The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom

The Month of MAY is

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom Month!

… Here is the purpose of this Book (The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom) explained to you. Those who will welcome it with love will be the first fortunate children who will belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; and I, with gold characters, will write their names in My (Blessed Mother’s) Maternal Heart. …

… Here I (Luisa) am, O Most Sweet Mama (Blessed Mother), prostrate before You. Today is the first day of the month of May, consecrated to You, in which all Your children want to offer You their little flowers to prove to You their love, and to bind Your Love to Love them; and I see You as though descending from the Celestial Fatherland, attended by Angelic Cohorts, to receive the beautiful roses, the humble violets, the chaste lilies of Your children, and requite them with Your Smiles of Love, with Your Graces and Blessings. And pressing the gifts of Your children to Your Maternal Womb, You bring them with You to Heaven, to keep them as pledges and crowns for the moment of their death.

Celestial Mama, in the midst of many, I, who am the littlest, the neediest of your children, want to come up onto Your Maternal lap, to bring You, not flowers and roses, but a sun each day. But the Mama must help her daughter, giving me Your Lessons of Heaven, to teach me how to form these Divine Suns, that I may give You the Most Beautiful Homage and the Most Pure Love. Dear Mama, You have understood what Your daughter wants: I want to be taught by You how to Live of Divine Will. And I, transforming my acts and all of myself into Divine Will according to Your Teachings, each day, will bring You, onto Your Maternal lap, all my acts changed into Suns. …

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