Reflections On Importance Of Asking For The Kingdom To Reign On Earth

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”

VOL. 20 – October 24, 1926

How there is nothing more holy and bearer of every happiness than the Divine Will.  How Creation and Redemption and all of their acts serve to establish the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.

I was doing my usual round in the Divine Volition, and in each thing I placed my “I love You”, asking that the Kingdom of the Fiat may come and be known upon earth.  And reaching all the acts that my sweet Jesus did in Redemption, I asked, in each act, for the coming of His Kingdom; and I thought to myself:  ‘Before, in going around so much, both in all Creation and in Redemption, I used to place only my “I love You”, my adoration, my “thank You”.  And now, why can I not do without asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat?  I feel I would want to overwhelm everything – the most tiny and the greatest thing, Heaven and earth, the very acts of Jesus and Jesus Himself – and force them, so that everything and everyone may say, together with me:  “We want the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  We want It reigning and dominating in our midst.”  More so, since all want It; the very acts of Jesus, His life, His tears, His Blood, His wounds, say from within:  “May our Kingdom come upon earth”.  So I enter into the act of Jesus, and I repeat along with it:  “May the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come soon”.’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and with unspeakable tenderness told me:  “My daughter, one who is born in my Will feels Its life flowing within her and, as though naturally, she wants for all, that which she possesses.  And since my Will is immense and encloses everything and everyone, one who possesses It wanders through all the things It encloses, to pray It and win It to descend upon earth and form Its Kingdom.  However, you must know that in order to have dominion and be able to say what you want in all the things which came out of my Will and enclose It, first you had to know them and then love them, so that love might give you the right to possess them, and to make them do and say whatever you want.  This is why before, in going around through all of my works, you impressed your “I love You”, “I adore You”, “I thank You” – you were getting to know my works and taking possession of them.

Now, after the possession, what greater, holier and more beautiful thing, more bearer of all happinesses to the human generations, can you ask in the midst of my works and together with them, than the coming of the Kingdom of my Will?  More so since, in Creation it was the kingdom of the Fiat that I wanted to establish in the midst of creatures.  And also in the kingdom of Redemption, all of my acts, my very Life, their origin, their substance – deep within them, it was the Fiat that they asked for, and for the Fiat were they made.  If you could look into each one of my tears, each drop of my Blood, each pain, and all of my works, you would find, within them, the Fiat which they were asking for; they were directed toward the Kingdom of my Will.  And even though, apparently, they seemed to be directed to redeeming and saving man, that was the way which they were opening in order to reach to the Kingdom of my Will.

This happens also to the creatures, when they decide to take possession of a kingdom, a house, or a land:  they do not find themselves in it and in possession of it, in one instant; rather, they must make their way.  Who knows how much suffering, fighting and climbing of stairs, in order to find themselves in it, and then take possession of it.

My daughter, if all the acts and pains which my Humanity suffered, did not have the restoration of the Kingdom of my Fiat upon earth as their origin, substance and life, I would have moved away and lost the purpose of Creation – which cannot be, because once God has set Himself a purpose, He must and can obtain the intent.  If in everything you do, suffer and say, you do not ask for my Fiat, and do not have my Will as origin and substance, you move away and do not fulfill your mission.  And It is necessary that you go around times upon times in my Will, in the midst of my works, to ask, all in chorus, for the coming of the Supreme Fiat – so that, together with all Creation and will all my works which I did in Redemption, you may be filled to the brim with all the acts that are needed before the Celestial Father to make known and to impetrate the Kingdom of my Will upon earth.


VOL. 20 – February 11, 1927

Therefore, created things have more right that the Kingdom of my Will come – because they are all daughters of Heaven, and are the acts of my very Will which asks for It in them – than creatures themselves who, by doing their will, have reduced themselves to the condition of servants.  So, when you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my eternal Fiat in the name of the heavens, of the sun, of the sea and of all the other created things, you force my Will Itself to ask for the coming of Its Kingdom.  And do you think it is nothing that a Divine Will prays in each created thing, as you impetrate Its Kingdom?  Therefore, continue and never draw back.  Even more, you must know that it is my Will Itself that puts you on the way in the whole Creation, to have Its daughter together with It in all of Its acts – to make you do what It does and wants from you.”


