Happiness in the Divine Will – Luisa’s Letters

  1. To Sister M. Longina

J.M.J. – Fiat!!!

Oh, how the Divine Will wants you a saint!  But It wants you to call It continuously, in order to make the day of peace arise in your soul, and make all the miseries which prevent true sanctity, magically disappear from your heart.  The Divine Fiat awaits you, to say to you:  “Give me life in your acts and I will make you a saint.  And everything will turn into happiness.”

  1. To Mother Cecilia


Fiat! – In Voluntate Dei!

My good and dear Mother in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for your wishes, I return them to you from the heart.  But the most beautiful wish I can send you is that your will may rise again in the Divine Will, so that you may take your place of honor in the whole order of Creation, where God wants us to be.

My Mother, if we are not in the Divine Will, we are without a place, without a home, without means to live and to become saints.  If Jesus does not find His Will in us, He does not find the adaptable material to make us saints, nor can He make of us His faithful copy.  Therefore, my wish is that our will may rise again in His; in this way, you will give work to Jesus.  Oh, how happy He will be, and you too will feel His peace, confidence, love, and full abandonment in His arms.  You will feel safe, like a baby in the arms of her mama.  How happy will you be, and how happy will be dear Jesus!

My Mother, I cannot continue further.  I am really sick and almost unable to write; forgive me.  Return my wishes to Sister Remigia for me.  For now, I cannot answer her; but I recommend that she not think of herself, because the thought of ourselves removes the thought of God from us and takes away sanctity, making us grow sickly in good.

My sister kisses your hand and returns your wishes.  I leave you in the Divine Volition, and kissing your right hand, I say,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, March 28, 1940

  1. To Federico Abresch

In Voluntate Dei

Most esteemed son in the Divine Volition,

Here I am for you, to tell you to always hide in the Divine Fiat:  we will be safe in It; all evils will flee from us; we will secure sanctity.  In each one of our acts, even natural – because our nature was given to us by God – we will be invested with new beauty, with new love, with new divine strength.  If we live in the Divine Volition, even our breath, our steps, our motion, run within the breathing, in the steps and in the motion of all, to give back to God love for each breath, prayer for each step, glory for every motion.  The Divine Will is everywhere and we, by living in It, find ourselves in Heaven and on earth to love Him with all, in all, and in every place.

The Saints, the Queen of Heaven and God Himself anxiously await the “I love You” of one who lives in His Will, because it is a new gain that they make.  The “I love You” of the earth resounds in Heaven, in each Blessed, in the seas of the Celestial Mama, and says to all:  “I love You, I love You…” One can say that Heaven and earth exchange the kiss of love and celebrate together.  Therefore, may we take to heart living always in the Divine Will; in It we will form seas of love, seas of adoration, seas of glory, to give to our Creator…

I leave you in the Divine Volition, together with little Piuccio and Amelia.  Make yourselves saints, but saints of Divine Will.  It will carry you in Its womb; It will hold you tightly to Its breast; It will feed you with Its breath; It will make you feel Its Life palpitating in you… How happy you will be!

With all my heart I send you my regards together with the Fiat,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, November 4, 1941