Prodigies of the Divine Will in the Blessed Virgin Mary – Part V


Volume 34 – December 8, 1935

God Completes the Miracle of the Immaculate Conception and Makes the Holy Virgin Participant of the True Divine Rights.  How He Does Not Want to Do Anything Without the Consent of the Celestial Mother.

While I wandered in the works of the Divine Will, I stopped to contemplate on the instant in which the omnipotent Fiat created the Immaculate Virgin.  What an astounding and unheard-of prodigy I could see enclosed in Her!  My sweet Jesus, noticing my wonderment, said to me:

“Blessed child of Mine, you must know that there is neither in Heaven nor on earth any comparable beauty or worth equal to the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.  My omnipotent Fiat, that in Itself has neither beginning nor end, worked in Her a new creation infinitely beautiful, more marvelous, than that of the entire Universe.  This is because It accomplished a marvel superior to all others to make It Life of Her life and to increase It in Her in every instant by prayer and action.

“The creation of the Universe, though so wondrous, is maintained by Us through the power of our Creative Act and Conserving Act.  Yet it does not surpass the magnificence of the creation of this Virgin, because in Her We not only maintain the Creative and Conserving Acts, but the Growing Act as well.  This is the prodigy of prodigies.  Thus the Life of our Will is reborn in Her, and Her growing continues in every act that She makes.

“To be able to overtake Its proper purpose, our Fiat pronounced Itself in the act of conception of this Blessed Virgin.  Moreover, when our Fiat thus pronounces, our Act reaches a sumptuousness, a sublimity, a height, an immensity, and a power that can enclose all in the net of Its Love—excluding no one except he who would refuse to accept the good that is offered.

“Our Divinity, seeing that our Will was as if reborn in this creature, allowed Her to participate in the Divine Rights so that She became possessor of our own Love, of our Power, Knowledge, and Goodness, and also Queen of our Fiat.  On her part, the Heavenly Lady becoming worthy of the high level of our Will, accepted Us, and, by means of her every act, came to love Us not only for Herself but for each and every creature.  Enveloping each one in her same love, She allowed Us to hear the very tender echo of love from each one.  Who could resist this most Holy Virgin?  We felt as if bound and made prisoners by Her, because She operated, loved Us, praised Us, and prayed to Us by virtue of the increasing Act of our Fiat.”

“Possessing It, She enveloped and absorbed into Herself her own Creator, the most

Holy Trinity.  The power that She held over Us was such that We felt We had to love Her in equal measure, and We did not have the heart to deny Her anything She asked for.  In making Her happy, We felt a greater happiness.

“My child, when We see that a soul loves Us and possesses our Will as life, when We determine that she is all for Us and that We are all for her, then We find our happiness in the same joy.  That is the great prodigy that results when one lives in our Will, that of feeling a participation in our very same Divine Rights.  By means of this participation, the infinitely Divine Love embraces all, is given to all, and is lived by all in a continuously growing sanctity.

“Thus for the Sovereign Queen, possessing our Will as life, She always was able to give to Us and speak to Us.  Furthermore, there was not even an instant in which She did not hold Us occupied.  In this way She compelled Us to communicate to Her our most loved secrets, so that We never do anything without Her.

“First We come to an understanding with Her, then We decide and place in Her Maternal heart the good that We destine for man.  Truly there is no conversion of sinners, there is no grace that descends to earth, no holiness that develops, no love that leaves our Throne, which is not first deposited in her Maternal Heart which, in turn forms a maturation of the good that is about to be bestowed.  She fecundates it with her own love, enriches it with her graces, and, if necessary, with the virtue of her own sufferings.  Finally She offers it to him to whom it is destined in such a way that when he receives it, he experiences the Fatherhood of the Divinity and the Motherhood of the Celestial Queen.

“We can operate without Her, but We do not want to place Her aside.  Our Love, our infinite Wisdom, and our Fiat are imposed on Her and do not allow Us to do anything without Her consent.  You can see therefore, my child, how far our Love goes for the souls that live in our Divine Will.  Just as our infinite knowledge fecundates the earth and gives life to all creatures, continuously enveloping the universal creation (which in turn gravitates to Us)—so the new creation of the Immaculate Conception revolves continuously around God, by whom She is continuously surrounded.  By means of this reciprocal encirclement, God and the Virgin maintain the fecundity of goodness, produce the sanctity of souls, and constantly recall men to their Creator.”

Volume 34 – August 23, 1936

The Great Prodigy of the Creation of the Virgin.

As usual I was thinking of the conception of the Most Holy Virgin, when Jesus stopped my reflections and said to me:

“My child, the Holy Virgin constituted the greatest prodigy of creation, because the Divine Will, subordinating, even from the first instant of her conception, her human will, and the will of the Holy Creature, on her part subordinated to the Divine Will, overcame the other—and both of them remained victors.  As soon as the Supreme Fiat entered as ruling King in Her, the chain of Divine miracles immediately began.  The creative force flowed in that creature with such vehemence, that it could sustain the entire creation as if it were a bundle of straw.

“Thanks to this impetuousness, all things felt in that creative force the flow of the Uncreated, which sustained and contributed to their preservation.  This invincible force that flowed from the Virgin by virtue of the Divine Fiat was so powerful as to prevail over all, even the Creator himself.  No one could resist Her.  Even the devils felt powerless, and did not know where to hide so that they could get away from it.

“In the same way that our Divine Power flowed in our Will, it created in the Virgin our infinite Love diffused into her finite love, causing [in Her] the irresistible need of loving all without measure.  From that moment there never was a created being that was not favored by Her.  As Mother and as Queen She was invested with our Fiat in such an abundance of love, goodness, and grace as to win all hearts, and to allow Her to be loved even by things that do not possess reason.

“Each one of her acts, her prayers, her adorations and reparations, filled Heaven and earth.  Moreover, her love, impatronizing all, flowed in Heaven, in the sun, wind—everywhere.  Thus our Supreme Being felt reciprocated and prayed to by Her in all created things.  A new life flowed in everything.  She loved for all, and made Herself be loved by all!  It was our Uncreated Will which had had the place of honor in her created will which, in that way, produced reciprocity of the love that We placed at Her disposition in creation.

“Understand, my child, how by this Conception of the great Queen began the very Life of God in man, and the life of man in God.  Oh what exchanges of love, power, beauty, and good thereafter came about between them!  The prodigies that alternated in the Immaculate Lady were so continuous and unheard of that they astonished Heaven and earth, and made the Angels ecstatic before My Divine Will—through how It operated in that creature.

“Possessing Her in my Will I not only elevated Her to the dignity of Queen of Creation, but I preselected Her for my own Sovereign.  As such, She became my Vessel of Election, the Door to Heaven, the Room in which I would have taken residence.  ‘Descend, oh Eternal Word,’ She pleaded with emphasis and [with] her imperial love, ‘Descend on earth.  In my bosom You will find your Paradise, your joys, that same Will that reigns in your Divine Person, and use Me as an entrance and way for souls to climb and reach the Celestial Native Land.’

“In fact, the Blessed truly owe to their Divine Mother the triumph of their entrance into Paradise.  Having lived on earth purely under the Divine Will, as one lives in Heaven, She gains for them the delights of these Celestial Regions, and always keeps you covered—as if hidden in proper glory and in all the acts that She performed in the Divine Will.  Thus the Blessed experience love in their joy and their works.  The power of their ineffable Mother is sovereign.

