From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


VOL. 28 – February 26, 1930

And I, surprised by the speaking of Jesus, told Him:  ‘My Love, for as much as it is consoling to hear You speak about your Divine Will, so it is sorrowful to hear about the evils of the human will.’  And Jesus added:  “My daughter, if it is necessary to speak to you about my Divine Fiat, which will serve as invitation, attractions, voices, tender, sweet and strong, to call everyone to live in the Royal Palace of my Divine Will, that they may no longer be servants, but masters; so it is necessary to speak to you of the evils of the human will.  In fact, I will never take free willing away from man, therefore it is necessary that in the Kingdom of my Divine Will I have the mounting of guards, the noble sentries, which may keep the creatures on their guard, making known to them the great evil of the human will, so that they may stand at attention, and, abhorring it, they may love the happiness and the mastership that my Divine Will gives them.”


VOL. 24 – April 22, 1928

Afterwards, I was thinking to myself:  ‘But what harm does the creature do when she does her will?’  And Jesus added:  “My daughter, the harm is great.  My Will is light, while the human will is darkness; my Will is sanctity, while the human is sin; Mine is beauty and contains every good, while the human is ugliness and contains every evil.  Therefore, by not doing my Will, the soul makes the light die, and gives death to sanctity, to beauty and to all goods; and by doing her will, she makes darkness rise, and gives life to sin, to ugliness and to all evils.  Yet, doing their own will seems nothing to creatures, while they dig themselves an abyss of evils which leads them to the precipice.  And then, does it seem trivial to you that while my Will brings them Its light, Its sanctity, Its beauty and all of Its goods, and only because It loves these creatures – It receives the affront of seeing Its light, Its sanctity, Its beauty and all of Its goods die in them?  My Humanity felt so much this death which the human will gave to the light and sanctity of Its Will within the creatures, that one can say that this was the true death It felt, because It felt the torment and the weight of a death of an infinite light and sanctity, which creatures had dared to destroy within themselves.  And my Humanity moaned and felt crushed by as many deaths for as many times as they had dared to give death to the light and sanctity of my Divine Will within them.  What harm would it not be for nature if they made the light of the sun, the wind that purifies, the air that they breathe, die?  There would be such disorder that creatures would all die.  Yet, the light of my Will is more than sun for souls – more than wind that purifies and air that forms their breathing.  So, from the disorder produced if they could make the light of the sun, the wind and the air die, you can comprehend the harm produced by not doing my adorable Will, which is the act of primary life and the center of all creatures.”


VOL. 36 – August 6, 1938

Therefore, there is no more Beautiful Joy that she can give Me than Living in My Will.  And there is no Greater Pain she can give Me than subtracting herself from It; I feel this offense coming in the sun, in the wind, in Heaven—even in My Womb:  to see the Great Gift of the human will that I gave to the creature, and that was to serve for the exchange of Love and Life between Me and her, being converted into a deadly weapon to wound Me.  What Pain!  Now, the soul who comes to Live in My Will, makes such a harsh Pain disappear.  How then, could I not give all of Myself in her power, and give her what she wants?”