From 3/26/27 – Vol. 21 – How is it that, from such a high place, when he was created by God, Adam fell so low, after sin?

…After this, I was thinking to myself: “How is it that, from such a high place, when he was created by God, Adam fell so low, after sin?”

And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in Creation, one was the Will that entered the field in creating all things, and, by right, to It alone belonged the dominion, the regime and the carrying out of Its very life in each thing and being created by It. Now, because man withdrew from Our Will, the Will that reigned on earth was no longer one—but there were two; and since the human will is inferior to the Divine, man emptied himself of all the goods of this Supreme Fiat, and in doing his own will, he took the place away from the Divine Will. And this was the greatest of sorrows; more so, since this human will had come out of, and had been created by, the Divine Will, so that everything might be Its own property—Its own dominion.

“Now, by withdrawing from Our Will, man rendered himself guilty of stealing the Divine rights, and by doing his will, nothing of the things created by this Fiat belonged to him any more. So, he was to find a place in which Our creative work did not extend; but this too was impossible for him—this place cannot be found. So, while he was not with Our Will, he would take from the things that belong to It in order to live; he would make use of the sun, of the water, of the fruits of the earth—of everything; and these were all thefts that he made against Us. So, by not doing Our Will, man rendered himself the petty thief of all Our goods.

“How sorrowful it was to see that the Creation was to serve so many deserters—so many who did not belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; and for as many creatures as would come to light and would not live in Our Kingdom, not letting themselves be dominated by Our Will, so many places would Our Will lose upon earth.

“It happened as in a family in which, instead of the father being the one who commands and dominates, all the children command and dominate, who are not even in accord among themselves—one commands one thing, another something else. What sorrow for this poor father, in seeing his dominion taken away from him by his children! And what confusion and the disorder in this family!

“Much more sorrowful, for My Supreme Fiat, was that the work of Its own creative hands took away Its dominion from It, and by doing his own will, he put himself against Mine, taking the right to reign away from It. My daughter, not doing My Will is the evil that encloses all evils; it is the collapse of all goods; it is the destruction of happiness, of order, of peace—it is the great loss of My Divine