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Volume 20 – January 1, 1927
I was meditating on the old year which was setting, and the New Year which was rising.
My state continued in the Flight of the Light of the Divine Will, and I prayed to the pretty Little Baby Jesus that, just as the old year was dying never to be born again, that He, Jesus would make my human will die and live no more; and take as Gift for the New Year, that He, Jesus would give me His Most Holy Divine Will, just as I gave Him my human will as gift, placing my human will as footstool at His tender little feet, that I might have no life but His Most Holy Divine Will as Life alone.
Now, while I was saying these and other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me:
“Luisa, daughter of My Divine Will, how I, Jesus Love, Want and yearn that your human will may end in you.
O, how I, God accept your gift! How pleasing it will be for Me to keep your human will at my feet as a soft footstool.
In fact, as long as the human will remains in the creature, outside of its center, which is God, the human will is hard; but when the soul Enters Once Again Into The Center from which it came, serving as footstool at the feet of its Little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I, God use it to amuse Myself. Is it not fair that, being little, I have My amusement?
And that in the midst of so many sorrows, privations and tears, I, Jesus, may hold your human will to make Me smile?
Now, You Must Know that Luisa, the one (and also the souls linked to Luisa) who puts an end to his human will, Returns to the Origin from which he came, and the New Life, the Life of Light, the Perennial Life of My Divine Will, begins in him.