 
The goods which the Divine Will contains are suspended.  Feast of the Divine Will.  The role of the Queen of Heaven, and the role of the little daughter of the Divine Will.  How Redemption was necessary first.   

I felt as though drowned in the Holy Will of God.  My sweet Jesus seemed to amuse Himself very much in my interior in sending me light, and I felt as though eclipsed in that light.  I felt that my mind was being filled with so much that I could not contain it, to the point of saying to Jesus:  ‘Jesus, my Heart, don’t you know that I am little?  I cannot contain what You want to put into my intelligence.’

And Jesus:  “Little daughter of mine, do not fear, your Jesus will let you drink this light sip by sip, so that you may receive it and comprehend it.  Do you know what this light means?  It is the Light of my Will; it is that Divine Will rejected by other creatures, Which, wanting to come and reign upon earth, seeks to find someone who would receive It, comprehend It, and love It.  In order to come and reign, It wants to find a little soul who would offer herself to receive all the acts that the Supreme Will had destined for each creature, to make her happy and holy, and to give her the goods It contains.  Now, this happiness, Sanctity and the goods that the Eternal Will delivered, in order to communicate them to the creature just as It delivered the whole Creation – are united and suspended; and if It does not find one who receives them, to give It all the homage, honor and cortege that the other creatures have not given It – It cannot come and reign upon earth.  Therefore, your task is to embrace all generations in order to receive all the acts of the Supreme Will that they rejected, with all the goods It contains.  If you do not do so, my Eternal Will cannot put Itself in feast, to come and reign.  It will have the tears of the past sorrow – of how ungratefully It was rejected; and one who cries does not reign.  Therefore It wants not only that the acts of Its Volition destined to each creature, receive reparation, but that there be desire to receive Its happiness with love, along with everything It contains.”

And I:  ‘Jesus, my Love, how can I do this?  I am too little and also a little bad, and You know it.  Even more, I fear I am unable to do it even for myself – how can I do it for others?’  And He, again:  “This is exactly why I chose you, and I keep you small, so that you may do nothing by yourself, but always together with Me.  I too know that, little as you are, you are good at nothing; at the most, at making Me smile with your childish things.  Therefore, your Jesus will take care of everything.

This is necessary, just as it was necessary that in order to come and fulfill Redemption, a little daughter of Ours, my Mama, assumed the task of receiving within Her all the acts of Our Will rejected by creatures.  And she made them her own, she welcomed them with decorum, loved them, repaired them, returned them – so much so, as to fill all their boundaries, as much as it is possible for a creature.

When the Divinity saw, reintegrated in this little Creature, Its Will of Creation, not only for herself, but for all others, It felt so attracted that It added the greatest act, the most sublime, the most prodigious one, to the many acts of Its Will in Creation – that this little one be the One to be raised to the exclusive and unique dignity of Mother of her own Creator.  I, Eternal Word, could never have descended from Heaven, had I not found in Her my Will, reintegrated, as We had wanted It to be in the creature.  What then was the cause that made Me come upon earth?  My Will existing in a little creature.  What did I care if she was small?  All I cared about was that my Will be safe in Her, with no fracture on the part of her human will.  Once Our Will was safe, all Our rights were given back to Us – the creature placed herself in the order of her Creator, and the Creator placed Himself in the order of the creature.

The purpose of Creation was already fulfilled, so We got to the facts – that the Word be made flesh, first to redeem man, and then, so that Our Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Ah, yes, it was my Mama, who, taking into herself all Our Will, delivered for the good of Creation, darted the Divinity with Divine arrows, in such a way as to draw, like a powerful magnet, the Word into her womb, wounded by Our own arrows.

We can deny nothing to one who possesses Our Will.  See then, the necessity for which I want another creature to offer herself to receive into herself all the acts of my Will, which I delivered in Creation, so as to give fulfillment to that FIAT which I brought upon earth, and which was welcomed and understood only by my Mother.  And this is why there was no division between Me and Her.

The Divinity wants to be wounded once again with Its own darts, in order to give the generations this great good – that my Will reign in them.  This is the greatest thing It wants to give – the true origin of man.  A human will is not enough to beseech It, and even less, to wound the Divinity.  It takes a Divine Will with which the soul, filled with It, may wound her Creator with His own arrows; so that, wounded, He may open the Heavens and let His Will descend upon earth.  More so, since He will find His noble court – all the acts of His Will lined up in the creature, who snatched from Him this solemn act – that His Will come to reign on earth with Its complete triumph.”

On hearing this, I said to Him:  ‘My beloved Good, your words confuse me; even more, they annihilate me, so much that I feel like a little newborn baby, whose limbs are not yet well formed, and therefore it is necessary to swaddle her.  And while swaddling clothes are still necessary to form me, You want to unswaddle me – but to do what?  To make me stretch my little baby hands and embrace your Eternal Will.  My Jesus, don’t You see?  I can’t reach, I cannot hold It – I am too little.  Moreover, if it pleases You so much that your Will reign upon earth, why did You wait so long?  And why, when You came upon earth, did You not do both things – that is, the Redemption and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven?  Your arms were strong and long enough to embrace your interminable Will.  See, see, O Jesus?  Mine are weak and short.  How can I do that?’

