I have seen the new world

I have seen the new world. (Fr. Adam Skwarczynski)


Fr. Adam Skwarczynski


From the Book of Heaven

By Luisa Piccarreta

1/17/32 – Vol. 30  Dominating, speaking and felicitating Ways of the Divine Will.  How Heaven remains behind.  Victory of God and victory of the creature.  The Divine Will, Gatherer of Its Works.  Example of a mother who laments her crippled son.

My little soul continues to cross the interminable Sea of the Divine Fiat, and O! how I remain surprised that while it seems to me that I have gone a long way, I go to look, and I find nothing other than a few steps in comparison to those that remain for me to make.  The interminability is so much, that even if I should walk centuries, I would always find myself at the beginning, and there is so much to know about the Divine Volition, that finding myself in Its Sea, I always feel the little ignorant one, who hardly has learned the vowels of the Divine Will, and perhaps I will learn the consonants in the Celestial Fatherland, that I hope to reach soon.  O! how I would want ways to move all Heaven to pity so that my long exile might end.  But after all, Fiat!  Fiat!  Fiat!

And my always lovable Jesus, having compassion on me, clasped me in His Arms, telling me:  “Blessed daughter, courage, do not afflict yourself so much.  For now I want that your Heaven be My Divine Will.  It will be Celestial Fatherland for you on earth, and It will not lack making you happy, and giving you the pure Joys of up there, because where It reigns, It has so many multiplicity of Ways in order to give New Surprises of Joys, of Contentments, that the soul who possesses It can enjoy her Paradise on earth.

“And therefore, now It takes Dominating Ways and Its Dominion extends in the mind, in the word, in the heart, in all the being of the creature, even in the littlest motion, and O! how sweet is Its Dominion.  It is Dominion and Life; It is Dominion and Strength; It is Dominion and Light that makes its way, and Its Light dispels the darkness, it removes the bars that can impede the Good, and Its Dominion puts the enemies to flight.  In sum, the creature feels herself carried by the Dominion of the Divine Will, and while she is dominated, she remains dominator of herself, of her acts, of the same Divine Will Itself, that while It dominates and rules, so much is Its Gentleness, Strength, and Sweetness, that It identifies Itself with the creature, and wants that she dominate together, because Its Dominion is peaceful.  And for all the acts that the creature does, It gives Its Kiss of dominating Peace.  This Kiss, gentle and sweet, enraptures the human will in the Divine, and they extend the Dominion together in order to form the Divine Kingdom in the depth of the soul.

“There is nothing more beautiful, dearer, greater, holier, than feeling the Dominion of My Will flow in all the acts, and in the whole being, of the creature.  I could say that Heaven remains behind before the Dominion of My Will in the heart of the pilgrim creature, because in the Saints, It has nothing to add, nothing else remains except continually making them happy.  On the other hand, in the pilgrim soul, there are Works that It can do, New Life that It can infuse, New Conquests that It can acquire in order to greatly enlarge and extend Its Dominion.  The total Dominion of My Divine Will in the creature is Our continued Victory.  Every act of hers that she does in It with Its Dominion, are so many Victories We make, and the creature remains victor of My Divine Will in her acts.  On the other hand, in Heaven We do not have anything to win, because everything is Ours, and each Blessed completes his work in the act of expiring.  Therefore Our conquering Work is on earth in pilgrim souls, not in Heaven.  In Heaven We have nothing to lose or acquire.

“Now, when My Divine Will has assured Its total Dominion in the creature, It takes Its Speaking Way.  You must know that every word of It is a Creation.  Where It reigns It does not know how to be idle, and since It possesses the Creative Virtue, It does not know how to speak if It does not create. But what does It create?  It wants to create Itself in the creature; It wants to make a display of Its Divine Qualities, and It does it Word by Word, almost as It did in the Creation of the universe, that not one word alone was said, but as many words for however many distinct things It wanted to create.

The soul cost Us more than all the universe.  And when It is secure in Its Dominion, It does not spare Its Words.  Rather, as she receives the act of Its Creative Word, so It enlarges her capacity and prepares another one, such that It speaks and creates Light, It speaks and creates Sweetness, It speaks and creates the Divine Fortitude, It speaks and creates Its Day of Peace, It speaks and creates Its Knowledges.  Every Word of It is Bearer of the Creation of the Good that It possesses and reveals.  Its Word becomes Announcer of the Good that It wants to create in the soul.  Who can tell you the Value that one single Word about My Divine Will possesses?  And how many Heavens, seas of Riches, varieties of Beauty It places in the fortunate creature who possesses Its sweet and happy Dominion?