VOL. 20 – February 19, 1927

This is why in these times, the wind, the water, the sea, the earth, the heavens, are all in motion more than ever, waging battle against the creatures as new phenomena occur – and how many more will occur – destroying people and cities:  because in battles it is necessary to dispose oneself to suffer losses, and many times also on the part of the winner.  There have never been conquests of kingdoms without battle, and if there have been, they have not lasted.  You fight with Me when, investing everything I did and suffered in my Humanity – that is, my tears, my most intimate pains, my prayers, my steps, my words, and even the drops of my Blood – you impress on them your ‘I love you’, and for each one of my acts, you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my Supreme Fiat.  Who can tell you of the fight you make with Me?  You move my very acts to wage battle against Me, that I may surrender and grant you my Kingdom.


VOL. 22 – July 30, 1927

Now, Our Will, life and perfect echo of Our Divine Being, is incessant motion, and therefore It is perfect good, and a good which can give itself to all.  When a good is incessant, all can take it, its continuous motion makes it possess the spring of inexhaustibility.  Therefore, one who must live in my Divine Will must possess the echo of my Will and, with incessant motion, follow Its acts and the good that comes to you, which places you in the order of the divine motion, moves you with enchanting rapidity, and goes around together with all created things.  Your acts are inexhaustible, and all can take the good of them, because they come from the spring of the eternal Fiat.  And do you think it is trivial to do a good that always springs?  And this is the cause for which in creatures one cannot see true and perfect goods – because their virtues are interrupted, and as they lose the incessant motion of a virtue, the life of the good of it already ceases.  They lose the taste, the pace, the strength, because they do not possess the incessant motion, and so the life of the virtue is not formed in them, nor that act which always springs, but rather, something superficial and passing.  So, how can they give the good of those virtues to all, if they do not possess their life and spring themselves, which are such that, while they give to others, they are never exhausted and lose nothing?  Does the sun perhaps lose anything by giving its light to all?  Certainly not, because it possesses the spring of light and its motion of giving light is incessant.  Therefore, my daughter, in my Divine Will your acts, your prayers, your asking for Its Kingdom, must have the incessant motion to be able to impetrate for all that the Divine Fiat be known and loved by all.”


VOL. 22 – August 12, 1927
How incessant prayer conquers God.  Uproaring of nature.  The three little fountains.  Preparations for world wars.

I felt myself in the terrible nightmare of His privation.  I was oppressed, I agonized, I felt so ill that I could take no more.  And my adorable Jesus, after having pressed me well under a press so painful, having compassion for my extreme affliction, clasped me tightly in His arms, telling me:  “Poor daughter, how you suffer.  Courage, I do not want you to reduce yourself to these extremes – you oppress yourself too much.  Yet, you should be consoled, your interior is a continuous speaking before the Divine Majesty, and a continuous act.  And a speaking ever unceasing before God, wanting the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, brings with itself the certainty of victory.  So, either you have won or you are about to win.  A continuous doing and speaking acquires the nature of a winning power before God, and it is as if God would lose the resisting strength, while the soul acquires the winning strength.  An exchange takes place:  God is disarmed and the soul is armed with divine weapons, but the Supreme Being is not given to being able to resist.  Does that asking Me continuously for the Kingdom of my Eternal Will seem trivial to you? – going around through the whole Creation, and, over and over again, in all the acts I did in Redemption, as well as in the seas of the acts of love and of sorrow of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, to ask for my Kingdom?  You seek nothing for yourself, and you go round and round, asking over and over again that my Divine Will be known, and that It dominate and reign.  Not a shadow of what is human enters into this, nor any personal interest; it is the holiest and most divine prayer and act; it is prayer of Heaven, not of the earth, and therefore the purest, the most beautiful, the invincible one, which encloses only the interest of the divine glory.  Until now no one has prayed Me with such insistence.  My Mama did pray Me with such insistence for the sake of Redemption, and She was victorious; but for the Kingdom of my Will – no one until now with such insistence as to conquer a God.  Therefore, your insistence says much; the very uproaring of all nature says much.  In these times, all the elements, uproaring, are bearers of goods, and this is necessary to reorder my Kingdom.  It is the greatest thing, and it takes the uproaring in order to purify the earth.  Therefore, I do not want you to oppress yourself too much, but rather – keep on with your continuous flight, with your insistence, so as to acquire the complete strength to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”


VOL. 23 – September 21, 1927
How the soul who lives in the Divine Will places the acts of It in exercise.  How the truth is perennial life and continuous miracle.

