Prodigies of the Divine Will in the Blessed Virgin Mary – Part III

Volume 18 – August 9, 1925
To return God in love for all created things forms part of the primary duty of the creature.  The first one to do it was the Celestial Queen.

My Jesus, give me strength; You, who see how great is the repugnance I feel in writing.  If it wasn’t for blessed obedience and for fear of displeasing You, I would not have written even one word – ever again.  Your long privations daze me and render me incapable of doing anything.  And so I need greater help, in order to put on paper that which your Holy Will suggests to me.  Therefore, give me your hand, and be always with me.

Now, while I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, in order to return God in love for all that He did in Creation out of love for the creatures, a thought told me that it was not necessary to do that; that this way of praying was not pleasing to my sweet Jesus, and that these are all inventions made up by my mind.  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, you must know that this way of praying – that is, to return God in love for all the things He has created – is a divine right and forms part of the primary duty of the creature.

The Creation was made out of love for man.  Even more, Our Love was so great that, had it been necessary, We would have created as many heavens, suns, stars, seas, earths, plants, and everything else, for as many creatures as were to come to the light of this world, so that each one of them might have a Creation for herself, a Universe of her own; just as when everything was created, and Adam was the only spectator of all Creation – he could enjoy all the good he wanted.  And if We did not do so, it was because man could enjoy everything anyway, as if it were his own, even if others too might enjoy it.  In fact, who cannot say, ‘the Sun is mine’, and enjoy the light of the Sun as much as he wants?  Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst, and use it for his necessities?  Or, ‘the earth, the fire, the air, are mine’, as well as many other things created by Me?  And if it seems that man lacks something or that there is hardship in life, it is because of sin which, barring the way to my benefits, prevents the things created by Me from being abundant toward the ungrateful creature.

So, given all this – that in all created things God bound His Love for each creature – she had the duty to return God with her little love, with her gratitude, with her “Thank You” to the One who had done so much for her.  Not returning God in love for all that He has done in the creation of man, is the first fraud that the creature makes to God; it is usurping His gifts, without even recognizing where they come from, and the One who loved her so much.  Therefore, this is the primary duty of the creature, and it is so indispensable and important, that the One who took to heart all of Our glory, Our defense, Our interest, did nothing but wander through all the spheres, from the tiniest to the greatest thing created by God, in order to impress Her return of love, of glory, of thanksgiving, for all and in the name of all human generations.  Ah, yes, it was exactly my Celestial Mama, who filled Heaven and earth with the return for all that God had done in Creation.

After Her came my Humanity, which fulfilled this duty, so sacrosanct, in which the creature had so much failed, and which, through Me, rendered my Celestial Father favorable toward guilty man.  So, it was through my prayers, and those of my inseparable Mama.  Don’t you want, then, to repeat my own prayers?  Even more, for this I called you into my Will – that you may associate yourself with Us, and follow and repeat Our acts.”

So I tried, as much as I could, to go through all created things, to give to my God return of love, of glory and of gratitude, for all that He had done in Creation.  I seemed to see in all created things the return of love of my Empress Mama and of my beloved Jesus.  This return formed the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth, and bound the Creator to the creature.  Each return of love was a key, a little sonata of enrapturing celestial music…

Volume 18 – August 15, 1925 

The Feast of the Assumption should be called Feast of the Divine Will operating in the Most Holy Virgin.

I continued to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Will in order to give to my Jesus the return of my little love for all that He has done for mankind in Creation; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, in order to give more value to my little love, did what I was doing together with me.  Then He told me:  “My daughter, all created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man.  They have no feet, but they all walk; they all have motion, in order to find him and to be found.

The light of the Sun starts from the height of the heavens in order to find the creature, illumine her and warm her.  The water walks, to reach even into the human bowels, to quench her thirst and to refresh her.  The plant, the seed, walks – opens the earth and forms its fruit to give itself to man… There is not one created thing that does not have a step, a motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation.  My Will, that walks continuously toward the creature in created things, never stops.  It is all motion toward the one whom It loves so much.  Yet, who says a “Thank you” to my Will, that brings her the light of the Sun to illumine her, the water that can be drunk to quench her thirst, the bread to satisfy her hunger, the flower and the fruit to cheer her, and many other things to make her happy?  Would it not be fair that, since my Will does everything for man, man would do everything to do my Will?

Oh, if you knew the feast that my Will makes in created things, when It walks toward one who does my Will!  My Will, operating and fulfilled in the creature, and my Will operating in created things, kiss as they meet, harmonize, love each other, and form the hymn of adoration to their Creator and the greatest portent of all Creation.  Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their own lives.

On the other hand, my Will takes the attitude of sorrow in those same created things, when It has to serve one who does not do my Will.  This is why many times, created things place themselves against man, strike him, chastise him… They then feel superior to man, because they preserve intact within themselves that Divine Will by which they were animated from the beginning of their creation, while man descended to the bottom, not keeping the Will of his Creator within himself.”

After this, I began to think of the feast of my Celestial Mama Assumed into Heaven, and my sweet Jesus, with a tender and moving tone, added:  “My daughter, the true name of this Feast should be Feast of the Divine Will.  It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke the bonds with its Creator, made miseries and suffering enter the field, and put an end to the feast that the creature was to enjoy in Heaven.  Now, this Creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One, always and in everything – even more, it can be said that Her life was Divine Will alone – opened the Heavens, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored in Heaven the feasts with the creature.  Every act She did in the Supreme Will, was a feast that She started in Heaven; it was Suns that She formed to adorn this feast; it was melodies that She sent to delight the Celestial Jerusalem.

Therefore, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mama.  It operated such prodigies in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, chain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and enrapture the Word, even from Her womb.  The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves:  “From where comes so much glory, so much honor, such greatness and prodigies never seen before – in this excelling Creature?  Yet, she is coming from the exile!”  Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as life operating in Her; and, trembling, they said:  “Holy, Holy, Holy!  Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord!  And glory to Mary, trice Holy, She who let this Supreme Will operate!”

So, it is my Will that was and is celebrated more than everything on the day of Her Assumption into Heaven.  It was my Will alone that made my Most Holy Mother ascend so high as to distinguish Her among all.  Everything else would have been as nothing, had She not possessed the prodigy of my Will.  It was my Will that gave Her Divine Fecundity and made of Her the Mother of the Word.  It was my Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures together, making of Her the Mother of all, and loving all with a love of Divine Maternity.  Constituting Her Queen of all, It made Her rule and dominate.  On that day, my Will received the first honors, the glory and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation; and the unending feast began, for the glorification of Its work in my beloved Mama.  And even though Heaven was opened by Me, and many Saints already possessed the Celestial Fatherland when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven – we waited for Her who had honored It so much and contained the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will, to make the first feast for the Supreme Volition, because She Herself was the primary cause of it, having fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything.

