The Faith of St. Joan of Arc for France is the Forerunner of Luisa for the world

Joan_of_ArcJohn_Everett_Millais_-_Patron of the Divine Will

May 30th is the anniversary of Joan of Arc’s death and is also her Feast Day
We see St Joan of Arc as the forerunner of little mama Luisa.

St. Joan of Arc was a “beautiful shining light” and victorious in winning for God.

Little mama Luisa, the Little Daughter of Jesus, who is, “The Light of the World ” and Mama Mary given to us to be the Light of this world which is in darkness.

First Mama Mary and then little mama Luisa who will have the final crushed the head of the enemy satan!

The Two Hearts with the little heart of little mama Luisa all illumined in Light Together!



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