Confidence, Trust and Hope in Jesus – From Letters of Luisa Piccarreta

  1. To a Religious Superior

J.M.J.A. – Fiat!!!
In Volunatate Dei! D.G.

Most Reverend Mother,

Thank you for your holy wishes and your dear souvenirs.  I don’t know how to thank you.  Good Jesus thanks you in my place, and with all my heart I return your wishes.  But do you want do know what my wish is?  That the Divine Fiat may take your will away from you and give you Its own, so as to form in you Its life, Its kingdom, and Its Heaven in your soul.  Oh, how happy you will be!  Living no longer from a human will, but from the Divine Will.  It will give you perennial peace, which is so necessary in order to form the daylight in our soul.  Disturbances, fears, little mistrusts, are the night of the soul and make her see all things as opposite to what they are.  The night hides the warmth of the Divine Sun from us, and maybe even Jesus Himself.  On the other hand, peace is the smile of the soul, and the spring which makes the little ground of our soul bloom; it removes from us the veil of disturbance and reveals to us the One Who loves us so much.  But if you want peace, you must live from the Divine Will.  It alone gives us true peace and encloses the Celestial Fatherland in our heart.

I beg you to make of your Community the little kingdom of the Fiat Voluntas Tua, on earth as it is in Heaven.  If you do so, you will have a flourishing community – the will of each one will be the will of all.  You will have one single strength, and will form the little Heaven on earth.  Therefore I beg you – since you wanted a word from me – that you all do the Divine Will.  Place the Fiat before and after each one of your acts.  Everything you want – leave it completely in the Divine Volition; do not worry, and It will take on the commitment of all your things.

I send the greeting of the Divine Fiat to my dear cousin, and I beg her to make herself a saint, and never to leave the infinite sea of the Divine Volition.  Tell her to pray for me, as I assure her that I do for her.  I commend myself very much to your prayers, and leaving you crossing the unending sea of the Fiat, I say,

your most devoted servant,
Luisa Piccarreta

Corato, April 16, 1929

  1. To a Religious Superior

I.V.D.  D.G.

My good and Reverend Mother,

I received your letter, so pleasing to me, and in reading it I felt in my poor heart the notes of your sorrow, of your bitterness and of the isolation in which you find yourself.  My Mother, courage, don’t lose heart, because despondency exhausts courage and strength, and renders us unable to do good.  If you throw all these notes of sorrow and isolation into the sea of the eternal Volition, they will give you a greater right:  that the Divine Fiat be not only your life, but your guide, support and inseparable companion, so as to form with It everything which befits you, as Superior, to do and command.  Don’t you feel this divine help within yourself?  Don’t you feel in your heart the presence of a powerful hand that guides you?  Therefore, my Mother, abandon yourself in the Divine Volition like a little baby, and you will feel a new strength, a new light arise, which, embracing you, will tell you:  “I am always with you.  The isolation in which your people leave you will be rewarded by my faithful company.”

Although unworthy, I will pray from the heart that Jesus may console you and give you so much grace as to be able to enjoy peace in the midst of many storms, and that all your daughters may want to listen to your maternal word, commanding them for their own good.

Now let’s come to us, and I will tell you this because you want to know it, otherwise I would have done without.  After the coming of Martucci to Trani, the publication of the D.W. is sleeping.  There is no concern; it seems to me that all they are doing is just palliatives and games, while they should be thinking that they do not make fun of me, but of a Divine Volition.  My Mother, in order to do some good, it takes someone who feels the life of that good.  If this life is not felt, it will be done in a forced way and even badly; and with a forced good, the creature feels the ground missing underneath her feet, and lacks time and strength.  In the end, Fiat, Fiat!  May the Fiat dispose whatever and whoever It wants.  I want nothing but the Divine Will to be done.

Implore the Lord’s help for me, and may He forgive these little vents.  Fr. Benedetto blesses you and my sister sends you all her regards.  And leaving you always in the Divine Volition, I kiss your right hand and say,

your most devoted servant,
Luisa Piccarreta

  1. To Mother Elisabetta

J.M.J.A. – Fiat

My good and Reverend Mother,

I send you the letter for your sister.  I believe you will be content, and let us hope that Jesus will console her.  May He console you as well, my Mother, and give you strength.  And may the Divine Will be your guide, so that you may guide all your daughters along the path of the divine Fiat.  I kiss your right hand, I commend myself to your prayers, and I say,

Your most devoted servant,
Luisa Piccarreta.

A heartfelt greeting to your sister Elisa.