My birth in time was the outpouring of Love

Merry Christmas

Feast of Christmas

“My birth in time was the outpouring of Love

of the Most Holy Trinity toward creatures.

In an outpouring of Love of My Mother

I was born from Her womb,

and in an outpouring of Love

I Am reborn in souls.
But this outpouring is formed by desire.

As soon as the soul begins to desire Me,

I Am conceived;

the more she advances in her desire,

the more I keep growing in the soul;

and when this desire fills her whole interior

and reaches the point of overflowing outside,

then I Am reborn in the whole of man –

in his mind, in his mouth, in his works and steps...
S.G. Luisa Piccarreta (Volume VI, December 24, 1903)

12/25/08 – Vol. 8  How to make Jesus be born and grow in your hearts.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was longing for little Baby Jesus, and after many hardships, He made Himself seen in my interior as a little Baby, and told me: “My daughter, the best way to make Me be born in one’s own heart, is to empty oneself of everything, because in finding empty space, I can place all my goods in it. And only then can I remain in it forever, if there is room to be able to carry all that belongs to Me, all that is my own. A person who went to live in the house of someone else, could be called happy only if he found empty space in which to be able to put all of his belongings; otherwise, he would be unhappy. So I am.

The second thing in order to make Me be born and to increase my happiness, is that everything the soul contains, both internal and external – everything, must be done for Me; everything must serve to honor Me, to execute my orders. If only one thing, one thought, one word, is not for Me, I feel unhappy, and while I should be the master, they make Me a slave. Can I tolerate all this?

The third one is heroic love, magnified love, love of sacrifice. These three loves make my happiness grow in a marvelous way, because they render the soul capable of works which are superior to her strengths, as she does them with My strength alone. They will expand her, by making not only her, but also others love Me. And she will reach the point of enduring anything, even death, in order to triumph in everything, and be able to say to Me: ‘I have nothing else; everything is only love for You.’ In this way, she will not only make Me be born, but will make Me grow, and will form a beautiful paradise in her heart.”

As He was saying this, I looked at Him, and from little, in one instant He became big, in such a way that I remained completely filled with Him. Then everything disappeared.

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