And He, again:  “Poor little child, you are right.  My words confuse you, the Light of my Will eclipses you and renders you the true newborn of the Supreme Will… Come into my arms; I will swaddle you with the clothes of my own Will, so that It may strengthen your limbs with Its fortitude; so it will be easy for you to hold tightly in your little arms that Eternal Will which wants to come and reign in you with so much love.”

So I flung myself into His arms, to let Jesus do me what he wanted.  Then He added:  “I could indeed have done both things when I came upon earth, but the creature is not capable of receiving the Work of her Creator all at once.  Moreover, I Myself delight in giving ever new surprises of love.  And then, the creature had profaned her taste with her own will; she had made the breath of her soul stink with such ugly things as to be disgusting to Me.  She had reached the point of acquiring a taste for the most revolting things, to the extent of letting them flow over the three powers of the soul like a rotten fluid, such that her nobility could no longer be recognized.  Therefore, with my Redemption, first I had to take care of all of this, providing all the remedies, and giving all these evils the bath of my Blood in order to wash them.  Had I wanted to do both things, man being so dirty, blind and deaf – rendered so by his human will – he would not have had the eyes of the intelligence to comprehend, nor the ears to listen, nor the heart to receive my Will.  And my Will, not being understood, and finding no place in which to dwell, would have turned back to Heaven once again.  Therefore it was necessary that, first, man understand the goods of Redemption to be able to dispose himself to comprehend the good of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.

The same would have happened also with you, if at the beginning, when I began to speak to you, I had talked to you about my Will – you would not have understood.  I would have behaved like a teacher, who, instead of teaching the first letters of the alphabet to his pupil, wanted to teach him sciences and foreign languages… Poor boy, he would get confused and would learn nothing.  Instead, I wanted to talk to you of suffering, of virtues – things which are more adapted and more tangible for human nature; things which can be called the alphabet of Christian life; the language of the exile, and of those who aspire to the Celestial Fatherland.  On the other hand, my Will is the language of Heaven, and It begins there where all other sciences and virtues end.  My Will is Queen that dominates all and crowns all, in such a way that before the Sanctity of my Will all other virtues shrink and tremble.  This is why, first, I wanted to be your teacher of the alphabet, to dispose your intelligence; and then become your Celestial and Divine Master, Who knows only about the language of the Fatherland – a Teacher of the highest science that my Will contains.  First I had to remove from you the taste for everything, because the human will has this poison that it makes one lose taste for the Divine Will.  In all created things, which came from Me, I had placed a Divine flavor.  But by doing her will, even in holy things, the soul does not find this flavor.  So, in order to let you taste my Will, I am attentive to not let you taste anything else, so as to dispose you and give you the more sublime lessons of my Will.  If this was necessary for you, more so for the whole Church, to Which first, I had to make known the inferior things, and then the highest thing of all – my Will.”

Volume 16 – November 24, 1923 

The sorrowful story of the Divine Will.  The Most Holy Virgin made all the acts of the Divine Will Her own; in this way She prepared the Food for Her children:  this is why She is “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.  Luisa must do the same for the Work of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.

I was doing the Hour of the Passion in which the Sorrowful Mama received Her dead Son into Her arms, and placed Him into the sepulcher; and I was saying in my interior:  ‘My Mama, together with Jesus I place all souls into your arms, that you may recognize them all as your children, inscribe them one by one into your Heart, and place them in the wounds of Jesus.  They are children of your immense sorrow, and this is enough for you to recognize them and love them.  And I want to place all generations in the Supreme Will, so that no one may be missing, and in the name of all, I give You comfort, compassion, and divine relief.’

Now, while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter, if you knew with what food my Sorrowful Mama nourished all these children!”

And I:  ‘What was it, O my Jesus?’

And He, again:  “Since you are my little one, chosen by Me for the mission of my Will, and you live in that FIAT in which you were created, I want to let you know the story of my Eternal Will, Its joys and Its sorrows, Its effects and Its immense value, what It did and what It received, and the one who took Its defense to heart.

Little ones are more attentive in listening to Me, because their minds are not filled with other things.  They are as though empty of everything, and if one wants to give them other food, they feel disgusted, because, being little, they are used to taking only the milk of my Will, Which, more than a loving mother, keeps them attached to Its divine breast to nourish them abundantly.  And they remain with their little mouths opened, waiting for the milk of my teachings, and I amuse Myself very much… Oh, how beautiful it is to see them now smiling, now rejoicing, now crying, in hearing Me narrate the story of my Will!

Well then, the origin of my Will is eternal.  Never did sorrow enter into It; among the Divine Persons this Will was in highest harmony; or rather, It was one.  In every act It issued forth, both “ad intra” and “ad extra”, It gave Us infinite joys, new contentments, immense happiness.  And when We wanted to deliver the machine of Creation – how much glory, how much honor and harmony did It not give to Us?  As soon as the FIAT was unleashed, this FIAT diffused Our beauty, Our light, Our power, order, harmony, love, Sanctity – everything; and We remained glorified by Our own virtues, in seeing, through the FIAT, the blossoming of Our Divinity concealed in the whole Universe.  Our Will did not stop; swollen with love as It was, It wanted to create man; and you know his story, therefore I move forward.