“Now, after the Work, the Joy, the Happiness, arises.  My Will by nature is pregnant with innumerable Joys.  It looks at the creature who has lent herself to receiving the creation of Its Words, and O! how happy It feels because It sees that every Creation received gave birth to a Joy and Happiness without end.  And It passes from the Speaking Way to the Felicitating Way.  And in order that the creature enjoys even more, It does not step aside, no, but felicitates together.  And in order to make her rejoice more, It keeps unfolding the nature and diversity of the Joys that It has created in her soul, only because It loves her and wants to see her happy.  And since the Joys, the Happiness, when alone are not full, it seems that one dies, therefore It leaves Me together with you, in order to always make you happy and prepare New Joys with the Work of My Creative Word.

“Therefore Our only Feast and Happiness that We have on earth, is the soul who lets herself be possessed by the Dominion of My Supreme Will.  In her Our Word, Our Life, Our Joys, find a place.  One can say that the Work of Our Creative Hands is in the order where it was established by Our infinite Wisdom, that is to say, in its place of honor in Our Divine Will.  On the other hand, one who lets herself be dominated by her human will, is in disorder and is Our continuous out of place item in Our Creative Work.  Therefore be attentive, My daughter, and make happy the One who wants to make you happy in time and in eternity.”

After this I continued to swim in the Sea of Light of the Divine Fiat.  I felt drowned by Light, and so many were Its Knowledges, that I did not know which of them to cling to.  Given my littleness, I did not know where to put them; therefore they were lost in Its same Light.  And I remained surprised without knowing how to say anything.

And my sweet Teacher Jesus added:  “My daughter, My Will is Gatherer of all Its Works.  It hides everything in Its Light; with Its Light It defends them, and places all Its Works in safety.  How much does this Light not do to place in safety the creature, the most beautiful Work of Our Creative Hands, and in order to make him return beautiful, striking, as We brought him forth?  It gathers him in Its Womb of Light, and casts so much Light over him, in order to make all evils disappear for him.  If he is blind, by way of Light It gives him sight.  If he is mute, by way of Light It wants to give him the Word.  The Light takes him from all sides, and gives him the hearing if he is deaf.  If he is crippled, It straightens him.  If he is ugly, by way of Its Light It makes him beautiful.

“A mother does not do as much as My Divine Will does in order to render Its creature beautiful and restored.  Its weapons are of Light, because there is no power that can hide Light, nor Good that It does not possess. What would a mother not do who, having given to the light a beautiful baby who enraptures her with his beauty—and the mother feels happy in the beauty of the son—but a misfortune strikes him and he becomes blind, mute, deaf, crippled.  Poor mother, she looks at her son and does not recognize him anymore.  His eye extinguished so that it can not look at her anymore, his silvery voice that made her start with joy in hearing herself called mama, she does not hear anymore.  His little feet that ran in order to be on her lap, with difficulty drag along.  This son is the most transfixing sorrow for a poor mother, and what would she not do if she were to know that her son could be returned again to his first features?  She would go around the whole world if she could obtain this.  And it would be sweet for her to give her own life, provided she would see her son beautiful as she gave him forth to the light.  But poor mother, it isn’t in her power to restore the first beauty of her dear son, and it will always be a sorrow for her, and the most transfixing thorn to her maternal heart.

“So has the creature become by doing his will:  blind, mute crippled.  Our Will laments with Our Love’s ardent Tears of Light.  But what the mother cannot do for her crippled son, My Divine Will does not lack the Power to do.  It, more than mother, will place at his disposition Its Capitals of Light that possess the Virtue of restoring all the goods and beauty of the creature.  It, tender, loving, and vigilant Mother of the Work of Its Hands, that more than dearest son It put forth to the light, will go around not all the world, but all the centuries, in order to prepare and give the potent remedies of Light that vivifies, transforms, straightens, and embellishes.  And then will It stop when It sees on Its Maternal Lap, beautiful as It put him forth, the work of Its Creative Hands, in order to be repaid for the so many Sorrows, and to enjoy Itself with him forever.

“Are the so many Knowledges about My Divine Will not perhaps remedies?  Every Manifestation and Word that I say, is a Fortress that I place around the weakness of the human will, and a Food that I prepare.  It is a Bait, a Taste, a Light in order to let him reacquire the lost Sight.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not lose anything of what My Will manifests to you, because in Its time It will serve everyone, and nothing will be lost.  Do you believe that It has not kept count of every single Word of what It says?  Everything is numbered, and nothing is lost.  And if It has formed Its Chair in your soul in order to deposit Its Truths, still the first Chair It has reserved in Itself, as the greatest Treasure that pertains to It, in a way that if you lose some Word or Manifestation that pertains to It, It already conserves the original in Itself.  Because what regards My Divine Will is of infinite Value, and the infinite cannot be, nor is It subject to, being lost.  On the contrary, jealous, It conserves Its Truths in the Divine Archives.  Therefore, even you learn to be jealous and vigilant, and to appreciate Its holy Lessons.”