I was going around throughout the whole Creation, asking for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in each created thing; and my adored Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, since all created things are fixed in God, as you ask for the Kingdom of my Divine Will in each of them, the created things move in God and ask for my Kingdom.  Each of them forms its supplicating wave, the incessant motion to ask for what you want; and since created things are nothing other than acts come out of my Divine Will, and each act was given an office, as you ask for my Kingdom in each created thing, you place all the offices of the acts of my Supreme Volition in exercise around the Divine Being, and you make Our goodness, Our power, justice and mercy, Our love and wisdom, ask for the Kingdom of Our Will.  In fact, each created thing contains a quality of Ours, and We feel waves of beauty, of power, of justice, of mercy, of love, of wisdom, coming to Us, one after the other, which, with divine ways, supplicate, pray, plead for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in the midst of creatures.  And in seeing Ourselves being prayed so much by the very acts of Our Divine Will, We ask:  ‘Who is she who moves a Will so great with all Its innumerable acts, to ask of Us that We give Our Kingdom to creatures?”  And Our acts answer Us:  ‘It is the little daughter of the Eternal Volition – it is the daughter of all of us, who, with so much love, moves Our acts to ask for what we all want.’  And in the excess of Our love, We say:  ‘Ah! it is the little daughter of Our Will!  Let her do it – to her it is given to penetrate everywhere; let her pass freely, because she will not do anything, nor ask for anything, but what We Ourselves want.”


VOL. 23 – November 23, 1927

After this, having followed my round in the Divine Fiat, I was gathering all created things, in which all the acts of the Divine Fiat are present, dominating; and I, gathering everything together – the heavens, the sun, the sea and all Creation – brought everything together before the Supreme Majesty, to surround It with all of Its works, and have the acts of Its very Will ask for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat upon earth.  But while I was doing this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter, hear how all of Heaven echoes your petition, and the Angels, the Saints, the Sovereign Queen repeat among themselves:  ‘Fiat! Fiat! Voluntas Tua, on earth as It is in Heaven’.  Because it is petition of Heaven – it is the Kingdom which interests everyone – they all feel the duty to ask for what you want; they feel within themselves the same strength of the power of my same Divine Will by which all of them are animated.  And they repeat:  ‘May the Will of Heaven be one with the earth.’  Oh! how beautiful it is – how harmoniously it resounds when an echo from the earth invests all of Heaven and forms one single echo, one single Will, one single petition.  And all the Blessed say among themselves, taken by admiration:  ‘Who is she who is carrying the whole cortege of the divine works before the Divinity, and with the power of the Divine Fiat which she possesses, she overwhelms us all, and makes us ask for a Kingdom so holy?  No one has had this power, no one until now has asked for the Kingdom of the Fiat with such power and empire.  At the most, some have asked for the glory of God, some for the salvation of souls, some for the reparation of many offenses – all things which refer to the external works of God.  But asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Will is about His internal works, the most intimate acts of God, and the destruction of sin.  It is not just salvation, but divine sanctity in the creatures; it is liberation from all evils, spiritual and corporal; it is transporting the earth to Heaven so as to make Heaven descend upon earth.’  Therefore, asking for the Kingdom of my Divine Will is the greatest, the most perfect, the holiest thing; and this is why, reverently, all answer your echo, and in the Celestial Fatherland resounds the beautiful harmony:  ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’.”


VOL. 23 – January 22, 1928
Insistences in asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat:  the sign that It wants to reign.  The martyrdom of the privation of Jesus.  The human will, profaner of the creature.

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and I wanted to overwhelm everything – Heaven and earth – so that all might have one single will, one single voice, one single heartbeat.  I wanted to animate everyone with my voice, so that all might say together with me:  “We want the Kingdom of your Will.”  And in order to obtain this, I wanted to be sea, to make the waters speak; sun, to give my voice to the light; heavens, to animate the stars and make everyone say:  “Your Kingdom come – your Fiat be known.”  I wanted to penetrate into the celestial regions to make all Angels and Saints, and the very Celestial Mama, say:  “Adorable Trinity, hurry, delay no more; we pray You, we press You, that your Kingdom descend upon earth, make Itself known, and reign on it as It does in Heaven.”  Now, while I was doing this and other things, such that I would be too long in saying them on paper, I thought to myself:  ‘And why so many insistences and cares of mine, such that it seems I can do nothing if I do not ask for His Fiat dominating upon earth?’  And blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, if you knew who it is that pushes you, that makes you insist so much, that would want to move everything in you to call the life – the Kingdom of my Will upon earth, you would be amazed.”  And I:  ‘Tell me, my Love, who is it?’  And He, all tenderness, added:  “Do you want to know?  It is my Will Itself that pushes you to this, because It wants to make Itself known, It wants to reign, but It wants the insistence of Its little daughter who, pressing It in every way and moving everything, would call It with everyone, with the most powerful means, to come upon earth.  Your insistences are the sign and the image of Its yearnings and of Its infinite cares and insistences for It wants to give Itself to creatures; and just as you want to move everything, so would It want to move everything – the sea, the sun, the heavens, the wind, the earth – so that all might move the creatures to recognize It, to receive It, to love It.  And as soon as It sees Itself desired, It will tear the veils of all created things, and, like Queen and Mother longing for Her children, It will come out of their bosoms, in which It was hidden, and revealing Itself, It will embrace Its children and will reign in their midst, giving them goods, peace, sanctity and happiness.”