“My child, what can my Will not do? It produces all possible and imaginable good, and when it reigns in a soul, it bestows such favors and compels her to supplicate:  ‘Oh Holy Will of my God, do with me what you will; command, take!  I shall never deny You anything.  Your power is irresistible, your strength makes me weak.  I abandon everything to your good judgment so that You may live in me, as mistress and Queen!’

“Now you must know that this Holy Creature, ever since her conception, felt the pulsation of my Fiat in Herself.  She loved Me, and the Divinity reciprocated with twice as much love for every one of hers.  In her breath She felt the respiration of the Divine Will, and loved Us in every breath, and We reciprocated with double the love at every breath.  She felt the movement of the Fiat in her hands, in her footsteps, in her feet, in her entire being.  She felt the Life of the Divine Will.  In all her acts, She loved for Herself and for everyone, and We loved her always and always in every instant.  Our Love flowed like a rapid torrent, and She always held Us attentively, and in jubilation, to receive her love and give ours—so much so that She reached to cover all sins, and the same creatures, with our Love.

“My child, the reason has been revealed to you why our justice remained disarmed by this invincible creature who, it can be said, did with our Supreme Being what She wished.   How We want for men to understand what it is to live in the Divine Will, and [how We want to] be able to render them all holy and happy!”.

Volume 34 – December 8, 1936

How the Queen of Heaven Was Conceived in the Merits, Life, Love, and Sufferings of the Future Redeemer So That at a Later Time She Was Able to Conceive in Herself the Divine Word, the Savior of the World.

My mind, my poor mind submerged in the Divine Fiat never tired of contemplating the conception of the Immaculate Queen.  When the Fiat accomplished this act He was exultant and He called around Him to Himself the Angels, Saints, creatures, the entire creation, so that they all could witness the graces and love with which He produced from nothing this sublime creature.  Thus they all could be grateful to Her and extol Her as a rightful Queen and Mother.

My surprise reached its height when my lovable Jesus, all goodness, said to me:

“My child, I want to honor my Celestial Mother.  I want to narrate to you the story of her Immaculate Conception.  Only I Who am the Author can worthily speak of this great, prodigious Act.  Her acts, her words, her steps—before having life in her person—were first conceived in Me, Son of the Living God.  Her love, incarnate in Mine, enclosed everything and everyone and loved as God loves, with the same madness toward Us—and toward all creatures.  Even her prayer was conceived in Mine.

“Therefore, She was gifted with an immense power to which our Supreme Being could deny nothing.  Her pains, her suffering, her innumerable agonizing and martyred experiences, were conceived in my Humanity, and all were animated and corroborated by Divine force before they came into existence in her soul and virginal body.  Therefore, with reason one can say that the Immaculate Conception of my Mother took place in Me, and through Me obtained life.

“In every instant of her existence I continuously poured into this Holy Creature, and surrounded Her with, the powerful entourage of my works and my sufferings, and without ceasing I said:  ‘You are the life of my Life.  You are entirely beautiful.  You are the first redeemed, my Divine Fiat has molded You.  It has made You live and has conceived You in my works, in my same Humanity.’

“My child, our total wisdom, our unreachable power, produced the conception of the Celestial Queen of the Incarnate Word for the decorum that was convenient to our works.  In fact, it would not have been enough—neither for my Love, nor to my Divine sanctity—that I take on Human Flesh in a creature purely Virgin, and only exempt from original sin.

“To make Me descend from Heaven, it was necessary that this Celestial Creature should possess all the prerogatives, virtues, and beauty that were proper to the Word of the Father.  To be able to be conceived and incarnated in her womb, I had to find in Her my Heaven and my Sanctity.  I had to see Her sprinkled with my own Blood, and enriched by the Divine Fecundity of my Will—while She would form my Life of Son of God and Son of Man.

“To make Her worthy of conceiving Me, my Divine Fiat invested Her and kept Her continuously under Its Power.  It took over her every act, bestowed everything on Her, called for the contribution of my foreseen merits, and of my entire Life, and continuously kept pouring graces into her beautiful soul.

“My child, really no one is qualified to speak of the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.  Even Holy Church, up till now, did not reveal but tiny bits of knowledge of her sanctity, of her greatness, and of the gifts with which She was enriched.  Only I, having conceived Her in Me, can narrate the true story of her life, and reveal the marvels that were accomplished in Her by our Divine Fiat.”

Volume 34 – December 20, 1936

The Divine Fiat Made the Virgin be Conceived in Each Soul So That Each Creature Should Have a Proper Mother, a Mother of His Own.  Gifts That God Gave to the Virgin.  Triumphs and Victories of the Virgin.

My consummate good Jesus held me immersed under the spell of the great marvel of the Conception of the Sovereign Queen, and showed great interest in revealing what He did in this Great Lady.  With untold joy He said:

“My child, listen to the unheard of wonders, the amazing surprises, the sublime masterwork that the Divine Will performed in my Celestial Mother.  I feel a strong need to let all mankind know about it so that all may understand the great good that the generations have received from Her.  Know that our Divine Will—whose immensity embraces all, possesses the all-seeing ability of all beings, and always performs universal works—in the act of the Conception of the Holy Virgin called to Itself each creature (by means of the proper creative virtue), and made him conceived in the Maternal heart of Mary.

“But this was still not enough for our Love.  With the greatest and unbelievable generosity It wanted to place the blessed germ, or seed, of the Celestial Lady in every human creature so that each person would possess a Mother of his own, and would be able to experience in the depth of his soul the sweetness of her dominion.  From that instant the more than maternal love of the Virgin was placed at the disposition of every creature to guide the creature and allow him to grow, to free him from perils, and to nourish him, so to say, by the Divine Fiat.

“Our Will, that was free and had total dominion of the faculties of this child of ours, all beautiful and holy, wanted that all creatures be contained in Her and that She live in each one so that She would be able to experience the ineffable joy of being loved by all in her own right.  Our Will raised Her to such a level that from the first instant of her life She was Queen of our Fiat of our Love.  Moreover, when She loved Us, We felt in her love her Motherhood for the creatures, and the harmony between her love and theirs.  Oh how beautiful was that love, harmonized and united together.  It wounded Us, and made Us happy to the point of languishing.  It disarmed Us and made Us see everything, the heavens, the sun, the earth, seas, and creatures, enveloped and hidden in her love.

“How moving it was to see this Celestial Child be a Mother to each creature!  After She had formed in them their own seas of love, She sent by them the proper items, the proper darts of love.  Then, still not satisfied, She brought all before our Throne, and with the strength of our Divine Will placed them in her arms caressed them, kissed them, and bestowed on them amazing graces.  My child, what holiness was not impetrated, formed, and safeguarded by the tender love of your Celestial Mother!

“Besides this, you must know that our infinite Love gave to that Sublime Creature all our Divine attributes:  Our power and knowledge, our Love, our goodness and beauty.  However, We never give a man existence without fortifying him with particular gifts, gifts that he often loses so easily—then moves away from our Will, and at times never becomes aware of them.  Instead, this Holy Virgin never left Us, but led her life perennially in the interminable seas of our Fiat.  With the growth of her person, our Divine qualities increased.  She continuously kept producing vaster works of power, of knowledge, and of love.

“Living in our Life as never any Angel had, She entered into our Divine secrets, penetrated into our most intimate recesses, and received acknowledgment from our Supreme Being, which were never granted to other creatures.  Won by our same power that dominated Her, We enjoyed being domineered by Her.  Furthermore, to make Her happier, We kept saying to her, [while] lavishing our chaste embraces and the most tender smiles, ‘Do what you will!’