Ah, he was the one who caused the first sorrow to my Will; he tried to embitter the One Who loved him so much and Who had made him happy.  My Will cried more than a tender mother who weeps over her son, crippled and blind, and only because he withdrew from the will of his mother.  My Will wanted to be the first agent in man, if, for no other reason, to give him new surprises of love, of joys, of happiness, of light, of riches.  It wanted to give – always; this is why It wanted to act.  But man wanted to do his will and broke it from the Divine… If only he had never done that!  My Will withdrew, and he fell into the abyss of all evils.

Now, in order to rejoin these two wills, One was needed Who would contain a Divine Will within Himself.  Therefore, since I, Eternal Word, loved this man with an Eternal Love, We decreed among Our Divine Persons, that I was to take on human flesh in order to save him, and rejoin the two broken wills.

But where to descend?  Who was to be the One to provide her own flesh for her Creator?  This is why We chose a Creature, who, by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, was exempted from original sin:  her will and Ours were one.  It was this Celestial Creature that understood the story of Our Will.  We narrated everything to Her, as to a little one:  the sorrow of Our Will, and how ungrateful man, by breaking his will from Ours, had constrained Our Will within the divine sphere, almost hampering It in Its designs, preventing It from communicating to him Its goods and the purpose for which he had been created.

For Us, to give is to make Ourselves happy, and to make happy the one who receives from Us; it is to enrich without being impoverished; it is to give what We are by nature, forming it within the creature by grace; it is to go out of Ourselves to give what We possess… In giving, Our Love pours Itself out, and Our Will makes feast.  If We were not to give, why would We form the Creation?  Therefore, just being unable to give to Our children, to Our dear images, was like a mourning for Our Supreme Will.  Just in seeing man work, speak, walk, without the connection of Our Will, because it had been broken by him, and that currents of graces, of Sanctity, of science, etc. would have run to him, had he been with Us, but could not – Our Will took the attitude of sorrow.  Every act of creature was a sorrow for Us, because We saw that act empty of divine value, deprived of beauty and of sanctity – completely dissimilar from Our acts.

Oh, how the Celestial Little One understood this great sorrow of Ours, and the great evil of man in withdrawing from Our Will!  Oh, how many times She cried hot tears for Our sorrow, and for the great misfortune of man!  Therefore, fearful, She did not want to concede to her own will even one act.  This is why She remained little:  because her will had no life in her – so how could she grow?  But that which she did not do, Our Will did:  It raised Her all beautiful, holy, divine; It enriched Her so much as to make Her the greatest of all creatures.  She was a prodigy of Our Will – a prodigy of grace, of beauty, of sanctity.  But She always remained little; so much so, that She never came down from Our arms.  She took on Our defense; She repaid all the sorrowful acts of the Supreme Will.  Not only was She completely in order with Our Will, but She made all the acts of the creatures Her own; and absorbing into Herself all of Our Will rejected by them, She repaired It, loved It, and keeping It as though deposited in her virginal Heart, She prepared the food of Our Will for all creatures.

Do you see, then, with what Food this most loving Mother nourishes Her children?  It cost Her all Her life, unspeakable pains, and the very Life of her Son, to prepare within Her the abundant deposit of this food of my Will, and to keep It ready to nourish all her children as a tender and loving Mother.  She could not love Her children more; by giving them this Food, Her love reached the ultimate degree.  Therefore, among the many titles that She has, the most beautiful title that could be given to Her is that of “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.

Now, my daughter, if my Mama did this for the Work of Redemption, you too must do it for the Work of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.  Your will must have no life in you.  Making all of the acts of my Will in each creature your own, you will deposit them into yourself; and in repaying my Will in the name of all, you will form within you all the necessary food to nourish all generations with the food of my Will.

Every saying, every effect, every additional knowledge of It, will be one more flavor that they will find in this Food, in such a way that they will eat it with avidity.  Everything I tell you about my Volition will serve to whet their appetite, and so that they may take no other food – at the cost of any sacrifice.  If a food were said to be good, to restore strength, to heal the sick, to contain all flavors, and even more, to give life, beauty and happiness – who would not make any sacrifice in order to take this food?  So it will be for my Will.  In order to make It loved and desired, the knowledge of It is necessary.  Therefore, be attentive, and receive within you this deposit of my Will, so that, as a second Mother, you may prepare the food for our children.  In doing so, you will imitate my Mama.  It will cost you much as well, but in the face my Will any sacrifice will seem nothing to you.  Be little, do not come down from my arms, and I will continue to narrate to you the story of my Will.”

Volume 16 – December 6, 1923 
The task of the Most Holy Virgin, the task of Jesus and the task of Luisa for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  

I was praying, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, staring at me.  And I, drawn by His gaze, looked at Him, down into His interior, which seemed to be like a crystal in which one could see all that my beloved Jesus was doing; and uniting myself with Him, I tried to do what He was doing.

At other times, it seemed to me that Jesus would take my soul in His hands, and would throw it in flight into the immensity of His Will, telling me:  “The Newborn of my Will!  You were born in my Will – in It do I want you to live.  Fly, fly in the Eternal Volition; fulfill your office.  See what needs to be done between the Divinity and the creatures; go around all generations, but always in my Will, otherwise you will not find them all.  And loving, working, repairing, adoring for all, you will go before the Supreme Majesty to give It all the love and the homages of all and of each one, as the First Newborn Daughter of Our Will.”

