Volume 25 January 13 1929

“Therefore, before coming upon earth and being conceived in the womb of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, I can say that I was conceived in the minds of the Prophets, and I confirmed and gave value to this sort of conception in them through My manifestations of the when and the how I was to come upon earth in order to redeem mankind.  And the Prophets, faithful executors of My manifestations, acted as trumpeters, manifesting to the peoples, with their words, what I had manifested about My coming upon earth; and conceiving Me in their words, they made the news that the Word wanted to come upon earth fly from mouth to mouth.  And by this, not only was I conceived in the word of the Prophets, but I remained conceived also in the word of the people, in such a way that all talked about it, and prayed, and longed for the future Redeemer. 

“And when the news of My coming upon earth was diffused among the peoples, and almost an entire people, with the Prophets at the head of it, prayed and longed for, with tears and penances—only then, being as though conceived in their wills, I let the Queen come to life, in whom I was to conceive in reality, so as to make My entrance into a people that had been longing for Me and desiring Me for forty centuries.  What a crime would the Prophets not have committed, had they concealed, hidden within themselves, My manifestations about My coming.  They would have prevented My conception in the minds, in the prayers, words and works of the people—a necessary condition for God’s being able to concede a universal good, which was My coming upon earth.

“Now, My daughter, the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat hold hands, and since It is also a universal good, such that, if they want it so, all can enter into It, it is necessary that many know the news about It, and that It be conceived in the minds, in the words, in the works and hearts of many, so that, through prayers, desires, and a holier life, they may dispose themselves to receive the Kingdom of My Divine Will into their midst.  If the news is not divulged, My manifestations will not act as trumpeters, nor will the knowledges about My Divine Fiat fly from mouth to mouth, forming the conception of It in the minds, prayers, sighs and desires of creatures.  My Divine Volition will not make Its triumphant entrance, of coming to reign upon earth. 

“How necessary it is that the knowledges about My Fiat be known; not only this, but that it be made known that My Divine Will already wants to come to reign on earth as It does in Heaven into the midst of creatures.  And it is to the priests, as to new prophets, through the word as well as through writing and through works, that the task is given of acting as trumpeters in order to make known what regards My Divine Fiat; nor would their crime be lesser than that of the Prophets, had these hidden My Redemption, if they do not occupy themselves as much as they can with what regards My Divine Will.  They themselves would be the cause of a good so great being neither known nor received by creatures; and to suffocate the Kingdom of My Divine Will, to keep suspended a good so great, such that there is no other similar to it—is this perhaps not a crime?  Therefore, I recommend to you:  on your part, do not omit anything, and pray for those who must occupy themselves with making known a good so great.”

Volume 26 July 27 1929

“My Gospel can be called vowels, consonants that, acting as trumpeters, called the attention of the peoples to await some more important lessons that were to bring them a good greater than Redemption Itself.  My very pains, My Death and My Resurrection, confirmation of Redemption, are preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  They were lessons more sublime, and made everyone stand at attention, awaiting yet higher lessons.  And this I have already done, after so many centuries—that are the many manifestations I have made to you about My Divine Will, and what I have made known to you more:  how It wants to come to reign in the midst of creatures, to give back to them the right of Its Kingdom that they had lost, to lavish upon them all the goods and all the happinesses It possesses.

Volume 26 August 7, 1929

And my always beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, all goodness and tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, the principal means in order to make My Divine Fiat reign upon earth are the knowledges about It.  The knowledges will form the ways, will dispose the earth to become Its Kingdom; they will form the cities, will act as telegraphs, as telephone, as postal service, as trumpeters, in order to communicate, city to city, creature to creature, nation to nation, the news, the important knowledges about My Divine Will.  And the knowledges about It will cast into the hearts the hope, the desire to receive a good so great.