Oh, how the whole of Heaven magnified, blessed and praised the Eternal Will, upon seeing this sublime Queen, all surrounded by the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Will, enter the Heavens, into the midst of the Celestial Court!  They saw Her all studded with the power of the Supreme FIAT, and saw that not one breath had been in Her which did not have this FIAT impressed in it.  Astonished, all the celestial spirits looked at Her and said:  ‘Ascend, ascend higher!  It is justice that She, Who so much honored the Supreme FIAT, and through Whom we find ourselves in the Celestial Fatherland, have the highest throne, and be our Queen!’

The greatest honor that my Mother received, was to see the Divine Will glorified in Her.”

Volume 18 – October 10, 1925
Exchange of wills between the Virgin and the Celestial Father, and between Luisa and God.  The Most Holy Virgin repeats to one who lives in the Divine Will, all that She did to Her Son.

As I was in my usual state, my poor mind found itself within a very high atmosphere.  I seemed to see the Divinity, and upon one knee of the Celestial Father, I saw the Queen Mama, dead, as if She had no life.  Surprised, I thought to myself:  ‘My Mama is dead; but what a happy death – to die upon the knees of our Creator!’  But, looking more closely, I saw her will as though detached from her body, held in the hands of the Divine Father… Amazed, I looked, and I could not explain to myself what I was seeing; but a voice coming from the Divine Throne, said:  “This is the Elect among all the elect; She is the All Beautiful; She is the only creature who gave Us her will as a gift and left it, dead, upon Our knees, into Our hands.  And We, in exchange, gave her the Gift of Our Will.

Greater Gift We could not give Her, because by acquiring this Supreme Will, She had the power to make the Word descend upon earth, and to make Him form the Redemption of mankind.  A human will would not have had power or attraction over Us; but a Divine Will, which We Ourselves gave to this incomparable Creature, won over Us, conquered Us, enraptured Us; and unable to resist, We surrendered to Our own petitions to make the Word descend upon earth.

Now We are waiting for you to come and die upon the other knee, giving Us your will.  In seeing it dead in Our hands, as if it no longer existed for you, We will give you the Gift of Our Will, and through you – that is, through Our Will given to you – Our FIAT will return to live upon earth.  These two wills, dead upon Our knees, will be the ransom of many rebellious wills, and We will keep them as a precious pledge, which will repay Us for all the evils of the other creatures, because with Our Will they will be able to satisfy Us in everything.”

I could no longer hear the voice, and I found myself on the other paternal knee, in the act of breathing my last, and dying.  At that moment I found myself inside myself, but I am unable to say what I felt within me.  I just prayed from the heart that my will would never again enter into me, but that only the Divine might have life in me…  Ah, the Divine Will alone is the bearer of all goods and the repeater of Jesus within souls; and echoing the FIAT of Creation, It embraces everything and everyone as if in one breath, and returns God for the work of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  The Divine Will operating in us can do everything.  It is the true Queen, which reigns and rules over everything.

Afterwards, I saw my Celestial Mama with Baby Jesus in Her arms, as She kissed Him and placed Him at Her breast to give Him Her most pure milk; and I said to Her:  ‘My Mama, don’t you give anything to me?  O please, let me at least place my “I love you” between your mouth and that of Jesus, while you kiss each other, so that my little “I love you” may run within everything you do.

And She said to me:  ‘My daughter, please, place your little “I love you”, not only in my mouth, but in all the acts which pass between Me and my Son.  You must know that everything I did toward my Son, I intended to do toward those souls who were to live in the Divine Will, because, being in It, they are disposed to receive all the acts I did toward Jesus; and I could find sufficient space in which to place them.  So, if I kissed my Son, I kissed them, because I found them together with Him in His Supreme Will.  They were the first to be as though lined up within Him, and my maternal love pushed Me to make them participate in all that I did to my Son.

Great graces were needed for those who were to live in this Holy Will, and I placed all my goods, my graces, my sorrows, at their disposal, as their help, defense, strength, support and light; and I felt happy and honored with the greatest honors, to have, as my children, the children of the Will of the Celestial Father, which I too possessed, and therefore I looked at them also as my births.  Even more, it can be said of them what is said about my Son:  that the first generations found salvation in the merits of the future Redeemer.  In the same way, these souls, these future children, by virtue of the Divine Will operating in them, are the ones who incessantly plead from Us salvation and Grace for the future generations.  They are with Jesus, and Jesus is in them; and they repeat together with Jesus all that He contains.  Therefore, if you want me to repeat to you what I did to my Son, let me always find you in His Will; and I will be generous with my favors toward you.”

Volume 18 – November 12, 1925
One who is called to be the head of a mission must enclose all the goods belonging to that mission in order to communicate them to others.  

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, squeezed me all to Himself, placed Himself in the act of giving me a lesson and a correction, and told me:  “My daughter, be attentive in doing your acts in my Will.  You must know that for one who has been called to be the head of a mission, the more good she encloses which belong to this mission, the more good she will be able to communicate to others.  Those goods will be as many seeds which you will lend to others, so that, whoever will have the fortune of wanting to acquire those seeds, may become the possessor of the harvest of those very seeds.  This happened with Adam, who, being the first man, was constituted head of all generations; and being the head, by necessity he had to possess the seeds of all that is necessary for the development of human life, so that these might be given to others.  It is true that these seeds have been enlarged, clarified, known more, according to the goodwill of the following generations, to their capabilities, and to the applications they made of these very seeds; but Adam had them all within himself, and one can say that everything comes from him.  Therefore, it can be said that, in being created by God, he was provided with all the sciences.  All that the others learn with so many efforts, he possessed as a gift in a surprising way.  So, he possessed the knowledge of all the things of the earth; he had knowledge of all the plants, of all the herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained.  He had knowledge of all the species of animals and of how to use them; he had knowledge of music, of chant, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of everything.  And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all.  See, then, how necessary it is that one who must be the head enclose in himself all the good in which the other must partake.

The same with you, my daughter.  Since I have called you as the head of a special mission, more than a new Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the Science of sciences, which is my Will, a science all of Heaven – I want you to enclose within you all the seeds which my Will contains.  And the more acts you do in It, and the more knowledges you acquire, the more rays of light you will give to the Sun of my Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations, in such a way that, struck by the fullness of light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the good which my Will contains, what it means to live in It, and the great good with which they would be enriched.

It will happen as it happened with the Sun.  Possessing such great fullness of light, it can easily take all of the earth in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that everyone – some more, some less – can know the good it does by bringing its light to all.  But if the Sun, in the height of its sphere, were lacking in light, could the light which descends to the bottom fully illuminate all the earth?  At the most, a few small portions of the earth, which rotate more closely to the Sun.