I would start my flight and Jesus would follow my flight with His gaze.  But who can say what I did?  In His Will I could find all the love which His Will was to give to the creatures, and because they would not take it, it was suspended, waiting to be taken.  And so I would make It my own, and investing all created intelligences, I would form for each thought an act of love, of adoration, and of all that every intelligence was supposed to give God.  And embracing everything within me, as though placing everyone on my lap, I would reach the vault of the Heavens to place them on the lap of the Celestial Father, saying to Him:  ‘Holy Father, I come to your Throne to bring you on my lap all your children, your dear images, created by You, in order to place them on your divine lap, so that You may bind and re-tie once again that Will which they had broken from You.  It is the Little Daughter of your Will to ask this of You.  I am little, it is true, but I take on the commitment to satisfy You for all.  I will not depart from your Throne, if You do not bind the human will with the Divine, so that, bringing It to  the earth, the Kingdom of your Will may come upon earth.  Nothing is denied to little ones, because what they ask is nothing other than the echo of your own Will and of what You Yourself want.’

Then I would go to Jesus, who was waiting for me in my little room, and He would receive me in His arms, covering me with kisses and caresses, telling me:  “My little one, in order for the Will of Heaven to descend upon earth, it is necessary that all human acts be sealed and glazed with acts of Divine Will, so that, in seeing that all the acts of the creatures are covered with Its Will, drawn by the powerful magnet of Its own Volition, the Supreme Will may descend upon earth and reign in it.  You, then, have been given this task, as First Newborn of Our Will.

Know that in order to draw the Word and make Him descend from Heaven, my Mama took on this commitment to go around all generations; and making all the acts of human will her own, She placed the Divine Will in them, since She possessed so much of this capital of the Supreme Volition as to surpass all that all creatures together would possess.  And for every round She made in It, this capital multiplied.  And so, I, Eternal Word, in seeing that one of our most faithful creatures had covered, with so much grace and love, all the human acts with the Divine Will, taking to heart all that was needed in order to do this, and in seeing that Our Will was present in the world – drawn, descended from Heaven.

The second commitment befitted Me in order to form Redemption.  How much I had to go around, across all human acts, as though taking them all in my hand and covering them, sealing them, glazing them with my Divine Will, in order to attract my Celestial Father, making Him look at all the human acts covered with that Divine Will which man had rejected into the celestial regions, so that my Divine Father would open the gates of Heaven, which had been closed by the human will.  There is no good which does not descend by means of my Will.

The third one is yours.  It befits you, Firstborn Daughter of Our Will, to add the third seal of Our Will upon all human acts to the first and the second, in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Therefore, go around, my daughter, over all the human acts of creatures.  Penetrate into the hearts; bring to each heartbeat the heartbeat of my Will, to each thought the kiss, the knowledge of my Will.  Impress the Omnipotent Fiat in every word; invade everything; overwhelm everyone with It, that my Kingdom may come upon earth.  Your Jesus will not leave you alone in these rounds; I will assist you and guide you in everything.”

And while He was saying this, I continued my flight, going around everything and everyone… But who can say what I did?  Jesus alone can say it, who made me do it.  So I spent a night always with Jesus, and while going around, I would bring Him now all thoughts, now all words, now works, steps, heartbeats, all invested by His Will; and Jesus received everything with love and made feast.

Then He said to me:  “Do you see what great difference exists between the Sanctity in my Will and that of other virtues?  The first one is to receive in every instant the currents of Grace, of Light, of Love, and in each one of her acts, the creature remains in order with her Creator.  Therefore it is the Sanctity which is closest to her Creator.  The second, that of the other virtues, exists in time and circumstances, whenever the occasion occurs to exercise now patience, now obedience, now charity and the like.  And if occasions do not come about, the virtues remain interrupted and without growth, and cannot receive the good which a virtue in act contains.  On the other hand, in the Sanctity of my Will there are no stops or interruptions.  My Will is always fixed on darting through the creature; she can receive It in every instant.  Whether she breathes, thinks, speaks, palpitates, takes food or sleeps – everything enters my Volition, and in every instant she can be filled with my Will along with all the goods It contains.”

Volume 16 – December 8, 1923 
The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Queen Mama, and after I received Holy Communion, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, as though inside a room filled with light.  In this light He was showing all He did during the course of His life.  One could see, lined up in order, all His merits, His works, His pains, His wounds, His Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, as though in the act of protecting a Soul, very, very dear to Him from the slightest evil that could possibly shadow Her.  I was stupefied in seeing so much attention from Jesus, and He said to me:  “To my Little Newborn I want to make known the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, conceived without sin.

First you must know that my Divinity is one single Act; all Its acts concentrate into a single One.  This is what it means to be God – the greatest portent of Our Divine Essence: not to be subject to succession of acts.  And if to the creature it seems that We now do something, and now something else – it is, rather, that We allow her to know what is within that single Act; and since the creature is incapable of knowing it all at once, We allow her to know it little by little.  Now, everything that I, Eternal Word, was to do in my assumed Humanity, formed one act with that single Act contained in my Divinity.  Therefore, before this noble Creature was conceived, everything that the Eternal Word was to do upon earth already existed; and so, in the act of the conception of this Virgin, all my merits, my pains, my Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, lined up around her Conception.  She was conceived in the interminable abysses of my merits, of my Divine Blood, and in the immense sea of my sufferings.  By virtue of them, She remained Immaculate, beautiful and pure; since my incalculable merits barred the way to the enemy, he could do no harm to her.

