A Meditation – Lent 2017

Volume 12 – 2.4.1919
“Do you see, My daughter, with what Excess of Love I Loved the creature? My Divinity was too Jealous to Entrust to the creature the Task of Redemption, and so It Made Me Suffer the Passion. The creature had no Power to Make Me die as many times for as many creatures which had come, and were to come to the light of Creation, and for as many mortal sins as they would have the disgrace to commit. The Divinity Wanted Life for each life of creature, and Life for each death which she gave herself through mortal sin. Who could be So Powerful over Me as to Give Me so many Deaths, if not My Own Divinity? Who would have had the Strength, the Love, the Constancy to watch Me Dying So Many times, if not My Own Divinity? The creature would have grown tired, and would have given up.

And do not think that this Crafting of My Divinity started late, but as soon as My Conception was Accomplished, even in the Womb of My Mama, who many times was aware of My Pains, and was Martyred, feeling Death along with Me. Therefore, even from the Maternal Womb, My Divinity took on the Commitment of Loving Executioner—but, because Loving, More Demanding and Inflexible; So Much So, that not a Thorn was spared to My groaning Humanity—not a Nail… But not like the Thorns, the Nails, the Scourges I Suffered in the Passion which creatures gave Me, and which did not multiply—as many as they inflicted, so many remained. Rather, those of My Divinity Multiplied at each offense—as many Thorns for as many evil thoughts; as many Nails for as many unworthy works; as many Blows for as many pleasures; as many Pains for as many different offenses. They were Seas of Pains, Thorns, Nails, and Innumerable Blows. In the Face of the Passion which My Divinity gave Me, the Passion which the creatures gave Me on the last of My days was nothing but the shadow—the image of what My Divinity made Me Suffer during the Course of My Life. This is why I Love souls So Much: they are Lives that they cost Me—they are Pains inconceivable to created mind. Therefore, Enter into My Divinity, and see and touch with your own hand all that I Suffered.”

Volume 22 – 6.12.1927
“…in order to maintain the Relations existing between Redeemer and Redeemed ones, and to know them, one Must study My (Jesus’) Life. Each of My Words, Works, Steps, Heartbeats and Pains were All Bonds with which I came to Bind All the Redeemed ones. But who is Bound? One who Studies My Life and tries to Imitate Me. As she Imitates Me, she remains Bound to My Words, Works, Steps, etc., Receives their Life, and Shall have the Hearing to be able to Listen to All My Teachings, the mind to Comprehend them, and the Eyes to Read All the Characters Impressed within Me in Coming to Redeem mankind. “And if the creature does not do this, the Characters of Redemption will be illegible for her; it shall be a foreign language for her, and the Relations and Bonds of Redemption will not be in Force. The creature shall always be the one who is born blind to all Our Goods with which We Wanted to Enrich her. And one who Wants to Know and Receive All the Relations and Bonds of Sanctity, Must Love the Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit puts His Flames on the Way toward one who Truly Loves, and Binds her with the Relations of His Sanctity. Without Love there is no Sanctity, because the Bonds of True Sanctity are already broken.”