If to the Sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I gave such fullness of light for the good of all generations, much more do I want to fill with fullness of light the Sun of my Will, which must illuminate, warm the souls, and place in them the fecundity of the seed of Divine Sanctity.  Just as I chose Adam as the head, so did I choose a point of Heaven in which to fix the center of the Sun which was to illuminate the earth; and so did I choose you as the center of the Sun of my Will, and the fullness of its light must be such that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this light, each one making it his own.

This is why your complete acts in my Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you, in order to form the fullness of this light.  It is usual for the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the good It wants to do in her.

This happened for the coming of Redemption upon earth – the Incarnation of the Eternal Word.  It took the course of four thousand years, and during this time, all the acts which the creatures had to do in order to dispose themselves and to deserve the great good of Redemption had been established, as well as all the graces and knowledges which the Supreme Majesty was to give in order to make known that same good, which would bring about the descent of the Word into their midst.  This is why the Patriarchs, the Holy Fathers, the Prophets and all the good of the Old Testament came, who, with their acts, were to prepare the way, the staircase, in order to reach the fulfillment of the longed for Redemption.

But this was not enough.  As good and holy as their acts were, there was the highest wall of original sin, which maintained the division between them and God.  This is why a Virgin was needed, conceived without original sin, innocent and holy, enriched by God with all graces, who made her own all the good acts done during the previous four thousand years, and covered them with her innocence, sanctity and purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see them through the acts of this innocent and holy Creature, who not only embraced all the acts of the ancients, but surpassed them all with her own; and therefore she obtained the descent of the Word upon earth.

It happened to all the good acts of the ancients as to one who has much gold and silver, but the image of King, which would give that precious metal the value of money, is not impressed on it.  So, even though it has a value in itself, it cannot be called value of money, which may circulate in the kingdom with right of currency.  But imagine that that gold or silver were acquired by the king, and that, giving it the shape of coins, he impressed on them his image:  now that gold has acquired the right of currency.

So did the Virgin:  she impressed on them her innocence, her sanctity, the Divine Will which she possessed as whole; she presented them all together to the Divinity, and she obtained the longed for Redeemer.  Therefore, the Virgin completed all the acts which were needed in order to make the Word descend upon earth.

But it did not end here.  So that the Redeemer might have His field of action upon earth and whoever wanted to, might use those acts as coins in order to purchase Heaven, the imprint of innocence, of Sanctity and of the Divine Will were needed, as well as the imprint of the works of the Word Himself, in order to let man rise toward Heaven.  If that of the Virgin was enough to make Me descend into the midst of creatures, in order to make man rise, my divine work was needed.  And so, this is why I embraced all those acts and I made them my own, I made up for all, I accomplished everything, and for all I placed the divine imprint on all the good acts, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth.  And this imprint was made by Me with unheard-of pains, with the shedding of my Blood.  In this way, as a magnanimous King, I gave to all the coins with which to purchase Heaven.  All this had been established by the Uncreated Wisdom, and not even one act of all this could be missing in order for Redemption to take place.

Now, my daughter, just as it was with Redemption, so will it be with my Will.  The fulfillment of the human acts is needed in order to make It known and to make It reign as prime act of life in the creature.  You too, on the example of my Celestial Mama, must embrace in my Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those which are done and will be done by all the good and the saints, up to the last day; and in each one of them, you will place your seal of return of love, of blessing, of adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of my Will.

Nothing must escape you.  My Will embraces everything; so you too must embrace everything and everyone, and place my Will – my Will alone – in its prime place of honor upon all the acts of the creatures.  It will be your imprint, with which you will impress the image of my Will in all the acts of the creatures.  Therefore, your field is vast; I want to see you flow in my Will upon all the graces and the prodigies which I did in the Old Testament, in order to give Me your return of love and of thanksgiving; and in the acts of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, in order to compensate for their love.

There is not one act in which I do not want to find you.  I would not be satisfied nor content if I did not find you in all the acts of the creatures which have been done and will be done.  Nor would you be able to say that you have completed everything in my Will; you would lack something of the true living in my Will.  Therefore, be attentive, if you want the fullness of light to be enough as to be able to illuminate all peoples with the Sun of my Will.  One who wants to give light to all must embrace everyone as in one single embrace, by becoming life and supplement of everything and of everyone.  Is my Will, perhaps, not life of everything – a life which is requited with so many bitternesses?  Is there not the need, then, for one who would sweeten these bitternesses, by substituting, as act of life with my own Will, for each act of the ungrateful creature?”

Volume 19 – March 6, 1926 
Only the most important thing was known about the Celestial Mama.  The same will be for the daughter of the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, taking my hand in His, drew me to Himself – up high, between Heaven and earth.  And I, almost fearing, clung to Jesus, holding on tightly to His most holy hand.  And wanting to pour out with Him the pain which so much oppresses me, I said to Him:  ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, some time ago You told me that You wanted to make of me a copy of my Celestial Mama; yet, almost nothing was known about Her, of the many seas of Grace with which, in every instant, She was inundated by You.  She said nothing to no one – She kept everything within Herself; nor does the Gospel say anything.  It is known only that She was your Mama, and that She gave You, Eternal Word, to the world; but everything that passed between You and Her – the favors, the graces – She kept them all within Herself.  With me, then, You want the opposite – You want me to manifest what You tell me; You do not want the secret of what passes between me and You.  I feel sorrow for this; where is, then, the copy You want to make between me and my Mama?’

And my sweet Jesus, squeezing me tightly to His Heart, all tenderness told me:  “My daughter, courage, do not fear.  It happened with my Mama that nothing was known about Her, but that which it was necessary and sufficient to be known – that I was Her Son; that through Her I came to redeem the human generations, and that She was the first one in whom I had my first field of action, within Her soul.  All the rest – the favors and the seas of grace which She received – remained within the sacrarium of the divine secrets.  However, the most important, the greatest, the holiest thing was known – that the Son of God was Her Son; this was the greatest honor for Her, which raised Her above all creatures.  Therefore, since the most was known about my Mama, the least was not necessary.

The same will happen with my Daughter:  it will be known only that my Will had Its first field of divine action in your soul, as well as everything that is necessary in order to make known what regards my Will, which wants to enter the field, so that the creature may return to her origin; and how It anxiously awaits her into Its arms, so that there may no longer be division between Me and her… If this were not made known, how could she long for this great good?  How could she dispose herself to receive a grace so great?  If my Mama had not wanted to make known that I was the Eternal Word and Her Son, what good would Redemption have produced?  When a good is not known, as great as it may be, it has no channels in order to communicate the good it possesses.  And just as my Mama did not oppose, so must my Daughter not oppose what regards my Will.  All the rest – the secrets, the flight you do in my Will, the goods you take, and the most intimate things between Me and you – will remain the sacrarium of the divine secrets.  Do not fear, your Jesus will content you in everything.”