It is fair that the one who was to conceive the Son of a God, had to first be conceived in the works of this God, to be able to have the virtue of conceiving that Word, who was to come to redeem humankind.  Therefore, first She was conceived in Me, and then I was conceived in Her.  There was nothing left but to make it known to the creatures at the appropriate time, although in the Divinity it was already done.  Therefore, the one who most gathered the fruits of Redemption – or rather, who received Its complete fruit – was this excelling Creature.  Having been conceived in It, She loved, esteemed and kept as her own, everything that the Son of God did upon earth.  Oh, the beauty of this tender little one!  She was a prodigy of Grace, a portent of Our Divinity.  She grew up as Our own Daughter; She was Our decorum, Our joy, Our honor and Our glory.”

While Jesus was saying this, I was thinking in my mind:  ‘It is true that the Queen Mama was conceived in the interminable merits of my Jesus, but her blood, her body, were conceived in the womb of St. Anne, who was not exempt from original sin.  So, how can it be that She inherited nothing of the many evils which we all have inherited from the sin of our first father Adam?’

And Jesus:  “My daughter, you have not yet understood that all the evil is in the will.  It was the will that crushed man – that is, his nature; not nature that crushed the will of man.  Nature remained in its place, just as it was created by Me; nothing changed.  It was his will that changed, and put itself against nothing less than a Divine Will.  This rebellious will crushed his nature, debilitating it, contaminating it, and rendering it slave to most vile passions.  It happened as to a container full of fragrances or precious objects:  if it is emptied and then filled with rottenness or vile things, does the container perhaps change?  The content has changed, but the container is always the same; at the most, it becomes more or less estimable, depending on what it contains.  Such was man.

Now, to be conceived in the womb of a creature of the human race did no harm to my Mama, because her soul was immune to every sin.  There was no division between her will and the Will of her God.  The divine currents found no obstacle or opposition in pouring out into Her; in every instant She was under the pouring rain of new graces.  So, with this will and this soul, all holy, all pure, all beautiful, the container of Her body which She received from her mother, remained fragrant, restored, ordered, divinized, in such a way as to be exempt from all the natural troubles by which human nature is invaded.  Ah, yes!  She was the One who received the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven; and this ennobled Her and restored Her to her origin, as man was created by Us, before he sinned.  Even more, it made Her surpass it.  It embellished Her even more, through the continuous flows of that FIAT, which has the singular virtue of reproducing images fully similar to the One Who created them.  And by virtue of the Divine Will acting in Her, one can say that what God is by nature, She is by Grace.  Our Will can do anything and can reach everywhere, when the soul gives Us the freedom to act, and does not interrupt Our work with her own will.”

Volume 16 – March 22, 1924 

How by living in the Divine Will, the Virgin made the greatest miracle, without anything extraordinary on the outside.

When I told the Confessor what is written above, he said that he was not convinced, and that, if this was true, this morning we should see the world changed, at least in part.  So I remained doubtful and almost unwilling to write or say anything else.  Then, when my lovable Jesus came, I abandoned myself in His arms, and I poured out all my heart with Him.  I told Him what the opinion of the Confessor was, and that in order to believe, they would like to see prodigious things, miracles, etc.  And my beloved Jesus, pressing me to Himself as though wanting to cast away, by His touch, the doubts which were troubling me, told me:  “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart.  If it were not necessary that you write, I would not have forced you to this sacrifice.  You must know that every effect, every good, every value I make you know about my Will and all that the creature can do by living in It, are like many tastes, baits, magnets, nourishments, harmonies, fragrances, lights.  Each effect I talk to you about contains its own distinct property; so, by not manifesting all the goods contained in my Will and where the soul can reach by living in my Will, you would subtract a bait with which to capture them, or a taste to attract them, or a magnet to draw them, or a nourishment to satiate them.  So, the perfect harmony, the pleasure of the fragrances, the light in order to lead them, would be lacking… and therefore, not finding all possible goods – that is, not knowing them – they would not have that great yearning to rise above all other things in order to live in my Will.

And then, do not worry about what you were told.  Also my Mama contained my love as life; yet, the world continued its course of evil – in nothing it appeared to be changed.  Not even one external miracle was seen in her; yet, all that she did not do in the low world, she did in Heaven with Her Creator.  With her continuous living in the Divine Will, she formed a place within Her in which to draw the Word upon earth; she changed the destiny of mankind, and she performed the greatest miracle, which no one else has done or will ever do: to transport Heaven upon earth was a unique miracle.  One who has to do the greatest, does not need to do the least.  Yet, who knew anything of what my Mama was doing?  Or of what she did with the Eternal One in order to obtain the great portent of the descent of the Word into the midst of creatures?  It was known only by few at my Conception – that She was the cause of It; and by many, when they saw Me breathe my last on the Cross.

My daughter, the greater is the good I want to do to the soul – and this good must descend for the good of human generations and must bring Me complete glory – the more I draw her to Myself, and I make this good mature and seasoned between Me and the soul.  I segregate her from everyone; I make her ignored; and when my Will wants her to approach a creature, it takes all my power in order for her to submit to the sacrifice.  Therefore, let your Jesus do, and calm down.”

