Lent Meditation – 3/16


Volume 19 – June 20, 1926
“Ecce Homo”.  Jesus felt as many deaths for as many as were those who cried out:  “Crucify Him!”  One who lives in the Divine Will takes the fruit of the pains of Jesus.  The ideal of Jesus in Creation was the Kingdom of His Will in souls.

After going through most bitter days because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, I felt I could take no more; I moaned under a press that crushed my soul and body, and I longed for my Celestial Fatherland, in which not even for one instant would I be without the One who is all my life and my highest and only Good.  Then, when I reduced myself to the extremes without Jesus, I felt myself being filled completely with Him, in such a way that I remained like a veil that covered Him.  And since I was thinking about the pains of His Passion and accompanying Him, especially in the act in which Pilate showed Him to the people, saying, ‘Ecce Homo’, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, as Pilate said ‘Ecce Homo’, all cried out:  ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him – we want Him dead!’  And so did my very Celestial Father and my inseparable and pierced Mama, and not only those who were present, but all the absent and all generations, past and future.  And if someone did not say it with words, he said it with facts, because there was not a single one who said he wanted Me alive, and to keep silent is confirmation of what others want.

This cry of death from all was so very painful for Me; I felt as many deaths for as many as were the people who cried out:  ‘Crucify Him!’  I felt as though drowned with pains and with death; more so, since I could see that each death of mine would not bring life to each one, and those who received life because of my death would not receive all the complete fruit of my Passion and Death.  My sorrow was so great, that my moaning Humanity was about to succumb and breathe Its last; but while I was dying, with Its all-seeingness my Supreme Will made present to my dying Humanity all those who would let the Eternal Volition reign in them with absolute dominion, who would take the complete fruit of my Passion and Death.  Among them there was my dear Mother, as their head.  She took all the deposit of all my goods and of the fruits contained in my Life, Passion and Death – not even one breath of mine did She allow to be lost, nor did She fail to keep its precious fruit in Her custody.  And from Her they were to be transmitted to the little newborn of my Will and to all those in whom the Supreme Volition would have Its Life and Its Kingdom.

When my extinguishing Humanity saw the complete fruit of my Life, Passion and Death placed in safety and secured, It was able to resume and continue the course of Its sorrowful Passion.  So, it is my Will alone that brings all the fullness of my goods and the complete fruit contained in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Wherever It reigns, Our works are all full of life – nothing is halved or incomplete; while where It does not reign, even if some virtues were present, everything is misery, everything incomplete, and if they produce any fruit at all, it is unripe and without maturity.  And if they take the fruits of my Redemption, they take them with measure and without abundance, therefore they grow as weak, sick and feverish; and if they do a little bit of good, they do it strained and they feel crushed under the weight of that bit of good that they do.  On the other hand, my Will empties the human will and in that void It places the divine strength and the life of good.  Therefore, one who lets It reign within herself does good without strain, and the life she contains leads her to operate good with an irresistible strength.  So, my Humanity found life in my Passion and Death, and in those in whom my Will would reign; therefore Creation and Redemption will always be incomplete until my Will has Its Kingdom in souls.”