Volume 19 – March 28, 1926 

By living in the Divine Will, all goods remain centralized within the soul.  The primary purpose of Redemption was the Fiat Voluntas Tua reigning upon earth.  The Celestial Mama and Her acts as help of the soul. 

Having received Holy Communion, I was calling everyone – my Queen Mama, the Saints, the first man Adam, followed by all generations up to the last man who will come upon earth, and then all created things, so that, all together, prostrate with me around Jesus, we might adore Him, bless Him, love Him; so that nothing might be missing around Jesus, of all the works which came from His hands – not a heart that palpitates, nor a sun that shines, nor the vastness of the blue heaven studded with stars, nor the sea that murmurs, and not even the tiny little flower which emits its fragrance.  I wanted to centralize everything and everyone around ‘Jesus Host’, so that we might render Him the honors due to Him.  His Will made everything present to me, as if everything were mine; and I wanted to give everything to Jesus.

Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that Jesus was happy in looking at all generations and all of His things around Himself; and squeezing me to Himself, He told me:  “My daughter, how content I am in seeing all of my works around Me!  I feel I am receiving back the joy, the happiness, which I gave them in creating them; and I return them with new happiness.  This is the great good which my Will contains and brings; and in one who lives in It, It centralizes the goods of all, because there is no good which my Will does not bring, as it binds the soul to everyone and to everything which belongs to It.  Therefore, if the creature had not withdrawn from my Will, I would have found everyone within each one, and each one in everyone.  The goods, the light, the strength, the science, the love, the beauty, were to be common to all.  There was to be neither “yours” nor “mine”, both in the natural and in the spiritual order – each one could have taken as much as he wanted.

The human life in my Will was to be symbolized by the sun:  everyone can take its light, as much as they want of it, without anyone lacking it.  However, as man withdrew from my Will, the goods, the light, the strength, the love, the beauty, remained divided and as though halved among the creatures.  Therefore, there was no longer order, nor harmony, nor true love – either toward God or among themselves… Oh, if the sun could be split into many rays, these solar rays, detaching from the center of light, would end up becoming darkness.  And what would happen to the earth?  Ah, indeed no one could ever again have a light of his own, and all for himself.

So it was with my Will.  By withdrawing from It, man lost the fullness of goods, the fullness of Light, of Strength, of Beauty, etc., and therefore he was forced to live a life of hardship.  Therefore, be attentive; let your living in my Will be continuous, that you may contain everything, and I may find everything in you.”

Then, I was thinking to myself:  ‘If the true living in the Supreme Will contains so much good, why did my Celestial Mama, who was all Will of God, not impetrate together with the longed for Redeemer, the “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven”, in order to let man return into that Supreme “FIAT” from which he came, to give back to him all the goods and the purpose for which he had been created?  More so since, being all Will of God, She did not have any extraneous element, therefore She possessed the very Divine Power, and with It She could impetrate everything…’

And my sweet Jesus, moving again in my interior, sighing, added:  “My daughter, the primary purpose of all that my Mama did, and of all that I did in Redemption, was that my “FIAT” would reign upon earth.  It would not have been decorous, nor true love, nor great magnanimity, or even less a work worthy of the God I was, if in coming into the world, I had had to, and wanted to, give to the creatures the minor thing – which was the means to be saved – and not, instead, the greater thing – which was my Will, that contains not only the remedies, but all possible goods which exist in Heaven and on earth; and not only salvation and sanctity, but that Sanctity which raises them to the very Sanctity of their Creator.

Oh, if you could penetrate into each prayer, act, word and pain of my indivisible Mama, you would find in them the “FIAT” which She longed for and pleaded for.  If you could penetrate into each drop of my Blood, into each one of my heartbeats, breaths, works and steps, sorrows and tears, you would find the “FIAT” excelling in them, which I longed for and asked for – for the creatures.  But while the primary purpose was the “FIAT”, my Goodness had to descend to the secondary purpose, and act almost like a teacher who, though possessing the highest sciences and being able to give noble and sublime lessons, worthy of himself, since his students are all illiterate, he must lower himself to giving lessons of  “a.b.c”, in order to reach, little by little, his primary purpose of imparting the lessons of the science he possesses, to make of them as many teachers worthy of such a great teacher.  If this teacher did not want to lower himself to giving lessons of inferior studies, and wanted to give lessons of his high science, the students, being illiterate, would not understand him and, confused by such a great science which they ignored, would leave him.  And the poor teacher, by not wanting to lower himself, would give neither the little good, nor the great good of his science.

Now, my daughter, when I came upon earth, the creatures were all illiterate of the things of Heaven, and if I had wanted to speak about the “FIAT” and of the true living in It, they would have been incapable of comprehending.  Since they did not know the way in order to come to Me, the majority being crippled, blind, sick, I had to lower Myself within the guise of my Humanity, which covered that “FIAT” I wanted to give, becoming familiar with them, associating with them, to be able to teach the first rudiments – the “a.b.c” of the Supreme “FIAT”.  And everything I taught, did and suffered, was nothing but preparing the way, the Kingdom and the dominion of my Will.

This is the usual way of Our works:  to do minor things as a preparatory act for greater things… Did I not do the same with you?  At the beginning, I certainly did not speak to you about the Supreme “FIAT”, or about the height of the sanctity which I wanted you to reach in my Will; nor did I ever mention the greater mission to which I was calling you; rather, I kept you like a little child, to whom I delighted in teaching obedience, love of suffering, detachment from everyone, death to your own self… And as you corresponded, I rejoiced because I could in you, ready, the place in which to put my “FIAT” and the sublime lessons which pertain to my Will.

The same happened in Redemption:  everything was done for the purpose that the “FIAT” might reign again in the creature, just as when we released her from Our creative hands.  We have no hurry in Our works, because We have, not only the centuries, but all eternity at Our disposal.  Therefore, We proceed at a slow pace; however, for Our own triumph, first We prepare, and then We act.  And after returning to Heaven, I have the same power, as if I continued to live upon earth.  My Power is always the same, whether I am in Heaven or on earth.  Did I not call my Mama, while being in the Celestial Fatherland?  In the same way, I have called and chosen you, with the same power which no one can resist, for the purpose of the longed for “FIAT”.  Even more, I tell you that in order to obtain this, you have at your disposal greater and more important things than my beloved Mama had.

