Letters From Luisa – Confidence, trust and hope in Jesus

  1. To Father Antonio, from V.


May the Holy Will of God be the continuous beating of our hearts.

Reverend Father Antonio,

Jesus alone can comfort us in our sufferings.  Therefore, let us turn to Him alone; let us throw ourselves into His arms like tender babies; and if pain makes us cry, let us wet His paternal hands with our tears, and sweet Jesus, in seeing His hands beaded, will dry up our tears and say to us:  “Child, have you come to Me to cry?  I want to turn your tears into joys, your bitterness into sweetness.  I will pour the sea of my graces into your heart…”  So, let us entrust everything to Jesus, even the lot of our dear homeland.  He will dispose everything for the good of our souls.

I hope you have already received news from your brothers.  Entrust them to the purging souls; they will take care of rescuing them.  Promise them series of seven Masses, if they are rescued…

I commend myself to your prayers.  Let us pray very much in these times so painful.  Prayer will defend us from the shadow of the enemy, and will cover us with the divine shadow.  The divine shadow will render us invisible to the gaze of the enemy.  Best regards…

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, November 12, 1917

  1. To Sister Agnese, from the Cloistered Benedictine Nuns of Lecce

J.M.J.A. Fiat!!!

In Voluntate Dei, D.G.

Most esteemed sister and daughter in Jesus Christ,

I received your letter through your holy sister, who came to visit me.  I will try as much as I can to make you content – to pray for you.  I only beg you to make everything disappear, so that the Divine Will alone may rise again in all your things.  Never let It escape from you; hold It as prime act of life, in all your actions, in sufferings and in consolations, in everything, and It will give you peace, so necessary to your soul.  Be on guard from everything which is not peace, because fears and restlessness, even under the aspect of good, are always infernal breaths and rags of hell – stuff which does not belong to us; and we must be on our guard so as not to let alien and noxious things enter into our soul, which can harm us.  Therefore, if you love Jesus, be at peace; whatever the circumstances may be, never get disturbed, and remain in full confidence like a baby in the arms of Jesus.

Peace will be your heritage, the Divine Will your life, trust the powerful magnet which will capture blessed Jesus to dwell in your heart.  Oh, how happy He will be to remain in your heart, because He will find His Heaven in it, the things of the Celestial Fatherland – which are His Will, peace and trust.  In Heaven they live in full confidence, more than as children with their Father, enjoying peace and living from the Divine Will.  Therefore, let us learn from this exile how one must live in Heaven!

I commend myself to your prayers, of which I am very much in need, and leaving both sisters in the sea of light of the Divine Volition, in which I hope you will become saints, I say,

most devotedly and affectionately yours,

Luisa Piccarreta

Corato, January 24, 1929

  1. To a Religious Superior

J.M.J.A. – Fiat!!!

In Volunatate Dei! D.G.

Most Reverend Mother,

Thank you for your holy wishes and your dear souvenirs.  I don’t know how to thank you.  Good Jesus thanks you in my place, and with all my heart I return your wishes.  But do you want to know what my wish is?  That the Divine Fiat may take your will away from you and give you Its own, so as to form in you Its Life, Its Kingdom, and Its Heaven in your soul.  Oh, how happy you will be!  Living no longer from a human will, but from the Divine Will.  It will give you perennial Peace, which is so necessary in order to form the daylight in our soul.  Disturbance, fears, little mistrusts, are the night of the soul and make her see all things opposite to what they are.  The night hides the warmth of the Divine Sun from us, and maybe even Jesus Himself.  On the other hand, Peace is the smile of the soul, and the spring which makes the little ground of our soul bloom; it removes from us the veil of disturbance and reveals to us the One Who Loves us so much.  But if you want Peace, you must live from the Divine Will.  It alone gives us True Peace and encloses the Celestial Fatherland in our heart.

I beg you to make of your Community the little kingdom of the Fiat Voluntas Tua, on earth as it is in Heaven.  If you do so, you will have a flourishing community – the will of each one will be the will of all.  You will have one single strength, and will form the little Heaven on earth.  Therefore I beg you – since you wanted a word from me – that you all do the Divine Will.  Place the Fiat before and after each one of your acts.  Everything you want, abandon it completely in the Divine Volition; do not worry, and It will take on the commitment of all your things.

I send the greeting of the Divine Fiat to my dear cousin, and I beg her to make herself a saint, and to never leave the infinite sea of the Divine Volition.  Tell her to pray for me, as I assure that I do it for her.  I commend myself very much to your prayers, and leaving you crossing the interminable sea of the Fiat, I say,

your most devoted servant,

Luisa Piccarreta

Corato, April 16, 1929