And I:  ‘My Jesus, they are right.  They say that they see no evidence, no positive good, that these are only words.  And I… I don’t really want anything; all I want is to do as You want, that I may do your Most Holy Will, and that all which passes between me and You may remain in the secret of our hearts.’

And Jesus:  “Ah, my daughter, would you like it if I had worked my Redemption in secret between my Celestial Father and my dear Mama, who was to conceive Me?  And then, was no one else to know that I had descended upon earth?  A good, as great as it may be, if it is not known, does not produce life, it does not multiply, it is not loved, nor imitated.  So, my Redemption would have been without effect for the creatures.  My daughter, let them talk, and let Me do.  Do not be concerned, and do everything I did when I was upon earth, both interiorly and externally, which is not yet known, nor has it received its full and desired fruit – especially my hidden Life.  The creatures knew almost nothing of all the good I did; yet, it served in an admirable and prodigious way before my Divine Father in order to prepare and mature the fruit of Redemption.  However, apparently I lived with the creatures, ignored, poor, miserable and despised; but this meant nothing.  Before my Father I was who I was, and my interior works opened seas of light, of graces, of peace and of forgiveness between Heaven and earth.  My interest was to open Heaven for the good of the earth – Heaven, which had been closed for many centuries, and that my Father would look with love upon the creatures.  Once this was done, the rest would come by itself.  And so, was this not a great good?  Even more, it was all; it was the yeast, the preparation, the foundation of Redemption.

The same with you.  It is necessary that I place the yeast of my Will, that I form the preparation, that I lay the foundations, that highest accord be between you and Me – between my interior acts and yours, in order to open Heaven to new graces and new currents, and to dispose the Supreme Majesty to concede the greatest Grace – that Its Will be known on earth and It may live in the midst of creatures with Its full dominion, as It does in Heaven.

And while you occupy yourself with this, do you think that the earth receives no good?  Ah, you are wrong!  The generations are running on a vertiginous slope of evil.  Who sustains them?  Who prevents them from being submerged in their vertiginous race to extent of disappearing from the face of the earth?

Remember that not too long ago the sea broke its boundaries under the earth, threatening to swallow entire cities – and your own town was in great danger.  Who stopped that chastisement?  Who stopped the waters and enclosed them in their boundaries?  This is exactly the great chastisement which is being prepared for the ugly, reckless race of the creatures.  Nature itself is tired of so many evils, and would want to take revenge for the sake of the rights of its Creator.  All natural things would want to hurl themselves at man; the sea, the fire, the wind, the earth, are about to come out of their boundaries to harm and strike the generations, in order to decimate them.

And does it seem trivial to you that while the human race is immersed in irreparable evils, I call you; and raising you between Heaven and earth and identifying you with my own acts, I make you run in my Will to prepare the act opposite to the so many evils that flood the earth, preparing good and trying to conquer man with my Love, to stop him from his vertiginous race, giving him the greatest thing, which is the Light of my Will, so that, by knowing It, he may take It as nourishment in order to restore his lost strengths, and so that, strengthened by It, he may stop it with recklessness and he may reacquire a firm step so as to no longer fall into evils?”

Then my Jesus disappeared, and I remained more embittered in thinking of the ugly, vertiginous race of creatures…

Volume 17 – December 8, 1924 

The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin and the test which was asked of Her. 

I was thinking about and reflecting on the Immaculate Conception of my Sovereign Queen Mama.  The qualities, the beauties and the prodigies of Her Immaculate Conception were pouring into my mind – a prodigy that surpasses all other prodigies made by God in all of creation.  Now, while I was thinking of this, I said to myself:  ‘Great is the prodigy of the Immaculate Conception, but my Celestial Mama had no trial during her Conception:  everything was favorable to Her, both on the part of God and on the part of Her nature, created by God, so happy, so holy, so privileged.  So, what was Her heroism and Her trial?  If the Angel was not exempted from the test – nor was Adam in Eden – was the queen of all alone to be exempted and not to deserve the most beautiful halo that the trial would place on Her august head of Queen and Mother of the Son of God?’ While I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, no one can be acceptable to Me without the test.  Had there been no test, I would have had a mother slave, not free; and slavery does not enter Our relations or Our works, nor can it share in Our free love.  My Mama had Her first trial from the very first moment of Her conception.  As soon as She did Her first act of reason, She knew Her human will on one side, and the Divine Will on the other, and She was left free to adhere to any of those two wills.  And without losing one instant, knowing all the intensity of the sacrifice She was making, She gave Us Her will, without wanting to know it ever again; and We gave Her Ours as gift.  And in this exchange of donation of wills on both sides, poured all the qualities, the beauties, the prodigies, the immense seas of grace of the Immaculate Conception of the most privileged of all creatures.

It is always the will that I am used to testing.  All sacrifices, even death, which were not directed to Me from the human will, would nauseate Me, and would attract not even a glance of Mine.