 “Our Will feels so much love and so much desire to have the same creatures live on their own, [that], as soon as It sees a reciprocity from them, It submerges and drowns them in an abyss of graces.  Consequently their tiny humanity compels them to say:  ‘Enough! I am about to be overcome.  I am devoured by your very flames, I can’t take any more!’

“Yes, our Love is never satisfied.  It never says ‘enough,’ and the more opportunity it has for giving, so much more does it rejoice.  Then it puts more on the banquet table of the person by whom it feels it is loved, so as to increase the attraction to let him live in communion of life with Us.

“Now, my child, I want to reveal to you still another wonder that our Fiat performed in the Holy Virgin.  Already I explained to you how her every act, heartbeat, and step produced a new triumph that the Divine Fiat bestowed on Her, and constituted a new victory which She accomplished over God Himself.

“Well, now in order for Her to be a true Mother to every human creature, She called everyone to Her, hid all their acts privately, gave them as a gift all her triumphs and all the victories that She had brought back, and then with an unspeakable tenderness, so as to break one’s heart, She turned to Us and said:  ‘Look, adorable Majesty, these are all my children.  My conquests belong to them because I gave them to them as a gift.  Just as the Mother won and triumphed, so will her children win and triumph.’

“So that every creature could in all reality affirm that he had been donated the acts of his own Queen Mother, and be invested with her victories, She accomplished in God their other acts—as many as would have been done by all the creatures.  Therefore know, my child, that he who wants to become a Saint finds in the triumphs and victories of his own Celestial Mother the gifts for becoming the most superior Saint.  Who is weak finds in Her the strength that he lacks.  Who is suffering and afflicted obtains from her pain the possibility of triumph and victory needed for resignation.  Who is a sinner finds in Her the surest means to obtain pardon.  All, in summary, possess in the Sovereign Queen their proper gift, the best sustenance, and the help that is necessary for their needs and that conforms in a greater degree to the state in which he belongs.

“What a wonderful and enchanting scene is made visible before our eyes when We see that the Sovereign Lady, in order to be Mother to each creature, loves and prays in her own children!  This is the greatest marvel that occurs between Heaven and earth.  We could never offer a greater good to all the human generations!

“However, my darling, it remains for Me to confide to you a disappointment that intensely distresses my Divine Mother.  In exchange for her immense love, She receives nothing but ingratitude from man!  Despite the fact that She acquired the real gifts by means of agonizing sufferings, by innumerable pains with the heroic sacrifice of her very own Divine Son’s Life, these are neither acknowledged nor appreciated by them.

“Only a few are interested, and therefore make a poor showing in sanctity.  Then She, my Celestial Mother, suffers a continuous sorrow when She sees her riches are lost to them, and the purpose for which She acquired them is lost, especially since it involved the complete sacrifice of her life.  Know that She possesses immense riches of love, of grace, and of sanctity!  That is why She wants this good made known to all, because if you do not know it you can’t desire it nor appreciate nor possess it.

“Moreover, since She acquired these gifts by virtue of the Divine Fiat that reigned in Her, this same reigning Divine Will will bring about the cognizance of the gifts to creatures, and will allow them to possess them.  Pray that such a great good be known and wanted!”

Volume 34 – December 24, 1936

The Heavenly Mother is the Divine and Human Mother.  The Violent Flow of the Love of God Which in Virtue of the Divine Fiat Allows This Mother to Generate Her Son Jesus in Each Creature.

A light that seemed to speak descended from the bosom of the Eternal One, invested my poor mind, and told me many beautiful things about my Celestial Sovereign.  Seeing that I wasn’t capable of repeating everything, my loving Jesus comforted me with his usual goodness:

“My daughter, take courage.  I shall help you.  I myself will suggest the words to you because I feel the irresistible urge to make my Mother known to all, her gifts, her privileges, and the great good that She does and can do for all human generations.  Listen and learn how far our Love reaches.  You will hear things never heard by you, nor by others, marvels that will shake the most unbelieving and ungrateful sinners.

“You must know that our Love knew no peace.  It kept flowing and flowing with such power and rapidity as to bewilder Heaven and earth, and make everyone exclaim:  ‘Is it possible that a God could so love his creatures?’  Even though men possessed a Father in Heaven, even He was not satisfied.  Thus in his delirium and his folly, He thought to give them a Mother who at the same time could be Celestial and earthly.

“If the pressures and the Love of the Divine Paternity were insufficient to induce human creatures to love their God, at least the unspeakable tenderness of this Divine Mother with human qualities would have eliminated the distance between God and man, and removed their fears and trepidations of the Supreme Majesty.  They would really be attracted to God, and abandoned themselves in the paternal arms of God, to be won by her love and to love Him in turn without measure.

“In a word, She would be the ring of the union between Heaven and earth, between Creator and creature.  However, to obtain the intention it was necessary that tumultuous, prodigious accomplishments be made with Love that never ceases and that only a God could produce.  In our Omnipotence We called from nothing this Holy Creature, and gave her life making use of the same seed as the human generations that We had purified by Her.

“In the same instant of her Conception the Celestial virtue of our Fiat descended upon this seed, and in it inoculated a proper Divine Life.  Thanks to the indissoluble union of the two creatures, the Divine fecundity was inoculated with the Virgin Mary so that one day She could prodigiously conceive a man and God with a human seed.  She would furnish humanity to the Incarnate Word, and with the seed of the Fiat would conceive in Herself the Divine Word.

“In such a way, by means of this human and Celestial being, the barrier that existed between God and man were removed.  When one approached the other She gave to her very children the brother that all could love.  Mirrored in Son and Mother, creatures same human failings had experienced such confidence and love [so as] to be conquered—and [they] loved with rapture He who loved them so, and [who] led a common life with them.

“If a good mother earns from her own children veneration and love, how much more [veneration and love] does this Celestial Mother deserve who did not hesitate to risk her own life so that her own children could be saved.  What is it that She did not do to make them happier and holy?  The humanity of the Son of God is his Celestial Mother, and as human is true motive for trust and love for all generations.

“The Word made Flesh says to them:  ‘Do not be afraid; come to Us.  We resemble each other in all, and We shall give you everything.  Our arms are always ready to receive you—come!  My Mother wants to enclose you in her Heart so as to give you all her and my good.  It is enough to tell you that She is my Mother and your Mother, and that She holds all of you conceived in her own womb.

“But this is still nothing.  I was God and had to do as a God.  Our Love flowed and flowed.  At first you will be stupefied by the new findings that I uncovered to satisfy my excessive tenderness.  When at their time the human generations will learn about it, they also will remain surprised—and they will love Us so that they will reciprocate to a great extent the unbridled flow of our Love.  Therefore give Me your attention, my child, and thank Me for what I am teaching you.

“As I already said, our Love was not satisfied to give to the Virgin the true and proper motherhood of all souls.  It was not enough for it to produce Mary in every creature so that every person should have a Mother all to himself, and could enjoy the possession of all her good—but it went beyond this to another superlative.

