The Pearl of Great Price – The Knowledge’s of the Divine Will

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” (Matthew 13:45-46 RSV)

Vol. 25 – December 29, 1928
Mute heavens and suns; speaking heavens and suns. How God resumes His Creation. How Heaven will no longer be foreign to the earth.
I was following the Divine Fiat in the Creation, to accompany Its acts; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, look – how beautiful is Creation! What order, what harmony It contains. And as beautiful as It is, the heavens, the stars, the sun, are all mute – they have no virtue to say even one word. On the other hand, the heavens, the stars, the sun, the ruling wind of my Divine Will are all speaking, and have such eloquence that no one else can equal them; the angel, the saint, the learned one, before the heavens of my speaking Will, remain mute and feel ignorant. But why are these heavens and suns speaking? Because they contain life. But do you know what these speaking heavens and suns are? They are the knowledge’s which I have manifested to you about my Divine Will. My Will is not only life, but is the fount, the source and the life of all lives, therefore the heavens of Its knowledge’s could not be mute. So, each knowledge about my Divine Fiat is a heaven, a sun, it is a wind, one distinct from the other, which, having the speaking virtue and possessing the Divine Life, have the virtue of producing new heavens and suns more beautiful, and winds more mighty, such as to invests the hearts and make conquests of them by their sweet ruling moaning.

See then, my daughter, how my love surpassed the love We had in Creation, in manifesting to you the many knowledge’s about my Divine Will. In fact, in Creation, one single heaven, one sun, etc., were enough for Our love, because We wanted to display more all the ardor of Our love over ‘speaking man’, and for ‘speaking man’ We wanted to create ‘speaking heavens and suns’ in the depth of his soul. But by withdrawing from Our Divine Volition, he put a limit to Our love, and the speaking heavens no longer had life in him. But Our love did not say ‘enough’; at the most, it paused and waited. But unable to contain itself any longer, it resumed its creation of the speaking heavens and suns in the little daughter of my Divine Will. Look at them in the depth of your soul – all of my knowledge’s about my Fiat, all in order and harmony; and one is heaven, and speaks, and forms another heaven; another is sun, and speaks, and while it makes itself light and it warms, it forms another sun. Another is sea, and forms its speaking waves; and while it speaks, it forms another sea, to invest the whole world with its speaking waves, and to impose itself with its creative word so as to make itself listened to, in order to bring the new sea of peace and of joy of My Will into all. Another is wind, and now it speaks with its empire in order to knock down the hardest hearts, now it speaks with its caresses so as not to strike fears, now it speaks with loving moans so as to make itself loved; and while it speaks, it forms more winds, and its word runs to make known the Life, the Power of my Divine Will.

In sum, all my knowledge’s about It are a new creation, more beautiful, more varied than the Creation Itself – and much more beautiful, because it is a speaking one; and its word is the Life of my Divine Will which it brings to the creature. Therefore, I feel happy in your soul because I am in the midst of my speaking heavens, stars and suns; but my happiness is doubled when you make the sacrifice of writing, because I see that these speaking heavens will go out, and their word will form new heavens which will bring the Life of my Divine Fiat into the midst of creatures. Then will Heaven no longer be foreign to the earth, because these speaking heavens will form the new celestial family upon earth, and their word will place Creator and creature in communication. The winds of these knowledge’s will place the secret joys of the Most Holy Trinity in common; and as the creature becomes the owner of the Divine Sanctity and Happiness, all evils will disappear, and I will have the joy of seeing the creature happy, just as he came out of Our creative hands.”

Volume 22 – June 26, 1927
How all the things of God have equal weight. How everything that God did in Creation is pearled with His love, and this is felt by one who lives in the Divine Will.