But do you want to know what was the greatest prodigy worked by Us in this creature so holy, and the greatest heroism of this creature so beautiful, that no one – no one will ever be able to equal?  She began Her life with Our Will, and with Our Will She continued it and fulfilled it.  So, one can say that She fulfilled it from the moment She started it, and that She started it there where She fulfilled it; and Our greatest prodigy was that in each one of Her thoughts, words, breaths, heartbeats, movements and steps, Our Will poured upon Her, and She offered Us the heroism of a divine and eternal thought, word, breath, heartbeat, operating in Her.  This raised Her so high that what We were by nature, She was by grace.  All of Her other qualities, Her privileges, Her very Immaculate Conception, would have been nothing compared to this great prodigy.  Even more, this is what confirmed Her and made Her stable and strong during all of Her life.  My continuous Will, pouring upon Her, made Her share in the Divine Nature; and Her continuous receiving It, rendered Her strong in love, strong in sorrow – different from everyone.  In this Will of Ours operating in Her, She drew the Word upon earth, and the seed of the Divine Fecundity in order to conceive a Man and God without human intervention.  And Our Will made Her worthy to be the Mother of Her own Creator.

This is why I keep insisting on the topic of my Will – because my Will maintains the soul beautiful, just as she came out of Our hands, and raises her as the original copy of her Creator.  As many great works and sacrifices as one may do, if my Will is not in them, I refuse them, I do not recognize them – it is not food for Me.  And the most beautiful works, without my Will, become food for the human will, for self-esteem, and for the greed of the creature.”

Volume 17 – May 1, 1925 

Unique missions:  the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior, the mission of Mary as the Mother of the Son of God, and the mission of Luisa of making known the qualities, the value and the good which the Divine Will contains, and which are not yet known, and of making It reign upon earth.

I was thinking about the many things that my beloved Jesus told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts came back to me – that, who knows, it might really not be necessary to say everything, or, that some things were not necessary.  But Jesus, wanting to lovingly resolve my doubts and make me know the mission He entrusts to the one who is to make His Divine Will known – having chosen for this the misery that I am, to my great stupefaction and confusion – continuing His holy instructions on this matter, told me:  “My daughter, every mission is to be connected to the office of executing it, and therefore it must be carried out omitting nothing of that which belongs to it.  In fact, every mission which is destined for the good of others, has its own particular gifts, graces, riches and qualities, which are useful for its execution.

My Humanity received from my Divinity the mission of the salvation of souls and the office of Redeemer – that is, to redeem them from the slavery of sin and from eternal death.  In order to carry out this office, I was given their souls, their pains, their satisfactions.  Therefore, I enclosed within Myself everything from everyone; and if my Humanity had neglected to enclose in Itself just one soul, one satisfaction, the office of Redeemer would not have been complete – I would not have enclosed in Myself all the graces, the goods and the light which it was necessary to give to each soul.  And even though not all of the souls are saved, this says nothing.  On my part, I had to enclose the goods of all, so that I might have necessary and superabundant graces for all, in order to be able to save all.  This was convenient to Me for the decorum and the just honor of my office as Redeemer.

Look at the sun above your horizon:  it contains so much light as to be able to give light to all; and even though not all might want to enjoy its light, by its unique office as sun, it possesses even the light that creatures might refuse.  This was convenient to the Sun, because it was created by God as the unique sphere which was to warm and embrace the earth with its light.  Each created being has its own office to carry out, and that office is unique – linked to that being, to that creature.  In order to execute it well, it is necessary that the one who is to carry out the office entrusted to her, contain so much of that good – good which she must give to others according to the mission for which she was created – that as much of it as she gives, it is never exhausted, not even by one atom.

This was even more convenient to Me, Who was to be the new Sun of the souls, and Who was to give light to all and embrace all with my light, to bring them all to the Supreme Majesty, offering to this Divine Majesty an act from Myself which would contain all acts, and to make the superabundant light of my Divinity descend upon all in order to rescue them.

In addition to Me, there is my Celestial Mama, who received the unique mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind.  For her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all other creatures combined, both celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her.  But this was not enough to draw the Word into her maternal womb; it was necessary that the Mother put in action all this abyss of graces and gifts, by embracing all creatures, loving them, repairing and adoring the Supreme Majesty for all; in such a way as to accomplish Herself, all that the human generations owed to God.  Therefore, in her virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible vein for God and for all creatures.  When the Divinity found in this Virgin compensation for the love of all, It felt enraptured, and formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word.  And as She conceived Me, She took on the office of Co- Redemptrix, and shared and embraced together with Me, all the pains, the substitutions, the reparations, the maternal love, for all.  In the Heart of my Mother there was a fiber of maternal love for each creature.  This is why, in truth and with justice, when I was on the Cross, I declared Her Mother of all.  She ran together with Me in the love, in the sufferings – in everything; She never left Me alone.  If the Eternal One had not placed so much grace in Her as to be able to receive, alone, the love of all – He would never have moved from Heaven to come down upon earth and redeem mankind.  Here is the necessity, the convenience – that She had to embrace and surpass everything, as befitting the mission of the Mother of the Word.

When an office is unique, as a consequence, nothing must escape the one who has it as mission.  He must have everything under his eyes, so as to be able to offer the good he possesses; he must be like a true sun that can give light to all.  So were I, and my Celestial Mama.