“This Celestial Queen possesses the fullness of our Divine Fiat, which in [Its] Nature possesses the virtue of generation and bilocation.  Because of this She could generate and bilocate as many times as her God Son desired.  Whereupon our Love—having been placed in this Celestial Creature, and given deliriously by virtue of my Fiat that She possessed—gave Her the power to allow Her to generate Jesus in each creature.  To make Him be born, grow, and do everything necessary to form the Life of her dear Son, and, after this Life was formed, to supply that which the creature does not do for his Creator.  Accordingly . . . if He cries in Her, She dries his tears; if He is cold, She warms Him in her own way; if He suffers, She suffers suffer together with Him.

“One can truly say that She is at the same time Mother to the Creator and to creatures; She nourishes them, brings them up, dresses them, guides and loves both with the same love.  With her very maternal arms She forms two wings of light and, covering them, hides them in her heart to give them the sweetest repose.

“My child, if our Love was satisfied to give a single Jesus and a single Mother to all generations it would have been neither excessive in its grandeur nor swift in its course.  Instead, since the Mother was first generated, and later, through her means, her Son in each single soul, it quieted in part its own deliriums—and demonstrated that it was truly infinite.

“What enchanting spectacle it offers to our sight:  The Celestial Lady always intent in forming her Jesus in each creature, and making of each a portent of grace and love.  Do not marvel, my child, because the Divine Fiat can do everything and that It has granted this prerogative to the Holy Virgin, as well as demonstrated such an extraordinary predilection for Its creatures.  Rather, deplore the great indifference with which men receive our Supreme Gift, and wish with all your might they learn to know and appreciate the magnitude of the Love that moved Us.”

 Volume 34 – December 28, 1936

How the Celestial Heiress Invites Her Own Children to Inherit Her Goods, and How She Gives Her Maternal Love to Souls So That She Singularly Transforms Them Into Mothers of Jesus.

My good Jesus said to me:  “My blessed daughter, my Being is all Love, and while given in such a way that there is no greater Love, it still invents new Love that surpasses the preceding ones.  Listen, and you will be convinced of the truth of my words.

“You know that Adam, because of the sin that he committed, caused all sin to be inherited by the human generations.  Since he exited from the beautiful heritage of the Divine Will in which he lived, and in which there was opulence and luxury, he therefore lost for himself and his posterity the right to possess all our goods.  All these treasures were not really destroyed.  Accordingly, when a good exists there is always the certainty that sooner or later there will be someone who will have the good fortune to possess it.

“Contrary to all other human creatures, the great Queen gave beginning to her own life in the heritage of the Divine Will.  In recompense, She received from her Creator such a wealth of good as to feel replete and capable of making all men rich and happy.  Acquiring in this superabundant heredity the fecundity of human and Divine Motherhood, She inherited the Word from the Heavenly Father for all human generations.

“Therefore, as Mother She has the right to generate in her maternal Heart her children as already being heirs.  But this was not enough for her love and ours, so She generated Herself and the Divine Word in each creature.  Just as Adam, when he sinned, transmitted to his descendants the sad heredity of all evils, passions, and weaknesses, so the Celestial Queen, by means of having lived her very life in the Divine Will, was able to bestow on her children the right to inherit all her innumerable good.

“Oh, how The Sovereign Mistress wanted her sublime heritage to be known and donated to human creatures!  She who lives in their souls wants to make them participants in the Divine Motherhood, She wants that they generate Jesus in themselves.  They will act as Mother, they will defend Him from every offense, and they will love Him with the same love that She Herself loves Him with!  Mother love, my child, is different from all others.  It is a love that always yearns, a love that will sacrifice even [her] life for her own creature.

“Very well, the Virgin Mother wants to give mankind her love of Mother, and make them heirs of her own Child.  How honored She will feel when She sees that they will love the Word of God, her beloved Jesus, with his infinite tenderness!  Not feeling able to hold back all the love that overflows from her Heart to mankind [and] to Me, She urges Me not to delay it any longer.  She says:  ‘Show my children my great heritage.  Tell them everything that I can, and will, do for them.  I will feel very honored and glorified by You if I do not reveal it Myself.’

“Know, my child, that that which I taught you will have its full consummation as soon as my Will will reign on earth as it does in Heaven.  Then men on earth will feel the same heartbeat of their Celestial Mother, and will take possession of all her heritage.  Therefore pray that they may attain this great grace as soon as possible.”

Volume 34 – January 1, 1937

The Feast of Love That the Queen of Heaven Prepared for the Birth of Her Divine Son.  Love Is a Magnet That Transforms and Embellishes.

I kept thinking about the excesses of love of the Divinity in the Incarnation of the Word.  Similar and many other infinite oceans of love envelop all creatures to let creatures understand how much God loves them, and how much He desires to be re-loved by them.  Investing them from within and without they murmured unceasingly:  “Love!  Love!  Love!  We give love and want love!”

Suddenly I saw that our Celestial Mother, wounded by this constant cry of the Eternal One, preparing a surprise of love for her dear Son, the Word Incarnate.  Then little Jesus, all delighted, said:

“My child, do you not know that on the day of my birth my Mother prepared a great feast?  She knew the oceans of Love that the Eternal Word carried with Him when He descended from Heaven.  She listened to the continuous cry of God that wanted to be re-loved.  She knew our anxieties and our aspirations, and often in her womb She had heard Me sigh and cry.  Each moan of Mine was a sea of Love that I sent out to every human heart to obtain from it some tenderness.

“Not seeing any reciprocity I redoubled my tears, and with them I multiplied these seas to win the creatures—but always in vain because they converted into other pains all the demonstrations of the affection that I gave them, pains that on my part I was transforming into new seas of love.

“My Mother, who suffered untold pains in my martyrdom and knew that I could not take part in any jubilation if I did not feel Myself loved, wanted to give Me a reason for smiling and being happy as soon as I had opened my eyes to the light.  Being Queen of creation She enveloped heaven with her own love, and impressed her seal of ‘Love, oh Son, for Myself and for all’ in every star, in every rustle of a branch, in every motion of a creature.

“She wanted that the sun would invest with its rays its very Creator, and after warming Him it would repeat by means of every shaft of light her maternal refrain.  She  had hid her love in the wind, and then commanded it to caress her sweet newborn and to repeat with every breath:  ‘I love You, oh Son, for Myself and for all.’  She inundated the air with her seas of love so that, while breathing, He would feel the breath of his own Mother.  She covered the sea with her seas of love, so that the sea would murmur ‘I love You, oh my Son,’ and the fish darting in the sea would incessantly repeat the same refrain.

“With her empire of Queen She diffused everywhere her ‘I love You’ so that everything might offer to little Jesus the expression of her infinite tenderness.  And actually I felt her love in every twitter and chirp of the birds, I found it stamped on every atom of earth, even to the hay that served as a cradle for Me.  There was nothing that I saw or touched in which I did not feel the sweetness of the love of my Mother.

“Yes, my child, for my birth my Mother truly prepared Me the most beautiful and great joyful jubilation because She gave Me the reciprocity of my immense Love.  It was her tenderness that quieted my weeping and that warmed my extremities, stiff from cold in the manger.  In it I found the love of all creatures, because my Mother kept kissing Me, She kept pressing me to her heart, and She loved Me for each of them.  Feeling Myself in Her loved by all mankind, I felt the need of looking at them as her dear children and my dear brothers.

“My child, what can love not do when it is  sealed by the omnipotent Fiat?  It becomes a magnet and therefore attracts Us in an irresistible manner, cancels all lack of resemblance, and with its heat transforms and confirms the creature into Him whom he loves.  Even the Heavens and earth are attracted to him and ravished by his beauty.  It is not possible for Us not to love the man that loves Us.  Before his victorious power our power, though Divine, gives up its arms and declares itself weak and impotent.

