The Anointing of the Holy Spirit, One with Luisa, In the Most Holy Divine Will

Solemnity of Pentecost June 4, 2017
The Anointing of the Holy Spirit,
One with Luisa,
In the Most Holy Divine Will
Abba Father,
In the Name of Jesus,
in the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit,
Under the Mantle of Mary,
with All the Angels and Saints,
through the Intercession of
the little daughter of the Divine Will,
Luisa Piccarreta,
we feel sorrow for all evils that mankind has done;
we anoint Your Wounds and make reparation, that You, Lord, Arise within us,
as we lay down our lives with Luisa to be Bound to the Love of the Divine Will, (V2 – 10.28.99)
that the Holy Spirit may Blow His Divine Breath in us Continuously, (V6 – 9.2.04)
in Union with the Holy Trinity, (V11 – 6.12.13)
to Love You with Your Love, (V12 – 4.8.18)
to become Living Hosts, (V12 – 5.28.20)
for the Mission of the Divine Will, (V17- 5.4.25)
to requite the Holy Spirit with His Love, (V18 – 11.5.25)
to know and receive all the Relations and Bonds of Sanctity,
and receive all the Bilocations of the Acts of Luisa, (V22 – 6.12.27)
as anointed children of the Divine Will, never doing our human will, (V24 – 4.1.28)
to receive the Blessing of All, (V25 – 11.10.28)
to thank Our Lady, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will,
and to thank God for Giving Mary to us, (V30 -12.8.31)
to be little Hosts who Live in the Temple of God, (V33 – 3.11.34)
to possess All, to Glorify You,
and Love You for everyone and everything. (V35 – 8.23.37)
May You Find Everything in us, Find Your Mama Mary,
Your Father, the Holy Spirit and Your Divine Love in us, (V35 – 4.10.38)
to say to You, ‘Glory and Love to Our Creator,’ (V36 – 7.6.38)
at any Cost, we give our lives to Live in the Fiat! (V36 -7.18.38).
Please take our humble prayer and make it Your Command,
and may this be the Beginning of the Coming of the Kingdom upon earth,
and the Fulfillment of Your Divine Will.
May all Be Accomplished and Completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will.
Fiat! Amen!