The Divine Will is hell for the devil

VOLUME 16 September 9, 1923
The Divine Will is hell for the devil, and he knows It only to hate it.

I still felt some fear that, who knows, it might not be my adorable Jesus who deigned to speak to Me by manifesting to me so many sublime truths, especially on the Divine Will, but the enemy, in order to deceive me; and while it seems that he flings me up high with so many truths, he will then hurl me down into the abyss.  And I said to myself:  ‘My Jesus, free me from the hands of the enemy.  I don’t want to know anything – all I care about is to save my soul.’  And blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, why do you fear?  Don’t you know that the thing which the infernal serpent knows the least about Me is my Will?  In fact, he did not want to do It, and by not doing It, he did not know It, nor love It.  And even less did he penetrate the secrets of my inscrutable Volition in order to know the effects and the value of my Will; and if he does not know them, how can he speak of them?  Even more, the thing that he abhors the most is that the creature do my Will.

He does not care about whether the soul prays, goes to Confession, receives Communion, does penance or performs miracles; but the thing that harms him the most is that the soul do my Will.

In fact, as he rebelled against my Will, so was hell created in him – his unhappy state, the rage that consumes him. So, my Will is hell for him, and every time he sees the soul who is submitted to my Will knowing Its qualities, value and sanctity, he feels his hell being doubled, because he sees the paradise, the happiness and the peace he lost, being created in the soul.  And the more my Will is known, the more tormented and furious he becomes.  So, how can he possibly speak to you about my Will, if It forms his hell?

And if he did speak to you, his words would form hell in you, because he knows my Will only to hate It, not to love It; and what is hated never brings happiness and peace.  And besides, his word is empty of grace, therefore he cannot confer the grace to do my Will.

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