The Mockeries

Vol 13 – September 16, 1921 – Jesus mocked by Herod. How these pains are renewed by creatures. Through His acts, Jesus molded our acts in His Will.

I was doing the hour of the Passion in which my sweet Jesus was in the palace of Herod, clothed as a madman and mocked.  And my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, told me:  “My daughter, not only then was I clothed like a madman, sneered at and mocked, but creatures continue to give Me these pains; even more, I am amid continuous mockeries, and from all kinds of people.  If a person goes to Confession and does not maintain his resolutions not to offend Me – this is a mockery that he makes of Me.  If a priest confesses, preaches, administers the Sacraments, and his life does not correspond to the words he speaks and to the dignity of the Sacraments he administers – he mocks Me as many times for as many words as he speaks, and for as many Sacraments as he administers.  And while in the Sacraments I gave them new life, they give Me scorns, mockeries; and by profaning them, they prepare for Me the garment to clothe Me as a madman.  If superiors command sacrifice to their subjects, virtue, prayer, disinterest, while they conduct a life of comfort, of vice, of interest – these are as many mockeries that they make of Me.  If civilian and ecclesiastical leaders want the observance of the laws, and they are the first transgressors – these are mockeries that they make of Me.

O! how many mockeries they make of Me.  They are so many that I am tired of them, especially when, under good, they put the poison of evil.  O! how they make fun of Me, as if I were their amusement and their pastime.  But my Justice, sooner or later, will make fun of them, by punishing them severely.  You – pray and repair for these mockeries that grieve Me so much, and are the cause of my not being known for Who I AM.”

Afterwards, having coming back again, and since I was fusing all of myself in the Divine Will, He told me:  “Dearest daughter of My Will, I anxiously await these fusions of yours in My Will.  You must know that, as I thought in My Will, I kept molding your thoughts in My Will, preparing the place for them; as I operated, I molded your works in My Will; and so with all the rest.  Now, whatever I did, I did not do for Myself, who did not need it – but for you.  This is why I await you in My Will, that you may come to take the places which My Humanity prepared for you, and over My moldings you come to do yours.  Only then am I content and receive complete glory, when I see you do what I did.”