In honor of Pope Benedict XVI birthday and Baptism this day, April 16…the following are excerpts from the attached document of 2017. 

 St. Mary Magdalene and St. John are Symbolic of Luisa and the Holy Father

In addition to the Plan of Salvation, one might recognize time, Eternity and the Fullness of God’s Plan captured in the Crucifixion Scene. Our Lord Jesus is the Son of God, Redeemer and New Adam, Obeying God, Sacrificially Nailed to the Cross, a Tree, like under which Adam and Eve fell. Our Lady, Mary Most Holy is Co-Redeemer and Mother of the Church and all God’s children, New Eve, Silent and United with Her Lord. St. Mary Magdalene is faithful daughter of the Nascent Church and also represents the Third Eve, Luisa Piccarreta, mother of the little children of the Divine Will. John the Apostle is Priest offering the Sacrifice of Our Lord, faithful to the Church and leading the flock, representing the Third Adam, the Holy Father who will lead the Church and the faithful with the Third Eve Luisa, through Jesus and Mary, into the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

V4 – 12.4.02 – “…I, Priest and Victim, Lifted Up on the Wood of the Cross, Wanted a priest to be present, to Assist Me in that State of Victim – and he was Saint John, who Represented the Nascent Church. In him I Saw Everyone – Popes, bishops, priests and All the faithful together; and while Assisting Me, he Offered Me as Victim for the Glory of the Father and for the Good Outgrowth of the Nascent Church.”

“I am not abandoning the Cross, but remaining in a New Way at the side of the Crucified Lord.” – Pope Benedict XVI at his last Papal audience on February 27, 2013

April 16 – OSA – “…this Angel stands at this Cross (outward life of the Church) in the Name of Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of all mankind. But he stands just as well for John, for all members of the Corpus Christi Mysticum…”

V15 – 4.14.23 – “So, the whole Church prays; and just as the tears, the penances, the prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that Excelling Virgin, Mary, whom I was to Dispose in order to Centralize such a Great Good in Her, so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know whom She would be – in the Same Way, Now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you, Luisa that the Church prays, so that I may Centralize in you all the Good that My Will Contains, the ‘way’ – the ‘how’ the Divine Will may have Life on earth as It does in Heaven.”

In 1888 Luisa became a Daughter of Mary and a Dominican Tertiary with the name of Magdalene.

According to the Gospel of St. John, the Resurrected Jesus singled St. Mary Magdalene out from all the others, charging her alone to bring the Good News of His Resurrection to His Apostles.

May the Good News in the Book of Heaven, the Fullness of God’s Holy Divine Will, through the little daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta, bring Conversions, Healings and Sanctification to all souls and the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth!


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