Therefore, you are happier, because She did not have a mama, nor her works as help, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer; rather, She had only the cortege of the acts of the Prophets, of the Patriarchs, and of the good of the Old Testament, and of the great foreseen goods of the future Redeemer.  You, instead, have a Mama and all of Her works as help.  You have the helps, the pains, the prayers and the very Life – not foreseen, but actual – of your Redeemer.  There is no good or prayer which has been done, and is being done in the Church, that is not with you, to help you to obtain the longed for “FIAT”.  Since the primary purpose of all that was done by Me, by the Queen of Heaven and by all the good, was the fulfillment of my Will, everything is with you, to impetrate the completion of their purpose.  Therefore, be attentive; I will always be with you, and also my Mama.  You will never be alone in longing for the triumph of Our Will.”

Volume 19 – March 31, 1926 
One who does the Will of God must know, love and possess all that belongs to It.  The Most Holy Virgin could conceive the Eternal Word because She did the Will of God as God does It. 

My poor mind was dissolving in the Divine Will, and an endless light invaded the little circle of my intelligence.  And while it seemed that this light was centralized in my mind, it would spread outside, and fill the whole atmosphere; and penetrating up into the Heavens, it seemed as though centralized in the Divinity… But who can say what one could feel and comprehend while being in that light?  One could feel the fullness of happiness.  Nothing could penetrate into that Light which would be able to shade the joy, the beauty, the strength, the penetration of the divine secrets and the knowledge of the supreme mysteries.

Then, while I was swimming in that Light, my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, this Light, this dwelling so enchanting, which knows neither sunset nor death, is my Will.  Everything is complete in It:  happiness, strength, beauty, knowledge of the Supreme Being, etc.  This Light so endless, which is Our Will, came out from the womb of the Divinity as heritage for man – the most beautiful inheritance We could give him.  It came out from the intimate place of Our womb, bringing with Itself part of all Our goods, to let the creature inherit them, and to form her as all beautiful and holy, in the Likeness of the One who had created her.

See, then, my daughter, what it means to do my Will and to live in It:  there is no good that exists in Heaven and on earth, which It does not possess.  I want you to know them; otherwise, how can you love them and possess them, and use them in the different circumstances, if you do not know them?  If you do not know that you have a divine strength at your disposal, you will lose heart for a trifle… If you do not know that you possess a divine beauty, you will not have the courage to be with Me in a familiar way; you will feel dissimilar from Me, and will not have the audacity to snatch from Me the coming of the “FIAT” to reign upon earth.  If you do not know that all I have created is yours, you will not love Me in all things, and you will not have the fullness of true love… And so forth with all the other things.

If you do not know all the goods which my Will possesses – that there is nothing which does not belong to It, and which you must possess – it would happen to you as to a poor one who was given a million, but without letting him know that that amount had been placed in his little hovel… Poor one, because he does not know the good he possesses, he continues his poor life – his stomach half-empty, his clothes tattered; and he sips the bitternesses of his poverty.  But, instead, if he knows it, he changes his fortune; he turns the hovel into a palace; he feeds himself abundantly, clothes himself with decency, and drinks the sweet sips of his richness… Therefore, as many goods as one might possess, if he does not know them, it is as if he did not have them.

This is the reason for which, very often, I enlarge your capacity, I give you more knowledges about my Will, and I let you know everything that belongs to It – so that you may possess, not only my Will, but everything which belongs to It.

Besides, in order to come to reign in the soul, my Supreme Will wants to find Its goods and Its dominions.  And the soul must make them her own, so that, upon coming to reign within her, It may find Its own dominions on which to lay Its regime – Its command.  If It does not find Heaven and earth within the soul, over what can It reign?  Here is the necessity for which my Will wants to centralize all goods in you; and you must know them, love them and possess them, so that, being in you, It may find Its Kingdom, and It may dominate and rule over It.”

Afterwards, I was thinking of what Jesus had told me and, more than ever, I could see my littleness.  And I said to myself:  ‘How can I centralize all that the Divine Will contains?  It seems to me that the more He says, the more little I become and the more incapable I feel.  So, how can this be?’

And Jesus, coming back, added:  “My daughter, you must know that my Celestial Mama was able to conceive Me, Eternal Word, within Her most pure womb, because She did the Will of God as God did It.  All of the other qualities She possessed – that is, virginity, conception without original sin, sanctity, seas of Grace that She possessed – were not sufficient means in order to conceive a God, because all these qualities gave Her neither the Immensity, nor the All-Seeingness, to be able to conceive a God who is immense and who sees all things; and even less the Fecundity to be able to conceive Him.  In sum, She would have lacked the seed of Divine Fecundity.  But by possessing the Supreme Will as Her own life, and by doing the Will of God as God does It, She received the seed of Divine Fecundity, and with it, the Immensity, the All-Seeingness.  Therefore, in a natural way, I could be conceived in Her, because I lacked neither Immensity, nor everything that belongs to my Being.

Now, my daughter, the centralization of all that belongs to my Will will be as though natural also for you, if you arrive at doing the Divine Will as God Himself does It.  The Will of God in you and That which reigns within God Himself will be one.  What is the wonder, then, that everything which belongs to God, and which this Will holds, preserves and dominates, is also yours?  Rather, what is needed is that you know what belongs to It, so that you may love the goods you possess; and in loving them, you may acquire the right to possess them.

Doing the Will of God as God does It, was the highest, the most substantial, the most necessary point for my Mama, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer.  All the other qualities were the superficial part – the decency, the decorum which befitted Him.  The same for you:  if you want to obtain the longed for “FIAT”, you must arrive at this – doing the Will of God as God does It.”

Volume 19 – April 16, 1926 
In order to live in the Divine Will it takes full abandonment in the arms of the Celestial Father, as the Queen Mama did.  How the ‘nothing’ must surrender its life to the ‘All’.  Cares of Jesus for the soul.

I was feeling so very little and incapable of doing anything, and I called my Queen Mama to my help, so that, together, we might love, adore, glorify my highest and only Good, for all and in the name of all.  In the meantime, I found myself within an immensity of Light and all abandoned in the arms of my Celestial Father – even more, so identified with Him, as though forming one single thing with Him, in such a way that I no longer felt my own life, but that of God.  But who can say what I felt and did?

Afterwards, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter, everything you have experienced – your full abandonment in the arms of our Celestial Father, and no longer feeling your own life – is the image of the living in my Will.  In fact, in order to live in It, the creature must live more of God than of herself; even more, what is ‘nothing’ must give life to the ‘All’, in order to do everything and to have her act above all the other acts of each creature.

