From the Letters Of Luisa – Feelings vs. Will

  1. To Mother Elisabetta

J.M.J.A. – Fiat!!!

In Voluntate Dei, D.G.

My good and Reverend Mother,

I was about to send you my letter through your dear sister when I received yours – so pleasing to me.  My Mother, do not afflict yourself with what you feel in the depth of your soul; these are works that Jesus does in order to accomplish His great designs.  And to work Jesus uses now the material of light, now of obscurity, now of the isolation in which your soul feels lonely, and maybe even without the One Whom you love and Who loves you very much.  But Jesus never leaves you – He hides; and in His hiding, the ardor of His love is so great that He gives you hidden kisses and tender hugs; but He gives them slowly and quietly, so as not to be felt.  However, He can’t last too long with all this, and when you least expect it, He makes Himself felt in the depth of the soul in order to sustain you and to enjoy His works.  My Mother, with Jesus it takes patience, faithfulness and peace, in order to let Him proceed in the work of forming the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  He wants to be free, and He does not want us to be concerned with what we feel.  So what can we do?  This is the eclipse of the Sun of the Divine Volition, which reaches the point of eclipsing Jesus with Its refulgent rays.  Therefore, you, pray for me, as I need it very much.

I send the greeting of the Fiat to your good sister Elisa, to my daughter, Sister Gioacchina, and to the whole Community.  Lina wrote, saying that she is very happy.  Please, don’t forget to pray for me, and with all my heart I will do it for you.  And leaving you on the way, in the unending light of the Supreme Fiat, where everything is peace, harmony and fortitude, kissing your right hand, I say,

your most devoted and affectionate servant,
Luisa Piccarreta

Corato, January 28, 1929
P.S.  Thank you for the rosaries.  My sister Angela kisses your right hand and sends her heartfelt regards.  Mother Superior of Oria asks for comfort.

  1. J.M.J.

Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Courage and trust.  The Divine Will has found Its work in your soul, and when you suffer more, it seems that Jesus wants to hasten His work, to have the contentment of seeing you as He wants and likes, and to be able to say:  “My daughter is like Me, in the sufferings as much as in wanting what I Myself wanted – only the Will of the Celestial Father.  How happy I am!  It is true that you suffer, but I run to sustain you in my arms, that you may feel my strength and the powerful breath of my Will which is creating in you the new life I want, and converts all of your pains into precious gems of love.  And when I feel embittered, I run, I come to you, to be sweetened in your pains which carry the seal of my Divine Will, and to sweeten the bitternesses that, unfortunately, the other creatures give Me.  Therefore, I recommend to you, my daughter:  be patient, be my host, let Me come to be consecrated in you.  But I do not want you as a dead host, but alive and speaking; and may your suffering be the lamp, always lit, which never extinguishes, and which loves Me incessantly.”

My blessed daughter, how good is Jesus!  It seems that He reduces us to dust in order to give us new life, and to find His own Life in us.

Therefore, I recommend:  in whatever state you feel, be always tranquil – do not think of cold or warm.  The Divine Will is more than everything:  more than prayer, more than recollection, more than fervor, more than miracles – more than everything.  So, my daughter, let us remain always united in the Divine Will.  Pray for me, and from the heart I will do it for you.

I send you a kiss and a tight hug in the Divine Will,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, June 30, 1940

  1. To Sister Remigia


My good daughter Sister Remigia,

I beg you not to waste time.  Oh, how I would love to hear you say:  “I do not think about whether I am beautiful or bad, or whether I am cold or warm.  My thought is to make all my acts and my being flow in the Will of God.”  Then Jesus will take care of making you a saint, of rendering you constant and good as He wants you to be.  As long as you keep the thought of yourself, even in good, Jesus will not take the reins to lead you and to make of you another Jesus, the repeater of His Life.  Let Jesus do, and you will see that soon you will feel totally different from the way you feel now.  Jesus can do things better than we; so, let Him Do.

I send you my wishes; but do you know which ones?  That you may no longer recognize yourself in yourself, but in Jesus.  Oh, how He will love you!  He will carry you in His arms, and give you a place in His little Heart.  Be attentive, and live all abandoned in Jesus.  Regards from my heart,

Your most affectionate aunt,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.