Letters of Luisa Piccarreta – It takes a Firm decision

  1. To Mrs. Mazari, from Bari

In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter of the Divine Volition,

Thank you for so much of your affection and attention, which I do not deserve.  May Heaven, dear Jesus and our Queen and Mother reward you for everything; even more, in exchange I will pray that they may give you the royal garment of the Divine Will, and cover you and warm you with the mantle of love.  But you must dispose yourself to receive it and to be clothed with this royal garment, which will make you stand out as a favorite daughter of the Divine Volition, while Jesus and Mama, with their divine hands, will cover you with the shining mantle of Love.  Do not think it is difficult to obtain this great good; rather, it is very easy, as long as you want it with a firm decision to live from the Divine Volition, converting everything you do into Divine Will.

Dear Jesus and the Most Holy Queen will put themselves at your disposal, remaining inside and outside of you, to be your guide, light and strength; and if they see your weakness (not your will), they will make up for anything you cannot reach.  Do you want do know something?  The Queen committed Herself with her Divine Son to assisting and raising those who want to live from the Divine Will with the same love with which she raised and assisted her Son Jesus.  So, it takes will; the rest will come by itself…

Therefore, courage.  Don’t lose heart because of the difficulties and the circumstances of life; they are steps which make us go higher in the Divine Volition.  Especially in painful circumstances, dear Jesus takes us by the hand to make us rise higher and achieve beautiful conquests – not human, but divine and of infinite value.  Oh, how I’d love to hear that you are always in the Divine Will!

(…) I prayed for your needs, especially for good Carmela.  Who knows how many hugs and kisses the Lord will give you – to the one who suffers and to the one who sees the other suffering; because it is better to suffer than watch someone else suffering.  So, return these hugs and kisses with your own, and tell Him from the heart:  “Jesus, take our will and give us Yours.”  He wants to give It, and He loves that it be sought after (…)

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, December 3, 1937

  1. To Mrs. Caterina Valentino, from S. Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia

Most esteemed one in the Lord,

Thank you for your letter.  To reward you, may dear Jesus keep you inside the waves of the Divine Volition, in such a way that you may look at nothing, and want nothing else but the life of the Supreme Fiat.  Oh, how beautiful it is to be able to say:  “I do not want or know anything but the Divine Will.”  May It be our hiding place, so that, if they look for us, they would find us only within Its divine boundaries.  Therefore, let us allow nothing to escape us – even our little trifles, the little actions of our life – without letting them enter into Its divine sea; and in everything we can do and suffer, may It be our only purpose, for the triumph of the Divine Will to live and reign triumphantly within our souls and in the souls of all… How happy we will be; each one of our acts will be a divine conquest.  We will see His finger, which has marked our act and has enclosed in it, with its divine strength, Suns more refulgent and Heavens more beautiful than those which can be seen in Creation.

Therefore, let us be attentive; it takes nothing but a firm decision of wanting to live in the Holy Will.  It is Jesus who wants it; He will cover us with His Love, hide us within His Light, and will reach the extent of making up for us in all that we are unable to do.

I commend myself to your prayers.  Tell Padre Pio to pray very much for us, as the storm shows no sign of ceasing; we are always under lightening and thunders, which seem to want to burn us up.  Fiat!  Let us remain always in the Divine Will.  With heartfelt obsequies I say,

the little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, April 27, 1939

  1. To a Nun


In Volunatate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I write you a few lines.  I beg you to never put aside the Divine Will.  Let It be your life, your breath and heartbeat.  If you want to make yourself a saint, if you want peace and to give peace to all, if you want a divine power to invest you and transform you into Jesus Himself – I beg you to think of nothing else but to live in the Divine Will. 

I return my regards to Mother Superior and to Sister Dionisia; and leaving you all in the Divine Volition, I greet you with the love of the Fiat,

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, April 1945