Such was the life of my Divine Mama.  She was the true image of the living in my Will.  Her living in It was so perfect, that She did nothing but receive from God, continuously, all that She was to do in order to live in the Supreme Volition.  So, She received the act of supreme adoration, in order to place Herself at the top of every adoration which all creatures were obliged to make to their Creator… In fact, true adoration has life within the Three Divine Persons.  Our perfect concord, Our reciprocal Love, Our One Will, form the most profound and perfect adoration within the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Therefore, if the creature adores Me, but her will is not in harmony with Me, it is a vain word – not an adoration.

So, my Mama took everything from Us, to be able to diffuse in everything and to place Herself above every act of creature – above every love, every step, every word, every thought; above every created thing.  She placed Her prime act upon all things, and this gave Her the right of Queen of all and of everything; and She surpassed, in sanctity, in love, in grace, all the Saints, who have been and will be, and all Angels united together.  The Creator poured Himself upon Her, giving Her so much love that She possessed enough love as to love Him for all.  He communicated to Her the highest concord and the One Will of the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that She was able to adore for all in a divine manner, and to compensate for all the duties of the creatures.  Had it not been so, it would not be true, but just a way of saying, that the Celestial Mama surpassed everyone in sanctity and in love.  But whenever We speak, these are facts, not words.  Therefore, We found everything in Her; and having found everything and everyone, We gave Her everything, constituting Her Queen and Mother of Her Creator Himself.

Now, daughter of my Supreme Will, one who wants everything, must enclose everything and place herself at the top of the acts of all, as prime act.  So, the soul must be at the top of every love, adoration, glory, of each creature.

My Will is everything – this is why the mission of the Sovereign Queen and yours can be called one.  And you must follow, step by step, the way She was with God, to be able to receive the Divine Attitude in order to have within yourself a love which says love for all, an adoration which adores for all, a glory which diffuses throughout all created things.  You must be Our echo, the echo of Our Celestial Mama, because She alone lived perfectly and fully in the Supreme Volition; therefore She can be your guide and Teacher.

Ah, if you knew with how much love I am around you – with how much jealousy I watch over you, so that your living in my Eternal Will may not be interrupted!  You must know that I am doing more with you than with my Celestial Mama Herself, because She did not have your needs, tendencies, or passions which might, even slightly, prevent the course of my Will in Her.  With highest happiness the Creator would pour into Her, and She into Him; my Will was always triumphant in Her; therefore She had no need of either pushes or admonitions.  With you, instead, I must use more attention, when I see that some little passion, some little tendency, wants to arise within you, and also when your human will would want to have an act of its own life within you.  Then I must admonish you; the power of my Will must be in the act of flooring whatever arises within you, which does not belong to It; and my Grace and my Love must flow in that fratricide which the human will keeps forming, or, with anticipated graces, prevent the fratricide from forming within your soul.

I love so much the soul in whom my Will reigns, and in whom the Supreme “FIAT” has Its field of divine action – the only purpose of all Creation, and of Redemption Itself – and she costs Me so much, that I love her and she costs Me more than all Creation, and Redemption Itself.  In fact, the Creation was the beginning of Our works toward the creatures, the Redemption was the means, and the “FIAT” will be the end; and when works are accomplished, they are loved more and they acquire their complete value.  Until a work is not fulfilled, there is always something to do, to work on, to suffer; and one cannot calculate its right value.  But when it is accomplished, what remains is the possession and the enjoyment of the work done, and its complete value comes to complete the glory of the One who has formed it.  Therefore, Creation and Redemption must be enclosed in the Supreme “FIAT”.  Do you see, then, how much you cost Me, and how prone I am to love you?

The “FIAT”, operating and triumphant in the creature, however, is the greatest thing, because the glory which was established by Us, to be received through Creation, is given back to Us, and Our purpose, Our rights, acquire their full power.  This is the reason for my attentions – all for you; for my manifestations to you, and for my love for all Creation and Redemption – all centralized in you:  in you I want to see the Triumph of my Will.”

Volume 19 – April 28, 1926
How Creation and the Celestial Mama are the most perfect examples of the living in the Divine Will.  How the Virgin surpassed everyone in suffering.

I was thinking to myself:  “When my sweet Jesus speaks of His Will, He often unites to It the Sovereign Queen, or the Creation.  He seems to delight so much in speaking of both one and the other that He keeps looking for opportunities, pretexts and devices, in order to manifest what His Most Holy Will does, both in the Celestial Mama and in Creation.

Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and all tenderness, squeezed me to Himself and told me:  “My daughter, if I do so, I have strong reasons.  You must know that only in the Creation and in my Celestial Mama has my Will remained ever intact, and has kept Its field of action free.  Therefore, having to call you to live in my Will as one of them, I had to propose them to you as examples – as an image for you to imitate.  In order to be able to do great things in such a way that all might perceive that good, unless they did not want to, the first thing is that my Will must act wholly in the soul.

Look at Creation – how my Will is whole in it.  And because It is whole, Creation remains always in its place and contains the fullness of that good with which it was created.  This is why it remains always new, noble, pure, fresh, and can participate in all the goods it possesses.  But the beautiful thing is that while it gives itself to all, it loses nothing, and remains always the same, just as it was created by God.  What did the sun lose by giving so much light and heat to the earth?  Nothing.  What did the blue heavens lose in remaining extended above the atmosphere, or the earth by producing so many and so various plants?  Nothing.  And so with all the things created by Me.  Oh, in what an admirable way does Creation sing that saying about Me:  ‘He is ever old and ever new.’  Therefore, my Will in Creation is center of life, fullness of good, order and harmony.  All things wanted by It, are kept by It in their place.  Where can you find a more beautiful example, a more perfect image of the living in my Will, other than in Creation?

So I call you to live in the midst of created things as their sister, that you may learn to live in the Supreme Volition, and you too, may remain in the place wanted by Me, to be able to enclose within you the fullness of good that my Will wants to enclose in you; so that whoever wants it, may take from it.  And since you are endowed with reason, you must surpass them all, and return your Creator in love and glory for each created thing, as if they were all provided with reason.

In this way you will be the substitutor for the whole of Creation, and Creation will be a mirror for you in which you can look at yourself, in order to copy the living in my Will, so that you may not move from your place.  It will be your guide and teacher, giving you the most high and perfect lessons of the living in my Will.