VOL. 23 – February 9, 1928

But while my mind was wandering after Jesus – and I would be too long if I wanted to say everything – my highest and only Good, Jesus, moved in my interior, and all goodness told me:  “My daughter, my Mama and I were like two twins born of the same labor, because We had but one Will that gave Us life.  The Divine Fiat placed all Our acts in common, in such a way that the Son was reflected in Her, and the Mama was reflected in the Son.  So, the Kingdom of the Divine Will had Its full force, Its perfect dominion within Us; and as We were fleeing to Egypt, We carried the Divine Volition as though strolling throughout those regions, and We felt Its great sorrow for It was not reigning in creatures; and, looking at the centuries, We felt the great joy of Its Kingdom which It was to form in their midst.  And, oh! how pleasing to Us did your repeated refrains in the wind, in the sun, in the water, under Our steps, reach Us upon the wings of Our Fiat:  ‘I love You, I love You – let your Kingdom come.’  It was Our echo that We could hear in you, as We wanted nothing but the Divine Will to reign and be the conqueror of all.  Therefore, even from that time We loved Our tiny little one, who asked for and wanted but what We Ourselves wanted.”


VOL. 24 – May 30, 1928

Am I not doing this with you, to the point of wanting to give you the Kingdom of my Divine Will?  This is why I make you go around in the whole Creation, in the works of my Redemption, nor do I deprive you of the dominions of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven.  And while you go around through Our works and dominions, I keep whispering to your ear:  ‘Take whatever you want, my little daughter.’  And to give you the right to it, I have you mark all of Our works and Our dominions with your ‘I love You’.  In this ‘I love you’ of yours which repeats its refrain, ‘give me your Divine Fiat’, it seems that ‘Fiat’ and ‘I love you’ are braided together, and I know that what you want and ask for is the greatest thing – a Divine Kingdom in which, not only you, but all those who will be in this Kingdom, may all be kings and queens.

If you knew what you are asking Me for…!  Heaven and earth are astonished, and all are watching the braveness of your request and my goodness, all paternal, which longs for you and smiles at you with excessive love, to give you more confidence in asking for It with more braveness.  In fact, my daughter, since the Kingdom I must give is so great, I want an entire people to ask Me for It, and the first people is the whole Creation; and by going around in the midst of It, you move everyone to ask for the coming of the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth.  The second people are all of my works and those of my Celestial Mama which were done on earth.  These peoples are divine and interminable peoples.  Then there is the people of the low earth, which is formed of those who recite the ‘Our Father’, and of the few who somehow know my Divine Will and ask that It come to reign upon earth.  When entire peoples pray Me, having at the head of them the one to whom a mission so great has been entrusted, that which We want to give and which We are asked for with insistence is conceded more easily.  Does this not happen in the low world?  If a king or the leader of a country must be elected, there are those who incite the people to cry out:  ‘We want such and such as king, or such as such the leader of our country.’  If some want a war, they make the people cry out:  ‘We want the war!’  There is not one important thing that is done in a kingdom, for which some do not resort to the people, to make it cry out and even raise a tumult, so as to give themselves a reason and say:  ‘It is the people that wants it.’  And many times, while the people says it wants something, it does not know what it wants, nor the good or sad consequences that will come.  If they do this in the low world, much more can I do it.  When I must give important things, universal goods, I want entire peoples to ask Me for them; and you must form these peoples – first, by making all the knowledges about my Divine Fiat known; second, by going around everywhere, moving Heaven and earth to ask for the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”


VOL. 24 – July 4, 1928
Necessity of advances in order to purchase the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  How the Divine Will renders everything light like a feather, and therefore one can embrace everything.

