2/2 – The Presentation of My Son

Jesus and MaryDay Twenty-three
The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

…My dear child, do not move from my side; follow Me everywhere. Forty days from the birth of little King Jesus are about to sound when the Divine Fiat calls us to the Temple in order to fulfill the law of the Presentation of my Son. So we went to the Temple. It was thourladyofsorrows2e first time that we went out together with my sweet Baby. A vein of sorrow opened in my Heart: I was going to offer Him as victim for the salvation of all. We entered the Temple, and first we adored the Divine Majesty; then we called the priest, and having placed Him in his arms, I made the offering of the Celestial Baby to the Eternal Father – offering Him in sacrifice for the salvation of all. The priest was Simeon, and as I placed Him in his arms, he recognized that He was the Divine Word and exulted with immense joy; and after the offering, assuming the attitude of prophet, he prophesied all my sorrows. Oh! how the Supreme Fiat sounded over my maternal Heart – thoroughly, with vibrating sound, the mournful tragedy of all the pains of my Baby Son. But what pierced Me the most were the words that the holy prophet spoke to Me: “This dear Baby will be the salvation and the ruin of many, and will be the target of contradictions.”
If the Divine Will had not sustained Me, I would have died instantly of pure pain. But It gave Me life, and used it to form in Me the Kingdom of sorrows, within the Kingdom of Its very Will. So, in addition to the right of Mother which I had over all, I acquired the right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows. Ah! yes, with my sorrows I acquired the little coin to pay the debts of my children, and also of the ungrateful children.
Now, my child, you must know that in the light of the Divine Will I already knew all the sorrows I was to suffer – and even more than that which the holy prophet told Me. But in that act, so solemn, of offering my Son, in hearing it being repeated to Me, I felt so pierced that my Heart bled, and deep gashes opened in my soul.
Now, listen to your Mama: in your pains, in the sorrowful encounters which are not lacking for you, never lose heart; but with heroic love let the Divine Will take Its royal place in your pains, that It may convert them for you into little coins of infinite value, with which you will be able to pay the debts of your brothers, to ransom them from the slavery of the human will, so as to make them enter again, as free children, into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.