“My darling daughter, you too must offer to Me the jubilation that my Mother gave Me at my birth!  Surround the entire universe with your ‘I love You.’  Do not let anything slip by you, but allow your tender love to flow in everything toward Me—since my birth did not occur only once, but is being repeated continuously.  Make Me always smile.  Many times my rebirths are lacking in smiles and jubilation, and then I remain with my tears and my sighs, trembling from the cold that stiffens my extremities.  Press Me to your heart and warm Me with your tenderness, redress Me with the garb of light of my Will, and I in recompense will enrich you with new love and new understanding in my Divine Will.’

Volume 34 – February 10, 1937 

The Kingdom of the Divine Will will be the Kingdom of the Queen of Heaven.  Her ardent desires and incessant prayers.  Assaults of love that She makes on the Divinity in order to obtain It.  How She will put Her Life at the creatures’ disposal to give them the grace to live of Divine Will.

I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition.  It seemed to me that Heaven and earth were sighing and praying for Its Kingdom to come upon earth, so that the Will of all may be one, and It may reign as It does in Heaven.  And the Queen of Heaven united to them, investing everything with Her ardent sighs, moving and uniting everything to Herself – Angels, Saints and the whole Creation – to ask with Her own sighs and with the very Divine Will that She possesses, for that Fiat to descend into the hearts and form Its Life in them.

But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, all love, sighed deeply.  His Heart was beating so very strongly, as if It wanted to burst; and He told me:  “Daughter of my Will, listen to Me.  My Love is about to submerge Me, I can no longer contain It; at any cost – even if It had to engulf Heaven and earth – I want my Will to come and reign upon earth.  To this unites my Celestial Mama who, without ever ceasing, says to Me – repeats to Me:  ‘Son, hurry, no longer delay; use your stratagems of love, act as the Omnipotent God that You are… Let your Will invest everyone and, with Its Power and Majesty, united to a Love that no one will be able to resist, take possession of all and reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’  And She says this to Me with such ardent sighs, with burning heartbeats, with Her stratagems of love of a Mother, that I cannot resist.  And She even adds:  ‘My Son, Son of my Heart, You made Me Queen and Mother; and my people, my children… where are they?  If I were capable of unhappiness I would be the most unhappy Queen and Mother, because I possess my Kingdom, but I do not have my people that may live in the same Will as their Queen’s.  And if I do not have my children to whom I may entrust the great inheritance of their Mother, where shall I find the joy, the happiness of my Maternity?  Therefore, let your Divine Fiat reign, and then will your Mama be happy, and I shall have my people and my children who will live together with Me, with the same Will as their Mother’s.’

Do you think that I can remain indifferent to this speaking of my Mother, which She makes resound continuously to my ear, which invests my Heart sweetly, and is continuous arrows and wounds of love?  I cannot, nor do I want to.  More so, since She has never denied anything to Me, therefore I lack the strength to deny anything to Her – my divine Heart pushes Me to make Her content.  You, unite yourself to Us, and sigh and pray that my Will be known and come to reign upon earth; and to confirm you more in this, I want to let you hear my sweet Mama.”

At that moment, I felt Her near me, and hiding me under Her blue mantle and taking me on Her lap, with a love that I cannot describe, She told me:  “Daughter of my maternal Heart, the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be my Kingdom – the Sacrosanct Trinity entrusted It to Me.  Just as It entrusted to Me the Eternal Word when He descended from Heaven onto earth, so It entrusted to Me Its Kingdom and mine.  Therefore my sighs are ardent, my prayers incessant; I do nothing but assail the Sacrosanct Trinity with my Love, with the rights of Mother and Queen that It gave Me, so that what It gave Me may come to light, may form Its Life, and my Kingdom may triumph over the face of the earth.  You must know that the desire that burns Me is so great, that I feel as if I had no glory – while I have so much that Heaven and earth are filled with it – if I do not see the Kingdom of the Divine Will formed in the midst of my children; because each of these children who will live in It, will give Me so much glory as to redouble the glory I possess.  Therefore, in seeing Myself deprived of it, I feel as if I had no glory of Queen and no love of Mother from my children.  And so, in my Heart I always call them, and I keep repeating:  ‘My children, my children, come to your Mama!  Love Me as your Mother as I love you as my children!  If you do not live of the same Will of which I lived, you cannot give Me the love of true children, nor can you know where my love for you reaches.’

You must know that my love and my ardent yearnings for this Kingdom to exist upon earth are so great, that I come down from Heaven, I go through souls to see who is more disposed to live of Divine Will.  I spy on them, and when I see them disposed, I enter their hearts and form my Life in them as preparation, honor and decorum of that Fiat which will take possession of them and form Its Life in them.  Therefore, I will be inseparable from them; I will put my Life, my love, my virtues, my sorrows at their disposal, as a wall of insurmountable strength, that they may find in their Mother that which is needed in order to live in this Kingdom so holy.  Then will my feast be complete; my love will rest in my children, my Maternity will find the ones who love Me as children of Mine, and I will give surprising graces, I will put everything in feast – Heaven and earth; and I will act as Queen, lavishing unheard-of graces.  Therefore, my daughter, remain united with your Mama, to pray and sigh with Me for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”

Volume 34 – May 28, 1937
The Queen, bearer of Jesus; the great gift that was given to Her.  The task She received from the Supreme Being.

My living in the Divine Volition continues.  Its Love is so great that It hides me within Its light, that I may see, hear or touch nothing but Its Most Holy Will.  Even more, this morning my Celestial Mother gave me a sweet and dear surprise:  after I received Holy Communion, She made Herself seen in my interior as though fused with baby Jesus; She was holding Him so tightly to Her maternal Heart, covering Him with Her arms, that in order to look at Him and cheer Him with my little love, I had to abandon myself in Her arms, so that I too might be fused with Them, to be able to love as Jesus and the Queen Mama loved each other.  Oh! how happy They were that I wanted to live life together with Them.

Now, while I was clinging to Them, the Sovereign Queen, all goodness and tenderness, told me:  “My beloved daughter, you must know that I am the bearer of Jesus.  This was a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to Me; and when He was certain that I had grace, love, power and the very Divine Will to keep Him safe, defended and loved, then He delivered the gift to Me – the Eternal Word incarnating Himself in my womb – telling Me:  ‘Our daughter, We are giving You the great gift of the Life of the Son of God, that You may be the owner, and may give Him to whomever You want.  However, know how to keep Him defended; never leave Him alone with the ones to whom You give Him, so that You may make up for them if they do not love Him, and repair if they offend Him.  You will act in such a way that nothing may be lacking to the decency, the sanctity and the purity that befit Him.  Be attentive, this is the greatest gift We give You; and We give You the power to bilocate Him as many times as You want, so that whoever wants it, may receive this great gift and possess it.’