Continuing my round in the Divine Fiat, I was thinking to myself:  ‘What is the utility of these continuous repetitions in asking over and over again for the Kingdom of the Divine Will?  …And of the repetition of going around in It in order to commit It to grant Its Kingdom, so that It may come to dominate in the midst of creatures?’  At that moment, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, when one wants to make a purchase he pays advances, and the more advances he gives, the more the purchase is secured, and the less remains to be paid when he comes to the final acts of the definitive purchase.  Now, since you want the Kingdom of my Will, it is necessary for you to give advances, and every time you go around in It asking for Its Kingdom over and over again, and emitting your acts on behalf of all for the same purpose, you add one more advance to secure your purchase of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.  And since it is the purchase of It that you want to make, it is necessary that your acts be done in It, and acquire the value of the currency coined by my Divine Will.  Otherwise, it would not be a valid currency that could circulate for the purchase of It – it would be a currency from outside the Kingdom.  In fact, one who wants to purchase Divine Will, must give acts of advance done in It, and my Will benignly deigns to coin them with the value of Its Fiat, in such a way that the soul can give the necessary advances for the purchase of It.

This is the utility of your little rounds in my Fiat.  The acts that you emit in It, your asking and asking for the coming of Its Kingdom, are all necessary things which are needed for the great purchase of It.  Did I not do the same in Redemption?  I had to pay the advance of my acts before my Celestial Father, and I had to pay for all to obtain the Kingdom of Redemption; and when I made the whole payment, then was it signed by the Divinity that the Kingdom was Mine.  Therefore, continue to place your advances, if you want to have it signed that the Kingdom of my Fiat is yours.”


VOL. 25 – March 8, 1929

Oh! if creatures would let themselves be nourished by the breath of my omnipotent Fiat, all evils would no longer have life in them; Its generative and nourishing virtue would communicate to them light, beauty, order and the most beautiful harmony.  What can my Fiat not do and give?  Everything.  Now, my daughter, as you were gathering all created things in order to bring them to Us as the most beautiful homage, to ask Us for Our Kingdom upon earth, since each thing has the notes and the sound within itself as its own property, immediately they began their music, so beautiful and harmonious, that Our Divinity pricked up Its ear and said:  ‘The little daughter of Our Fiat is bringing Us Our celestial band, and in their sound, they say to Us:  “May the Kingdom of Our Divine Will come upon earth”.  Oh! how pleasing it sounds to Us, how it descends deep into Our inmost divine bosom, and it all moves Us to compassion for so many creatures without the life of Our Fiat.  Ah! only one who lives in It can move Heaven and earth, and rise onto Our paternal knees to snatch from Us a good so great, which is the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’.”


VOL. 28 – March 24, 1930

Then, I continued to follow the acts in the Divine Fiat, and I thought to myself:  ‘I am always back to the start, repeating – always repeating the long story of my acts in the Divine Volition, the long singsong of my ‘I love You’.  But what are the effects of it?  Oh! if I could obtain that the Divine Will be known and reign upon earth, at least it would be for me so much the better.’  But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus clasped me to His Divine Heart, and told me:  “My daughter, firmness in asking forms the life of the good that is asked for; it disposes the soul to receive the good that she wants, and moves God to give the gift that is asked for.  More so, since with the many repeated acts and prayers that she has done, she has formed within herself the life, the exercise, the habit of the good that she asks for.  God, won by the firmness of her asking, will give her the gift; and finding in the creature, by virtue of her repeated act, as though a life of the gift that He is giving her, He will convert the good asked for into her nature, in such a way that the creature will feel herself as the possessor, and victorious in feeling transformed into the gift she has received.  Therefore, your asking incessantly for the Kingdom of my Divine Will forms in you Its Life; and your continuous ‘I love You’ forms in you the Life of my Love.  And since I have given you the gift of both one and the other, you feel within yourself as if your nature felt nothing other than the vivifying virtue of my Will and of my Love.  Firmness in asking is the assurance that the gift is yours.  And asking for the Kingdom of my Divine Will for all, is the prelude that others can receive the great gift of my Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, continue to repeat, and do not tire.”