But the one who surpasses all is my Celestial Mama.  She is the new heaven, the most refulgent sun, the most radiant moon, the most flowery earth… She encloses everything – everything – within Her.  If each created thing encloses the fullness of its own good received by God, my Mama encloses all goods together, because She is endowed with reason.  And since my Will lived wholly in Her, the fullness of Grace, of light, of sanctity, grew in every instant.  Every act She did was suns, stars, that my Will formed in Her.  This surpassed the Creation – it surpassed everything; and my Will, whole and permanent in Her, did the greatest thing, impetrating the longed for Redeemer.  This is why my Mama is Queen in the midst of Creation, because She surpassed everything, and my Will found in Her the food of Her reason, which made It live wholly and permanently in Her.  There was highest accord; they held each other’s hand.  There was not one fiber of Her heart, word or thought, in which my Will did not possess Her Life.  And what can a Divine Will not do?  It can do everything.  There is no power It lacks, or thing It cannot do.  Therefore, one could say that my Mama did everything, and everything that the others were not, and would not be able to do, She alone did.

So, do not be surprised if I point out to you the Creation and the Sovereign Queen, because I must point out to you the most perfect examples in which my Will has perennial life, and has never found an obstacle for Its field of divine action, in order to operate things worthy of Itself.

My daughter, if you want my Supreme FIAT to reign as It does in Heaven – which is the greatest thing that is left for Us to do for the human generations – let my Will have Its Sovereign place in you, and live in a whole and permanent way.  Do not give a thought to anything else, either to your incapacity, or to circumstances, or to new things which may arise around you, because as my Will reigns in you, they will serve as raw material and nourishment, so that my FIAT may have Its fulfillment.”

Afterwards, I was thinking to myself:  ‘It is true that my Queen Mama made the greatest of sacrifices, that no one else has made – that is, by not even wanting to know her own Will, but only That of God, She embraced all sorrows, all pains, up to the heroism of sacrifice – sacrificing her own Son in order to do the Supreme Will; but once She made this sacrifice, everything She suffered later was the effect of this first act.  She did not have to struggle as we do, in different circumstances, in unforeseen encounters, in unexpected losses… It is a constant struggle, to the point of making our hearts bleed for fear of surrendering to our own belligerent human wills.  How much attention we must have, so that the Supreme Will may always keep Its place of honor and Its supremacy over everything; and many times this fight is harsher than the pain itself.’

But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter, you are wrong.  Not only one was the greatest sacrifice of my Mama, but they were so great and so many – for as many as were the sorrows, pains, circumstances and encounters to which her existence and mine were exposed.  Sufferings in Her were always doubled, because my pains were Hers – more than Her own pains.  Moreover, my Wisdom did not change direction with my Mama.  In every pain that was to touch Her, I always asked Her if She wanted to accept it, in order to hear Her repeat to Me that “FIAT” in each pain, in each circumstance, and even in each one of Her heartbeats.  That “FIAT” resounded so sweet, gentle and harmonious to Me, that I wanted to hear it being repeated in every instant of Her life; and so I always asked Her:  ‘Mama, do you want to do this?  Do you want to suffer this pain?’  And my ‘FIAT’ brought to Her the seas of the goods It contains, making Her understand the intensity of the pain She was accepting.

This understanding, through Divine Light, of all that She was going to suffer, step by step, gave Her such martyrdom as to infinitely surpass the struggle which creatures suffer.  Since the seed of sin was missing in Her, the seed of the struggle was missing, so my Will had to find another device, that She might not be beneath the other creatures in suffering; having to acquire by justice the right of Queen of Sorrows, She had to surpass in suffering all creatures together.

How many times have you yourself not experienced that, while you felt no struggle within you, as my Will made you understand the pains It inflicted upon you, you remained petrified by the intensity of the pain; and while you were undone in that pain, you were the little lamb in my arms, ready to accept more pains, which my Will would inflict on you.  Ah, did you not suffer more than in the fight itself?  The fight is a sign of vehement passions, while my Will, if It brings suffering, gives intrepidness; and with the knowledge of the intensity of the pain, It gives such merit that only a Divine Will can give.

Therefore, just as I do with you – that is, in everything I want from you, I first ask you if you want it; if you accept it – so I did with my Mama.  This, so that the sacrifice may be always new, and may give Me the opportunity to converse with the creature, to remain with her, and my Will may have Its field of divine action in the human will.”…

Volume 19 – May 6, 1926 
How the ones who live in the Divine Will are the first before God and form His crown.  Their inseparability from the Queen Mama.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and I prayed the Celestial Mama to be with me and to give me Her hand, so that, guided by Her, I might return my God with all the love, the adoration and the glory that everyone owes Him.  Now, while I was saying this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, you must know that the first before the Supreme Majesty are those who have lived in my Volition and who have never gone out of my Will.  My Mama came to the world after four thousand years; yet, before God, She came before Adam.  Her acts, Her love, are in the first order of the creatures; therefore Her acts come before all the acts of the creatures, because She was the closest to God, bound to Him with the tightest bonds of sanctity, of union, and of likeness.  By living in Our Will, Her acts became inseparable from Ours; and that which is inseparable becomes as though natural for the Creator.

‘Before’ and ‘after’ do not exist in Our Will; rather, everything is in one prime act.  Therefore, the creature who lives in Our Will, even if she came as last, always comes before everything.  Therefore, it is not the age in which the souls came out to the light of time that will be considered, but whether the Life of my Will has been in them as center of life, reigning and dominating in all of their acts, just as It reigns and dominates in the womb of the Divinity.  These will be the first.  Their acts done in Our Will will rise above all the acts of the other creatures; and all will remain behind.  Therefore, these souls will be Our crown.

See, as you called my Mama in my Will, to give Me return of love, of adoration and of glory, my Will united the two of you together, and the love, the glory, the adoration which the Sovereign Queen did, have become your acts; and yours have become of my Mama.  My Will placed everything in common; the ones have become inseparable from the others, and I heard in you the voice of my Mama, Her love, Her adoration, Her glory; and in my Mama I heard your voice, loving Me, adoring Me, glorifying Me… How happy I felt in hearing and finding the Mama in the daughter, and the daughter in the Mama!

My Will unites everyone and everything.  It would not be true living in my Will, nor a work of my Will, if It did not centralize everything that belongs to It and all of Its eternal works in the soul who lives in It, in whom It has Its reign and dominion.  If it were not so, the Kingdom of my Will would be a divided kingdom – which cannot be, because my Will unites all Its works together and makes of them one single act.  And even though it is said that It creates, It redeems, It sanctifies and the like, these are the effects of that single Act, which never changes Its action.  Therefore, the origin of the living in my Will is eternal – inseparable from the Creator and from all those in whom my Will had Its reign and Its dominion.”