Now, your mission of making known the Eternal Will is braided with mine and with that of my dear Mother.  And since it has to serve for the good of all, it was necessary to centralize the Eternal Sun of my Will into one creature; so that, as a unique mission, this Sun might let its rays blaze from her, and all might take the good of Its Light.  This implies that, for the decorum and honor of my Will, I had to pour into you, as bearers and preparations, such graces, light, love and knowledge of It, as to befit the residence of the Sun of my Will.  Even more, you must know that, just as my Humanity, in Its office of Redeemer, conceived all souls, the same was to happen in you, in your mission and office to make my Will known and reign:  as you continue to do your acts in my Will for all, all creatures remain conceived in your will; and as you keep repeating your acts in Mine, you form many sips of Life of Divine Will, in order to be able to nourish all the creatures which are as though conceived in yours, by virtue of my Will.  Do you not feel how, in my Will, you embrace all, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and for all, you would want to satisfy, love, please this Supreme Will, binding It to all, removing all obstacles that prevent Its dominion in the creatures – making It known to all; and even with sufferings, you expose yourself to satisfy for all, this Supreme Will, which so much loves to be known and to reign in the midst of creatures?

To you, Firstborn Daughter of my Divine Will, it is given to make known the qualities, the value, the good It contains, and Its eternal sorrow of living unknown – hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the good ones at the level of the other virtues, as if It were a little light which is lit by men – as virtues are in comparison with my Will – and not the Eternal Sun that my Will is.

The mission of my Will is the greatest that can exist:  there is no good which does not descend from It; there is no glory which does not come from It.  Everything is centered in It:  Our interior Works and those which We have delivered; the Creation of the angels, of the world, of men; all virtues, all merits, all predestinations, all goods, all the glory of the chosen ones, all the mysteries of the infinite love, which are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – all in one Act and in act, and in one single point.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to lose time with doubts or uncertainties.  Everything I told you for this mission was necessary – not for you, but for the honor, the glory, the knowledge and the sanctity of my Will and of Its dominion in the creatures.  And since my Will is one, one was to be the creature to whom I had to entrust It, and through whom It would make Its rays blaze, to do good to all.”

Volume 17 – May 4, 1925 
(Continuation of the previous chapter).  The mission of the Divine Will will  reproduces on earth the image of the Most Holy Trinity; it will make man return to his origin, and will give completion to all.

After writing what is written above, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Jesus, fusing all of myself in His Most Holy Will; and my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His Most Holy Will close to mine, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, did you write everything on the mission of my Will?”

And I:  ‘Yes, yes, I wrote everything.’

And He, again:  “What if I told you that you did not write everything?  Rather, you have left out the most essential thing.  So, continue to write, and add:  ‘The mission of my Will will conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable but distinct among themselves, Who form all the beatitude of Heaven, in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  the Virgin, with Her Maternity which conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which was enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to manifest my celestial wisdom, adding the bond of becoming inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will display His Love in you, manifesting to you His secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them.  And the bond of inseparability will be added, between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable.  The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and everything, with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, in order to be all fused in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest.  These two missions will be repeated, because their exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge, is so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain.  These two missions are symbolized by the Sun, since, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations can enjoy it in superabundance.  Nor did I take into account that, since in the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve on earth, I could have placed in the Sun enough light as to be sufficient only for the two of them, making it then grow, in proportion to the growth of the human generations.  No, no – I made the Sun full of light, just as it is now, and will be.  For the decorum and the honor of Our Power, Wisdom and Love, Our works are always made with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increase or decrease.

So I did with the Sun:  I centralized in it all the light which it was to serve, up to the last man.  But how much good does the Sun not do to the earth?  What glory does it not give to its Creator, with its mute light?  I can say that, for the immense good it does to the earth, with its mute language, the Sun glorifies Me and makes Me known more than all other things together; and this, because it is full in its light, and stable in its course.  When I looked at the Sun which, with so much light, only Adam and Eve could enjoy, I also looked at all the living; and in seeing that that light was to serve all, my paternal goodness exulted with joy, and I remained glorified in my works.

So I did with my dear Mama:  I filled Her with so much grace, that She can give graces to all without ever exhausting even one of them.  So I did with my Humanity:  there is no good which It does not possess – and the very Divinity, to be able to give It to whomever wants It.  So I did with you:  I enclosed in you my Will, and with It I enclosed Myself.  I enclosed in you Its knowledges, Its secrets, Its light.  I filled your soul up to the brim; so much so, that what you write is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain of my Will.  And even though it now serves you alone, and a few glimmers of light serve some other souls, I am content, because being light, it will make its way by itself, more than a second Sun, in order to illuminate the human generations and to bring about the fulfillment of Our works:  that Our Will be known and loved, and that It reign as Life within the creatures.  This was the purpose of Creation – this was its beginning, this will be its means, and end.

Therefore, be attentive, because this is about rescuing that Eternal Will which, with so much love, wants to dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It wants to give out Its goods and become life of each one, but It wants Its rights whole – Its place of honor.  It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.

The mission of my Will was the purpose of the creation of man.  My Divinity did not depart from Heaven, from Its throne; my Will, instead, not only departed, but descended into all created things and formed Its Life in them.  However, while all things recognized Me, and I dwell in them with majesty and decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I want to conquer him and win him; and this is why my mission is not finished.  So I called you, entrusting to you my own mission, that you may place the one who drove Me away on the lap of my Will, and everything may return to Me, in my Will.

Therefore, do not be surprised at the great and marvelous things I may tell you for the sake of this mission, or at the many graces I may give you; because this is not about making a saint, but about saving the generations.  This is about rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything must return to the beginning, to the origin from which everything came, so that the purpose of my Will may have its complete fulfillment.”