VOL. 28 – April 18, 1930

Now, you must know that in order to call back to life again these goods in the creature, one who would call back my Fiat again into her soul was needed, and who would deny nothing to It, letting It dominate freely, so that It might administer to her again Its vivifying and nourishing virtue, to call back to light the destroyed goods.  And this is why my Divine Will, by subduing you, and by your letting yourself be subdued, has resumed Its vivifying virtue in your soul; and calling you into Its dwelling, It nourishes you in order to call back in you all of Its goods.  And all your acts that you do in It, your rounds upon rounds within Its acts, your asking continuously for Its Kingdom upon earth, are nothing other than nourishments that It gives you, and It constitutes the right for other creatures to be able to receive again the Kingdom of my Divine Will with the life of all Its goods.  When I want to do a good to all creatures, I place the springing fount of it in one creature; from this fount I open many channels, and I give to everyone the right to take the goods that the fount possesses.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in my Divine Will be continuous.”


VOL. 28 – October 7, 1930

Firmness, faithfulness, unshakeability in good and in asking for the good known, can be called divine virtues, not human, and therefore it would be like denying to Ourselves what the creature asks from Us.  Now, the same in the Kingdom of the Divine Will:  We want to find a faithful soul in whom We can operate, who would bind Us everywhere and in every part of Our Divine Being with the sweet chain of Her faithfulness, in such a way that We may find no reason not to give Her what She asks from Us.  We want to find Our firmness, the necessary shelf to be able to enclose in Her the great good that She asks from Us.  It would not be decorous for Our divine works to be entrusted to souls who are inconstant and not disposed to face any sacrifice for Us.  The sacrifice of the creature is the defense of Our works, and it is like putting them in a safe place.  So, once We have found the faithful creature, and the work comes out of Us to take its place in her, everything is done, the seed is already sown, and, little by little, it geminates and produces other seeds, such that, as they diffuse, whoever wants to, can procure for himself that seed to make it germinate in his soul.


VOL. 28 – November 20, 1930

But while I was pouring out my sorrow, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, extended His arms toward me to sustain me, and told me:  “My daughter, courage, the fear of losing a good means possessing it, knowing it and loving it – and possessing it, not by usurpation, but by right of property; and when a good is possessed by right of property, no law, either human or divine, can with legitimate ways take away the goods that are possessed.  More so, since it is absolute Will of your Jesus for you to possess, by right of property, the inheritance of my Divine Fiat, which I have given you with so much love, so that you might ask, by right, for Its Kingdom to come upon earth.  In fact, only one who possesses my Will has the right to, and can, by right, ask for Its Kingdom to come upon earth and extend everywhere.  And since my Will fills heavens, sun, sea and everything, even though they do not have reason, they are dominated freely by the powerful Strength and Reason of my Fiat, from which they never moved away.

Therefore, in the name of the heavens, sun and everything, you can, by right, ask for Its Kingdom, because the smallest thing as well as the greatest, animated and dominated by my Divine Will, is always superior to man.


VOL. 30 – February 24, 1932

And then, there is no greater Honor you can give, when you make use of them in order to ask, in each act, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  They feel called and employed to act as messengers, between Heaven and earth, of a Kingdom so Holy.  You must know that past, present and future—everything must serve for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  Now, with your remembering, asking for this Kingdom by means of Our Works and the virtues and acts of all, all feel placed at Its service, and take their Office and place of Honor.  So, your going around is necessary because it serves to prepare the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Therefore, be attentive and continuous.”


VOL. 30 – March 20, 1932

I was thinking about the Divine Will, and was saying to myself:  “If Our Lord Loves so much to make known a Will so Holy, and He wants It to Reign in the midst of creatures, why, then, does He want them to pray in order to obtain It?  Once He wants to, He can give It, even without so much praying Him.”

And my sweet Jesus, surprising me, told me:  “My daughter, to know My Divine Will is the Greatest thing that I can give and that the creature can receive; and Its Reigning is the Confirmation of Its Great Gift and the carrying out of Its Will that was known.  Therefore, it is necessary to ask for It; by asking for It, she disposes herself, she forms within herself the Royal Palace in which to receive It; by asking for It, she acquires the Love in order to Love It, she acquires the qualities of Sacrifice that are needed in order to possess It.  And as one asks for It, the human will loses its ground, it is debilitated, it loses strength and disposes itself to receive the Dominion of the Supreme Volition; and God, seeing Himself prayed, disposes Himself to give It.

“It takes the dispositions of both sides in order for Us to give Our Celestial Gifts.  How many Gifts do We want to give!  But because they are not asked for, We retain Them within Ourselves, waiting to give Them when they are asked for.  By asking, it is as if commerce were opened between Creator and creature.  If one does not ask, the commerce is closed, and Our Celestial Gifts do not descend in order to put themselves in circulation on the face of the earth.  Therefore, the first indispensable necessity in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will is to ask for It with Incessant prayers, because, as they pray, so are We reached by little letters—now of solicitation, now of supplication, now of the agreement that they want to make with Our Will, until the last letter comes, of the final accord.