Volume 19 – May 18, 1926 
Just as the Virgin had to embrace everything and do the acts of all in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer and conceive Him, in the same way, the one who must obtain the Supreme Fiat must embrace everyone and answer for all.  Fear of Luisa; Jesus reassures her.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and after going around all created things in order to seal my “I love You”, so that my “I Love You” might resound everywhere and over everything to repay Jesus for His great love – I arrived at that point at which I was giving God return for all the love He had in the act of being conceived in the womb of His Celestial Mama.  At that moment my beloved Jesus came out from my interior and told me:  “My daughter, in order to conceive Me, Eternal Word, my inseparable Mama was enriched with seas of grace, light and sanctity by the Supreme Majesty.  And She did such and so many acts of virtue, of love, of prayer, of desire and of ardent sighs, as to surpass all the love, the virtues and the acts of all generations, which were needed in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer.  So, when the complete love of all creatures and all the acts needed in order to deserve that the Word be conceived, appeared in the Sovereign Queen, I found in Her the return of the love of all, Our Glory restored, all the acts of the Redeemed ones, and even the acts of those for whom my Redemption had to serve as condemnation because of their ingratitude.  Only then did my Love give Its final display, and I was conceived.  Therefore, the right to the title of Mother is natural for Her – it is sacred, because by embracing all the acts of the generations, and substituting for all, it was as if She delivered them all to new life from her maternal womb.

Now, you must know that when We do Our Works, We have to give so much love, light and grace to the chosen creature, to whom the work is entrusted, as to be able to give Us all the return and the glory of the work entrusted to her.  Our Power and Wisdom would not place themselves into the bank of the creature from the very beginning of a Work, as if in the act of failing.  Our Work must be safe in the creature who is called as prime act, and We must collect all the interest and the glory, equivalent to the work entrusted to her.  Afterwards, if Our work were to be communicated to other creatures, and to run the risk of failing because of their ingratitude, this would be more tolerable for Us, because the one to whom it had been entrusted at the beginning, allowed Us to collect all the interest in place of the failures of the other creatures.  This is why We gave Her everything and received everything from Her:  so that all the capital of Redemption might remain intact, and through Her, Our Glory might be completed and Our Love returned.

What wise man would put his capital, at the beginning, into a bank that is about to fail?  Rather, first he makes certain, and then entrusts his capital.  It could be that, in time, it may fail, but this will not cause him grave damage, because his capital has already been paid off by the great interest received.  If man does so, much more so does God, Whose Wisdom is incomprehensible.  Furthermore, this was not about just any work – a small capital; rather, it was about the great Work of Redemption, and of all the cost, the infinite and the incalculable value of the Eternal Word.  It was a unique Work; nor could a new descent upon the earth of the Eternal Word be repeated.  Therefore, We had to secure It in the Celestial Sovereign.  And since We entrusted everything to Her – even the very Life of a God – She, Our faithful one, had to answer for everyone, becoming guarantor, and responsible for this Divine Life entrusted to Her – as indeed She did.

Now, my daughter, what I did, and wanted from my Celestial Mama in the great Work of Redemption, I want to do with you in the great Work of the Supreme “FIAT”.  The Work of the Divine “FIAT” is a Work that must embrace everything:  Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  It is the foundation of all; It is the life which flows in everything and encloses everything.  Having no beginning, It is the beginning of all things, and the end and fulfillment of Our works.

Do you see, then?  The capital We want to entrust to you is lavish – you have not calculated it.  But do you know what We entrust to you in the Supreme “FIAT”?  We entrust to you the whole Creation, all the capital of Redemption, and that of Sanctification.  My Will is universal and in all things It has been operative.  Therefore, it is fair that what belongs to It be entrusted to you.  Would you perhaps want my Will without Its works?  We don’t know how to give Our Life without Our works and Our goods.  When We give, We give everything.

Just as, in giving the Word to the Celestial Queen, We centralized all His works and His goods in Her, in the same way, in giving you Our Supreme Will, reigning and dominating within you, We give you all the works that belong to It.  This is why We are giving you so much of grace, knowledge and capacity – so that from the very beginning the Supreme “FIAT” may experience no failure.  And in keeping It safe, you must give It the return of love and glory for the whole of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Your task is great – it is universal, and it must embrace everyone and everything, in such a way that if Our Will, communicated to the other creatures, should undergo some failure, in you We must find the compensation for the void of others.  As you keep it safe within you by giving Us the love, the glory and all the acts that the other creatures should do for Us, Our glory will be complete and Our Love will collect Its fair interest.  So, you will be Our trustworthy one, the one responsible for the Divine Will, and Its guarantor.”

While Jesus was speaking, I was taken by such fright in understanding all the weight of my responsibility, that, strongly fearing I could put in danger nothing less than all the weight and works of a Divine Will, I said:  ‘My Love, thank You for so much goodness toward me, but I feel that what You want to give me is too much.  I feel an infinite weight crushing me, and my littleness and incapacity has no strength and no ability.  Since I fear I might displease You, being unable to embrace everything – go to some other creature, more capable, so that all this capital of your Supreme Will may be safer, and You may receive all the interest equivalent to such a great capital.  I had never thought about such a great responsibility, but now that You are making me understand, I feel strength lacking in me and I fear my weakness.’

And Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, in order to relieve me from the fear that crushed me, added:  “My daughter, courage, do not fear.  It is your Jesus that wants to give you too much.  Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want?  Do you perhaps want to put a limit to my complete work, which I want to entrust to you?  What would you say, if my Celestial Mama had been willing to accept Me, the Eternal Word, but without His goods and without the acts that were needed in order to conceive Me?  Would this be true love and true acceptance?  Certainly not.  So, would you want my Will without Its works and without the acts that befit It?

So that you may remove this fear, you must know that everything I have said to you – this capital so great – is already in you.  After I had you practice giving Me the return of the glory and the love of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, making you embrace everything and everyone, and having seen that the equivalent interest easily came to Me – only then did I want to make you know more clearly the great capital of my Will entrusted to you, so that you might know the great good you possess; and as you come to know it, I might sign the deed of the capital entrusted to you, and also make you a receipt for the interest you give Me.  If you did not know It, I could neither form the deed of the capital, nor the receipt of interest.  Here is, therefore, the necessity to make it known to you.

Moreover, why do you fear, to the point of wanting to send Me to another creature?  Do you not have a love within you that says,  “I love You for everyone and for everything”, a motion that repays Me for the motion of everyone?  And does everything you do not embrace everyone, to give Me the acts, the prayers, the glory and the reparations of all, as though in one single embrace?  If you already do it, why do you fear?”

At that moment, I saw other souls around me.  Jesus went to them, and passing through all of them, He seemed to touch them to see whether the motion of His Divine Life would come out at His touch – but nothing came out.  Then He came back to me, took my hand, and squeezed it tightly.  At His touch a light came out from me, and Jesus, all content, told me:  “This light is the motion of the Divine Life in you.  I went to other creatures, as you saw, but I did not find my motion.  How can I then entrust the great capital of my Will?  This is why I chose you, and that is enough.  Be attentive and do not fear.”