I Bless this Title

Volume 19 – August 29, 1926: 

“My daughter, how beautiful on your lips is the prayer for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will.

It is the echo of My Own Prayer, of My Sighs and of all My Works.

Now I Want to see what you wrote about the Title to be given to the writings about My Divine Will.”

And as He was saying this, He took this Book in His Hands, and He seemed to be reading what is written on August 27th.

As He was reading, He remained pensive, as though placing Himself in Profound Contemplation,
in such a way that I did not dare to tell Him anything;

I could only hear that His Sacred Heart was beating very, very strongly, almost wanting to explode.

Then He pressed the Book to His Breast, saying:

“I Bless this Title – I Bless It from My Sacred Heart, and I Bless All the Words that regard My Divine Will.” 

And raising His right hand, with Enchanting Majesty, He Pronounced the Words of the Blessing.

Having done this, He disappeared.