The Sad Effects Of Not Giving Your Heart Completely To Jesus

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


Hours of Passion: 6PM Hour

But the paleness of your face, your trembling lips, your suffocated voice, as though wanting to burst into tears in saying good-bye – ah, everything tells me how much You love Her and how much You suffer in leaving Her!

But to fulfill the Will of the Father, with your Hearts fused into each other, You submit Yourselves to everything, wanting to repair for those who, unwilling to overcome the tendernesses of relatives and friends, and bonds and attachments, do not care about fulfilling the Holy Will of God and corresponding to the state of sanctity to which God calls them. What sorrow do these souls not give You, in rejecting from their hearts the love You want to give them, contenting themselves with the love of creatures!


Hours of Passion: 10PM Hour

And it is exactly here, in your Heart, that You feel all the pain that creatures cause You, who, with their evil desires, disordered affections, profaned heartbeats, instead of wanting your love, look for other loves. Jesus, how much You suffer! I see You faint, submerged by the waves of our iniquities. I compassionate You, and I want to soothe the bitterness of your Heart, pierced three times, by offering You the eternal sweetnesses and the most sweet love of dear Mama Mary, as well as those of all your true lovers.


VOL. 1

So, from the beginning, the Divine Master began to strip my heart of all creatures, and through an interior voice, He would tell me: “I am all that is beautiful and that deserves to be loved. See, if you do not remove this little world that surrounds you – that is, thoughts of creatures, imagination – I cannot enter freely into your heart. This murmuring in your mind is a hindrance to letting you hear my voice more clearly, to pouring my graces, to truly enamoring you of Me. Promise Me that you will be all Mine, and I Myself will put my hand in the work. You are right that you can do nothing. Do not fear, I will do everything; give Me your will – this is enough for Me.”

This would happen mostly during Communion. So I would promise Him to be all His own; I would ask His forgiveness, for up to that point, I had not been so; I would say to Him that I truly wanted to love Him, and I prayed Him never to leave me alone. And the voice would continue: “No, no – I will be together with you, observing all of your actions, movements and desires.”


VOL. 23 – November 10, 1927

Then, while I was thinking of this and other things, my highest Good, Jesus, came out from within that light so dazzling, so I was able to see Him; and He told me:  “My daughter, you are alone with Me, and I am alone with you; and because you are alone with Me, I centralize all of Myself in you.  In fact, since you are alone with Me, I can fill you completely with Myself; there is not one point of you in which I do not take my place; you are transformed into Myself and, as though naturally, the extraordinary grace enters into you.  When the soul is alone with Me, I am free to do whatever I want; I enjoy her, Myself alone, and my love makes Me do such great things with her that I reach the point of folly, and I perform so many of those loving stratagems, that if they could be seen or heard by all creatures, they would say:  ‘Only Jesus knows how to love and can love in a way so astounding, so ingenious and so great.’  With one who lives alone with Me, I act as the sun would, if it could centralize all of its light over one plant.  This plant would receive into itself the whole of the life of the sun, and would enjoy all of its effects, while the other plants receive only one effect each, which is sufficient for the nature of each plant.  But the first one, because it receives the whole of the life of the sun, receives with it all the effects which the light contains.  So I do.  I centralize the whole of my life in her, and there is nothing of Me which I do not let her enjoy.  On the other hand, one who is not alone with Me, because I cannot centralize my life, is without light; she feels within herself the weight of darkness; her being is divided into so many parts for as many as are the things that she cares about.  So, if she loves the earth, she feels divided with the earth; if she loves creatures, pleasures, riches, she feels as though divided into shreds, in such a way that some tear her from one side, some from the other.  Her poor heart lives amid anxieties, fears and bitter disillusions.  All the opposite for one who lives alone with Me.”