Do not listen to the enemy

  1. To a Religious



My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I felt pity in reading your letter, in hearing of your painful state; nor could I forget about a daughter of our Venerable Father and mine, who was so generous to me during the last months of her life down here.  And miserable as I am, I could not forget about your sacrifices, writing to me in such a painful period for all of us; even less could our lovable Jesus forget of your sacrifices, made for Him, as you left everything in order to give yourself completely to Jesus.  You cannot deny that with all your heart you wanted to give yourself completely to Jesus.  It is true that you have made a few little escapes from His arms, busying yourself with other things, and that you have not been firm and constant in what you yourself had promised Jesus in certain rushes of your heart.  But Jesus looked, and still looks, at the gift you gave Him.  Moreover, gifts are cherished with care, and looked upon as one’s own things.  Therefore Jesus will not let your gift escape.  Be sure, my daughter, Jesus loves you and wants you good and holy.  Do not listen to the enemy, who would want to snatch the gift from the hands of Jesus; do not pay attention to doubts or anything which is not peace.  These are things of the enemy, rags of hell, not of Jesus.  His things are peace; the rags of Heaven are certainties.  Therefore, as a mother who loves her daughter, I beg you to no longer let these infernal rags enter your heart; and if the enemy torments you, determined, say to him:  “These are things that don’t belong to me.  I don’t want to steal from anyone, not even from hell.”   And then, I repeat to you my usual refrain:  unshakable firmness in good.  Interest yourself in nothing but Jesus and what pertains to your office; in this way you will shut the door to the enemy and he won’t find the way to agitate you.  So, I repeat:  peace, peace, my daughter.  And you will certainly find peace if you look at the Divine Will in everything.  It is the peacemaker of souls, and the bearer of peace and sanctity, even down here.  Therefore, forget about everything, and remember only that Volition which, more than a tender and compassionate Mother, wants to make her daughter holy and beautiful.  And I, together with It, more than a mother, want to regenerate you in that Divine Fiat and give my life in order to have you as His daughter and mine.  I believe you will listen to my pleas; and leaving you, no longer in your turbulent will, but in that of Jesus, in Which I will see you again very often, in the Divine Will I say,

your most affectionate Mother