“they all await you Luisa in their midst”

Round Ordinary Time Cover 1

Vol. 14 – July 10,1922
Now it is necessary that you Luisa to rise (to Heaven)
and carry with you Luisa, My Life, My Divine Will,
so that My Volition of the earth and that of Heaven May Fuse Together,
and you Luisa, may Live for some time in the womb of the Divinity (in Heaven),
where your volition shall be acting in Mine,
in order to expand it as much as a creature can be capable of.
Then, you Luisa, shall descend again upon the earth,
bringing the Power and the Prodigies of My Divine Will on earth,
in such a way that the creatures shall be Shaken,
they shall Open their eyes,
and many shall Know what it means to Live In My Divine Will
– to Live In The Likeness to their Creator.
This shall be the Beginning of the Coming of My Kingdom upon earth,
and of the Final Fulfillment of My Divine Will.

Volume 36 – July 18, 1938

“My daughter, 

all created things await you Luisa

but do you know why?

Because, Thanks to My Fiat which Animates all, 

they feel their Union with you Luisa, 

their inseparability from you Luisa;

and since the creature Luisa has the Supremacy, 

they all await you Luisa in their midst,

so that together with the creature Luisa 

they can Glorify and Love Us, The Triune God,

each one according to the Office assigned by Us.

Each created thing Possesses the Fullness of its own Good.

The Sun possesses the fullness of the light,

and each act of light it produces,

each effect and good it unleashes from its womb of light,

is like a continuous little sonata of glory and love that it gives to Us.

But it doesn’t want to give it alone, rather, it wants the one,

Luisa, for whom it has been created.

Only then are We Truly Loved and Glorified:

when the creature Luisa animated by Our Divine Will,

Flows into that Act of Light,

Loving and Glorifying Us with the Love and Glory of Light.

So We feel Our Purpose – the Reason for which We created light

– when We find the creature Luisa,

hidden inside that light, Loving us with the Fullness of the Light and Heat.

We find in her (Luisa’s) Love that Wounds Us,

Love that Sweetens Us,

Love that says,

Always, ‘Love.’

Therefore We placed the Sun in the Power of the creature Luisa, to Love Us.

But if We don’t find the creature Luisa in the created things, We are not Happy.

They remain like instruments with no sound or life;

at the most We Love and Glorify Ourselves,

but it is not the creature Luisa Loving and Glorifying Us.

So our purpose fails.