I was doing the usual round in the Divine Fiat, and while going around throughout the whole Creation, I thought to myself: ‘How much light and heat must my Creator have within Himself, if He released so much of them in creating the sun? O! how He must feel Himself burn with His own heat as He contains so much of it.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, in Our things there is perfect and equal measure of everything. So, as much as is the love, the heat, the light, so much is the freshness, the beauty, the power, the sweetness, etc. One is the weight of everything, and therefore heat is nourished by freshness, and freshness by heat; light is nourished by beauty, and beauty nourishes light, in such a way that one tempers the other. Strength nourishes sweetness, and sweetness strength, and so with all the rest of Our divine things, in such a way that each of them makes Us happy. By themselves, Our qualities would oppress Us, but, together, being in perfect equality, they serve Us as happiness, as joys and as contentments, and they all compete to make Us happy. Heat brings Us the happiness of love, and freshness brings Us the joys of what is beautiful, of what is fresh. Light brings Us the joy of light, and beauty, tempering the vividness of light, brings Us the happiness of what is beautiful, good, holy, immense; it braids all of Our qualities and renders them all beautiful, lovable and admirable for Us. Strength brings Us the happiness of the strong, and sweetness, invading it completely, brings Us the joys mixed with sweetness and strength. And everything that can be seen in Creation is nothing other than outpourings of the abundance of light, of heat, of freshness, beauty and strength which We possess within Ourselves; and these outpourings were released by Us in order to nourish and delight the creatures with Our own outpourings, in such a way as to render them happy; and by dint of nourishing themselves with Our qualities, creatures would become similar to Us, and would be bearers of happiness and of joys to their Creator. How beautiful it was to be, to see them luminous like sun; beautiful, more than flowery field and starry sky; strong like mighty wind; pearled with divine freshness in such a way as to remain always new and fresh, without changing. Our Will would bring them all Our outpourings united together, which are such that one delights the other. But because man withdrew from the Supreme Fiat, he receives Our outpourings as separate from one another, and this is why the heat burns him, the light eclipses him, the cold makes him numb, the wind harms him, and many times it knocks him down and hurls him away. Not seeing in man the facsimile of his Creator, or the bond of union with the Divine Fiat, Our qualities act as separate over him, and he does not receive the happiness which they contain as united. Therefore, with My Will, the creature would have been the happiest being, while, without It, she is the unhappiest.”

Then I continued my flight in the Divine Volition, and hovering over each thought and act of creature, over each plant and flower, and over everything, I impressed my ‘I love You’ and I asked for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. But while doing this, I thought to myself: ‘What a long story in my poor mind, nor does it seem that I can get out of it – I must keep tracing all times, all places, all human acts, and even plants, flowers and everything, to impress an ‘I love You’, an ‘I adore You’, an ‘I bless You’, a ‘thank You’, and to ask Him for His Kingdom.’ But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving again in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you think you are the one who does this? No, no – it is My Will that keeps tracing all of Its acts which It issued in Creation, pearling each of Its acts, thoughts, words, steps, with Its ‘I love you’; and this ‘I love you’ runs through each act and thought toward each creature. One who is in My Will feels this love of God spread everywhere. His love is hidden even in the plants, in the flowers, and even under the earth, in the roots; and unable to contain it, He rips the earth open, and pearls plants and flowers with His ‘I love you’, to manifest His ardent love toward the creature. And when My Will reigns in the soul, It wants to continue Its ‘I love you’ of Creation, and therefore It calls you to follow Its eternal love; and calling each thought and act, as well as all created elements, It says and makes you say ‘I love You’, and with Its very Will It makes you ask for Its Kingdom, so as to bind It once again in the midst of creatures. What enchantment, my daughter, to see your ‘I love You’ united to that of My Will, flowing in each thought and act of creature and asking for my Kingdom; to see this ‘I love You’ flowing in the might of the wind, extending in the rays of the sun, murmuring in the murmuring of the sea and in the roaring of the waves, impressing itself on each plant, and rising with the most beautiful adoration in the fragrances of the flowers; and, more than trembling voice, saying ‘I love You’ in the sweet twinkling and sparkling of the stars – in sum, everywhere.

One who does not live in my Divine Will does not hear this language of my eternal love in all of Its acts and in each created thing; but one who lives in It feels herself being called to love so many times for as many times as her Creator has loved her. All things speak with holy eloquence about my love. How ungrateful she would be, if she did not follow the speaking love of my Eternal Fiat.”