VOL. 33 – March 25, 1934

But while my mind enjoyed the enchanting sight of my little acts surrounded by the Seas of the Divine Acts, my little love surrounded by the Sea of the Divine Love that, with Ancient and Incessant voice, does not know how to ask anything other than ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua,’ on earth as It is in Heaven, my Sovereign Jesus, surprising me, all Love told me:  “My blessed daughter, how sweet, consoling, Powerful it is to hear My Will with all Its Acts in the little act, love, and adoration of the creature, asking for the Fiat to Reign on earth.  It makes use of the little love of the creature as spokesman in order to let It resound in all her acts, so as to let her ask for Its Kingdom.  It does not want to do it alone, but It wants her as intermediary in order to do this.  But do you want to know for what this prayer that contains Divine Power, Value, and Weapons—that wage war on Us with Incessant ways—serves?  It serves to call God to earth to Live in each creature, it serves to make My own Divine Will and all Its Works pray that It come to Reign on earth, it serves to prepare the place in God Himself for the creature.  It is a Divine Prayer, Prodigious, that knows how to obtain everything.”


VOL. 33 – July 15, 1934

After this, I thought to myself:  “But what good comes to me, what glory do I give to my God, by always asking that His Will be known and take Its Royal Place that belongs to It in creatures?  It seems that I do not know how to ask for anything else.  It seems to me that Jesus Himself is tired of hearing me tell the same story:  “I want Your Fiat as Life for me and for everyone.”

But while I thought this, my sweet Jesus added:  “My blessed daughter, you must know that when the creature incessantly prays to obtain a good, she acquires the capacity of possessing that good, and possessing it she has the virtue of letting it be possessed by others.  Prayer is like the disbursement of the coin in order to purchase the good that one wants.  Prayer forms the esteem, the appreciation, the love that is needed in order to possess it.  Prayer forms the void in the soul for where to be able to enclose the desired good, otherwise if I want to give it, then she will not have where to place it.  And also, you cannot give Me greater Glory, than to ask Me that My Will be known and Reign.  This is My own Prayer, it is the yearning and the heartbeat of My Heart, they are My ardent Anxieties.

“And you must know that so much is My Love that I want to make My Will known, that not being able to hold it back, it pours over you and I make you say:  ‘Your Fiat come, Your Will be known.’  In fact, I am who prays in you; it is not you.  They are My outlets of Love, My Loving Outpourings that feel the need of Uniting Me with the creature in order to not be alone in praying for such a Good.  And in order to give more value to this prayer, it places in your power My Works, the whole of Creation, My Life, My tears, My sufferings, so that it is not a prayer of only words, but a prayer confirmed by My Works, Life, sufferings, and My tears.  O! how sweet does your little refrain resound to My hearing, your little loving sing-song that echoes Mine:  ‘Your Fiat come, Your Will be known.’  And if you did not do this, you would suffocate My Prayer in you, and I would remain embittered and I would remain alone, alone to pray.

“But I must also tell you, do you know who feels the need of retracing all My Works and sufferings in order to ask Me that My Will be known and Reign?  The one who has known It and loves It.  In view of the Great Good, she cannot stop repeatedly asking that everyone know and possess It.  Therefore think that I am with you and I pray together with you when you feel that you can do no less than pray for the Triumph of My Will.”


VOL. 35 – October 31, 1937

After this, I felt a little suffering, and I was coughing loudly.  At every fit of coughing I asked that the Divine Will might come to Reign upon earth.  And my sweet Jesus, all Tenderness, squeezed me tightly in His arms, telling me:  “My daughter, I knew that you would have asked for My Will at every fit of your coughing, and I felt My Heart being wounded—bursting of Love.  I felt as if I were receiving, in your coughing, My Immensity, that wrapped Me and asked Me for My Will; for My Power and Infinity, that made everybody ask for My Will to Reign; to the extent that I Myself was forced to say: ‘My Will, come to Reign. Do not delay any longer!’  I feel such violence that I just do and say what the creature does and says.

