May the Divine Will give you the peace so desired by Jesus

A Letter From Luisa Piccarreta

10. To Sister Remigia, her niece.

In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

May the Divine Will give you the peace so desired by Jesus and also by me.  Your letter says clearly that you do not enjoy peace.  My daughter, what are you doing?  Peace makes us see things as they are before God, and not as creatures see them.  And since peace gives us divine sight, in circumstances, in humiliations – we see what God sees.  We remain with a peace that no one can take away from us – the only treasure we can possess on this earth of exile; and it is the bearer of the Divine Will as life within us.

Therefore, my daughter, never be disturbed; these are storms that go by.  Creatures who today call us saints, tomorrow will call us wicked – devils.  Both things must not affect us, because God alone knows what we are.  Rather, try to be really good, to do nothing without being subordinate to Mother Superior, to trust nobody, and in speaking, never to say anything which does not regard sanctity and the Divine Will.  May nobody’s name ever arise on your lips.  Think that Jesus continually says to you:  “My daughter, forget about everything, and remember only that your Jesus wants love in order to give you love.  If you love Me, you will form chains of love, and binding Me with them, you will hold Me tightly in your arms, and I will be your defense, your help, your company, your life.”  So, make Jesus content, and do not lose simplicity; do not lose time.  Each thought of yourself is a gap of love that you form; you deny Jesus an act of love, and keep Jesus sighing for your little love.  Think about it, and be attentive.

Now, my daughter, my sorrow for you ended since the time Mother P. came and assured me that the doctor had said that there was no need for surgery.  My concern was the concern of a mother who wanted to know about the health conditions of her daughter.  But now everything is ended.  Try to be always tranquil; thank the Lord for you don’t suffer much.  I hope that you will get even better, and will be able to do your office better, being attentive in making each of the girls a tabernacle in which each one will keep her Jesus, and in teaching them how to make Him grow and be happy.

And leaving you in the Divine Volition as though in a safe place, so that you may cross Its sea with courage and peace, I say,

The little daughter of the Divine Will