Now, this Son is mine – He is my gift; and since He is mine, I know His loving secrets, His yearnings, His sighs, which are such that He reaches the point of crying, and with repeated sobs He tells Me:  ‘My Mama, give Me to souls – I want souls.’  And I want what He wants; I can say that I sigh and cry together with Him, because I want everyone to possess my Son.  But I must keep His Life safe – the great gift that God entrusted to Me; this is why, when He descends into hearts sacramentally, I descend together with Him to secure my gift – I cannot leave Him alone.  Poor Son, if He did not have His Mama who descends together with Him…!  How badly they treat Him!  Some tell Him not even one ‘I love you’ from the heart, and I must love Him; some receive Him distracted, without thinking of the great gift they are receiving, and I pour Myself over Him so as not to let Him feel their distractions and coldness.  Some reach the point of making Him cry, and I calm His crying, and give sweet reproaches to the creatures, that they should not make Him cry.  How many moving scenes take place in the hearts that receive Him in the Sacrament!  There are souls who never content themselves with loving Him, and I give them my love, and even His own, so that they may love Him.  These are scenes of Heaven – the very Angels remain enraptured, and We feel cheered from the pains that the other creatures have given Us.  But who can tell you everything?  I am the bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without Me; so much so, that when the priest is about to pronounce the words of Consecration over the Holy Host, I make wings of my maternal hands, that He may descend in between my hands to be consecrated, so that, if unworthy hands touch Him, I make Him feel mine that defend Him and cover Him with my love.

But this is not enough.  I am always on the lookout, to see whether they want my Son; so much so, that if some sinner repents of his grave sins and the light of grace dawns in his heart, I immediately bring him Jesus as confirmation of the forgiveness, and I Myself take care of everything that is needed so that He may remain in that converted heart.  I am the bearer of Jesus, and I am because I possess the Kingdom of His Divine Will in Me.  The Divine Will reveals to Me who wants Him, and I run – I fly to bring Him, but without ever leaving Him.  And I am not only bearer, but spectator and listener of what He does and says to souls.  Do you think that I was not present, listening to the many lessons that my dear Son has given you about His Divine Will?  Indeed I was present; I would listen, word by word, to what He would say to you; and in each word I would thank my Son and I would feel glorified twice as much, because He would speak of the Kingdom which I already possessed, which had been all my fortune and the cause of the great gift of my Son.  And in seeing Him speak, I would see the fortune of my children being grafted with mine.  Oh, how my Heart would rejoice!  All the lessons He has given you, and still more, are already written in my Heart; and in seeing Him repeat them to you, I would enjoy one more Paradise in each lesson.  And all the times you were not attentive and would forget, I would ask forgiveness on your behalf, and would pray Him to repeat His lessons.  And He, to make Me content – because He does not know how to deny anything to His Mama – would repeat His beautiful lessons to you.

My daughter, I am always with Jesus.  However, sometimes I hide in Him, and it seems as if He did everything without His Mama; but I am within Him, I concur with Him, and I am aware of what He does.  Other times, He hides in His Mama and lets Me do things, but He always concurs with Me.  Other times, We reveal Ourselves, the two of Us together, and the souls see Mother and Son that love them very much, according to what the circumstances and their good requires; and many times it is the love which We cannot contain that takes Us to excesses for them.  But be certain that if my Son is present, I am also there; and if I am present, my Son is there too.  This is a task that was given to Me by the Supreme Being, from which I cannot withdraw, nor to I want to.  More so, since these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the Kingdom which I possess, and the Will and the completion of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”

Volume 35 – October 25, 1937

In the Creative Hands of God the Sovereign Queen, Heiress of the Divine Will and Divine Life, Formed in Herself a Precious Pledge.

While wandering in the Divine Will, I stopped to reflect on the act of the conception of the Most Holy Virgin, to offer the Most Holy Trinity that same power and love that They centered in this act ,and to obtain by virtue of this the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth.  While doing thus, in all tenderness my sweet Jesus said to me:

“My child, from the first moment of her conception the Holy Virgin became the Heiress of our Divine Will by giving life to It in her beautiful soul.  She in turn quickly began her Divine work.  Thus in every heartbeat, breath, and movement of hers, with Its creative power, She made enchanting prodigies of holiness, beauty, and grace so as to ravish Us, who were at the same time [both] actors and spectators of our Divine Will.

“In our accentuation of love, She made Us exclaim:  ‘How beautiful is the creature animated by our Will!’  She, by giving life to our Life in Her, gives Us the possibility of making our works more beautiful.  Our Love rejoiced and delighted in the act of conception of the Virgin because She came to light at the time of our Divine Heritage, the Heiress of our Will and of our own Life.

“Moreover, because by virtue of our Will operating in Her She was all ours, exclusively ours, looking at Her We felt our breath in hers, our heartbeat in hers, our Love (which always burns and loves) in her love, and our movements in hers.  Our beauty was seen through the motions of her pupils, from the gesticulations of her hands, by the sweet enchantment of her ravishing voice, and She kept Us so occupied in jubilation that We could not take our eyes away from Her.  Thus this Celestial Child was ours, all ours, and at the same time, by right, was Heiress to our Will, and by giving life to Her She had taken possession.

“Furthermore, the Holy Virgin, in her human nature, tied the whole human family as members to her body.  Then We, for love of Her, seeing in Her the entire human race, gave the first kiss of peace to this humanity when She was conceived..  We thus made Her Heiress to our Divine Heritage, and in this way began our jubilation with mankind.

“Do you understand how it is certain that the Kingdom of the Divine Will should come on earth, since She who inherited It exists?  Moreover, since She is a human creature, all other creatures acquired the right of possessing It, [though] not for this alone, but also because in our creative hands the Sovereign Queen, seized by love of them, made a pledge of infinite value so that all could receive and possess this Kingdom.

“In our hands, what a sweet and dear pledge was this Holy Creature!  She, while allowing her life to advance her acts in our Divine Will, became Divine money so that they could pay Us for those who were to inherit our Fiat.  Thus my Humanity came, united to the Eternal Word, sorrow, and death.  I paid the necessary price to recompense our Divine Will, and to give It to creatures as heritage that belonged to them.

“Know, therefore, that an act, a breath, a movement of my Will contains such immense value, that they cannot be compared to any good that may exist [either] in Heaven [or] on earth.  May She be your entire life and your all!”

Volume 35 – November 7, 1937

The Queen of Heaven Ardently Desires to Give a Dowry to Her Children.

Following the acts of the Divine Will, I found in It all the works, the love, the prayers, the reparations, the sorrows—in summary, the palpitating life of the Queen of Heaven, and all that She did, still operating as then.  Moreover, I embraced, kissed, and adored these acts, and offered them to God so as to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth.  However, my dear Jesus said to me:

“My blessed child, who lives in My Will, wherever he can enter, he can claim everything to offer it to Me.  He can also claim as his my Mother; he can take for his own even that love with which She loved Me, and the works that She accomplished.  He can take my Life as his own, duplicate it, and give Me all, as a real thing, to love Me in a Divine way.

“Know also that I, on revealing here so many truths on my Will, made Its day for creatures.  In that way the Sovereign Lady of Heaven, with her love, prayers, sorrows, and all her acts animated by the Divine Will, formed enough dowry for those who were to live in Her.  Truly they filled Heaven and earth.  If you only knew with what eagerness this Celestial Mother awaits and desires to be able to give this dowry to her children!  She sees herself immersed in indescribable riches, in graces, love, and sanctity, but She does not find her children in that Will in which She lived—and therefore cannot give It to them.

“Know, my child, that in everything She did and suffered is written:  ‘For my children.’  Therefore, if She loves, She calls her children to Her to receive the gift of her love, to make them be accepted by Us as her children and our children, and to make Us love them with the same love that We love Her.  If She prays, She wants to give them the gift of her prayers.  In short, She wants to favor them with her sanctity, with her suffering, and with the same Life as her Son.

