“My Will is light, and has transformed that soul into light”

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“My Will is light, and has transformed that soul into light”

In memory of don John Olin Brown. after a month from his death

fr-john-brownMonday, September 19 at 19.30 in the Mother Church of Corato the Archbishop of Trani Mons. Giovan Battista Pichierri, presided over the Requiem Mass for don John Olin Brown on the thirtieth day after his death.
Present were Msgr. Savino Giannotti, Vicar general, the Vicar of Corato. don Giuseppe Lobascio, don Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant of the Association “Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will” and some priests of the clergy of Corato.
In his homily, the Archbishop, commenting on the liturgy of the Word of the Mass, highlighted that Don John’s priestly ministry, born and matured in the Diocese of Trani, was an expression of the light of God’s love among men. He was a priest at the service of God’s people and always lived with generosity and love, also when he returned to the United States where he became a spiritual guide for many people who had embarked on the path of living in the Divine Will.
Msgr. Pichierri then continued, retracing the story of the last years of Father John’s life, that is, when he expressed his desire to return to Corato, especially after the Fourth International Conference, held in April 2015, that Father John followed in the United State. The theme of the Conference (“Church in the Divine Will”) meant to highlight the importance of being Church, community on the way to the Divine Will, and this aroused in don John the desire to return to the land of Luisa to set forth on the path and work for the knowledge and dissemination of the Divine Will.
Just when all this was taking place here is don John’s sickness and death.
Don Sergio Pellegrini, at the end of the Mass, through a passage taken from Luisa’s Diary, wanted to answer to a question that more or less all of us wondered. It was June 1, 1927, the day of the death of Father Annibale Maria di Francia, who had been close to Luisa, and was preparing the publication of the first volumes of her diary. Saint Annibale was important for Luisa, She entrusted herself to him because he had very much comprehended all the value of what Jesus had told her about the Divine Will.. Luisa too, wondered why Jesus, after allowing that he would take all the writings with himself in order to publish them, right then, Jesus took him to Heaven..
And then Jesus answered her by saying that everything that Father Hannibal did, all the knowledge he learned about the Divine Will had caused him to enclose as much light within his soul, and then he had to put them into practice.
So, as long as he remained on earth, his body, more than wall, walled up that light; but as soon as his soul went out of his body, he found himself invested with the light he possessed. And he began to feel the beginning of the life of true beatitudes and diving into the Eternal Light of his Creator, he found himself in the Celestial Fatherland, in which he will continue his mission about the Divine Will,
It would be good to think of don John in this way. The Lord always surprises us. Perhaps the “good giant” thought he got ready to live the last part of his ministry in the land of Luisa, and instead, the Lord had planned something great and wonderful: to live the Divine Will in Heaven with Him and Luisa.

“My Will is light, and has transformed that soul into light;
It is beautiful, and has given him all the tints of perfect beauty;
It possesses all sciences, and his soul has been invested
by Divine science. There is nothing that My Will has not
given to him. O! if all understood what Divine Will means,
they would put everything aside, they would care about
doing nothing else, and their whole commitment would
 be to do My Will alone.”

(Jesus to Luisa)