“I want you to ask for My Will in your sufferings, in the food you eat, in the water you drink, in the work you do—in sleep.  I want you to commit your breath and heartbeat to ask that My Will may come and Reign.  In this way, everything will be an opportunity for you to ask for My Will—even the sun that fills your eyes, the wind that blows upon you, the sky that lays over your head…. Everything must be an occasion for you to ask me for My Will to Reign in the midst of the creatures.  By doing this, you will place many pledges in My Hands—the first of which being the whole of your being, so that you won’t even move without asking for My Will to be known and desired by all.”


VOL. 35 – November 20, 1937

“My Will will give so much Love to this creature who Lives in It, as to be able to inundate the whole of Creation.  My Volition will lay a New Heaven of Love upon all human generations, so as to feel embraced and Loved by the Love of this creature, which was given by My Will Itself, everywhere, in everyone and in every place.  And this creature, while hugging and Loving My Will, will say: ‘O Supreme Volition, come to Reign upon earth!  Invest all generations!  Win and Conquer all!’  Can’t you see how Beautiful it is to Live in It; having your love in Its Power, which contains so much Power and Virtue that nobody can resist?  When this Love will have Invested everything and everyone—the Love of a creature who Lived in Our Fiat, and who carries with her the bond of the human family—We will let Ourselves be won.  We will demolish all the obstacles and will have Our Kingdom on the face of the earth.  Therefore, pray and make everything serve to ask Me that My Will may come to Reign on earth as in Heaven.”


VOL. 35 – March 12, 1938

Then, my dear Jesus, Who always takes great delight in saying ever New Things about His Adorable Will, visiting my poor soul, as if He felt the need to entrust me with His secrets, told me:  “My blessed daughter, the Living of the creature in Our Will is Our amusement, Our enjoyment, Our Perennial occupation.  You must know that, as the creature Unites to Our Volition and enters into It, Our Will kisses the human will, and the human will kisses Our Will.  We Ourselves Love, Pray and ask of Ourselves that Our Will may come to Reign in the human generations.  The creature disappears inside Our Divine Sea like a little drop of water, and what remains is Our Prayer, that wants to invest everything with Its Power, to obtain what We have asked of Ourselves.  We cannot do without answering Our own Prayer.


VOL. 35 – March 16, 1938

Divine Will, how much You Love me!  How Adorable and Admirable You are!  And I felt the suffering of Its Loneliness; but my sweet Jesus, repeating His little visit, told me:  “My good daughter of My Volition, the waiting is one of Our Greatest Pains.  The creature keeps Us as Sentries.  We even count the breaths, the heartbeats and the minutes when We don’t feel her with Us.  In order to place Our Love in her love, and to Love each other with One Single Love, We feel as if harmonized with the creature, and We bring her as Our Victory into Our Divine Womb.  Therefore, minutes without her seem like centuries, and We long for her return.  And so, as she enters Our Volition, asking Us for Our Will to come and Reign upon earth, We make a feast, because she wants what We want.  The Greatest and the Most Beautiful of all things is for the creature to want what her Creator wants.  This forms Our Rest, and Our Loves smiles and finds Peace.

“Now, as she asks for Our Will to come and Reign, she knocks on all created things:  on the sun, on the wind, on the Heaven, on the stars—on everything.  As I, Who dominate, dwelling within them, hear knocking, I open all the doors and put Myself on the path to come and Reign.  But the creature doesn’t stop there.  She goes higher and knocks at Our Divinity, and at all the Angels and the Saints, making all ask Me for My Fiat to come.  How sweet her penetrating knocking—with such authority that all open, and become all attentive.  She gives everyone something to do, and all ask her what she wants.  So, Living in Our Will moves Heaven and earth, putting all Our Works in action for a cause so Holy.”


VOL. 35 – March 28, 1938

“I can say that My Greatest Pain down here, that gave Me a continuous Death, was to see the creatures neither Living in My Will, nor doing It, because I saw that My Acts remained without the Purpose for which I was doing them—without giving the Life with which they were Invested.  And if I were not All-Seeing—seeing all the centuries in one present Act, as well as My beloved children who were going to Live in My Divine Will, and who had to use all that My Humanity did and suffered in order to establish My Kingdom, using It as their most Beautiful residence—I could not have borne such a great Pain.  Therefore, continue to trace My Acts, My Steps and My Pains, to ask for My Will to come and Reign on earth, and My Pain will be soothed, and will turn into Love, to shorten the time and make My Will known, Loved—and Reign.  I will keep you as refreshment for Me, and as Bearer of the balm to My Pains; and when I see My Acts and My sufferings embittered with Pain because the creature is running away from My Will, I will come and take refuge in you, to soothe and embalm My sufferings, too embittered by the Pain.”


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