“She encloses them in her maternal Heart as if inside a sanctuary.  Furthermore, in all her acts and breaths She calls them, and tells our Supreme Entity:  ‘Adorable Majesty, all my being and all my riches belong to my children.  Please listen to Me.  I feel my Heart about to break for love.  Have pity on a Mother who loves and [who] wants to dote on her children to make them happy.  My happiness is not complete, I feel it lessened because I do not have my children to share it with Me.  Therefore, hurry and let your Divine Will be known so that they may know the yearnings of their Mother, who would like to make them holy and happy.’

“Do you believe, daughter, that We remain indifferent to this moving spectacle of the Celestial Mother who suffers so with love, who with maternal tenderness and by the right of Motherhood entreats Us and implores Us?  No!  On the other hand, many, many times on these entreaties I revealed other truths of my Will to give Her relief and [to] dote more extensively on her children according to the knowledge that they will acquire.  So you, too, come into my Divine Will.  Then together with my Mother pray and supplicate that our Will be known, and that It reigns in all creatures.”

Volume 36 – August 15, 1938

The Feast of Assumption is the Most Beautiful, the Most Sublime Feast.  It is the Feast of the Divine Will Operating in the Heavenly Queen.

While my mind was swimming in the Sea of the Divine Will, I stopped at the Act in which my Mother and Queen was Assumed into Heaven.   How many Wonders, how many Enrapturing Surprises of Love.  And my sweet Jesus, as if He felt the need to speak about His Celestial Mother, all festive told me: “My blessed daughter, today is the Feast of Assumption.  This is the Most Beautiful, the Most Sublime, the Greatest Feast, in which We remain Glorified, Loved and Honored the most!  Heaven and earth are Invested with an Unusual Joy, never before felt.  The Angels and the Saints feel as if Invested with New Joys and New Happiness, and they all praise with New Songs the Sovereign Queen who, in her Empire, Rules over all, giving Joy to all!

“Today is the Feast of feasts—the Unique One, the New One, which was never repeated again. Today, the Day of the Assumption, celebrated for the first time the Divine Will Operating in the Sovereign Queen and Lady; the Marvels are Enchanting in each of Her smallest Acts, even in Her breathing, in Her motion.  Many of Our Divine Lives can be seen flowing in Her Act as many Kings that, more than bright suns, inundate—surround and embellish Her—making Her so Beautiful as to form the Enchantment of the Celestial Regions.  Do you think it’s nothing that each one of Her breaths, motions, works and Pains were filled with many of Our Divine Lives?  This is exactly the Great Prodigy of My Will Operating in the creature:  to form a Divine Life for each time It could enter the motion and the acts of the creature.  Then, since My Fiat possesses the Virtue of Bilocation and Repetition—doing again and again without ceasing everything She does—so the Great Lady feels these Divine Lives multiplied within herself, that do nothing other than further extend Her Seas of Love, Beauty, Power and Infinite Wisdom!  You must know that the Divine Lives She possesses are so Great and so many that, upon entering Heaven, they crowded the whole Celestial Region and, being impossible to contain them, they filled the whole Creation as well.  Therefore, there is no place where Her Seas of Love and Power do not flow, along with the many of Our Lives of which She is Possessor and Queen.

“We can say that She Dominates Us and that We Dominate Her.  By clothing Herself with Our Immensity, Power and Love, she populated all Our Attributes with Her Acts and with the many of Our Divine Lives that She had Conquered!  Therefore, from every place and everywhere, We feel Ourselves being Loved and Glorified—inside and outside of Ourselves, from within all created things, in the most remote hiding places—by this Celestial Creature and by those same Divine Lives that Our Fiat formed in Her.  O! Power of Our Will, only You can do such Prodigies to make Us Loved and Glorified as We deserve and want—to the extent of Creating many of Our Lives in the one who lets You Dominate.  This is why She can give Her God to all, because She possesses Him.  Even more, when She sees a creature disposed to receive Our Will, without losing one of Our Divine Lives, She has the Virtue of Reproducing, from within these Divine Lives that She possesses, yet another of Our Divine Lives to give to whomever she wants.

“This Virgin Queen is a continuous Prodigy.  What She did on earth, She continues in Heaven; because, when the Divine Will Operates, both in the creature and in Ourselves, her acts never end, and, while remaining in It, they can be given to all.  Does the sun, perhaps, cease to give its light to the human generation because it has given too much of it?  Not at all.  Even if it has given much, it is always rich in its light, and does not lose a single drop of it.  Therefore, the Glory of this Queen is Insuperable because She possesses Our Operating Will, that has the Virtue of forming in the creature Eternal and Infinite Acts.  She Loves Us always and Unceasingly with Our Lives that She possesses. She Loves Us with Our own Love.  She Loves us everywhere.  Her Love fills Heaven and earth and runs to pour Itself inside Our Divine Womb.  And We Love Her so much that We cannot Live without Loving Her.  While, in Loving Us, She Loves all, making everyone Love Us.  How could We resist and not give her anything She wants?  It is Our own Will that asks for what She wants, tying Us with Its Eternal Bonds so that We can refuse her nothing.  This is why the Feast of the Assumption is the Most Beautiful one:  it is the Feast of My Will Operating in this Great Lady, making Her so rich and Beautiful that the Heavens cannot contain Her.  Even the Angels remain speechless, and don’t know how to describe what My Will does in the creature.”

After this, while my mind remained stupefied in thinking about the Great Prodigies that the Divine Fiat Worked and continues to Work in the Celestial Queen, my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, Her Beauty is Unreachable.  It enchants, it charms, it Conquers.  Her Love is such that She offers Herself to all, Loving all—leaving behind her Seas of Love.  She can be called Queen of Love, Winner of Love, because She Loved much, and through Love She won her God.  You must know that, by doing his will, man broke the bonds with his Creator and with all created things.  By the Power of Our Fiat, that She possessed, this Heavenly Queen tied her Creator to the creatures; tied all beings together—united them—put them back in Order and with Her Love, gave New Life to the human generations.  Her Love was so Great as to cover and hide, inside Its Seas, weaknesses, evils, sins—the creatures themselves.  O! If this Holy Virgin did not possess so much Love, it would be difficult for Us to look at the earth.  Only Her Love makes Us look at It, but We want to give Our Will to Reign in the middle of the creatures because She wants it so.  She wants to give to her children what She possesses, and by Love She will Win Us and Her children.”

Volume 36 – December 28, 1938

The Echo between Creator and creature.  How one act in the Divine Will can be found everywhere.  The king and the army.  The Maternity of the Queen of Heaven.

Although my poor mind is under the nightmare of tormenting sufferings, to the extent of feeling as if I were dying, I do what I can to follow the Acts of the Supreme Volition.  I look for It, though with difficulty, as my refuge, to draw strength in this painful state in which I find myself.

My beloved Jesus, feeling compassion for me, all Tenderness told me: “Daughter of my Will, Courage; don’t lose too much heart.  Despondency makes you lose strength, and makes you feel as if the One Who Lives in you and Loves you so much, is far away from you.  You must know that as the creature enters Our Will to give her will and to take Ours, she starts our Divine Echo in It.  As we hear this Echo in Our Divine Being, we say:  ‘Who has so much virtue as to produce the Echo of her love, of her breathing and heartbeat in Our Supreme Being?  Ah! It is a creature who has recognized Our Will and entered to Live in It.  Be welcome.’  We will make her hear Our Echo in return, so that we’ll breathe with one Breath, Love with one Love, beat with one heartbeat; so we will feel the life of that creature within us.  We will never feel lonely, and she too will feel Our Life in her—the company of her Creator who never leaves her alone.

