V4 – February 12, 1900
Voluntary defects form clouds.

            “The Truth is light, which the Word brought upon earth.  Just as the sun Illuminates, vivifies and fecundates the earth, so does the Light of Truth give life and light, and renders souls fecund with Virtues.  Even though many clouds obfuscate this Light of Truth, that are the iniquities of men, in spite of this, it does not cease to send forth glimmers of vivifying light from behind the clouds, so as to warm souls.  And if these clouds are clouds of imperfection and of involuntary defects, this Light, piercing them with its heat, makes them vanish and penetrates freely into the soul.”

V4 – November 30, 1902
Fear that her state might be a work of the devil.  Jesus teaches her how to recognize when it is He, and when the devil.

            “…Now, between these two Suns clouds are formed, which are mortifications, humiliations, adversities, sufferings and other things.  If they are True Suns, they have so much power that, by darting through each other continuously, they triumph over these clouds and convert them into light.  If, though, they are only apparent and false suns, the clouds which form between them have the Strength to convert these suns into darkness.  This is the surest sign to know whether it is I or the devil; and after a person has received this sign, he can lay down his life to confess the Truth, which is light, not darkness.”

V19 – 8.22.26 –

            After this, I was following the acts in the Supreme Volition, which converted all into light and formed a horizon of radiant light that formed clouds of quicksilver; and wherever this light penetrated, everything converted into light.  It had the power, the Strength to empty everything, filling everything with its most refulgent light.  And Jesus added:  “My daughter, there is nothing more penetrating than light.  It diffuses everywhere with Enchanting rapidity, bringing its beneficial effects to all those who let themselves be invested by it.  The light refuses to do its Good to no one, be they people, earth, water, plant or other things; its nature is to Illuminate and to do Good, and therefore it leaves no one behind – to all it brings its Kiss of light and gives the Good it contains.  My Will is more than light; It diffuses everywhere and brings the Good It contains; and the acts done in It form the atmosphere of gold and silver which has the Virtue of emptying all the darkness of the night of the human will, and with its beneficial light, it brings the Kiss of the Eternal Volition, to dispose the creatures to wanting to come into the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  

V20 – 2.3.27 – 

         “But when they will know the Supreme Fiat (Light of Truth) and will give themselves as Its children, these clouds will be removed, and My Will shall be able to give the Goods It possesses.  Then will Our Glory be complete in the midst of creatures.”