“You have to know that no Act done in Our Will ever ends; rather, it is continuously repeated, since My Will is everywhere.  That Act is repeated in Heaven, in created things and in all else.  Therefore, one Act in My Will surpasses everything, filling Heaven and earth, and giving us so much Love and Glory that all other works remain like many little drops before the ocean.  We glorify Ourselves through the creature who, covered by her Creator, Operates together with Him.  Therefore, no matter how many beautiful things may be done outside of Our Will, they will never please us, because they are not Ours.  They cannot be diffused everywhere–such love is so small that it barely covers the act it made, if it covers it at all.  You must know that, although We Love the creature very much, We cannot tolerate having her with Us so indecent, filthy, without beauty, naked, and covered with miserable rags.  It would not be Worthy of Our Majesty to have children who do not look like Us, or who are not, somehow, well dressed with the clothes of Our Fiat.  It would happen as to the king whose army and subjects are covered with filth—disgusting just to look at:  one is blind, one crippled, another deformed.  Wouldn’t it be a dishonor for this king, to be surrounded by an army of pathetic wretches?  Shouldn’t this king be condemned if he doesn’t bother to form an army worthy of himself?  Shouldn’t all remain in admiration not only at the sight of the majesty of this king, but also at his ordered and beautiful army—the blooming of the young, and the way they are dressed?  Would it not be an honor for the king to be surrounded by ministers and an army pleasing to his sight?

“Now, since We want to deal with the creature, one on one, We have disposed in Our Invincible Love and Infinite Wisdom to give her Our Will, so that she would be embellished with Its Light—clothed with Its Love, and sanctified with Its Sanctity.  See then, how necessary it is that Our Will Reign in the creature:  only Our Will has the Power to Purify and embellish, so as to form Our Divine Army.  And We will feel honored to Live with them, and they with Us—they will be Our children surrounding us, dressed with Our Divine Clothes, and embellished with Our Image.  Therefore, Our Will Purifies, Sanctifies and embellishes first; then It admits them into Our Will, to Live together with Us.  Furthermore, as the creature enters Our Will, Our Love is such that We shower her with Our Rain of Love, and all run around her seeing that We Love her so much.  The Angels and the Saints run to her to Love her; the very Creation joyfully exults in seeing Our Will Triumphant in that creature.  They all pour Love on her—and O! how Beautiful she is, Loved by all of us; and she feels so grateful for this Love that she Loves everyone in return.”

After this, I continued my round in the Divine Volition and I arrived at the point of the Birth of little Jesus, who was shivering for the cold, and wept and cried bitterly, with His Eyes all swallowed in tears.  He looked at me, asking for help, and between sobs and sighs He told me: “My good daughter, the lack of love from the creatures makes Me cry bitterly.  As I see that I am not loved, I feel wounded and the Pain is so Great that I burst into tears.  My Love runs over each creature, chasing her; It hides her while I replace her life with My Life of Love.  But creatures, ungrateful, don’t even say one ‘I love You.’  How could I not cry?  Therefore, Love Me and calm My tears.

“Now, My daughter, listen to Me and pay attention.  I want to tell you a Great Surprise of Our Love, and nothing must escape you.  I want you to know the extent of the Maternity of My Celestial Mother—what She did, how much it cost to Her, and what She is still doing.  You must know that the Great Queen was not My Mother only in Conceiving Me, delivering Me to the light, feeding Me with Her milk, and offering Me all the possible cares that I needed during My Infancy; this was not enough, either to Her Maternal Love, or to My Love as her Son.  Her Maternal Love was always running through My Mind, and if Sorrowful thoughts were troubling Me, she laid Her Maternity in each one of them, hiding them inside Her Love and kissing them.  I could always feel My Mind as if it was hidden under Her Maternal Wings, that never left Me alone; each one of My Thoughts was kept by My Loving Mother, who gave Me all Her Maternal attentions.  Her Maternity was placed in each one of My Breaths and heartbeats; and if My Breath and heartbeats felt smothered by My Love and suffering, She would run with Her Maternity to free Me from My suffocating Love and put balm on My Pierced Heart.  If She looked, spoke, worked and walked—She ran, as a Mother, to receive in Her Maternal Love My Glances, Words, Works and steps, Investing them with Her Love and hiding them in Her Heart.  She would also make Her Maternal Love flow in the food She prepared for Me, so that while eating it, I could feel Her Loving Maternity.  How much more could I tell you of the expression of Her Maternity in My sufferings?  There was not a Pain, not a drop of the Blood I shed that was not felt by My Mother.  But after doing these things as My Mother, She would then take all My Pains and My Blood, and hide them inside Her Maternal Heart to Love them and continue Her Maternity.

“Who could say how much She Loved Me and how much I Loved Her?  My Love was such that in everything, I could not be without feeling Her Maternity within me. I can say that She would run, never to leave Me alone, not even in My Breathing.  And I called her.  Her Maternity was for Me a need, a relief, a support for My Life down here.

“Now, My daughter, listen to another Love Surprise of your Jesus and of our Heavenly Mother.  In all We did, Love was never obstructed between Us; the Love of one ran into the Love of the other to form One Single Life.  But in wanting to do the same with creatures, how many obstructions, rejections, ingratitudes do we find.  You must know that as My inseparable Mother laid Her Maternity inside and outside of My Humanity, so She was made and Confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing Her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings.  Her Maternity runs everywhere.  If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, she covers them with Her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves Her Maternity as help and defense, to make them stand up again.  Her Maternity runs and lays also on the souls who want to be good and holy, as if She found Her Jesus in them.  She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and Guide of their words, covering and hiding them in Her Maternal Love, in order to grow as many other Jesuses.  Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying.  Using the rights of authority as Mother given to Her by Me, in such a tender tone that I cannot refuse Her anything, She says:  ‘My Son, I am the Mother, and they are My children; I must save them.  If You don’t grant Me this, My Maternity would be compromised.’  And as She says this, She covers them with Her Love, hiding them with Her Maternity to rescue them.

“My Love was such that I told her:  ‘Mother, I want you to be the Mother of all, and I want you to do for all creatures all that you have done for Me, laying your Maternity in all their acts so that I will see them covered and hidden in your Maternal Love.’  My Mother accepted and remained Confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would Invest each of their acts with Her Maternal Love.  This was one of the Greatest Graces I have given to the whole of human generations.  But what Pains does My Mother not receive?  Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize Her Maternity—of denying it.  Therefore the whole of Heaven prays and anxiously waits for the Divine Will to be known and to Reign.  Then, the Great Queen will do to the children of My Will what She did for Her Jesus, and Her Maternity will have Life in Her children.

“I will give My own Place in Her Maternal Heart to those who Live in My Will.  She will raise them for Me, guiding their steps and hiding them in Her Maternity and Sanctity.  Her Maternal Love and Her Sanctity will be Impressed in all their acts; they will be Her True Children, being like Me in everything.  O!  how I would Love everyone to know that if they want to Live in My Will, they have a Queen and a Powerful Mother who will compensate for all they lack.  She will raise them on Her Maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, molding their acts as Her own; to the extent that they will be known as the children grown, kept and educated by the Loving Maternity of My Mama.  These will be the ones who will make Her Happy, the ones who will be Her Glory and Honor.”